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A 10-year-old boy suspected of being sick with Ebola was found naked on the beach by residents of the West Point neighborhood of Monrovia, Liberia. They dressed him but couldn't find a clinic to take him in at first. Eventually he was was taken to JFK Hospital in Monrovia. (Photo Credit: David Gilkey/NPR) Read the full story: #nprontheroad #Ebola #liberia
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tobeebythesea : Poor baby. I hope he is ok. πŸ™
lucydemilo : So tragic
ashleyling88 : :(((((
remember_ella_y : I liked it. Because I don't like it :(
carissaelcamino : Get better soon sweet one!
prisillaspace : <3
amazieannie : Awful
marcela_cantero : It's terrible!
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A child from Niger is born through an emergency C-section. The child struggled to breathe but was eventually saved by great work from the hospital staff. Check out the story by NPR's Jason Beaubien, with photos by @viiphoto @ronhaviv_vii #nprontheroad #goatsandsoda #maternalhealth
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mymy_mo : Gods will is amazing!!!
nickijax : β€οΈπŸ™
leighwith : @npr praise God
yesthankyou : @npr praise the hospital staff
megsincolo : I second that @yesthankyou
cristicks : I just love it.
neillherbert : @yesthankyou @leighwith praise the scalpel...
outwrapnana : @issa_gold
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At a school for husbands in Chadakori, Niger, community leaders gather to discuss family planning topics like contraceptives and spacing out the number of children. Read the full story on NPR's new global health and development blog, Goats and Soda, at Photo by @ronhaviv_vii
awwkatz : @catsclamation check it out!
amysellers6 : They all look too old for family planning issues to matter to them anymore.
suzannestegen : Uh, @amysellers6 and anyone else who thinks this, those little swimmers may be fewer, but the never stop attempting to "be fruitful and multiply" which may be the point.
lgs929 : @mommy2irishtwins very Stevenson
amysellers6 : Good point. You know what, men need to have their own form of menopause. Might solve more than a few problems in this world.
mommy2irishtwins : @lgs929 I think we will forever be talking about Stevenson
tallgrrl : No one who is able to still have sex is "too old" to be concerned about family planning and contraception. It's 2014. Be Educated.
jst888 : @nicholas_even
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Photo by @ronhaviv_vii Daily life in Niger. Working on a #NPR project with @jasonBnpr.
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rizveevee : @jasonBnpr doesn't work.
garcer1 : What is it? @jasonbnpr
ranabutool : What is that cloth?
goldeyes : 😍😍😍
lolabrigida5 : Nice juxtaposition of patterns
jdmazzone : @stellarsaldana look babe!
murillojohn1 : They have a insta @codymiklas
codymiklas : Oh lord.... @murillojohn1
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@ronhaviv_vii Sultan de Dosso at his home. Niger is a very poor country with lots of potential. Very excited to be working on an upcoming NPR story with @JasonBnpr. #NPRontheroad #africa #onassignment #photojournalism
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alexa.barraza : E
atkfrt : @smilerr101
imanigreene : Cool. Please let us know when and how to tune in.
sunshinewitch386 : I πŸ’œ NPR
ooopictures : Yes let us know how and when to tune in!!! @npr
ranabutool : Stunning picture!
gmcguireinrome : I'm so looking forward to this story!
pshelton2 : Thank you for being there
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Renowned photojournalist @RONHAVIV_VII is on assignment for #NPR. Follow us for the next couple of days as he and NPR correspondent Jason Beaubien report from Niger.
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rizveevee : This is amazing!
texasradiojoe : @batteredshoes
girlscout_troopwhatever : @dejaguarvu
byualumnus : Stunning!
batteredshoes : @texasradiojoe Yep. Let's see their shoes!
tjosdca : @gr8nrg wrong photo I believe!
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Did you deliver the paper as a kid? Did someone take your photo? Do you happen to have it? If so, please post it to Instagram and tag it #nprpaper. All Things Considered is doing a story this week on young newspaper carriers — and wants to showcase paper carriers from around the country. (This is NPR newscaster Jamie McIntyre's father delivering the Houston Chronicle on his bike circa 1940.)
nprpaper -
pinwheelgrl : @ampittel you should follow this!
wiredforsound : Kalamazoo Gazette circa 1986 - Newspaper delivery via Skateboard -
jennywrenagain : @downtowning - you will enjoy this.
stmichaelsfarms : Are those sneaker BF Flyers, or Keds...if they brought back BF Flyers, I would buy a pair in a heartbeat, even though I'm too old tp really put the spring in the steps togood use.
pscreativenola : Love this! I delivered the patriot ledger in Milton, Ma in the early 90's. 6 days a week. I think I made a decent living for 9 year old. Collecting day was always kind of exciting - what kind of tips would you get and who would avoid the bill 😊
christine_cpd : @revronnieg69
kiztim : @organic_hotdog I doubt that we have any action shots...didn't think to snap pics at 4:30am. ;-)
jackbowen49 : Just registered for instagram in order to post a photo for this, but when I try to tag it #nprpaper, it says "no users found". Help?!
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There are only a handful of family-owned children's amusement parks left in the US. This weekend, we're doing a story on one of them -- and would love to see your own childhood photos taken at local, family-owned amusement parks. Please tag them #nprkidpark and include location and the name of the park. (This is @melodykramer in 1989 at storybook land in egg harbor township, nj.) (photo taken by her dad, Neil Kramer.)
nprkidpark -
teacup.owl : Story Land!
teacup.owl : #storyland
kittyhurney : #catskillgamefarm Catskill, NY (Closed in 2006 after 73 years)
colton.cooper : @fast.follow got me 1k
anklb : Knoebels!
cristy_dabaco : Fun town at Mickey grove zoo in Lodi!
tatianabone : Canobie lake park
instabrame : #enchantedforest in Maryland. One of the original parks on the east coast
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Thanks everyone for your #goatsandsoda pics! Featured here, clockwise from top left, are goats and soda from Oklahoma, Ireland, New Zealand and Nepal. Cheers to @le_cuidad, @cleanwash, @kathiemiller and @glomean. Keep tagging your global pics of soda and goats - #goatsandsoda!
goatsandsoda -
lore_ah : @megandhill
happylulu5 : So random. I like this idea!
ppratapas : @jakeroanhaus :: Your favorite beverage. #howmanygoats
robyns27stitches : Beautiful photos. I had a dream about a goat last night. Very ironic to see these photos this morning.
kab2486 : @lankyankeny
whereyograndmastay : 2000th like 😏
mathildepiard : Fyi @cparkhu, I thought you'd like this hashtag :) #goatsandsoda
megma_ : @flowersnhercurls boats and goats? @sheeeeeeela
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This baby Mongolian goat would like to invite you all to post pictures of goats and soda from around the world in honor of @npr's new global development blog Goats & Soda. Tag your photos #goatsandsoda and we'll be posting our favorites on IG and on our blog. Also, google goats and soda to find out about our name. Can't wait to see your goats! ( photo by @johnwpoole @npr )
goatsandsoda -
kab2486 : @lankyankeny
monchizer : @makenziayy
idonthavetimeforthat : @elayseewhy 😍😍
johnwpoole : @g_villamora you know me too well!
negrafranco : @meredithreid 😍
miarage : @dihedral #goats
sfajuri : @elrey1025
johnrondeaux : Bahh 🐐
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