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#domeoftherock #dome #gold #night #oldcity #jerusalem #stone #holyland

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@tirvingz yes I am a Christian...I get the privilege of taking groups of other Christians around the world using music as the international language to touch people. I love it! What do you do? Looks like you are near the ocean a lot!
tony.irving 1332009693
@marlyn74 ... I am also a Christian. I work in management for a construction company. We have been at hillsong church for 24 years, and my wife is a on staff as pastor looking after pastoral care.
tony.irving 1332009821
I started last year and am about to go again to Africa with visiting Watoto and Compassion in Uganda and Hillsong Foundation in Capetown.
tony.irving 1332009931
Learning photography and better skills and using manual settings on my camera and spending a lot of time near the ocean which is good fun. "very early mornings" πŸ˜ŠπŸ“·πŸ‘£βœˆ
marlyn74 1332012640
@tirvingz thats awesome! I LOVE Hillsong music! I visited the church in Sydney about 6 years ago. I was in Sydney last summer but didn't get a chance to visit that time. I would love to learn to use more if the manual setting on my camera...just need to slow down and do it! Can't wait to see your photos from Africa...
tony.irving 1332012980
@marlyn74 ... 😊😊
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