The Organised Housewife

I'm Kat, a blogger with a passion for organising, baking & keeping a tidy, clean home. Mum to 3, living on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia.
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
Do you use the envelope method for sorting out all your money? I have heard so many rave reviews of this method. I met Michelle @themoneymaven at an event recently and she told me that she has a purse specific for this, what a fantastic idea. #budget #budgetideas #cashenvelopesystem #frugal #cashenvelopes #purse #wallet #tabs #sections #organised #planning #organising #organizing #money
organizing - organised - wallet - tabs - money - purse - budget - budgetideas - cashenvelopesystem - frugal - planning - organising - cashenvelopes - sections -
gailmsinclair : This is brilliant @suegardi #CAPMoney #CAPAustralia #budgetsavespend
ncmattson : @stormemw I hate cash serial lol
smashizel : I remember doing this when my now husband and I first moved away from home. Have thought I few times we should go back to that way
mrs_g_mac : Me too @smashizel !! Probably would be a bit more careful with money than I am now!
boutiquebrandsau : Great idea!!
kerbs73 : I work as a financial counsellor which is helping people with their debts and setting up budgets. Doing a short term money plan is worth while and I've also had clients set up different bank accounts and then transfer the money into each. 1 for food, 2 for bills, 3 for mortgage etc.. Financial Counselling is a free service (unlike My Budget).
kerbs73 : My question though is how do you store papers in your handbag? School notes, receipts, just different letters you have to keep on you all the time.
jenpen6 : Honestly I have never thought of this and I'm going to do it for notes for school, invites etc I need to keep in my wallet.
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{TODAY'S INSPIRATION} I always love Oprah's quotes, she is such an inspiration. #todaysinspiration #quote #quoteoftheday #theorganisedhousewife #dailyinspiration #tohquote
theorganisedhousewife - quoteoftheday - quote - tohquote - dailyinspiration - todaysinspiration -
allergyfreekids : Love it
ilovegreenmichelle : Oh that's an interesting one:)
amumwithadream : Awesome quote
frombabytokids : Very true. Wise words
whiteporthome : πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–love it!
rocknrascals : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
christinaeffelsberg : Word!
babyforlife : I love this! And it's so spot on right now, especially since my personal definition of success has changed drastically in the last 6 months.
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{BILL ORGANISER} Paperwork in the office can easily become a mess and get lost. Use the Bill Organiser to keep all your bills and receipts together in one place so you won’t forget to pay your bills. This Bill Organiser includes June 2014 – December 2015 calendars. Available as in Instant Download in my shop #theorganisedhousewife #theorganisedhousewifeshop #theorganisedhousewifeprintables #printables #billorganiser #organisingbills #organise #download #instantdownload #polkadots #colourful
theorganisedhousewifeprintables - theorganisedhousewifeshop - instantdownload - colourful - organisingbills - organise - billorganiser - download - printables - theorganisedhousewife - polkadots -
kristinschmucker : ❀️
buttonsandbobbles : We have bought this its a great organiser highly reccommend !
kaylenerose : This is my savour. Next time hubby is home ill be showing him how to find things etc if he ever needs to look for past or due bills
carlapol86 - kn1tw1t - kaylenerose - kate_lyn -
organised_house - The Organised Housewife
#Repost from @milka_interiors - I'm currently redecorating Miss 9 and Mr 11s bedrooms. I'm having so much fun. These colours here are the inspiration for Miss 9s makeover, so beautiful. --- #art#colourlove#childrensinteriors#decor#dream#girlsroom#homewares#interiors#kidsroom#loveit xx
decor - art - childrensinteriors - kidsroom - loveit - interiors - colourlove - homewares - dream - girlsroom - repost -
limemortarblog : My girl has these colours. Beautiful!
freddieandfelix : Love these colours
sweetsweetsilver : Jaw-jus
cag229 : Would love to know where the peg people are from ❀️
jemleevan : My 2 year old has these colours! :-)
vanessakind : πŸ’—πŸ’™πŸ’—πŸ’™πŸ’—
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{CHALLENGE} Today's declutter challenge is all about the wardrobe. Read today's blog post (direct link in profile) on my top tip to declutter the wardrobe.
coathangers - declutter - wardrobe - organised - theorganisedhousewife - declutter52 -
harpersbucket : I have never heard of that method before - good to know!
byronbay511 : Has anyone ever had someone style their wardrobe?? I need a complete makeover 😳
natellapip : I actually did this today without a prompt! Love a good clean out
missydayz : πŸ‘πŸ˜˜ good one @orientalnoodles
janeykatt : I haven't forgotten the declutter challenge @organised_house . 2014 has been a rough year so far but my declutter seasons a like therapy, and more rewarding and gratifying then retail therapy xo
malyeahbabygardner : @byronbay511 check out @definedimage best stylist
pearstudios : @flirtphoto I'm totally checking this out! :) lol
kristydillondesign : @organised_house well you know I LOVE IT! Lol ;) x
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{TIP} I can't handle really strong smells, so I only use half the bamboo sticks in the infusers, plus it makes the last longer! This mango and papaya from @circahome infuser smells so good! I continually keep one near the kids bathroom.
roarliving : @organised_house we bought a lemongrass one in Thailand. fresh smells.
bordo40 : Fab fab fab idea thankyou @organised_house
organised_house : @mrspegz that's a fantastic idea!!
organised_house : @scarlett_victoria_kayis ooh yes I love that fragrance too!
organised_house : @roarliving ooh that would give you such beautiful memories when you smell it!
limemortarblog : Fantastic tip. @scarlett_victoria_kayis lime & pear sounds amazing!!
mrspegz : How can I get in contact with you to trial and review some of my products? Xx
redharecollection : You have a lovely Instagram page! Check us out, we supply luxurious cushions to homes Australia wide.
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
Beautifully packed ikea catalogue, just in time to read at kids karate this afternoon! #ikea #theorganisedhousewife
ikea - theorganisedhousewife -
sarahshanahan_lifestyle : Perfect!
jusbrieli : @organised_house did your ikea catalogue come wrapped like that??
organised_house : It did @jusbrieli - I feel a bit special!
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{PARTY PRINTABLES} Fun Confetti Designed party printables, include invitation, thank you tags, bag toppers and more. Instant Download - many more designs available. Available in my shop. #theorganisedhousewife #party #partyprintables #instantdownload #printables #confestti #download
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{TODAY'S INSPIRATION} we always want to be looking lovely! #todaysinspiration #quote #quoteoftheday #theorganisedhousewife #dailyinspiration #tohquote
theorganisedhousewife - quoteoftheday - quote - tohquote - dailyinspiration - todaysinspiration -
sal_nourishcoaching : Hello yellow! #love
ange5885 : Love this quote!!
sallya1 : From The Twits?
fictivefingers : Yes!!
jodaleeb : @renika_xo
locky76 : @hope_louise99
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
This is so funny, must remember this one and share with kids in the morning. #Repost from @typoshop --- #knockknock ✊✊πŸšͺ✏️
knockknock - repost -
josieleerayner : @racheltayisa
bek_cheb : @fairynufftoo Haha your material from last night!
carla_yellowheart : Love it!
iamskyemedia : @simonesstyles
mandels123 : Haha my kids luved it
sweetinlife : Ha. That's a good one.
suenevin : Laughing
sanchez_lafave : @mzstephlynn tell Myles this one. Haha
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