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The Organised Housewife

I'm Kat, a blogger with a passion for organising, baking & keeping a tidy, clean home. Mum to 3, living on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia.
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
Goodbye Tasmania, we have had an absolute blast! Heading back home on the @spiritoftas, loving the view from our rooms. #spiritoftasmania
spiritoftasmania -
nissinoo : Any sea sickness???
organised_house : @nissinoo no when we came down the kids had 1 travelcalm tablet, hubby and i had 2, but they made us really drowsy. We are having one tablet this time, so I'll let you know how we all go!
exploringthegoldcoast : Beautiful
kristy2605 : Which type of room is this?? Did you have to get 2 rooms? This will be our last trip where number 3 child is still free!
petabruce : I got sick on the way back fingers crossed it's a calm trip
organised_house : @kristy2605 this is a 4 berth cabin, as we are a family of 5 we needed 2 cabins. On our trip over the boys bunked together and the girls bunked together. On way back we got a room with a double bed and the kids had a 4 birth right next door.
nissinoo : I hope the trip is a "smooth" one!!! @organised_house. I'd love to do this but I get so sea sick 😭
organised_house : @nissinoo it was we are home now and utterly exhausted!!
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
Don't forget this awesome competition that is ending soon. Thanks to @colessupermarkets one lucky winner will have the greatest Christmas chore done for them – their Christmas shopping, a shop to the value of $1000! See full terms and conditions on the blog, direct link in profile ‪#ColesMoreChristmas‬ #win #christmasshopping #christmasfood #tohchristmas #christmas
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
getting a bit dizzy at @tasmazia but kids are having a blast. #tasmazia #spiritoftasmania top on left from @sukikids
spiritoftasmania - tasmazia -
kiwimumvic : You are so close to Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm! You should try and visit ;)
sarwright_xx : We where here yesterday!!
hollirob : Fun! We are going tomorrow, if you can't find your way out I will see you 😂
dustyleewilliams : Those long sleeves seem so removed from our hot and humid Queensland! @organised_house Hope you're having a wonderful time x
sixlittlehumansandme : Long sleeves on a beautiful day like today? Oh that's right "out-of-towers" 😉. Well us Taswegians are having a beach day to cool off. @organised_house
organised_house : @hollirob its loads of fun! we did get a little lost for a second.
purplekatrina77 : Love this place!
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{TODAY'S INSPIRATION} #todaysinspiration #quote #quoteoftheday #theorganisedhousewife #dailyinspiration #tohquote
theorganisedhousewife - quoteoftheday - quote - tohquote - dailyinspiration - todaysinspiration -
lashtastique_casey : So so true!
stacysimpson82 : Not what I needed to read at 9.30pm - best stay up a few more hours to catch up 😄😴
organised_house : @stacysimpson82 ooh no, it's early morning here in Australia.
stacysimpson82 : I know it's wet and windy here in the uk but you have inspired me to catch up so I'm wrapping presents and catching up with work. Keep up the good work x
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
mocktail hour from #cradlemountainhotel a very different view from yesterday #mountains #views #trees #peaceful #quiet #spiritoftasmania
mountains - cradlemountainhotel - spiritoftasmania - views - mocktail - peaceful - quiet - trees -
organised_house : #mocktail blackberry strawberry bannana peach ice cram and mineral water
frombabytokids : Yum
1danistevens : Ching! Ching! Enjoy xx
sweethappypie : gorgeous!
pc_social : Hi @organised_house! We love your photo and would like to display it on pc.ca! If you agree, go to our profile page here: @pc_social and click the link to our website. Thanks!
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
CRAZY cold (4c) and windy here at Dove Lake, but so beautiful. #spiritoftasmania #cradlemountain
cradlemountain - spiritoftasmania -
heatherangus64 : Really hot here on the GC today and major storm happening right now @organised_house. Enjoy the cooker weather!
organised_house : I've heard how hot it is there @heatherangus64 not sure which id prefer warm or cold, but I am loving the fire here!!
heatherangus64 : It's been horrible @organised_house, yesterday was shocking! 😱 I'd have the cold over humidity any day. Enjoy it for me please ☺️❄️☔️⚡️⛄️🎄
junebug884 : You look fantastic @organised_house xx
lorae66 : #cold is the most beautiful of women and building any relationship people come together over the most simple needs of life
dilishlife : Love that place - the walk around it is awesome.
kshe78 : Gorgeous pic!
mumluvs2cook : I said it would get cold! Glad to see you packed some warm gear! Enjoy Tassie!
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{TODAY'S INSPIRATION} #todaysinspiration #quote #quoteoftheday #theorganisedhousewife #dailyinspiration #tohquote
theorganisedhousewife - quoteoftheday - quote - tohquote - dailyinspiration - todaysinspiration -
quinjai : @la_petite_teigne
taralea_x : Ben Dover? Lol
lorae66 : Staring is rude and staying may over welcome yourself
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
we are heading to cradle mountain I fear it's going to be very very cold. #spiritoftasmania #tasmania
tasmania - spiritoftasmania -
ms_joanna_g : I think it might be. I'm down south and it's cold and wet here now
ms_joanna_g : It's beautiful though. Take the bus ride to the lake and Walk around it. It's beautiful
jagosling : Take the Wombat walk - high chance of spotting some!
jaynee79 : The road to my childhood home....beautiful area.
monjoy74 : We did Cradle Mountain in July... That was cold but so very beautiful.
nadzicle : Oh man, I love Cradle Mountain in summer. It's so much cooler than the rest of the country, and so beautiful.
3littlebrats : It's just magical up their
sweetinlife : Cradle Mountain is a beautiful place. Enjoy your family holidays.
ctgiorgio - gopromom - didi285 - mjtlove10 -
organised_house - The Organised Housewife
I'm speechless... just beautiful, goodnight Tasmania! #freycinetlodge #spiritoftasmania
freycinetlodge - spiritoftasmania -
organised_house : @melindasmix I can't help myself but everything is so pretty here!!
megstar_5 : 🙌 🙌 🙌 wow!! Perfect.
hannahaleary : Just spent our honeymoon in Tassie three weeks ago. Freycinet Lodge was one of our favourite places. Would go back in a second!
katemrutherford : Wow!!!!!! 😍
primalinfluence : Stunning!
kellyexeter : Wow!
kristydillondesign : I'm stoked you are having a bloody holiday @organised_house xxxx
low72 : Wow
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
#Repost @moxonline
MOX NOW AVAILABLE! Latte, Liquorice, Diamond and NEW Orange! Order by 5pm Sunday Dec 21 to receive Express Post deliver in time for Christmas* *Terms and conditions: Express Post Delivery to Australia Post express post codes only. Mox will ensure your packages are posted Monday 22nd December via Australia Post Express Delivery, a guaranteed next day delivery service by Australia Post. Mox takes no responsibility in the event that a package is not received the next day.
repost -
jbecr : I just ordered an orange pair this afternoon!!! Sooo excited that they are now in my favorite colour ☺️😍
alimum80 : @courtneycmann these are the shoes I was telling you about the other week when we were shopping
karynamos : Love these shoes!
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