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Kane Berry Tattoo

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Musical guilty pleasure haha I like euro-rock! #vinyl #regarp3 #turntable #H.I.M. #razorbladeromance

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Kane Berry Tattoo
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ilockett 1330041207
What cartridge do you use. I like your table.
kane_berry_tattoo 1330041853
@ilockett hey thanks  I love it. I use an Ortofon 2M blue cartridge. I haven't read a negative word about any of the 2M range. The 2M red is the one under the blue and that is said to be great as well lots of people go with the red. needledoctor.com sells the 2M red for $99 I think.
ilockett 1330042044
@kane_berry I've never done the whole cartridge thing and am a little intimidated by it. I've never checked needle dr out thanks for the recommendation. How long do cartridges typically last?
tonialforehead 1330042691
I must listen!
kane_berry_tattoo 1330046488
@ilockett I don't know a lot about tables and cartridge still all new to me. I've had my RP3 turntable for a couple of months before that I was using my dads old Sherwood turntable for the 70's.
kane_berry_tattoo 1330046701
@ilockett how long a cartridges lasts can just depend on how much use it has had, how well it's been looked after, if the stylus has been cleaned, if bad quality vinyl has been played on it. At the same time a well worn in stylus can sound much better than a brand new one straight out the box. They get a better sound the more you play vinyls  yeah needledoctor is great the customers reviews on products is a big help
kane_berry_tattoo 1330046795
@bethiewolf lovely  which album? @tonialforehead it's pretty awesome I think it has extra tracks at the end of the record.
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