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Photo from 3rgz

The universal ubiquity of aircraft design.

3rgz 1331416566
It's a calendar week since my holiday began, with absolutely zero network connectivity. No #news, #email, no #instagram, no #instructables, no #ebay. Even this photo sat in the #failed queue for a week. All I took was a camera, and so this is the first image in my #weeks #holiday in #vanuatu. Or as I like to tag it #myholidayinvanuatu.
3rgz 1331416747
News I missed. Campbell Newman out? LNP to govern qld? Putin in. Protestors out? Kofi Annan in Syria, opposition put out?
3rgz 1331417162
Strikes me I've forgotten a meme format, so I'll ALSO tag this along the lines of an Instawalk. So without fanfare I give you #viwinvanuatu. Will this pedestrian image be the first?
3rgz 1331417195
Answer: yes
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