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Supreme Court-watchers descend the steps as 'severability' arguments conclude. (Ari Shapiro / NPR) #nprlife #supremecourt #healthcare

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nenouk 1332961086
Greek Ancient Architecture! Thank God we had them!!!
michael.maida 1332969298
Can I have a shoutout please please you have like so many followers and I want a little more can you please give me a shoutout please please please please please
ginoocta 1332977588
Love this photo!
roncloud 1332979459
What a great shot. May the foundations of that building stand forever.
mobiledisco 1332980365
Nice pic. Too bad about the whining/begging/irritating instaspam followers you have to put up with. Keep shooting great pics & ignore them.
fashionis_mydrug 1333037285
What an amazing shot! Love this
prwprws 1333300023
Please föłlöw me from Thailand 🙏😄 @sera_s @mobiledisco @roncloud @ginoocta @michaelmaida
scjones06 1358512352
You following NPR @jadis1981 ?
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