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Jeff Lenoce

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Blue or Black? #axion

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Jeff Lenoce
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nathanmanies 1343007454
Did Lakai kick you off? @jefflenoce you're better off without them!
tips_wck 1346297959
Got em In blue best shoe bye far ... I Can't believe kids are missing out on axion ppl just don't know shit keep it up
tim_rodriguez 1356245020
which ones are those? there sick. there like a thiner version of the mandela
jefflenoce 1356245936
@tim_rodriguez axion kilo samples. They come out in a couple months I think. Yeah pretty much like Mandela but thinner all around. My favorite axion shoe right now.
tim_rodriguez 1356247794
thats sick, i love the mandelas. i like how there bulky and cupsole and they last forever. the atlas's are sick too, i just love how every axion you put on you feel so safe skating in em. especially skating down stuff @jeff_lenoce
therealvirgil 1367215727
@jefflenoce Are u still on @axionbrand?
dropitpj 1400223681
You these are tight !
mac_361 1414554612
Ol school bro...damn these were nice
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