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ooohshinies - Bregje
My dearly beloved cat Dewey likes to bring prey to my bed. Not as a gift, nono, he just enjoys playing with it on the bed... The other night I woke up from him playing with something, turns out it was a fuckin huge spider! Now you probably don't know this, but I'm terrified of spiders >.< Don't care about mice or bugs or moths or snakes, but spiders? Runnnnn!! Needless to say, when I found 5 loose legs in my bedroom last night, i had a very restless night after that. Look at the size of that leg, look at it!! To give you an idea, putting my hand next to it was already a 'take a deep breath' kinda moment, lol! I tried to tell myself it was a 1time thing that he caught a big spider and then I find this /cry. Ok, rant over, have a lovely, spiderfree day all! ^^
ooohshinies : @queenmisery85 what helps is that I don't think they're inside, he just brings 'em in from the garden... But yes, I see/feel spiders everywhere, the tiniest itch makes me jump lol
ooohshinies : in the Netherlands, close enough I'd say to feel your pain with them, lol! Normally you'd find these in outdoor areas, not near (please don't be "in") a house in the middle of the city!
ooohshinies : @siranthajax Dewdew started with flies as a kitten too, he's now 4 years and only caught 2 spiders now! And that's probably because he's allowed in the garden 24/7, that's where he found them - I'm in severe denial over the possibility that he found them inside, lol. And thanks, it's OPI A Woman's Prague-ative! :)
ooohshinies : @clairestelle8 I had to google conkers, never heard of that tip before but the hunt for chestnuts is on, thanks for the tip! 
ooohshinies : @shadorepolished normally I vacuum them too, then vacuum litterboxfilling to make sure they can't crawl out anymore, lol. But when it's in the middle of the night and it crawls on your bed with a happy, slapping kittycat nearby, all I can do is scream and shout at my cat to get the damn thing OUT! Get outoutout!!! Lol 
ooohshinies : @ivanathinkspink Oh those don't scare me luckily, but that must be annoying too, cause you can hear them and ain't sure where the sound comes from! Although... I've never seen a giant one irl before, only small ones :)
ooohshinies : @nailpolishjunkie74 the Netherlands, and if you ask me these should NOT be in the middle of the city, that's just wrooong, I had this safe feeling of living spidersecure for so long, lol! My cat didn't get tuna when he brought me the alive one, I was half asleep and half in panic to make him get it out of my room  This time, I don't know when he found it (I just know a spider doesn't dump its legs on the floor by itself, lol) and if there's more... 
siranthajax : @ooohshinies the spiders are coming in your home because it's warm from the weather outside. Where I am it doesn't matter if your outside or inside it's the same temp so they prefer to stay away from the humans. And at least they were only two spiders! My cat is two and had caught quite a few beetles and I don't even know how many but only the one spider that I know of. And I may have to get that polish! :)
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ooohshinies - Bregje
Thanks for the tip @lovevarnish ♡ Got these with a magazine deal, don't care much about the magazine but yay polish! :D
schristiansen_ - cha_mallow - lightlikesun - taja_g -
ooohshinies - Bregje
Both Catrice and Essence will increase their standard line, the full press release (including make up) is on my blog - link in profile :) #nailpolish #makeup #preview
nailpolish - makeup - preview -
nailluminati : More textures!? Hope so!! @sorayalk1
cats_n_nails : @labmuffin are you still in Switzerland?
thelizzernb : Joepie 😄
labmuffin : @cats_n_nails No, but when I went to the shops on the last day none of these were on the shelves!
dalila18y - nhi_harajuku - taja_g - corinne_nail_art -
ooohshinies - Bregje
And here's what I did wih the @drknails plate I previously posted :) Used @aengland_official Rose Bower for stamping ♥ #nailpolish #nailsofinstagram #nailart #nailpromote #nailpromote #nailpost #nailstagram #nails
nailsofinstagram - nailstagram - nailpolish - nailpost - nailpromote - nailart - nails -
kimettkolor : Gorgeous! ❤❤
retronail : I love this combination! Totally swoon-worthy 😍
latenight_lacquerist : Always perfection! 😍👌
messy_manis : I just love this so much!
aengland_official : So pretty! 💓
sherrybombnails : Don't know how I missed this, but it's gorgeous!
sarabeara88 - projectodeunas - gymnast_fionna - sherrybombnails -
ooohshinies - Bregje
Awesome DRK Nails plate! Full review on my blog @drknails #drk #nailsofinstagram #nailstamping #nailstagram
nailstagram - drk - nailstamping - nailsofinstagram -
nailavail : Oh my, it's beautiful! Where can I buy that?
ooohshinies : @rainbow_canoe you can find their plates at :)
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ooohshinies - Bregje
Review of BPS tip guides @bornprettystore #bornprettystore #nailpolish #nailsofinstagram #nailart #nailpost #nailstagram #nails
bornprettystore - nailstagram - nailpolish - nailpost - nailsofinstagram - nailart - nails -
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ooohshinies - Bregje
So I'm in bed feeling all sick and stuff, then this mail comes in... come on body, feel better!! :D
sarahsmyle : BETA test!!
lacquershine : So jealous!
samariumsswatches : Jealous!
lacquerbrain - allforus - samariumsswatches - micasmania -
ooohshinies - Bregje
The @bundlemonster Sun Kissed plates arrived today! First thought? They look fantastic, already spotted some images that I can't wait to play with! Hope to review them next week :) #nailart #nailstamping #bundlemonster
nailstamping - nailart - bundlemonster -
wiolski : Oooh I hope mine will be waiting for me when I come back from work 😁
retronail : I'm loving the seashell images on 505 and the anchor pattern on 509. I'll be getting the set for those alone 😊 Can't wait to see what you'll use first! And of course the addition to the ever so useful image size chart, I swear I ALWAYS check your size chart before I purchase new plates! 😁
breezeeight : @peachyglitter
ooohshinies : @wiolski I hope you found a little package waiting at your door! :)
wiolski : Yes it was waiting for me 😄
ooohshinies : @retronail so happy to hear the chart is useful! :) And I'll ofc add these too, but I have no idea what to pick first, a lot of great images! Hope yours arrive soon!
ooohshinies : @wiolski yay! =)
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ooohshinies - Bregje
Having fun with @bornprettystore tip guides, loving these, imagine the possibilities! :) #nailsofinstagram #nailart #nailpost #nailstagram #nails #bornprettystore
bornprettystore - nailstagram - nailart - nailpost - nailsofinstagram - nails -
retronail : Looks awesome! Looking forward to seeing this in color 😁
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ooohshinies - Bregje
Wooo I feel so spoiled, look what arrived! These are 2 new, HUGE DRK plates, and they're very inspiring to me right now. Just what I needed ♡ I'll review them soon! #nailart #nailstamping #stamping #drk
drk - nailstamping - nailart - stamping -
cats_n_nails : @priscillaer oooh lala!
latenight_lacquerist : Can't wait to see you work your magic with these beauties, Bregje! 😍😍😍
retronail : Awesome! I cannot wait to see the manis you will do with these 😁
priscillaer : Awesome Natalia!!!
kimettkolor : Yay!!!! Can't wait to see what you think and make with these! 😎😎😻😻
christinerh : I want these!
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