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Day 11: Makes you happy. Concerts do for sure, including but not limited to: #jimmyeatworld #brandnew #foofighters #blink182 #nodoubt #deathcabforcutie #latenight #conanobrien #u2 #paulmccartney It goes on and on. #febphotoaday

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kriisssyy 1329050366
whoa you have a lot of boyfriends!
theassemblyline 1329058280
Great taste!
beatlette85 1329085338
@musicman1176 Yeah, I love collecting all the ticket stubs, wristbands, etc. I might make a bigger collage - this is most of my favorite/memorable shows. Hope to add more this year 
beatlette85 1329085370
@kriisssyy Damn right boo! Lol.
beatlette85 1329085386
@theassemblyline Thank you!! 
philipcaine 1330890511
Do I see not one, not two, but THREE Brand New gigs there?! Nicely spread out too, must've been cool to watch them evolve as a band..
beatlette85 1330994889
@philip_r_caine I wish I saw them in the early 00's to have truly seen their evolution (which is what I love about the band). Woes of a broke high school/college kid at the time. :]
philipcaine 1331030400
True. Still you've got '06 (Devil&God) '09 (Daisy) releases. Exciting times, and they just get better and better. I only saw them for the first time 3 weeks ago. Incredible.
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