Our current story focuses on building bridges, with uncooked pasta and glue.
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A summer program at Johns Hopkins University puts high schoolers' ingenuity to the test — building bridges out of nothing but spaghetti and glue. Every team is expected to keep adding weight until the bridge breaks. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: Lydia Thompson/NPR) #education #engineering #pasta
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kelseymnik : @kelsmcdon is this your program?
kelsmcdon : @kelseymnik the highschool version of mine!!
heatherornot : @thenextarchitect
mariannebel : @amandabelhumeur @sarahnbelhumeur
amandabelhumeur : @mariannebel that's me!
bmiddlet73 : You started a trend!! @marollm
kaylanotgayla : @riley_lewis hahaha it looks pretty hard!! Did you manage to hold up any weight? I had to do something similar with paper and tape
vnlathndr775 : I remember doing a similar thing but with toothpicks and glue in the 5th/6th grade.
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Bus drivers in El Salvador's capital city were told by gang members to stop driving their routes. At least eight drivers were killed in this latest development in one of the word's most violent countries. Pictured is the mother of one of the assassinated bus drivers. She buried her son at a cemetery on the outskirts of San Salvador. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: Encarni Pindado for NPR #gangviolence #ElSalvador
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stellinyoman : I'm glad this is being covered. The violence in Central America is getting worse rapidly.
eddmo91 : @jonathanflxres I was talking to my mom about that... So sad :(
alfie_a : @toad76 so sad πŸ˜”
jenblondo : @anasyrena
rox.ana712 : @jenblondo πŸ˜”
amf721 : @m_organ_ 😒
pathtotheunknown : Npr, maybe u can bring up the recent events of the 18 month old baby that was burnt alive by Israelis in Palestine to tell the world of THAT oppression. To show THAT injustice. THAT COULD BE UR NEXT BIG TOPIC.
ashbee308 : @juliescooba1 @fbermudezb01
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The assistant principal has a lot on her plate. But that job is where future school leaders come from. Some districts are trying to make sure assistant principals get the training they need. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @thelajohnson/NPR) #illustration #education #leaders
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xflores79 : @fernanigans80
pmichelle08 : @drethe510 I love it. Thank you for sharing and thinking of me. 😘
christinec314 : Very cute @jlee0409
beeisme : @attamom2001 You should be a principal!
fourstars1234 : @amylavold, check this out
cmlennon : @niksteevsow
suzannestegen : Ha! I thought she was a Meter Maid
koley225 : @doody_scheper so true! thanks for sharing !
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This yellow space is the first seasonal mini park, or parklet, in Washington, D.C. The parklet, which is available for public use until October, takes up two parking spots and brightens up the dark grays of K Street Northwest. The mini park's creators hope the new space will encourage pedestrians to hang out, while others worry about losing parking spaces. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: Lydia Thompson/NPR) #parks #washingtondc #outdoors
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the_oni_one : @mackenziewhiterthanyou Leslie Knope is behind this
parmareli : This has Leslie written all over it. She and her non-TV-world counterparts are my heroes. @kristinflistin @whiteheadrj
haleyherring : @amyranso get there Thursday night!
masavia.greer72 : So cool
leighmorgan : @kathryngisi that's us!
sageariel : @needeast
anne0205 : @dogfitdallas
kimtomey : Great idea
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Plus-size women have struggled in the past to find fashionable clothing options. But, with celebrities like Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy bringing plus size to the forefront, the fashion industry might wake up. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: Mary McLain/NPR) #fashion #illustration
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doorstalker_by_fotopassion : @paintersdaughter Yes!
doorstalker_by_fotopassion : @kaseycsalisbury well stated. Unfortunately I'm not surprised although irritated at the ignorance surrounding the issue.
gyacoob : @schmiffymimi your such a cunti
hhhannale : The more options for plus size the better! Lee Lee's Valise in Brooklyn is an AMAZING place to shop if you are in NYC. Family owned and all clothes designed and manufactured in the US, I would know, I work there πŸ˜‰ also the "plus size designer" clip in the article is an interview with the owner, Lisa.
alyj24 : @mlin3365 we're all searching for that right fit! 😌
nebahatkucukazay : Great artıcle😬
d_abramovich : @jordanmcohen Melis
jordanmcohen : @audreynizen
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Secretary of State John Kerry sat down with NPR Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep to discuss the restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba, as well as the status of a nuclear deal with Iran. Kerry defended the Obama administration's stance on both countries, and said if diplomatic relations with Cuba or a nuclear deal with Iran were scuttled — either by a future president or Congress — it would hurt the U.S. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: Kainaz Amaria/NPR)
coastalripper : @ronaldowebb Cuba tried to nuke us in the sixties and they didn't even have nuke capability so taking it away is not a deterrent. I am just going to bid you adieu my friend because I don't have time to debate anymore.
graggle : @bmartin911 remember, we helped force them to be terrorists, and it's 2015....we should be at the point of phasing out fossil fuel based goods.
bmartin911 : Don't drive a car @graggle don't use natural gas . Who cares about Yemen . Think about your fellow countrymen that lost $100000 a year jobs here . Fuck you tree hugging liberals.
belle_garciaestrada : @chavez7712
thepopartistcarolinateresita : Best picture i have ever seen of kerry β™‘
blake92376 : @bmartin911. Idiot
bmartin911 : @blake92376 you have no right to call me an idiot for telling the truth keep working your minimum wage job.
blake92376 : @bmartin911 - Seriously? You must work in the oil industry in Texas, working a low skill but high paying job. I make 6 figures in a very high skill tech job in Philadelphia.
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Why do you do what you do? What is the engine that keeps you up late at night or gets you going in the morning? Where is your happy place? What stands between you and your ultimate dream? Heavy questions. One researcher believes that writing down the answers can be decisive for students. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @thelajohnson/NPR) #education #writing #goals
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brittanyhellyes : @nickybagzz NPR and I ask the same questions
sylbot22 : Left hands! πŸ˜€
hillhouse_dini : Oh this is too dope @leahluv023
cdymnstr : @boldandgraphic
celebpictas1214 : Qué bonito 😘
deliberatedtalk : I've journaled since I was 12 years old when my mom gave me my first journal for a birthday gift. I can't imagine the direction, character and outcomes my life could have taken without writing down my life as it happened, as I hoped it would be, as I planned it to be, as I executed my plans along with penning my failings and successes as well as documented when life is both joyful and painful, high and low, sorrow filled and jubilant. Writing down my life has been my life's salvation. Journaling has been for me educational, inspirational, directional, disciplining, enlightening and intimidating. I admonish all, especially young people to make a commitment to write down their life for their lifetime!
christinamichele21 : @nastia_aivazova
thepopartistcarolinateresita : Good questions for us all
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On his last day, Mr. Spider gives out hugs at Jenner Elementary Academy of the Arts in Chicago. For nearly a quarter century, Mathias "Mr. Spider" Schergen taught art in one of Chicago's toughest neighborhoods. Schergen leaves behind a rich legacy at this school. He's won grants for art projects. He turned an empty classroom into a museum. Now, he's moving on. Our profile link has the full story from his last day. (Credit: @elissanad/NPR) #education #teaching #chicago
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nanozip : @jwalters24 this is you in the man form 😊
cgalvez_evans : @meganleaphotography !
raveness2002us : Aww! We will miss you at Jenner!
turdcrapley1 : That's one aggressive looking hug.
etchinlight : @monasboy Ahhhh. That goodness.
jaimestuntz : NPR, you did it again. #cryinginthedriveway
ninal0b0 : @hrao1290 I'd like to do this
hrao1290 : @ninal0b0 that's awesome
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[4/4] Sara Garcia moves around photos of her son Mark that hang on her office cabinets at the Austin Independent School District, where she works as a data manager. Just four months after Mark was released from solitary confinement, he was arrested again — before his mother could help him get his medications right, find him a job or get him food stamps. Garcia visits him often at the Travis County Correctional Center. But she can't hug him, or even see him face to face. Instead, she talks to him over a video conference call. His image shows up in a small box on a computer screen. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @juliarphoto for NPR) #prison #texas #family
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maravillainc : πŸ˜ͺ @silveiracrew @marleny85
ps_85 : 😒😒
amfoto : @soffioneleone fuck
mapelgren : Inhumane.
tdub30 : 😞
dopamine_addict : do you have this on a podcast?
digitalprintz : WHY was he arrested?.
girlinmetropolis : Tell it npr
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[3/4] Sara Garcia stands near the Travis County Correctional Facility in Texas where her son, Mark, has spent more than 2.5 years in solitary confinement after being incarcerated at the age of 14. When Mark was released from solitary confinement, Sara also became his unofficial case manager: seeking a psychiatrist, job leads and writing out applications for food stamps. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @juliarphoto for NPR) #prison #texas #family
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jennyvshaw : Humans are social creatures, regardless of the crime this CHILD might have committed solitary confinement is nothing less than cruel and unusual punishment.
stansmith : US has punishments Saudi Arabia would be proud of.
kbloom6 : Shocking and truly sad...
tayslc12 : @dmcoombs
savagetofu : @annezoop reminds me of the other boy who just commit suicide :/
ahkuhlman : @lauranaso you might want to check this piece out. Hope the internship is going well!
lemonlimecoconut : @randomteaparties
rachelcherria : @alyssa_cormier solitary confinement... for a teenager
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