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On Being takes up the big questions of meaning. Each day, a new discovery about the immensity of our lives, curated by executive editor Trent Gilliss.
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onbeing - On Being
POSTCARD FROM LORING PARK: Stripes! Our senior producer Lily Percy and senior digital developer Tony Birleffi are unintentional twins today. #PostcardFromLoringPark #stripes #twins #happenstance
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anthonyloyd : You should start a "wall of same" with pictures like this.
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onbeing - On Being
"I Awaken Before Dawn" By Helen Moore I awaken before dawn, go into the kitchen and fix a cup of tea. I light the candle and sit in its glow on the meditation cushion. Taking my cup in both hands, I lift it to my Lord and give thanks. The feel of the cup against my palms brings the potter to mind and I offer a blessing for his hands. I give thanks for the clay, the glaze and the kiln. I take a sip and follow the warmth into my body. I offer a blessing for those who brought electricity to my home, who dug the ditches for the lines, who built my home and put in the wires, who made my tea kettle and brought me water to fill it. I take a sip and bless the people in India or China who grew the tea, cultivated it, picked and dried the leaves, took it to market, handled it through the many transactions to bring it to my home. I take a sip and bless those people in Florida, California or Central America who grew the tree that blossomed into flowers. I give thanks for the warmth of the sun and the rain which turned the blossoms into lemons, and I bless the hands that picked the fruit, sorted it, touched it as it traveled from the orchard to my table. I take another sip and bless the hands of those who provided the sugar which sweetened the tea, harvested the cane, processed it, bagged it and sent it on its way to me. I take another sip and lift my cup in gratitude as I feel the interconnection of my body now with theirs, my blood now with theirs, my bones now with theirs, and my heart fills with love for all of creation. I give thanks. [Image by Stephen Kallao, via Flickr]
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onbeing : #gratitude #ritual
tawneyb : Beautiful!
tawneyb : @wakingupwithryan
social_archi : @oakandink your morning routine!
oakandink : @social_archi 😊
lpjyoga : Beautiful 🙏🙏
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onbeing - On Being
Compelling quote, taken from Parker's piece "From Language to Life" today on onbeing.org. #transformation #seasons #ParkerPalmer
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erica_1123 : @briduffy ❤️❤️
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onbeing - On Being
"We have to restore the neighbor to the hood." Grace Lee Boggs died today at the age of 100. We had the great privilege of sitting with her in her Detroit home a couple of years ago. She was a revolutionary who had a vision, an iconoclast who reimagined community and its members on her own terms. Rest in peace, friend. #GraceLeeBoggs #Detroit [Image by Robin Holland]
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joeharrellnyc : What an amazing soul. I love that episode. RIP
kellygharp : Ohmygoodness! Blessings, Ms Boggs. I wrote down no less than 5 quotes from your episode that continually enlighten me. Thanks so much @onbeing for capturing this treasure & thanks to Ms Boggs for a life well lived.
tyronedavisjr : I just listened to this episode this morning! Wow. What a beautiful spirit. Thank you, @onbeing Rest in peace, #GraceLeeBoggs
pamretseck : A life . To celebrate . Lucky ,we got to know her. Thank you - On Being .
ryan_m._barnett : What a great smile!
shytown711 : I enjoyed this interview so much. Sorry to hear about her passing...
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onbeing - On Being
"The bottom line is that all beings want to be happy. And as part of that, we all yearn for connection. Yet most of us also tend to feel trapped by our sense of isolation, anger, envy, and other forms of aversion. What I think we actually need is simple: a sense of spaciousness from within that lets us feel abundant and whole internally." —@sharonsalzberg #abundance #happiness #connection [Image by Gerald Streiter, via Flickr]
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journeyandway : I think your solution is completely on point @sharonsalzberg 👏
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onbeing - On Being
"This time of year always makes me feel a profound disconnect. I want to be with others and I want to be alone. Mostly though, I want to want less, to make peace with what I have and what I don’t — on special days as well as ordinary ones." Our new columnist Jane Gross faces a dilemma many of us intermittently observant may have: returning to a religious community to be with others during special, sacred holidays. Can you relate? Read more from Jane on our blog at onbeing.org. [Image by Juan Gonzalez, via Flickr]
sippio_brister : @chrystallbee
sippio_brister : Thank you Jane Gross, you are beautiful.
adventures_in_mind : Sure can. Thanks for sharing
adventures_in_mind : And welcome Jane ☺️
journeyandway : Beautifully said.
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onbeing - On Being
This past Monday, our Krista Tippett gave the 2015 Kenan Distinguished Lecture on “The Adventure of Civility" at #DukeUniversity. Here she is with Omid Safi, director of the #Duke Islamic Studies Center and an On Being columnist. It's great to see old friends together again! #KristaTippett #OmidSafi [Image via Duke Photography]
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epenny93 : @emilyrodesss
hcdawes : I enjoyed Krista's talk! Such a wonderful evening! She was gracious enough to take a selfie with me and @friendlymountain .
swaldren : Krista. Thank you for bringing such inspiring and heartfelt interviews to the world.
theconcertpurselady : Your voice saved me many nights of struggle from the loss of two beloved brothers. Love to you!
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onbeing - On Being
"The sense of wonder... can take you into science. It can take you into art. Other human beings are amazing and beautiful. The natural world around us, the more we study it, the more fascinating and intricate and elegant it turns out to be." Our new episode features the wise linguist and anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson. Visit onbeing.org to listen. #wonder [Image by Tom Starkweather / Bloomberg, via Getty]
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erenaynur : How wonderfully, humbly and wisely reflected. 💕
leahvboden : Can't wait to listen
lifegardener : My 9 year old daughter recently was reflecting on the movie "Inside and Out." She said, "I think they forgot a feeling mom" - curious, I asked "which one?" She said "Wonder...I spend a lot of time feeling curious and wondering." Can't wait to listen to the podcast. Thank you for always bringing such wonder to our lives.
lisalenea : @lifegardener #SoManyFeels <3
balanceleah : I can't wait to listen either! Mary Catherine Bateson's work was part of my thesis.
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kirchmke : @kellsner
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onbeing - On Being
"Many of us believe that we are politically powerless, but that’s a lie told by those evil spirits. Obviously we have the power to vote, demonstrate, and actively support the candidates and causes of our choice. Equally, and perhaps more importantly, we have the power to resist the culture of hostility that’s gutting American politics — to act daily in ways that foster a culture of hospitality in which our humanity and our democracy can flourish." —Parker Palmer, via "Breathing New Life into 'We the People'" on onbeing.org #politics #democracy #hospitality #humanity #ParkerPalmer [image by Matus Laslofi, via Flickr]
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anniehendie : Yes we do!
elenakaulenas : Amen! 💚
kirchmke : @practiceindie I love this podcast. This might be right in alignment with the community yoga theme happening.
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onbeing - On Being
—@sharonsalzberg, via "The Concentric Circles of Connection and Lovingkindness" on onbeing.org #mindfulness #lovingkindness #selfcare
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kellygharp : @herowndarkroom - do you listen to this podcast? So good.
bikecrazyanne : Something to chew on... xo @paige_healy
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