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If you haven't already, head to @qtiptheabstract's Twitter feed for the full conversation, as #QTip breaks down hip hop's roots for anyone who needs a bit of education. #salute
qtip - salute -
sotagonedigital : Qtip missed out on more facts that could help but maybe he needs more education of history that goes beyond his roots
chitappin : @zachascha
mricardoclarke : @qtiptheabstract thank you for your response to Ms. Azalea...well said!
kwazibot : @sotagonedigital that's ignorant. you're missing the fact that what he is talking about is the pattern that has repeated itself through world history. with all due respect, i'm doubting that whatever further history you are referring to has nothing to do with what he spoke on.
ms_capone : Well said!Bless @qtiptheabstract!
zachascha : Thank you for this!
sotagonedigital : @kwazibot well he had two topics of discussion on the twitter page. And obviously i was not referring to his education of hip hop. More so how he brought up the issue about slavery. When hip hop music as we know of today is not social political, it is more like modern day mental slavery.
sotagonedigital : @hezekiah3rd it should be universal. Jazz, rock and roll, blues, hip hop, r&b, and singing are all black inventions. Singing really wasnt popular because that is how black slaves communicated in the cotton fields to pass on secret messages. And because of black people they inspired vocals to be put along side with instruments on a track. We should all be proud of this not just racially but universally. This inspired other cultures to do the same thing. Working together we can do so much more. Than segregating ourselves. Divide and conquer is a strategy we should avoid not pursue. Build bridges with other cultures and races should be a priority not something we should condemn.
charettedenune - mrscoopdeville - daniwowo - fobon -
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We kinda love you (and your brilliant mother), #UzoAduba. "Without skipping a beat she was like, 'If they can learn to say Tchaikovsky, and Dostoevsky, and Michelangelo, then they can learn to say Uzoamaka.' And she went right back to cooking and did not stop." @uzoaduba (via @okayafrica)
uzoaduba -
mikey_spice : Take your place in the Circle of life!
thedarkroomco : πŸ™Œ
gabyduran_ : ✨✨✨
glamgirlhaircompany : Perfect
hennamassi : @rynbhllrd
missfats : @mscnf
lilfeather81 : Yes
rukhs.u : @starrclover @ninjitsuja yes!!
misterjt319 - melisasana - dasbut - swedestthing -
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Via @okayafrica: Singer/songwriter #Stromae launched the whimsical second capsule of his #Mosaert clothing label, featuring a colorful array of unisex cardigans, pullovers, polos, and socks. @stromaeofficial @mosaertofficial
stromae - mosaert -
derek32zero : @0rangemoon dope.
miggyduke : I am getting one!!!
joelyoel : @chriseclipse
chriseclipse : @joelyoel yes !
joelyoel : Yup! @chriseclipse
monsieurpolk : @otengmajuta socks for you
helinduru_48 : Je reçios une.
instavlok : @net_lani Kyk hier, Botterskorsie.
aliensauce - shamillludoedov - pmagallanes - tonpppa -
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Join us online Monday, 12/29 at 8p ET for The Meetup with @muhsinah, a Google Hangout series highlighting female producers. This month: @gwenbunn and @kaycolamusic. Co-hosted by OKP's @caligreenink. #OKPmeetup
okpmeetup -
stastheeboss : @sassyblackcat
beesknees24 : @mdspoonermusic
sienablaze : Anyone from 1999 remember the ok chat room?
seandammit : @imakemadbeats
emreeonpoint : Wish I could attend!
akasweets77 : @djladyessence
akasweets77 : @djbrownboi
aaronsmarter : Mmph. Kay Cola....
49erlon - mr_atom - sand_jar0925 - ysheyellin -
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Family portrait: #Thundercat + his actual cat, Tron + Eddie Murphy. Pic courtesy of our friend @sam3an.
thundercat -
frediegilbert : Lmao @omahageorgia
cevertt66ce : Family!
itsmeamyy : Your cat! @jizzcam
windsung : I'll always come back to you, don't you worry about me
bizzygi : The. Best. @bdoykos
ac_be : @emperoress This!
bibifpham : Cosmocats!!!!
kariwangari : πŸ™πŸ™Œ
janacokestyle - chucky395 - steelydanny - cor_novum -
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We see you and this new Facebook profile pic, #ErykahBadu. We like.
erykahbadu -
lillianshalom : @markpriceman hahaha ma rangs are makin the rounds πŸ˜˜βœ¨πŸ™
thebigkat : @owilliamsono @brookiet02 @moniforci Fo Sho! πŸŽΆπŸ‘
nickq : #dallas
worldshakeronbass : I Love You Queen :-) :-) :-)
worldshakeronbass : And Your Incredible Awesome Music & Lyrics :-)
from.me.cards : Jewelry done by @lillianshalom
allisonmaynot : @israelfin
theoriginaljones : I mean, it's kind of hard not to see her in this pic
arshellelatrice - almamesic - traelashaun - cor_novum -
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Rest well, #LarrySmith, one of Hip-Hop's pioneering super producers.
larrysmith -
birgittajanani : @sdotmann
original_individual : Yes.. A pioneer of ORIGINAL music for the rap genre sans sampling. Long live this global kulture!
utmua : Yaaaaaaaaaaaassssss!!!!!!!!
leorsousa : Rip jam master jay
jayrockharry : "So Larry put me inside his Cadillac, the chauffeur drove off and we never came back..."
djaesthetik - joedecks - lisatirimacco - scrap3116 -
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Well, then. #Miguel just dropped a sultry new EP (and tricked out his @miguelunlimited Instagram profile, too). Listen to 'nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee' now on OKP.
miguel -
nikki_n1kk : Hook my damn self sumtimes. Lol
snailflasher : @nikki_n1kk Youtube FLASH Twig "Pacify"
luv_nani : Ohhhh boy! @nikki_n1kk @snailflasher @kim
snailflasher : @nikki_n1kk lol FKA
nikki_n1kk : @snailflasher she nastee. I like it.
brijer : Yaaassssss @silky_savory
silky_savory : You're the best;) @brijer
brijer : No you are!!! @silky_savory
damo_hannah - akuro_trjw - cutznskratches - yossi_wase -
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Here's a #DAngelo gift from us to you: We compiled all the stray tidbits of behind-the-scenes info on #BlackMessiah -- which came courtesy of folks like @questlove and #RussellElevado -- into a comprehensive, handy little listener's guide. Check out our guide to 'Black Messiah' now on OKP: bit.ly/BlackMessiahDVDxtras
blackmessiah - russellelevado - dangelo -
boom92houston : @kgsmooth πŸ’―πŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”Š
chikngreeze : @trutoneelectric
msv247 : The Charade is one of my FAVs!!!
djaesthetik - evitakone - ricvdb - tjskydub -
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Via @djpremier: PRhymeTime Video in association with FILA Footwear and directed by Frank The Butcher...I did both beats with more @adrianyounge samples... @royceda59 @prhyme_official
calomalo : So dope
its_nicky_j : @craigattoh
gus531 : @wade_co
cool_v_as_tha_bald_head_chef : @bigg_body
emilio_cph : @kaahcph spændende πŸ™Œ
trendreversal : @jeromepeiffer
2euceswild : @football_junkie_11
yunous : @mr_shay_wh0
l.boogie_ - norikazsugimoto - olgadeviatkova - boytimmytim -
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