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designer & blogger, lover of stationery, traveling, and antiques.
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
currently on my desk: write on pencil pouch (@westelm) beautiful gold scissors (@angelaliguori) pretty pencils (@target) "letter enclosed" stamp (@wellapptdesk) hand lettered print (@jennymaiedae) and temp tattoos by yours truly :) #ilovestationery
ilovestationery -
e.illustration : Lovely style , if you like please come and check my page out , thanks
swoooo : beautiful lettering ! @emrleung inspoπŸ‘Œ
trosperrose : @hellozasso
parisbyfriday : I love the colour scheme of your desk πŸ’›
angelaliguori : Gorgeous pic. Thank you!
themagicalcanopy : pink and gold?!! dying from this prettiness and perfection. plusss that print is gorgeous too!
hoobynooworld : The perfect colour scheme 
sandyalamode : Saw you on @laurenconrad! Miss you friend!
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
i missed this sweet face but am so glad to be back home now to see it every day! ps: we named our puppy Luna! 🌝 #lunabear #shesthebest #loveher
lunabear - loveher - shesthebest -
kathhhattack : @becky_ruby
bourbonandgoose : Cutie!
rossoboss : Kisses @lillychka
lillychka : @rossoboss ADORBS
mxlo.u : Ja ja ja @m.lanmrtns17
vozcollective : @ohhellofriend so good! Just got home and it's time to work! ;)
lmlifestylist : πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’—
rlynneg : @jesstradley
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
I ❀️ NY πŸ—½πŸš–πŸŒƒ also, whoever thought of the #highline was a genius. #nyc
nyc - highline -
highlinenyc : Lots of love right back at ya!  Thanks for visiting. 
rocioinoc : Isn't this your fave @annabelle868 ?
annabelle868 : @rocioinoc omg YES!!!!
jencocreative : #fact
minabini : agreed!
amytangerine : Totally agree!
fugotoast : Oh yes! Love NY, looooove the highline!!!
lmlifestylist : The high line is incredible!!! So well done 🌟
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
All set up for #nynow day 2. Wanted to not spend $2K for hard walls and try a booth set up with just furniture - I think these rentals from @octaviabrown @rentpatina worked beautifully! πŸ‘Š come visit us, booth #5133. #nynow2015 #tradeshow #ohftradeshows #booth5133
booth5133 - ohftradeshows - 5133 - tradeshow - nynow2015 - nynow -
littlelowstudio : Gorgeous Danni!! I'll try to come say hi tomorrow after the handmade section closes 😘!!
dian_uhh : Love ittt!!!πŸ‘β€β€β€
love_milk_musya : Wow!
karabug52 : Missed you at Vegas! Hope your having a great time in NY. 😘
eclecticviv : UMMM YES! That is a killer set up! I LOOOOVE the vintage chalkboard! Obsessed!
nicolemiyuki : Beautiful!!
luminouslines : Love it!!! Geese! Do you ever slow down!? πŸ˜‰
42pressed : I would LOVE that! When everything calms down after NYC let's connect! Travel back safe!
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
Worked the opening shift at the shop today and it was the best! Met so many amazing new friends, had some quality conversations, and had a blast with the puppy! Trying to break her in at the shop. It's kind of hard to get work done when she's around :) ps: we got a whole new shipment of @riflepaperco goods in including their new planners! Stop by this weekend β€οΈπŸ‘ ps: shout out to all the sweet ladies I talked with today + @richellejean - SO good seeing you!!
allys.n.wonderland : I can't wait to visit the shop on Saturday for the calligraphy workshop! 😍
marcie3657 : Where can I find the To Do's that you have in this picture on the site? I can't find it
themirandamarie : Love all of these beautiful Rifle things!! πŸ’œ
skippee : Love everything in this photo! 😍
freckleandfair : 😻😻
hoobynooworld : Love ξ€’ ξ€’
savannahhayesstudio : gorgeous! love you shop!
bekahhgee : @ayemanalay
mariapapelitos - zivana96 - hobbesandco - suzyplans -
ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
All set up for the #rucheturns7 birthday event tonight! Food, photo booth, drink bar, braid bar, calligraphy station, and letter writing table! This party is going to be πŸ’£ and the place to be πŸ˜‰ hope you see you here! @shopruche
rucheturns7 -
zomama5 : @sugarplumpastry isn't this your friends shop? :)
dancingbranflake : A braid bar! Fantastic idea, Danni! I wish I was there.
foundrentals : I had to bring yellow chairs just for you 😘
dearhandmadelife : Have a great time--beautiful set up! πŸ‘πŸ‘
keisha_proctor_ : Braid bar?! Someone's a genius. πŸ‘
laurenkingdesign : Love this πŸ’›
inessanicholsdesign : Great meeting you last night . Thanks again for taking all the florals home with you last night 😘🌸🌺🌷🌿
maiolivo : @ohhellofriend so much fun last night! Thank you friend!
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
Huge thanks for all your love on my last 2 posts - really appreciate ALL the puppy advice! You guys are the best! 😘 photo by: @shopruche! If you're local to OC, we'll be in Fullerton tonight for Ruche's 7th birthday bash, 5-9pm! I'll be there representing OHF with a letter writing table βœ‰οΈβœοΈ Check Ruche's Facebook page for all the fun details! shopruche.com #rucheturns7
rucheturns7 -
fotostrap : Love this shot!! 🌷
lauralsims : @melindalivsey Could be fun!
melindalivsey : @lauralsims totally! I'd go if i didn't have my cousin's wedding today. πŸ˜‰
lauralsims : I guess that's more important! πŸ˜‰ @melindalivsey
wildflowerroots : So excited for the party!!
christinahow : πŸ’•
directorcrystal : @ohhellofriend Your feed makes me smile :) #beautyeverywhere.....!!!
freckleandfair : Giant flowers! Love
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
I'll be honest. Tonight's event at the shop is all I've wanted OHF to be and represent. Community, fellowship, encouragement, and just loving people. Unfortunately when you run a business, you get caught up in a million other things and it's easy to loose your way and your purpose. We've had a lot of events at the shop, but tonight was my favorite. Thanks to everyone who came out tonight! Thank you so much to @dez_a_rey and @pursuelovedesignco for connecting and making this whole thing happen, @lavendersflowers and @handmadebysarakim for the beautiful florals, @alethialov and @krisirk for the incredible worship, and @annai6 for the amazing message! God is good. We're having another event next month, join us and bring a friend! ❀️ #youareloved #soblessed
youareloved - soblessed -
hipaline : So grrrrreat
firewife368 : God is using your business for HIS GLORY ! Please post your next event date , or do you already know the date and time ! Thank you πŸ’—
heyleebfashion : LOVE this! So easy to loose focus sometimes! So great to have a time to redirect it!
courtgilliam : In Fullerton visiting some friends and saw a shop called "oh hello friend" across the street from a coffee shop I was in. Went inside because it sounded familiar only to realize I'd been following you on Insta for the past few months and had no clue you had a shop! What a treat and surprise since we're visiting from Raleigh!
courtgilliam : I bought too many things and loved every minute of it. Your store opened up a dream in me I didn't know was there! I'd love for something like this to develop in NC!
jusetaylor : @jwillis808 lets go to the next one!
hansmichellee : @shylahwalks πŸ’•
shylahwalks : This looks so amazing!We must goπŸ’• @hansmichellee
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
We got a dog! and she is the sweetest. First time dog owners, any advice is welcome and appreciated! πŸ˜‰πŸΆπŸ˜Š
melodified : Crate train and find a positive reinforcement training book/trainer. Get a kong!
yearbookstudios : So adorable!! Even though some of the "training" moments are challenging, enjoy the puppy stage because they get big so fast! (Sounds so cliche, but true.) Check out our English Bulldog! It's wonderful to have a shop dog.
jenniferrteo : @_jorazo 😍😍
hey_erma : @mopar79
soulchildmaddy : @bengps7
erikasagekelley : Aww ❀️
holddear : Oh my cute!
hello.hi.dee : If she wasn't adopted, make sure to spay her (unless you want her to have pups)! But what an adorable puppy!😍😍
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ohhellofriend - Danni Hong
A midweek message for you friends! 😘 We are having an encouragement night this Friday at @ohfshop - free to attend! There will be snacks, a speaker, some music, and a little encouragement gift! Details at ohfshop.com/events or RSVP at youareloved.eventbrite.com. #youareloved #youareenough
youareloved - youareenough -
lyndsey.marieee : 😍😍
da_real.sean : @ajaetseng13 😍
ashnicolemartin : Yes @jonnajorgy 😍
melmelwongsta : This is for us @mayaroun
epiphame : @lyndsey.marieee i love and miss you, mama, thank you for this beautiful reminder❀️❀️❀️
lepopshop : You are Amazing!
lightpool_ : @azlanismailing for you dear!! β™‘
sweetglittermagic : LOVE THIS😻
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