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designer & stationer, lover of Jesus, traveling, and antiques.
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
Winter in orange county last week. Love Southern California but it's quite hard to run a small business here. We're practically working for the government with all the taxes we pay - Nick and i just say we get charged a weather tax :)
sourced_collective : 🙌🏻 so true!
beyondinteriorsco : Worth it?
jamiedana : Yep, I feel ya!
doricrafts : We're business owners in So. Cal. too...totally feel ya! Taxed and regulated to the nth degree..sigh...@ohhellofriend
meggersweet : Your store is everything! Lovely products and lovely people! I couldn't ask for more in such a lovely shop :)
wildflowerroots : So true 😢. 😘
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
For this lovely Black Friday, we're clearing out overstocked + discontinued inventory with our popular $25 grab bag's today only at ohhellofriend.com! You'll receive a super fun stationery bundle valued at $60+! Read all about what will be included in your grab bag here: ohhellofriend.com/product/stationery-bundle (or click the link in my profile) These sold out last time so be sure to grab one today! * more details: buy as many stationery bundle's as you want! Offer is open to our international friends. Shipping is $4/first set and $7/flat rate for 2 or more sets. International shipping will be $8/first set and $15/2+ sets! You will receive anywhere from 10-15 items valued at $60+ for only $25. That's only about $2 or less per item :)
ohhellofriend : @levonca sorry for the issues! I'll check right now for you :) either way - well get it figured out!
ohhellofriend : @amandear19 sure, mid-December is fine! We can hold it for you until then :)
ohhellofriend : @bekers92 thank you!! 😘😊
levonca : @ohhellofriend Thank you so much!!!
jaleninalemi : I just ordered my 2nd grab bag from you 🙈🙈🙈💕🙏🏻🙏🏻 i just cant wait to have it againnnn all the up here 🙈🙈💘💘💘love youuuu soooo muchhhhh.
irdage : @hanbananza are you getting one of these?!!
hanbananza : @irdage tempting! But prob not. You??
emily.magers : @ohhellofriend what time are you guys open till today?!
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
Happy Thanksgiving Friends! The leaves are still orange and yellow up north in California which is so lovely. I hope you're blessed today and surrounded by love and lots of good food! :) #weekofthanks #gratefulheart
weekofthanks - gratefulheart -
e219thpl : @ohhellofriend Happy Thanksgiving, lovely 💕 Blessings to you & your family! And I'm thankful for you! 💗☺️
swoonstudio : Happy Thanksgiving Danni!
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
In the recent weeks, attacks in Paris, Lebanon, Iraq, Nigeria, and Mali have been tragic and senseless. We are living in scary times. The other day while i was reading the daily from @Proverbs31Ministries, this quote came up: no thing on earth has any authority over God. what an amazing reminder! This world is so so so so so broken, and one day He will make all things right. Today i am reflecting on this truth, and filled with a heart full of thanks for hope. In Him, we find an overflowing abundance of peace and assurance. #weekofthanks #gratitude
gratitude - weekofthanks -
espressie : Yes thank you for sharing!! Such a good reminder!! Thank you Jesus that we can in this battle with you on our side!
tastefultatters : Love your heart, Danni ❤️
dandeedesigns : I keep reminding myself that faith and fear cannot coexist. We live in a scary world but if we keep our faith, we have nothing to fear. Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend. xoxo
bus611 : Yes and Amen!
kimclervois : Um.... Reasons I still love this shop!! What the heck!! Awesome!! @kylaquay @kendrajoykey
angelaliguori : ❤️
e219thpl : @ohhellofriend Yes 💗
fancynancycakes : Amen! Great shot
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
I love this little pup so much! I'm so thankful that we got such an amazing and sweet dog! Luna likes cuddling and chasing leaves and sun bathing and naps (she can nap pretty much anywhere like on my desk) and she may be a little spoiled ;) If you're thinking about getting a dog - I say go for it! It is so so so worth it! #lunabear #puppy #goforit #thankful #weekofthanks
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crazygreenfruits : Cutest thing on earth
msfreshmich : 💋💋💋💋💋
jennifertith : @kristyntith 💤💤💤
pastenseofsing : @brunchattiffanys 😍
jenniepie_ : @jewelzee
brunchattiffanys : 🙊 ❤️❤️ @pastenseofsing @shiachewy @carmenhung @jsung2002 @wendy.s.wei
anitab989 : @binapastakia my heart is melting!! I would probably give up my first born for this haha
sixthandolive : @rincon925 aww
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
What a lovely weekend in SF! Feeling so blessed and thankful to have such a supportive family. My momma spent her whole weekend helping me at the show and Nicholas drove all the way up to take me back home ❤️ what are you thankful for from this weekend? :) #weekofthanks #thankful
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stylelife_mahalolena : Lovely
mrswiley_b : Hi! I saw some of your handmade cards at the San Diego Rock Church bookstore in Point Loma! I love all the stuff you post from your store so I was pretty excited when I saw that!
heart_on_its_knees : How beautiful!
daniohira : ❤❤❤❤
ohhellofriend : @wildinkpress 😘😘
shesheshoes : Gorgeous shot! ❤️
mollyjunegrams : missed you at OHF today! hope you're having the best time❤️
yellowab2 : Awwwww...thank you, Kuppies! I enjoyed helping out my beautiful and very talented daughter. I'm thankful you're my daughter! Love you lots!
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
It's craft show time over here at oh, hello friend! We will be in SF (today and tomorrow!) + LA at @renegadecraft + Fayetteville, AR at @thelittlecraftshow! Would love to see you! For more info on these shows, check out: ohhellofriend.com/events ❤
inesfeiereisel : @sothisisjulie I'm really glad WE are friends!!!
inesfeiereisel : @k8fannin - thought of you immediately! xo
sothisisjulie : @inesfeiereisel ohhellosister! Friends for life!
thelittlecraftshow : We can wait to meet you!!!😘😘
k8fannin : @inesfeiereisel This makes me so happy!!
kelsiewells : AK means Alaska btw! Alabama is AL
kelsiewells : Or AR for Arkansas
writewithak : What is this tiny typewriter?!
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
Nick is so proud of his hometown team @kcroyals. Let's go royals! 💙⚾️ Luna is over taking pics & her dog jersey ;) #worldseries #thebig7th #takethecrown #keepthelinemoving #playinglikechamps #kcroyals Game 5, will KC win the World Series tonight?!
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popcandyco : Love you guys!
ohhellofriend : @coleyclark30 @sallyleekim @carrielsunday @sara_mccarty thanks friends ;)
ohhellofriend : @rita22pita haha thank you! last year was a great World Series :)
ohhellofriend : @popcandyco oh no Bill! How could you? Hehe just kidding! Miss you guys soooo much!!
coleyclark30 : We just about the championship!!!! Boys in blue. @ohhellofriend
mandiisblessed : I forgot he was from KC! Me too! So excited today!!!!!
katherineoliver : Hi Danni, I messaged you a DM! X
hoobynooworld : Beautiful!
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
Happy November friends! When I went camping a few weeks ago, I looked up and saw a heart shaped cloud and it was pretty awesome. #lookup #sky #cloud
sky - lookup - cloud -
juliebin : @thelootbag
alleedesroses : ❤️❤️❤️😍 @ohhellofriend
paperjar : 💙
dandeedesigns : ☁️💙
thatjenncheng : 😍☁❤ #finditineverything
cloudninesoapco : ❤️💭
katherineoliver : Hi @ohhellofriend did you get my DM? 😘
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
We're getting ready for our YOU ARE LOVED event at the shop! If you or someone you know is in need of encouragement, join us tonight for an encouraging word and music from 6:30-8:30 p.m! If you don't have an RSVP, you are still welcome to come! It may be packed (last month was crazy!) so come ready to get cozy with fellow friends! Photo by @thethingshannahloves! We'll have desserts from @merelysweets and beautiful event styling by @pursuelovedesignco ❤️ hope you can make it! #youareloved
youareloved -
jojoparkz : @corennnnn5 aww :)
door09tv : 👍🏻
peachesandpugs : @sarahjeanne027
thereallizzyliz : I love this. You're the 5th person to tag me in this project. I love it ! Time to harvest leaves lol @cestmav_
danicadonnelly : @kaseyroselynch so cool! I love it!!
lorina_daiana : Just send you a direct message with a link to a few photos from tonight 💕
aliceyhong : Oh were you talking about this?? @janeyhong
theworldofjoyce : Hi @ohhellofriend! When is the next You Are Loved gathering? I would love to come!
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