Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Official Instagram account for the Governor of New York State. #ILoveNY
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
In this week's #StateofNY: Search ends for escaped inmates, #NYCPride March, NY'ers cheer for @abbywambach and the #USWNT in the World Cup finals.
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adrienr : 🌞
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
"The nightmare is finally over...everyone goes home safe." Tonight we announced the end to the search for escaped inmates Richard Matt, deceased, and David Sweat, now in police custody. Tremendous thanks to #NYSPolice and all our federal, state and local law enforcement partners, and to the people of New York, who stepped up to the challenge and stood with us every step of the way.
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kazis23 : Great job under your leadership
thebakery13783 : πŸ‘πŸ»πŸš”πŸ‘πŸ»πŸš”
krissyager : HUGE thank you to all involved in this search!!! You definitely know how to keep us safe and informed!! Job well done!! Hopefully y'all can get some much needed rest.
meldeeynyc : This was amazing how everyone came together. Bravo. Let's discuss out mayor of NYC. 0% for 1yr lease and 2% on 2 year lease is a joke. This lady was complaining on the news that she moved to her apartment in the 70's & paid $200 & now it's up to $1,000. What about the rest of us? Were making up for it. We have to earn 40x the rent and studios are over $2,400 now. Many rent Stabilized people have cars, weekend homes. How about rights for us other people and our rent increases? We live pay check to paycheck & 1check doesn't cover the rent and people are sharing studios cause they can't afford rent and most need guarantors that make 80x the rent. We pay increases 3% and more and no one stands up for us.
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
#NY led the way. Marching in #NYCPride #pride2015🌈 parade today! #lovewins
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nick_lucchesi_ : Actually Massachusetts led the way, back in 2004. This is actually more grating than the "Fight for Fair Pay" (instead of "fight for $15") diversion your team has also trotted out.
arvun : @nygovcuomo Thank you for your support and everything you done for usπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’™πŸŒˆ
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Four years ago, we proudly passed #MarriageEquality in New York State. #Pride #pride2015🌈
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kstavisky : Love this!
pretti_boy_swag_ : Yes
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Today is a good day. At the end of the day, β€ͺ#LoveWins‎‬ today. By the power recently vested in me by the State of New York, I now pronounce you married. Congratulations, David and Peter! β€ͺ#Pride2015‬ #NYCPride #MarriageEquality #Pride
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gabby_archer : Aww ❀️ @caroline_2018_xd
alexisisrael7 : @dstemler
ktn527 : Congratulations, David and Peter!🌈
cdesvaux : Congrats David and Peter!
rlblife : @sgrodinsky David is a friend of mine from Vandy! How cool, huh?!
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Tonight we gave an update with #NYSPolice and law enforcement officials in Malone, NY on the search for escaped inmates Richard Matt and David Sweat. At about 3:45pm today, a member of law enforcement spotted, shot and killed a man believed to be escapee Richard Matt. Law enforcement are still searching for escapee David Sweat. Please be vigilant as these are truly armed and dangerous people. If you see something suspicious, call 1-800-GIVE-TIP or dial 911.
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
In this week's #StateofNY, the legislative session ends with an agreement on major priorities, and #LoveWins with the Supreme Court decision to make #MarriageEquality the law of the land.
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euregram : Thank you @nygovcuomo for all you did to make it happen for us
earobb : Thank you New York for leading in this journey to equity
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Today is truly a historic day. New York is proud to have been a leader in the fight for #marriageequality. #LoveWins
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tor.4 : πŸ‘πŸ»
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Strengthening New York rent regulations, in 2011 and today.
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nygovcuomo - Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Today with legislative leaders, we announced the framework of an agreement on major priorities for the end of the 2015-16 legislative session. The agreement includes: - Strengthening and extending rent laws in New York City and other metropolitan areas - Extending the property tax cap and cutting taxes for homeowners - Extending and reforming 421-a - Investing in education Find out more on www.governor.ny.gov.
jpepe43 : Don't forget the Maple syrup
e_teran84 : Can you please control the electric for PSE&G? It's getting ridiculous they want to raise the rates!!! You said they were better than LIPA
thebakery13783 : #savetheupperdelaware #coldwaterecosystem use #croton more and #pepacton & #cannonsville less for drinking water! #damnthedams! @patagonia_flyfish
legalizemarijuanany : Legalize recreational marijuana in NY! It's safer than alcohol and cigarettes but they are legal and marijuana isn't?! NY needs to get their priorities straight and stop arresting people for non violent marijuana possession. Lets stop spending millions of dollars on arresting innocent people and fight REAL crime! Look at all the money states that legalized are making! We can get thousands of jobs and make millions for our state!
mjean882 : All of these issues are great priorities. All New Yorkers need a little break and a place where they can save and also strengthen the economy also. Thank you and I'll ease keep on looking out for the citizens. Keep on Listening to us more please
isis_killer_ : Cuomo.......a snake in the grass
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