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Better Than One

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redheadedsenorita 1333418954
Yes! Thank you!
rsmithing 1333475849
@redheadedsenorita My pleasure. Full steam ahead!  
rsmithing 1333629667
ravnon68 1333638397
rsmithing 1333662295
@ravnon68 🙏Thanks!
_lupin_ 1336156206
Two for one 💀💀
rsmithing 1402074857
@_lupin_ Exactly!  
rsmithing 1402074966
#tshirttheworld This is from a Jim Rose Circus Sideshow t-shirt I purchased at the first Lollapalooza a hundred years ago (well, maybe it only feels like that long). It was the only shirt design there that wasn't two-sided, yet it cost as much as the others. I didn't care, because the artwork was so excellent. And I wear it to this day. I wore it yesterday, in fact.  
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