The Organised Housewife

I'm Kat, a blogger with a passion for organising, baking & keeping a tidy, clean home. Mum to 3, living on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia.
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{ON THE BLOG TODAY} I share my truths about Gastric Sleeve Surgery, answering the many questions I am asked #vsg #gastricsleeve #sleevegastrectomy #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosssurgery #healthy #vsgaustralia #organisedhousewife #theorganisedhousewife
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nell878 : As a fellow sleever I commend you on being so open and honest about your journey!!! It's definitely not as easy as every one thinks!!!! 😊
kazzycaboodles : Such a fantastic honest and heartfelt read. I never really knew much about the surgery and what happens after so I found it incredibly interesting! xxx
organised_house : @kazzycaboodles thank you hope it gave you some insight.
organised_house : @kazbah68 how exciting, wishing you all the best.
organised_house : @nell878 I get asked so many questions I just wanted to share the good and the bad. πŸ˜€
pagingfunmums : Such a beautiful post!!!
missmandy001 : @bels1971
bels1971 : @missmandy001 thanks!
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{ON THE BLOG TODAY} I shared a list of my kids favourite iPad apps. What are your kids most played apps? #iPad #iPadair2 #apple #apps #kidsapps #topkidsapps #organised #kids #organisedhousewife #topappsforkids #theorganisedhousewife
ipad - topkidsapps - kids - apple - kidsapps - topappsforkids - apps - ipadair2 - organised - theorganisedhousewife - organisedhousewife -
chkyjo : Play kids
marikacook : Our little one turned 2 a month and a half ago and was 'gifted' his first apps...two Lego/Duplo ones and a Thomas puzzle game. Even with limited time on the iPhone he is now proficient enough in using the touch screen environment to teach his 74 year old Grandma how to use her basically untouched iPad. Even outside the environment of his own apps. Freaking out and it makes me want to fling all the devices into the sea.
collette_cutoutthecrap : Must check this out!!!!!!
michellelorimer : I love the toca boca apps for little kids, the Lego apps, and my 2.5yo loves the playschool app too.
kpidgeon : My 3 year old GD loves the Playschool apps - Art Maker and Playtime and also the Shiny Picnic App.
alozorganizer : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
the_organised_you : My 3 year old loves 'bugs and buttons' - great maths learning!
_florita_ : Best app for younger childre: Zoodles. Has games, age apropriate videos of songs and story telling. Worth downloading - and it's free. And it let's you puy a locl so when they're in the app they can't go roaming through your phone 😊 (no, I don't work for them...)
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
My segment for Finish is airing this morning on Channel 7's The Morning Show at 11am (NSW time, 10am QLD time), hope you have a few spare moments to watch it!! @themorningshowon7 #finish
finish -
vanessascottnz : You're looking amazing! Pity we can't see it in NZ :(
allycatsmob : Will I find it online? Youtube maybe? @organised_house
motomas : I missed it as well :(
that_bitch_virtue : Wow!!! What an amazing achievement
melissa_pratt_ : ^ great shot of you
hipcook : Well done
laura_twenty5seven : You did so well! Was it live or prerecorded? Will we get a behind-the-scenes blog post? 😜 I have sooo many questions!
pagingfunmums : Sooooo super exciting! Yay!!!
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
I'm having a moment and may have shed a tear or two (I'm such a sook), my twinnies Mr and Miss 11 are both at high school orientation today. Far out time passes so quickly. When I started the blog they were in grade 2.
kellie_the_cardmaker : Oh, my little boy is 17 and on his P's - time really does go so quickly πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜•
organised_house : @clairekcreations no but you only jus had your bub, surely you have miscalculated!! Lol.
organised_house : @kellie_the_cardmaker see I'm not looking forward to teaching two children at once (twins) how to drive.
organised_house : @webonize yes it is exciting, it was like Christmas morning here this morning they were so excited.
kellie_the_cardmaker : The teaching part is relatively easy @organised_house it's the letting them out on the roads on their own that's the hard part - and add in our country roads, kangaroos, trucks and distance - it's going to take some getting used to 😁
mybrownpaperpackages : I went to an info night for my first baby who's starting prep next year. Hard to imagine forward to high school
kateemulholland : My baby boy has Primary School orientation on Thursday and it all hit me last Friday, if I was breast feeding I would have burst! Spent the morning in tears. Where does the time go?
clairekcreations : @organised_house I wish I had miscalculated! Full-blown little man now who tonight chucked a tantrum cause he wanted to feed himself dinner. What is going on?!?
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{WIN} This colourful homewares pack valued at $250. Enter on the blog, thanks to Allen's Lollies - direct link in profile. #win #giveaway #chevron #lollies #polkadots #wallart #enteronblog
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alozorganizer : πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
I purchased some new lamps yesterday and Miss 9 has helped me restyle my bedside table. The lamp is from the new @joshjentheblock range, beautiful candle from @circahome #homestyle #theorganisedhousewife
homestyle - theorganisedhousewife -
mellie1286 : Simply stunning.
jbecr : Thanks @organised_house ! I'll go check them out :) x : Just gorgeous!! Love the lamp ❀️
vanessascottnz : Could you possibly help with decor for the male's side of the bedroom? (Bedside table and dresser) I'm having trouble making it look nice but still manly!
barbeapapagoodies : I love my candles too!! Love how they make you feel!! :) xx
organised_house : @vanessascottnz we have that problem too, he has tissue box, clock and book on his side. Practical over stylish on his side.
alozorganizer : πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
ernststephanie : For a mans dide of the bed a leather bound book or two and sit a simple candle on it. Along with a lamp.
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
smoked salmon wraps and prawn rice paper rolls, noms. @thewattlehotel #organic #organicfood #localfood #locallygrown #kidfriendly #playground
kidfriendly - organic - locallygrown - localfood - organicfood - goldcoast - playground -
lolalives67 : So easy to make and yes so yum
eileenmic : Delicious!
organised_house : @becnicholls81 really easy, it's basically just chopping up desired filling, lettuce, carrot, spring onion (sometimes I use fried spring onion for crunch) bean sprouts, parsley, I think there's something else I add having a mind blank, and soaking the rice paper rolls for a about 20 seconds. We use shredded patched chicken in ours.
becnicholls81 : @organised_house thanks. Do they stay fresh to use for school lunches?
organised_house : No we usually eat them freshly made, good weekend lunch idea.
alozorganizer : πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
kathmn1 : I make mine for lunches, sprinkle a little water over the top and seal in airtight container. Next day only though.
ernststephanie : Recipe!
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
awesome kids playground at the new wattle hotel on the Gold Coast. Cafe open from 10am perfect place for mothers group. #goldcoast @thewattlehotel #kidfriendly #goldcoastplaygrouds #goldcoastdining
kidfriendly - goldcoastdining - goldcoast - goldcoastplaygrouds -
mummrsjenk : What ages is the play area suitable for would you say?
goldcoast4u : Very best!
organised_house : @mummrsjenk there is an area for the little crawlers to play so I would say from crawling to about 12. When it's super busy they have staff that supervise.
ange5885 : @jillybean85 maybe a new cafe to take your boys
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
#Repost from @salt_avenue, my hubby still says this all the time in the Joey way, this made us both LOL. --- how are you doing on this glorious Monday?!!
repost -
carlyy27 : @ebonyb99
laylar18 : @tinajammy @karlaa_andreaa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
tinajammy : @laylar18 @karlaa_andreaa πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ Awww joey
cooliedoolies : @piesjosh
girlswearbluetoo : @justcallmepeta reading 'Monday' made me stop and think!
organised_house : @girlswearbluetoo @justcallmepeta its a regram, that is original instagrammers comment. πŸ˜‰
girlswearbluetoo : Lol Kat. I did feel a few seconds of blind panic and confusion. I'm so tired I actually thought it might be Monday, not Sunday.
justcallmepeta : Oh goodness.... I was clearly tired and missed the obvious mention of a repost 😊
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organised_house - The Organised Housewife
{TODAY'S INSPIRATION} #todaysinspiration #quote #quoteoftheday #theorganisedhousewife #dailyinspiration #tohquote
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