The Organised Housewife

I'm Kat, a blogger with a passion for organising, baking & keeping a tidy, clean home. Mum to 3, living on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia.
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{ON THE BLOG TODAY} 5 Top Tips For Great Photos Of Your Kids - wish I read these tips when my kids were younger, I have just bland backgrounds and bad lighting in so many. What's your top tip when taking kids photos? #betterphotos #kidsphotos #improvephotos #theorganisedhousewife
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pollyposs : Don't tell them when you are taking the photo!
imbored85 : Jiggle my bum in front of them telling them that "I like big butts and I can not lie!" Then they laugh with a big cheeky grin.
organised_house : @pollyposs, lol your so right as soon as I ask my son to smile he just can't he really struggles to smile, instead it's a teethy mouth open thing happening.
organised_house : LOL @imbored85 that make me laugh even :)
rachelmaree6 : Burst setting! Haha
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
#todaysinspiration - have faith in yourself, you CAN DO IT. #quote #quoteoftheday #theorganisedhousewife #dailyinspiration #tohquote
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{ON THE BLOG YESTERDAY} I shared how I freeze my baking. I use these snap containers from @howardsstorage which are really easy for the kids to open too #organised #freezerbaking #baking #theorganisedhousewife #muffins #cookies #freezer
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kathyls : Those look great! πŸ’—
emeri79 : I was only talking today to friends about the best way to freeze biscuits. Thanks for sharing @organised_house
organised_house : Your very welcome @emeri79
gleefullymade : I should do this.
ernststephanie : I freeze home made in uncooked balls. Just put the oven on and you have fresh warm biscuits in 15 mins.
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
so excited, Mr Organised reclining chairs have just been delivered (I ordered them a few months ago) for his man cave. I hope to give the wall a makeover soon. Just need to sell the old couch first. #bitcrowded #soexcited #hubbywillbesurprised #feelingclutterednowthough #mancave
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naysie7 : Love the Metallica print!! @organised_house
gertz : Ditto @naysie7 !!
ziguli : Metallica!😁
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{NEW RECIPE ON THE BLOG} Raw Chocolate & Coffee Bites - These are my favourite snack at the moment, so absolutely yummy! Blog link in profile. #raw #cacoa #healthysnack #blissballs #coffee #theorganisedhousewife #recipe
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abeachcottage : send me some ;)
easyhealthyeating : Yum looks great! Will be trying this soon - thanks.
judybihary : Oh they make me hungry ! Must try them πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
megstar_5 : Yuuummmmmm!!!
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
#todaysinspiration - there is always light, look for it. #quote #quoteoftheday #theorganisedhousewife #dailyinspiration #tohquote
theorganisedhousewife - quoteoftheday - quote - tohquote - dailyinspiration - todaysinspiration -
naughtynaturopathmum : So true! X
kidsfunandfood : I like this one, thanks @organised_house !! :)
abeachcottage : True
alittlebitofcheek : So true ❀️
sophddd : @ilovevalentinepie another nice quote xx
ilovevalentinepie : @sophddd nice!
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
#todaysinspiration - look for it, it's there. #quote #quoteoftheday #theorganisedhousewife #dailyinspiration #tohquote
theorganisedhousewife - quoteoftheday - quote - tohquote - dailyinspiration - todaysinspiration -
stuffmumslike : :) xx
mel_nourished : Love it! The colours are gorgeous too πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’š
anouschka_r : So true πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ
workingwomenaus : This is timely. I'll look for it :)
gleefullymade : Putting this on a wall. Daily reminder
cassievanb66 : Amen sista
moclki82 : One of my favourites 😍
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
homemade strawberry rollups (recipe link in sidebar of blog, link to blog in profile) are taking forever to cook, new oven which I think is playing up (many things aren't cooking completely just one side). #annoyed - wonder if I should invest in a dehydrator.
annoyed -
pagingfunmums : A food dehydrator is on my wish list! My old oven was a bit lopsided like that - you should definitely call them. Louise x
sodamndomestic : Yes! I have the Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator and it's fantabulous.
narellehowell : I've just bought that oven. Hope it works properly. I have a Sedona 9 tray
sulliflett : @organised_house this might sound silly but my friend was complaining for ages her new oven wasn't working then turned out she was using the grill function. You're not doing anything silly like that are you :-)
organised_house : @sulliflett no I'm using the fan setting, just finding I'm having to turn just about everything half way through cooking, which I shouldn't have to do.
kimberley_tonkin : Dehydrators on eBay - best purchase ever
bec_guild : Got my dehydrator on eBay for around $100 incl postage. Its got 8 trays. Bought it for hubby to make beef jerky. It works awesome. Definitely worth the investment πŸ‘Œ
sp3llb1nd3r : Dehydrators rock!
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
noms... curry sausages for dinner, my favourite
itz_lee : One of my faves
visnjapravica : @renatakata your favourite!
organised_house : Forgot to mention - Recipe is on the blog.
mummy_schultz : 😱😱😱 that's on my meal plan for tomorrow! Haven't had it in years!! Can't believe it shows up on your blog day before I'm making it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @organised_house
kristygray : Haha, we're having this tomorrow night too! Everyone must need some retro comfort food @mummy_schultz @organised_house
earthchild2 : Did this tonight with the slow cooker, add grated broccoli, cauliflower too make sure out toddlers eat their veggies. Really nice two hours hmm yummy
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
Mr Organised has taken the kids for a bike ride, I've made a coffee, radio on and about to start my weekly bake up using these fresh fruits and veg!!
dmjenkin : Oooh looks good! What are you baking @organised_house ?
kbarg13 : @organised_house ohh, what are you making?
organised_house : @kbarg13 homemade rollups, a loaf and a slice. recipes will come, still working in them!!!
sal_nourishcoaching : I just made dinner. A Mexican feast. And now to take the kids to Sandgate for a scoot! @organised_house
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