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Another Classic Car from the 63rd Grand National Roadster Show at the @lacountyfair. STORY: Bean's Death Corner Readers Discretion Advised! I heard this story on The #KevinandBean Podcast. You can subscribe on iTunes. Some people titled this story, "MAN DIES WHILE IN SEARCH OF LOST DOG" In Today's story 75 year-old Jack Farley had a lost dog. Well would you believe that he died while looking for the dog? Turns out he got in his car as he went on the search, he picked a spot to get out and call out for the dog, but instead of shifting the car to Park, he put the car in reverse, he got out of the car to call out for the dog and stood behind the car, and of course I'm sure you've guessed it by now, his own car ran him over and killed him. The dog was found later and is fine. Except of course for the guilt. Unless this was his plan all along, could it be that he and the car had planned it this way? This story was featured on a segment called Bean's Death Corner on the Kevin & Bean Morning show on the L.A. Local Radio Station 106.7FM #KROQ #radio #story #deathcorner #classic #cars #carshow #vintage #hotrods #jj #ig #igaddict #instadaily #instagramer #igers #filter #mg_vehicle_series #roadstershow #grandnational #fairplex #pomona #GNRS_63rd

misagarcia Instagram profile picture
Misa Garcia
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kallekorpela 1328899938
Cool picture and nice car! :)
simonlykke 1328900033
Great Picture, if want and have time, watch my Pics :)
carolineandrup 1328901336
Cool picture!
_anaaalove 1328901453
This is pretty awesome!
alexxxololo 1328901472
Awesome shot !
614scottsmith 1328944404
Great character added by the fisheye.
sosa.saber 1329461418
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