Photo from msbrutallysweet

Someone please get me these!!! :)

cait_isgreat 1330315992
What the heck is that?
msbrutallysweet 1330316881
@caitlin_simmons shoes!!!!!
cait_isgreat 1330350941
How do you wear them? Lol I can't make sense of them!
msbrutallysweet 1330360794
@caitlin_simmons the part touching the ground is the front.
cait_isgreat 1330362650
What happens if you fall backwards? Knowing you and your clutziness, I don't think these would be good for you :P
msbrutallysweet 1330364149
@caitlin_simmons idk I just think they're #badass!!! They also could be used as weapons. ;)
cait_isgreat 1330398201
They do look pretty awesome! Wouldn't wanna be kicked with them, that's fo sho. :P
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