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222333 Miles and still strong

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J Crisostomo
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jdcrisostomo 1380763654
@meatypetey82 thats awesome! Sadly i have sold this vehicle, im in the process of getting the same model again this year
meatypetey82 1380763971
Nice! Check out my pics & videos. I've had mine for 13 years and done lots of work to it. @jdcrisostomo
john_mazurrr 1386217078
Hate to be that guy who comments on random stuff, but I couldn't resist this time. My grandpa had a 90' Camry. When he stopped driving I inherited it. When I got it, it had only 53,000 miles. Course me being the 18 year old that I was, didn't appreciate its awesomeness at first because of its age and style. Skip ahead about a year, I adored it. Then a few months ago, a lady blew a stop sign as I was driving by, hit the end side of the car, which resulted in me losing traction and the wheel, and I ended diving nose first into a cemetery across from where it happened. The car was flipped onto the driver's side. The passenger side was caved in cause it rubbed against a big tree, glass shattered everywhere. But I walked away with two scratches and seatbelt burn. No matter how old those cars get, no car will ever compare to these tanks. Didn't want to make this super long, so sorry about that!
john_mazurrr 1386217261
Also @meatypetey82 I believe it was you who made all the modifcations to yours? (Saw them when looking up Camrys). Always wanted to do that to mine, get epic race car seats, a spoiler, etc. Never get rid of it cause it looks absolutely awesome.
jdcrisostomo 1386309088
@john_mazurrr great story! Sad to say i had to sell my camry, but im now looking for the same model @meatypetey82
thehommiedouggie_96 1445440388
Sorry to intrude, I know this is old and.me being a random stranger jumping in here but can I ask, did you.modify your camry when you had it?
jdcrisostomo 1445482054
@thehommiedouggie_96 never did haha
thehommiedouggie_96 1445483635
Ok oh thanks,.
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