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Matt Landrum

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"Oh Holy Fools" split 12 inch #brighteyes #sonambulance #vinyl #record

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Matt Landrum
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mlandrum 1330116238
#saddlecreek #2012 #reissue
beckypeez 1330116866
Yes it came as a bit of a surprise! But that's awesome! I love them too.
sorchadeer 1330125107
I LOVE conor!
sorchadeer 1330125116
How's this album?
mlandrum 1330125481
@sorchastarn This is actually a reissue of a split they did with Son Ambulance back in 2001. It has some of the best Bright Eyes material ever recorded. All of the splits and EPs have all of the best songs on them in my opinion.
sorchadeer 1330125742
Ohpe! Lucky! Sounds amazing I'm awfully jealous!
harryyoung_ 1330133632
How did you get this?!
mlandrum 1330136770
@harryyoung22 Saddle Creek just reissued it. You can get it through their online store.
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