Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Official Instagram account for the Governor of New York State. #NY #NYS #ILoveNY
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
#TBT to a Keuka Lake vineyard in the #FLX, 1921. Congrats to the industry, as #NYS was named "Wine Region of the Year" by @WineEnthusiast.
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Today marks the two-year anniversary of Superstorm #Sandy. Staten Island suffered devastating losses two years ago due to Sandy, destroying homes, businesses and livelihoods. We visited Oakwood Beach on Staten Island to highlight the State's efforts to build back better, including an investment of $427 million in resiliency projects in the borough. #SandyRecovery
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wardaam : Too bad you spent their money on those Start Up NY ads...recovery could have been much quicker!
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
On #LongIsland today, we announced actions to strengthen coastal resiliency against future storms by improving local water quality and reducing harmful nitrogen pollution. We also announced the #NYS Center for #CleanWater Technology at @stonybrooku. #Sandy2YearsOn
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bailey_bourdages : @mccartinj
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
At Mineola Middle School today we received the Smart Schools Commission's final report, which focuses on expanding broadband and wireless activity to support a technology-enhanced learning environment. #SmartSchools
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davidfinties : Follow the newest luxury handmade tie brand @ davidfinties we help support veterans getting jobs
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Tonight we held a briefing with Mayor @BilldeBlasio on #NYS screening procedures for Ebola at JFK Airport. Learn more at governor.ny.gov
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Announcing with @govchristie additional screening protocols for Ebola at #JFK and #Newark Airports, including mandatory quarantine of those providing medical services to Ebola patients in Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea. The steps #NY and #NJ are taking today will strengthen our safeguards to protect our residents and help ensure that those infected with Ebola are treated with the highest precautions. As we have done in the past facing similar challenges, we will do whatever is needed to put the health and safety of the people first.
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lkypaul : Support to fight Ebola
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Greeting one of #NY's finest before jumping on the 1 train downtown. @mtanyctransit
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
As we learn about the first positive #Ebola Case in New York City, I want to assure New Yorkers that we are prepared. Over the past few weeks we have undertaken a thorough and coordinated effort alongside all relevant partners, from healthcare workers to the local and federal governments, in order to implement the appropriate precautions. My thoughts and prayers go out to Dr. Spencer as well as his family and friends, and I hope for his quick recovery. #EbolaResponse
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swatsbest : #Cuomo2014 🇺🇸🗽
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parkerjones1 : @nygovcuomo anyone coming in from the African continent should now be quarantined automatically! All flights should now cease. This was gross negligence on the doctor and state he knew that he was ill and decided to take public transportation. #incinerate his ass😡
francioseiii : Quarantine @parkerjones1 from Africa
davidfinties : Follow our new luxury handmade tie brand based in NY supporting veterans @ davidfinties
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Long Island's Connetquot River's rich trout fishing tradition will be restored with the reopening of the river's hatchery next year. @nystateparks
thebakery13783 : the #upperdelawareriver #delawareriver is #legendary #protectitforever
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
"What's going to kill this disease is knowledge, training and preparation." - Addressing an #Ebola education session co-hosted by GNYHA/1199SEIU and Partnership for Quality Care. #EbolaTraining
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