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ooo, wife-made risotto and asparagus! yay!

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paul jarvis
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unfoldingapril 1332981770
lindsay902 1332987705
Are you into sharing your wifey? That looks delicious!
x 1332995630
i'm so hungryyyeee now!
c0rpse 1333328104
where can you buy nutritional yeast? I can't seem to find it anywhere
pjrvs 1333328696
@c0rpse what country are you UN? most natural health food stores or whole foods in north America have it in bulk. it's sold packaged tho, ask your manager at the grocery store you shop at if they can get it. I do that all the time at mine, they always order stuff for me and I live on and island in the middle of nowhere in a tiny town :-)
c0rpse 1333329394
@mojave Hamilton, Ontario
pjrvs 1333329680
@c0rpse ah, "the hammer". I grew up right by there. there's a whole foods in oakville I think, and at least half a dozen health food stores. trying to remember... Goodness Me it's called, they should have it.
c0rpse 1333333230
I'm there all the time...I just haven't seem it I guess
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