Photo from corykennedy

Gamo Maxin! #werewithmalto

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liv_adechi 1308465578
@ Starbucks obviously
_blackjoe 1356318148
Lmao @guymariano. Is straight cooling
tiedds 1366862843
Can you follow me!
jaka_vrscaj 1382375184
@tiedds what the fuck is your problem? Stop begging him you idiot and go skate!
tiedds 1382375472
@jaka_vrscaj chill out dude
jaka_vrscaj 1382375580
@tiedds meh fuck off
benjaminjoel37 1423763258
@tiedds your worse then a girl man. If he wanted to follow you maybe he would?
tiedds 1423766961
@benjaminjoel37 top lurking Cory and learn you're for your you goonie ass fuck
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