Shauna Haider

Blogger at @nubbytwiglet. πŸ‘ Creative Director at @wearebranch. 🍊 Co-founder of @theblogcademy. πŸ’» Obsessed with shoes, llamas and traveling. ✈️
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nubbytwiglet - Shauna Haider
Over at @theblogcademy we are developing some new offerings and to make room, it's time for some spring cleaning! Grab ANY Home School module for just $10.00 through Sunday using the discount code "springfling". After that, they are disappearing FOREVER! πŸ’« My favorite of the bunch is Still Life 101. If you want to upgrade your Instagram game, this is for you! πŸ‘ In the video, I spill all my secrets AND you get a worksheet of still life ideas to keep the creative juices flowing. Visit for all the modules! πŸ’»πŸ’•
msmegabat : Treated myself to a few already! Excited!
nubbytwiglet : @msmegabat Awesome! Which ones did you get? πŸ’‹
beautigurlz : Me too. But there will still be back end access, correct? Worksheets I haven't yet downloaded...😳
nubbytwiglet : @beautigurlz Yes, everyone who bought modules still has access, they just won't be for sale any longer.
msmegabat : @nubbytwiglet - the 'About Me' page, Marketing and PR, and Creating Killer Content. Spending some time with them this weekend!
nubbytwiglet : @msmegabat Yay! The About Me one is really good -- you're gonna love it!
msmegabat : @nubbytwiglet - Looking forward to it! πŸ’• Thank you, and @galadarling and @rocknrollbride for putting them together!
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nubbytwiglet - Shauna Haider
I'm loving these astral wall hangings -- sooo midcentury modern! ✨ Also, I stepped into the frame so you can get a better idea of the scale of these. 😜 #UGtakeover
15964722 - ugtakeover -
nanawintour : Your shoes 😻😻
nubbytwiglet : @nanawintour Ridiculous still life rule #15964722: your shoes must match your composition. 😐
lippynat : They remind me of tumbleweeds
nubbytwiglet : @lippynat Haha, very glam tumbleweeds!
lippynat : In a good way
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nubbytwiglet - Shauna Haider
All white everything. ◻️◽️▫️#stilllifefriday
stilllifefriday -
thelookbookphilosophy : β™‘
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nubbytwiglet - Shauna Haider
Mirrored + metallic.✨
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nubbytwiglet - Shauna Haider
I'm doing a giveaway of organic skincare products with @luxuryorganic on my blog...and it ends tomorrow! πŸ™€ if you want some goodies of your own, click the link in my profile, scroll down and enter! Take care of yo' skin! πŸ’
cathyreeder : Nice background.
nubbytwiglet : @cathyreeder Freshly scrubbed by you! 😜
missredmisaki : i love the head so much, where did you get it?
nubbytwiglet : @missredmisaki Found it on Etsy but I don't recall the seller.
luxuryorganic : Excited to hear about the lucky winner tonight🌠
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nubbytwiglet - Shauna Haider
A very subtle daytime look I've dubbed The Vampire Of Venice. πŸ‘» 🌴 My new style obsession is this cape dress. From daytime to dinner party, no change necessary! Photo by @kristin_cofer ❀️
weirdo4life -
realitytc : This reminds me of the character Victoria Grayson on the show Revenge!
realitytc : I want to see that cape detail! What a gorgeous piece!
merrickmonroe : Supreme!! πŸ™Œ
rocknrollbride : Soooooo normal
nubbytwiglet : @rocknrollbride Look who's talkin' pal! #weirdo4life
rocknrollbride : @nubbytwiglet you know that's why we're friends! #weirdosforever
thelookbookphilosophy : β™‘
nubbytwiglet : @kristin_cofer Love you too! Hope we can hang out again soon.
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nubbytwiglet - Shauna Haider
I was digging through a box of photos in my office yesterday and was reminded about how cool it is to have images that live outside of my phone and digital camera. Two great instant options: Fuji Instax and Lomo Instant. πŸ“·πŸ’• #UGtakeover #wearebranchstudio
ugtakeover - wearebranchstudio -
galadarling : Wait you got a Lomo instant?!!! How is it?
voodooqueen13 : Love my Instax - so much fun to hand people the picture I just took!
nubbytwiglet : @galadarling The best thing about it is that it does double exposures!!!!! It has so many more features than the Instax but takes the same exact film which is nice.
nubbytwiglet : @voodooqueen13 Agreed! Instant gratification! 😜
danipohlod : love tulips! :)
biancaalexisphoto : Dawwww. Miss you too. πŸ‘―
_susandrea_ : Pretty ! <3
nubbytwiglet : @biancaalexisphoto I'll swoop in and see you in June. Nothing can keep us apart! πŸ‘―
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nubbytwiglet - Shauna Haider
Well hello there, Spring. 😻
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nubbytwiglet - Shauna Haider
A few office must-haves: a fancy candle (that preferably smells like dessert!), photos of friends, plants that won't die if I forget to water them, well-branded hand cream and cute coasters collected from my travels. ❀️ #UGtakeover
ugtakeover - wearebranchstudio -
galadarling : πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’— you
nubbytwiglet : @galadarling Above: album liner photos for our girl group! πŸ‘―πŸ’•
sheilabocchinephoto : mmmmm katz's!
nubbytwiglet : #wearebranchstudio
thecostasisters : πŸ™
mandadue : KatzπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
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nubbytwiglet - Shauna Haider
So serious. 😐 In reality between shots, I couldn't stop laughing! Steph of @bubblerock and I became fast friends...and I'm hoping she visits Portland soon! πŸ‘―πŸ’•
fashionistabarbie : Gorgeous pic
nanawintour : Loved this dress.
nubbytwiglet : @nanawintour I mentioned you in my Auckland style post today -- meeting you was a highlight of the trip!
nubbytwiglet : @fashionistabarbie Thank you! πŸ’‹
nanawintour : Aww 😘😘 going to read now
bubblerock : We have to come and see you. Planning and scheming. Hope you're well :)
nubbytwiglet : @bubblerock Yes! Come to Portland! Or...I can meet you in Palm Springs. πŸ‘―
bubblerock : @nubbytwiglet I'm pretty sure I'm going PS again so at least that. Ok? Please. Say yes. Please. :)
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