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Joe Hebenstreit

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Luna prefers Secret Breakfast and Vietnamese Coffee from #HumphrySlocombe

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Joe Hebenstreit
cookwithpan 1311048198
Tell me more about "secret breakfast" ice cream...Luna looks real serious about it
joeheb 1311050340
Secret Breakfast = bourbon + cornflakes. You'd dig it the most, @cookwithpan
lizanderson 1311095626
@joeheb Why do you think pan would like secret breakfast more than me? Don't you know me?
joeheb 1311096791
Of course @lizanderson, but your typical glass of scotch with cheerios seems more like Overt Breakfast to me.
dust3d 1311114717
Luna, I can barely see over my nose too.
cookwithpan 1311125540
Save Dan used to eat lucky charms an tequila for breakfast when he was 12. He loves thatstory
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