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morning thinking. i generally do this for about two hours every day upon awakening. sorry ladies. had to shave it off. im back to getting carded for cigs. its a compliment these days. i'll be thirty in about three months. how times kills itself. if only adam hadnt eaten of the fruit. started evolution. we'd be too dumb to realize we are dying and would not know time. " but we KNOW time... " on the road. jack kerouac.

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wade cox
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#purehipstamatic #hipstamaticonly #hipsta #hipstamaticaddict #hipstamatic #perspectivejunky #paralyzedwiththought like hamlet when his ghost father told him the truth.
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#melodie #canocaffenol
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@samnason @repinsk : good morning ladies.
samnason 1331469004
Ugh, first day of DST and it's already kicking my ass.
repinsk 1331469018
Rough night and I lost an hour somewhere, crap. ..but, good morning💙
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@r20madparty_ : its funny you mentioned having a conscience because that is my interoretation of adams eating of the forbidden fruit. human consciousness. think about it. the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or knowledge of the gods. what else could it be. unless of course you take it literally which some do. im not religious but thats what i was talking about in this commentary. consciousness and conscience.
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