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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Official Instagram account for the Governor of New York State. #NY #NYS #ILoveNY
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
#Fracking is prohibited in New York State: announced at a Cabinet Meeting held today.
fracking -
chefs4marcellus : @nygovcuomo Thank you. This is the best decision for the health and welfare of all New Yorkers, one based on science and facts and not industry propaganda. Now let's go all in to build a renewable energy economy and support our farmers.
chefs4marcellus : @foodandwaterwatch @slowfoodnyc @slowfoodusa @350org @gaslandmovie
renee_vogelsang : Governor Cuomo, Dr. Zucker, Commissioner Martens, You are a heroes!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
thebakery13783 : thank you! show those posers in california how to protect the environment (doesn't that create ecotourism jobs?)
roccityloving : Thank you @nygovcuomo
nycm_ : Thank you SO much! You are helping the State of New York, and generations of New Yorkers, to have a clean and healthy future. Thank you for leading the way on this! Yay!
lovenydontfrack : thank you, thank you!! You have done an amazing thing for us, and for future generations! #LoveNYDontFrack
spunkycarol : Thank you for another bold environmental move! #Cuomo2016
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
This week in the #StateofNY: Regional-based funding boost, a #WinterStorm blankets the State, and welcoming home our troops.
stateofny - winterstorm -
chris_424 : #endtheGEA
mickaykay12 : Im so grateful for my education as a student in New York State. I'm also grateful for the opportunities my school has to offer but the GEA may take many of those opportunities away from me. I want future students to have the same opportunities that I have now and it's not fair the the GEA is taking it away from us especially for no reason .I'm joining the fight for my education and the future education of others #endthegea
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
#FlashbackFriday to skating on #CentralPark Lake circa 1900. #FBF
centralpark - flashbackfriday - fbf -
chris_424 : #endtheGEA
erin_xxsmith - savethetorre - mimibailey70 - nomagirl80 -
nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
The @nyrangers helped kick-off the winter skating season at the recently renovated Riverbank State Park ice rink yesterday. @nystateparks
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Met with Shawn "JAY Z" Carter today to talk about criminal justice reform.
richkleinny : @stgermain_ you are right. That's why he should talk to regular people, not celebrities who get special treatment by the system because they can afford best defense attorneys.
richkleinny : Yes. Regular people.. For example, meeting with innocent people who served time despite shoddy evidence.
stgermain_ : Great point. I do believe all voice matters, though. @richkleinny
ydreid : @rockreidjr
chell447 : Talkin to a former drug dealer about criminal justice reform? #smh #WhatAJoke
deltaphoto7 : Any are a if they want help, or just ideas without thought?
deltaphoto7 : the best for help is ppl that really know that area ... U call them specialist
jjfaad : Did u really listen or just trying to get more black votes? Curious
nainai81 - alliance920 - flyguyy_retro - wissem_bsm -
nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
New Yorkers, use caution when traveling due to black ice conditions. Take extra precautions during the evening commute as rain changes into snow. More info at NY.gov. #NY #WinterStorm #Weather
ny - weather - winterstorm -
jackdavis60 : #endtheGEA
aidanfitz42 : #endtheGEA
johnnygaconnier : #endtheGEA
weatherchannel : Hey Governor, did you take this photo and may we have permission to feature it? If so, please comment with #wxchannel. View the terms at capture.com/terms
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Proud to welcome the 10th Mountain Division home to New York after their service in Afghanistan. #FortDrum #NY
ny - fortdrum -
pinkfordmustang27 : Welcome home
christian_a52 : Welcome home troops, thank you for your service, but dont stay in new york, we have dumb ass rules made by a retard
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Watch the #StateofNY for a recap of the week's news, from being one step closer to #EndtheEpidemic to protecting our students on campus.
stateofny - endtheepidemic -
jackdavis60 : #endthegea
robcascio : #endthegea
johnnygaconnier : #endthegea
jackieweinfeldd : #endthegea
tony_417 : #endthegea
meinkampfff - thecharleswinters - krissyager - innatstarlightlake -
nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Today we held the first-ever 2014 #FarmtoTable Upstate-Downstate #Agriculture Summit, connecting upstate agricultural producers with the NYC market. Find out more on NY.gov. #BuyNY #TasteNY #Food #NY
ny - buyny - farmtotable - food - agriculture - tasteny -
nywcc : Cheers!
dylanjds121 : May I ask a question?
upsidewalkdown : Would love to see more concern about #EricGarner from the governor right now.
cryan1226 : #banfracking #dontfrackny
herring282 : @obmoss1
dmorello41 : #endthegea
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Today we announced the next phase of the State's plan to modernize and revitalize #LGA, #JFK, Republic and Stewart #Airports—bringing them into the 21st century. Find out about the international design competitions and much more on NY.gov. #NY
jfk - ny - lga - airports -
christian_a52 : But pistol grips on rifles are illegal, and vertical grips, and muzzle attachments, and collapsable stocks, and thumbhole stocks
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