Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Official Instagram account for the Governor of New York State. #BuiltToLead
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
New Yorkers, exercise caution with dangerously cold temps in many areas of the state this weekend. As much as 2 feet of lake effect snow is also forecasted for parts of #WNY and #CNY. Stay safe, remain indoors and avoid unnecessary travel. #NYPrepare
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
In this week's #StateofNY, 1,400 jobs for #WNY, the impact of $15 minimum wage, and a #SB50 commercial from @deathwishcoffee.
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meldeeynyc : Moved to Florida in October and can't find a job. I have over 15yrs experience in Fortune 500 companies in NYC and I'm getting calls in south Florida for jobs that pay $11, $12 an hour. Crazy. I rather work at. Starbucks or Barnes Noble at those rates and get promoted and good insurance. A friend was just laid off down here from a job he had for 20yrs and Florida is only giving 3mos unemployment. Needless to say... The weather may be great here but jobs are not and rents are crazy high and the jobs and rents don't match. I'm applying for jobs in NYC and plan to be back soon. Crazy weather and all.
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Today in #Buffalo, we cut the ribbon on a major expansion of Athenex's North American headquarters, which will create 1,400 jobs throughout Western New York. #WNY #NYjobs
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ali_awada_usa : Congratulations @nygovcuomo
ajdevincentis : Smart move. This company will exceed expectations. @nygovcuomo
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Exchanging gifts and welcoming Italian President Sergio Mattarella to New York.
steph_kelly17 : Goals
cappon : @reidsims72 🕋
acap_115 : ✌️🇮🇹
alexisisrael7 : @dstemler
bklyngrl71 : SETTLE CUNY CONTRACTS #dc37
jpigoe : @deltoma @dellanell55 @marie_sanmarco
nuucoart : Yeah!!! Met Mr Mattarella :) great!!! You get a new artist Italian supporte from London 🆒 @nygovcuomo
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
The swearing-in ceremony for Chief Judge Janet DiFiore. She'll preside over the state's highest court - the Court of Appeals.
ali_awada_usa : We trust her @nygovcuomo
acheampongak : God bless you in this journey
brkl97 : @nygovcuomo two wonderful leaders and two proud #ItalianAmericans... What could be better?
efo3279091 : Great choice as always, keep up the great job @nygovcuomo You SHOULD RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!
pickjusticefwr : Can you support us Farmworkers in California? We have been denied the right to have our votes counted for over 2 years by the California state agency: ALRB. We want our rights respected. Tell Gov Jerry Brown and the ALRB to do the right thing. #PickJustice www.pickjustice.com #NoUFW #FarmWorkerRights #Countthevotes
bklyngrl71 : SETTLE CUNY CONTRACTS #dc37
steph_kelly17 : You're the best governor ever #fact
bensonhurst69 : Close down the terriorist training camps in up state n y !!!!!! @nygovcuomo
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Happy #LunarNewYear to all New Yorkers who celebrate!
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Today I received the National Equality Award from HRC at the #HRCGreaterNY Gala. #HRCNYGala
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danoftheforest : 🙆
surprisecards : Congrats !
devilslettucefarmer : Today I received a medical marijuana card. you would earn a lot of respect by adding PTSD to the list of qualifications for medical marijuana for vets to have a safe alternative to pills and to help stop the #worsethan22veteransuicides a day. Any NY veterans interested in becoming involved in the @wfw_project please contact @wfwp_ny for more information
bklyngrl71 : SETTLE CUNY CONTRACTS #dc37 #cuny
mush0522 : Settle CUNY CONTRACT #dc37
bensonhurst69 : Why don't you do anything about the herion killing our kids is it because the kids that are dying are white because if they were blk you would be screaming to stop it @nygovcuomo
efo3279091 : Well deserved! Congrats Andrew, keep up the great work!!!!!
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
In this week's #StateofNY, pushing for paid family leave, expanding #Zika virus testing, and welcoming a prediction from #StatenIslandChuck. #LeadOnLead
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Don't miss our new #BlackHistoryMonth exhibit at #NYSCapitol, which pays tribute to 10 African-American activists who fought for social change. @nyscapitoltours
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Today we announced additional State actions to combat and address the #ZikaVirus, including expanding free testing for all pregnant women who have traveled to impacted countries. DOH has issued a Health Advisory to coordinate statewide #Zika response efforts. We are in constant communication with @cdcgov and are taking proactive steps to address any potential Zika cases and protect the public health. Women who are pregnant and have traveled to a country where Zika is ongoing can find out how to access testing by calling 1-888-364-4723.
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anywhere_with_you : @dkcrawford82 😳😳😳😳😁😳
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