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baking bread bitches!!! sorry for the cuss, im just a sucker for alliteration. second attempt, didn't rise as nicely but looks quite resplendent. obviously need a lot of A-B tasting... err, testing.

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paul jarvis
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diamondmarine 1332126508
How long did it take to rise?
pjrvs 1332126847
@diamondmarine same as any bread/dough - about 20-30 mins.
pjrvs 1332126918
@leeanndunton i think i hired myself as a taste tester - due both to proximity to the food and to the fact that i can eat more than most 4-person families in a sitting :)
leeanndunton 1332128278
pjrvs 1332128699
@alchurchill that's what she said.
extractionista 1332137328
Now you're just talkin' dirty
xrobynnx 1332159218
You can mail it to me to taste test. Just another option.
mylittleartichoke 1333893264
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