Nyjah Huston

Socal 🌴 Professional Skateboarder Skateboarding, homies, my dog @kota_huston and cars!πŸ‘Œ @ayc @dcshoes @monsterenergy @elementbrand @stancesocks
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nyjah_huston - Nyjah Huston
Just put up an edit of a couple lines from the Alga Norte on my YouTube channel now, link is in bio! πŸ“Ή: @nathangroff
raphaelmelloreal : @joaodib teyla
guy_almighty : You are so clutch nyjah
_manuel_420 : @anthonyjerez anth,πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
jdflowersss : yee @tjmurren
mrradioflyer : @coolkidsk8er That back 3
bluelectricroses : Man that was so fucking dope
deano_94 : The man @blaisemorgan
champangepaapi : @l_vince_w
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nyjah_huston - Nyjah Huston
Ummmmm..... Hahahahha @that_girl_savv
natesanders_94 : @ariana_n u do that wen u r drunk?? lmfao
thereallagreta : @natesanders_94 πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ariana_n : @natesanders_94 I do dance when I'm drunk. I just don't do it like a weirdo..... Lmao
boog.n.scoot : stop haten on mi @brian8cole @mike_walker
_sebastianaraque : hahahaha
mike_walker : U just fucken hated on skating fuckwit stop scootering nd boogie boarding nd buy yourself a skateboard like a real man faggot @boog.n.scoot
lea.sixx : Its Reyes! @__lifeisbeautiful___
casualskateboarding : Yo this is holden from casual, we are a team that wants to make it to the top!! We know life is hard to get to something if we don't know anyone!! We are wondering if you can give us a little shoutout to get our team up there, we wanna work our way up there but we don't know anyone that can help us.. Please bro!!
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nyjah_huston - Nyjah Huston
You could be here with me at my new private skatepark - go to Prizeo.com/Nyjah to enter to win a trip for 2 to LA to hang out with me! Link in my bio πŸ‘
bryantpoppy : Wish i could skate your park dude!
sk8rdudenyjah : You're such a lord bro, can I bask in the light of glory w/ you??
maxjuelz : @jet_life420 wow yo
_kistler_39 : Come on and skate some locations in switzerland i show you some hotspots
daultonvaughn : Come back to swift cantrell skate park i wasnt there the day you were there come back one day and post when you will be there please @nijahhuston
daultonvaughn : Come back to swift cantrell skate park i wasnt there the day you were there come back one day and post when you will be there please @nijah_huston
jose_sk8_10 : when are you going to anounce it? @nyjah_huston
lachlanmitty_101 : Can I go to your skate park I'm a big fan and I love skating @nyjah_huston
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nyjah_huston - Nyjah Huston
The boyzzz! @tommyfynn @edgarbarrera01 @dennisdurrant @alex_lawton
berrtt_020 : @alan_bc47
theodora_igk : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
justinrobinson94 : @phreak328 i know lol but they rollin with the gta crew
phreak328 : Lol @justinrobinson94
alex_funbox113 : Squad
acobernade : I hope you want to help me , make my boyfriend suprise got "Happy Birthdays Randes From Nyjah Hutson" , he is skateboarder same with you and he very proud with you nyjah. Thanks before I hope you want to do it😊😊😊 my id line : acobernade
cape_douche : girl: am I pretty? boy: noπŸ™ girl:do u want to be with me forever? boy: noπŸ™ girl: do u even like me? boy: noπŸ™girl: would u cry if I walked away?πŸ™ boy: noπŸ™ *she was hurt and started to walk away with tears in her eyes when the boy grabbed her hand.* boy: you aren't pretty your beautiful. I don't want to be with you for ever, I need to. I don't like you I love you!❀️ and I wouldn't cry if I walked away, I would die. please stay with me... * tonight at midnight your true love will realize he/she loves you* *something good will happen to you at 1-4pm tomarrow it could happen anywhere!! get ready for the shock if your life *repost this to 5 other comments or you will have bad luck in relationships for the next 10 years of your life. STEP 1- kiss your hand STEP 2- say your crushes nameπŸ’¬ STEP 3- close your hand STEP 4- say a weekdayπŸ’« STEP 5- say your name STEP 7- repost this to 5 other comments. let the chain begin!! 😎
trouble_estefani : Bae 😍😍❀️
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nyjah_huston - Nyjah Huston
I'll be hanging out @zumiez in Las Vegas at Fashion Show Mall (3200 Las Vegas Blvd) tomorrow from 3-5pm. Come hang out and check out the new colors of my @dcshoes #NyjahVulc. Hope to see you there πŸ‘
nyjahvulc -
i_hate_copz : I go to zumiez all the time @lynnhaven
i_hate_copz : #lynnhaven
erik_dinosaurous : I saw your R8 on the 405N today. Looked awesome in person πŸ™‹
legospartacus : @nyjah_huston come to the one at the Capitol mall in Olympia, WA
westcoast_deni : ❀❀ 😍 zumiez
acobernade : I hope you want to help me , make my boyfriend suprise got "Happy Birthdays Randes From Nyjah Hutson" , he is skateboarder same with you and he very proud with you nyjah. Thanks before I hope you want to do it😊😊😊 my id line : acobernade
sir_asianator : @sir_alfredosause
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nyjah_huston - Nyjah Huston
darioax2255 : @mr_skaterdude69 r these the contacts u got
mr_skaterdude69 : Yeah @darioax2255
sojka9 : Those such sick eyes @nyjah_huston
_jett_boii : @rory_shmory nyjAh rocks u suck
chavez_nava : @rory_shmory you gag
conner.wall : if he sucks get of his page fag @rory_shmory
romar_jr : @yung_un_
theniggavicente206 : U look keed af
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nyjah_huston - Nyjah Huston
@ridgebenben hahahhahhahahπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
_free_alex : @itssscolin @luis_roman1025 smh
barbs1983 : @mike10th
zancai : For all the haters stfu u wish you were as good you hate cause you suck ass
skateboard23 : Haters just shut up
skaternicky02 : same shirtπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
t_mac_ : @gallagz_
potterchase_ : People taking this shit seriously πŸ˜‚ smh
miss.a_boss : Lmfao!!!!!!!!
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nyjah_huston - Nyjah Huston
Halloween partyπŸŽ‰πŸŽƒπŸŽ‰
sailor1942 : There's nothing wrong with being a faggot. Fuck that guy
_zippyy : he only had room on his party bus for people who can actually skate
oli_maynard_123 : How come @nyjah_huston gets all the hookers 😿😿
tfvilaca : @zeloicruz olha como compensa xd
zeloicruz : Cabrao, compensa mesmo @tfvilaca
___wasteddyouthh : Ugly thots
sk8damon : All the jealousy πŸ˜‚
yahir_tuamigo : @emmanuel_dvc
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nyjah_huston - Nyjah Huston
Yung @kobebryantπŸ€ jk haha I suckπŸ˜‚
demarius99 : I guess it's a lightskin thing to shoot from the chest πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @danny.____
stefano110_ : @peetergallagher @ritchieaustin_ us at st tams the other night fo sho
fabiangonzalez_ : @el_hooper_
el_hooper_ : Haha @fabiangonzalez_
manny__13 : Damn all bad ass
simonrileydc : Whoa is that you
kimie_mullen : @fahmidope
miss.a_boss : Skater bae can skate and play b-ball <3 <3<3 nice!!
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nyjah_huston - Nyjah Huston
Tank is looking a bit small broπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
_adam.e_ : Isnt it a bit ironic that your having a go at someone for talking shit on instagram yet your doing the same? ? @xreckless14
jamesskatezz : @_adam.e_ quit that non skill snowboarding shit and pick up a real board or are you unable to keep on a board that's not strapped to your foot? And you scared to fall on cement you need padded snow? Fuck off puss nuts
max_fairweather : Ur such a fag @jandmitri
abe_lomeli : @xreckless14 , wait I wanto get in on this argument, bahahaha your just white cocky lil mother fucking cock sucking jew, fuken big nose cheese loving rat that cant get pussy so you skate all day cus u got no life, nd probly ur homie banging the chik u wanted or hes smashed ur girl if u have one, so u defend nyjah kus he banking nd you will never amount to anything..ur kind does those shoot outs at schools, hell ull probly be a rapist...am I in the ball park? Yea I am hahahaha, die slow motha fuhking gringo!!:D S.A.B bitch, santa ana browns muthufukuh, kill ur bitch ass lol
jamesskatezz : @abe_lomeli ok there Abe U can't handle my steez I got girls liken my shit all day long
dan_pshybyshefski : Lmao @nicky_f_baby
justinkyte : @jamesskatezz snowboarding does take skill, is not as technical as skating by any means, but it takes skill..especially when you get to higher levels of riding and hitting bigger jumps and rails. Plus like you said,the board is attached to your feet, that doesn't make it easier, you can't kick out...snowboarding does take skill, but your probably going to be an ignorant and just insult me for this, so whatever dude.
jamesskatezz : @justinkyte I like snow boarding in just chirping ;)
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