The Organised Housewife

I'm Kat, a blogger with a passion for organising, baking & keeping a tidy, clean home. Mum to 3, living on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia.
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
spending time with my not so little man assembling his new desk chair. #boysbedroom #theorganisedhousewife
theorganisedhousewife - boysbedroom -
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
and that's a wrap!! that was so much fun!!! still pinching myself. I'll let you know when it goes live on #themorningshow #finsh #theorganisedhousewife
themorningshow - theorganisedhousewife - finsh -
thisbusylife : How exciting
bianca_alittledelightful : Awesome!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mrs_g_mac : That's sooo exciting @organised_house !!
marieodesign : Amazing!!
littledinodudes : Congrats, can't wait to see you in my lounge room - I'll have a cup of tea with you!!
thatsummerfeeling1 : Yay. Go you good thing!
organised_house : sounds like a lovely plan @littledinodudes
alozorganizer : πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
hair and make up done, all ready to start filming my first TV appearance!!! #theorganisedhousewife #finish #themorningshow
themorningshow - theorganisedhousewife - finish -
the_evilly : Looking gorgeous!
aboutthegardenmagazine : Oh so pretty!
pennyanngrebert : Yay ... You look stunning
tinaleigh23 : Hairstyle really suits you :)
my_vintage_childhood : Way to go. Looking gorgeous.
sditerlizzi : You look beautiful!
alozorganizer : Beautiful πŸ˜‰
quigleyquigley : So lovely meeting you at ProBlogger πŸ’keep shining x
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{TODAY'S INSPIRATION} #todaysinspiration #quote #quoteoftheday #theorganisedhousewife #dailyinspiration #tohquote
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sheconfessions : Yes @ohanahart πŸ˜‚
anorganisedlife_ : Easy to forget, sometimes hard to do. Love it!
lindsayj1981 : First thing I saw too @ohanahart @sheconfessions!
organised_house : Ooh please forgive the grammar error, so much on my mind lately
ohanahart : πŸ‘
shan2612 : I wonder if we are all school teachers?! The wrong use of your and you're makes me grab my red pen!! But still a lovely quote :)
organised_house : @shan2612 if I was home I'd fix it, but I'm in Sydney today.
quinjai : @redpandacat23
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
spending my morning in Sydney, delicious hot breakfast and catching up on replying to blog comments. Soon off to The Morning Show studios to do a segment with Finish, I'll let you know which day it will go live.
sheridananne_ : How very exciting! Have fun
sodamndomestic : Sounds like a ton of fun!
journalmumma : Yum! Breakfast looks delicious! Enjoy your day πŸ˜€
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{TODAY'S INSPIRATION} #todaysinspiration #quote #quoteoftheday #theorganisedhousewife #dailyinspiration #tohquote
theorganisedhousewife - quoteoftheday - quote - tohquote - dailyinspiration - todaysinspiration -
louisa___g : love this one Kat. Have a glorious day gorgeous @organised_house
simplybeingmum : Very true!
alozorganizer : πŸ˜‰
quigleyquigley : Yup
naomiliddelow - sammiel1983 - mia_webb92 - silverscreenromance -
organised_house - The Organised Housewife
about to board a plane for a few days work in Sydney, have my munchies and reading all ready. I'm excited to share with you what I'm getting up to!!
organised_house : @donnahaymagazine @gonaturalaustralia
tammyc00per : My favourite snack bar!!
alozorganizer : πŸ˜‰
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{TODAY'S INSPIRATION} Love this quote! #todaysinspiration #quote #quoteoftheday #theorganisedhousewife #dailyinspiration #tohquote
theorganisedhousewife - quoteoftheday - quote - tohquote - dailyinspiration - todaysinspiration -
sarahtaylor86 : @torza_80
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
I realised recently that I am a candle hoarder, I gather them and don't use them. That's changed I have started burning them and have managed to burn through one after many many weeks and hours. #candle #lovecandles #whydidicollectndnotuse
whydidicollectndnotuse - candle - lovecandles -
lemoncanary : Good girl! Use em up!!!! 😘😘
lil_ritchie : I'm the same! This year I burnt candles I've had for 12 years!!
organised_house : @mrspegz please do!
treena172 : Unashamed candle hoarder right here! Glasshouse candles are my weakness! But I do burn them, they make me feel happy!
caracarts : Oh yes I'm hearing you!!!! My girlfriend had an amazing smelling wedding reception... She had candles all around and the scent was 'monkey farts' - very odd, but out of this world beautiful smell!!!!
ms_legsmcgee : I am the exact same!! My disband recently found my candle stash πŸ™ˆ and now I have to burn them all before I can buy more! Haha not fair!
ms_legsmcgee : Husband*
liannedgong : I'm the same I have all sorts of different jars and smells and maybe once a month I'll light one
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
big garage clean out today, stacked car full of items to donate tomorrow. #theorganisedhousewife #cleanout #declutter
cleanout - theorganisedhousewife - declutter -
organised_house : @ashlieandjensen, that's exactly why I purge because the clutter effects my sanity too. Most of this is kids clothes and toys they no longer need. I purged a heap of craft supplies last weekend and a few being some of my mum's items (she has passed). These items have been sitting in my cupboard the past 2 years unused and realistically I knew I wouldn't use them and don't need them. I don't need to hold onto them to remmeber my mum I have photos and precious moments that will never be forgotten. I'd prefer those happy thoughts than the clutter. Hope this helps x
organised_house : @travelbugwithin I drop off to various local charities, lifeline and st vinnies. I rarely drop into the bins, I like going direct to the outlet and handing over the items.
ashlieandjensen : It is all piled up in my shed (I don't see it everyday) most of it are baby items I will use again one day (even though I will just buy more) it's just so hard to let go of things. I need to. I'm going to do it! Thanks ladies!
allergyfreekids : I need to do a big spring clean as well.
mrsdee65 : I cleaned out our bathroom cupboards today
staceymichellev : Where Are the square storage things from? They are great @organised_house
travelbugwithin : Good suggestion @organised_house I usually drop into the bins at St Vinnies but to hand them over sounds better. I also understand the overwhelm with clutter and sentiment with letting some of it go. When you realise after dropping things off that u dont really need them that is the motivation to do more!
organised_house : @staceymichellev they were from @freedom_australia many moons ago.
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