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First sighting of the Android app!!! "it's coming real soon" - @kevin

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incameralove 1331622991
@vanes223 @fabe_pie there is already a page on fb to boycot IG if it becomes available to the droids....
targz 1331625771
@incameralove @vanes223 @fabe_pie I think that's a good idea if you guys boycot IG, then I will no more have to handle your stupid comments about IG for Android.
vanes223 1331628756
@targz thank you! @incameralove I'm not boycotting IG I think this app is the best one for the iPhone by far. I just simply think the quality of the app will decline a bit with opening it up to another service. The two should be separate since they already appeal to such a different audience.
incameralove 1331640560
@targz thanks for calling me stupid I really needed that right now........ @vanes223 I don't want to boycott them either just want to be separate from Android and BB users like you said.
targz 1331748041
@incameralove why thanks ? I was saying that I hate your comments
daz_bastard 1332052660
@targz some fresh air u think? Smell of roten pieces cannot be a fresh...
targz 1332053710
@dazbasta I'm talking about the rotten smell of jackass users who think the quality of an IG user depend if he is using and Android or an iPhone.
daz_bastard 1332054055
@targz they dont want to loose xclusive, if u know what i mean :) and i can understand why. Cause if we have a 'nu fresh wave' Android users in IG... Or when we have... We have a much of aggression from... A new holywars 'who is the best, android or ios'... I dont need this, so u?
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