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This is why I never use #nailpolishremover how on earth do you get everything off?! I'm sick of the peeling and breaking from peeling the polish off by hand but why does nail polish remover have to be so damn annoying

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Bri Bartello
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plasmaspeedo 1332877704
@bricheese_ does the bottle say non or pure acetone?
plasmaspeedo 1332877763
I won't even eff with non acetone I get so mad lollll idk how people deal. I feel like the amount if time my fingers will b soaking n the non acetone to try n get the polish off, I'm better off with minimal time n a quick swipe of pure acetone
bmwmchick 1332878244
Yeah non acetone doesn't work as well - maybe use more product? And definitely double up on your base coat!
bricheese_ 1332878508
It doesn't. It says acetone is one of the ingredients. But it doesn't say non or pure.
bricheese_ 1332878572
Ill have to look for a pure acetone soon.
plasmaspeedo 1332879715
@bricheese_ that's frustrating I hate the mess of dark colors 😖 but I wouldn't even try anything that wasn't pure acetone lolll some say it ruins ur nails but mine r fine n that's all I've ever used. To each their own!
marvinsmom 1332917072
I use Orly non-acetone and it works really well. I think it's worth buying a pricier remover, even if just for darker colours.
bricheese_ 1332917321
Thanks guys! I really appreciate your advice!! @caponescloset @plasmaspeedo @mcoupechick
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