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The giveaway winner is @isabellelundh, direct message me on twitter or facebook for contact info, also @gullp message me too, I see your really into these bracelets! #nialaya #shamballa #bead #bracelet #Gold #nickle #stone #jewelry #fashion

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Petro Rosel
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petrorosel 1332317250
@iamrobertherrera I totally agree, Yours should arrive this weekend!
mila.to 1332343495
@petrodoesit where can I get one of these? You ship to Canada? Let me know if they come in baby size too please!
petrorosel 1332362280
@xo_mini & @awesomeguuy I actually hold workshops and this is one of the things I teach kids how to make, if you like them, email me at info@petrodoesit.com and tell @isabellelundh to email me too, and yes I can make baby sizes
kbelova 1332457241
taylored247 1332771334
@petrodoesit That silver and black one is so sick!!!
petrorosel 1332795930
@buckcityboy247 yeah man, lot of people like the blacked out look but I had to do the gold too, get at me if you want to get one!
taylored247 1332796324
@petrodoesit What's the cost of the black and silver one? It's dope
taylored247 1332796496
@petrodoesit just messaged you on Facebook
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