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Traveling this week? NPR's has a massive list of podcast recommendations including this one for the Crybabies podcast. The entire show is devoted to asking: What makes you weep? It's one of author Domingo Martinez's favorite podcasts. “It's like participating in a clever conversation with friends,” Martinez says. Head to our profile link to listen to an episode. (Credit: Annette Elizabeth Allen/NPR) #podcasts #illustration #😢
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lalitageorgi : @josuhey omg yes thank you
yankee_kishitsu : @mitskileaks podcasts for your future road trips 🚗
dia.garcia : @carlthestreet
elisebender : @dmdildine
madelinecfoxy : @dagerber there goes all the free space on my phone...
vettyboop : @anna.k.park sounds interesting!
brotherjonrowe : @lauraleewolfgang
zcrutcher : @activismthroughart
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Traditional is now trendy: Sweet potato production has doubled over the past 15 years and more than half of America's sweet potatoes come from North Carolina. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: Dan Charles/NPR) #food #thanksgiving #🍠
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aprilrene1 : @theuppercaseg
nicolelire : @johannanilsen woow
sandsaucetea : "Don't call it a comeback - I been here for years!" 😂 Srsly tho I can't remember a time when I didn't love them or eat them every chance I had glad they are back!
juliemacieav1 : #itsgottobenc @ncagriculture @wunc
kwajjudy : @claudlenart - all because of you!
amie.leigh : @photosdemacon I knew that my love for you was not wholly unrelated to my love of sweet potatoes, and now you've proven it. I am a North Carolina fan for so many good reasons now!
zoolander : #GramYourYam
tamumoo : @presidank not purple 🍆
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Putting on the white coat for the first time has become a rite of passage for medical students. Now some doctors want to retire white coats, despite their symbolism, because they might spread germs. Our profile link takes you to the full personal essay. (Credit: Lorenzo Gritti for NPR) @hellogritti #health
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leila_varzi : @pedroguedon 😮
o_osome : @skcurry if Dr. Ostovar can wear one I can wear one too!
pedroguedon : @leila_varzi whaaaaaat!!!!
travelbug2011 : @chuxel hm
xilonon : Then where can I put all my doo dads at.
renewtelehealth : @xilonon We'll all be walking around with disinfected fanny packs to carry all our stuff 😩. I agree overall, I was always wondering how infected my white coat was. I haven't worn one in years in no small part because of this concern.
seachellls : @iamkazoo lols we joke about this pretty regularly actually
anthonydeleown : @sherrryl
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For more years than we can remember, the Friday before Thanksgiving has meant that NPR's Susan Stamberg would try to sneak a notorious and, yes, weird family recipe into NPR's coverage. And 2015 is no exception. Our profile link takes you to the recipe for Mama Stamberg's Cranberry Relish. (Credit: Ariel Zambelich & Emily Bogle/NPR) #thanksgiving #homemade #🦃
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redclaywings : @meghancdavis @hnhdvs Oh for the love of God... 🙄
vickihart__ : @bhart40 😝 blech I say
kitdix : Have made this forever. The GC that loved it are grown and gone, so now I make it for my work peeps.
colletti2014 : Stuff is awful please enough already
caleb_hoover : @psiglin duuuude....
erichanniger : I thought it would be awful, but it has become a family tradition! Thanks Mama Stamberg!
kitdix : To each his own.
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Today is World Toilet Day, a chance to think about the billions of people in the world who don't have toilets. People like writer and senior program adviser Jane Otai. When nature called, her process went like this: Walk to the stinky community toilet. Stand in line. Dance to keep from peeing. Curse the people inside for taking too long. Then repeat. Our profile link takes you to the full personal essay. (Credit: Maria Fabrizio for NPR) #globalhealth #worldtoiletday #illustration
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aprilalexromero : @hoping4cinnamonrollz what are the odds.... 😳
aprilalexromero : @anything_4_salinasss it all makes sense now
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Lydia Smith, 87, has lived in the same apartment in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles for 46 years. Now that she is on a fixed income, she pays rent with the aid of Section 8 tenant-based assistance. Smith is one of the 2.6 million women aged 65 and over living at or below the poverty line. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: Megan Miller for NPR) @meganmiller013 #women #losangeles #portrait
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mercergirlart : Literally sat in my car in my driveway this morning to listen -great story #drivewaystory
cgrenewald : I listened in my parked car too. This problem will only get worse unfortunately @megancoxljca
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birdlaydeee : @fjc52
calliopeporter : great shot @meganmiller013!
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nickinfante_ : @anu_khulbe LA❤️
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Nathan Fields, a health outreach worker, has a knack for building trust with some of the people who distrust public officials the most. Every Thursday night you can find Fields making the rounds of Baltimore's red light district, known to locals as The Block. He talks with dancers, bouncers and anyone else passing by about preventing drug overdoses and how to stop the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: Meredith Rizzo/NPR) #baltimore #health
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pless67 : My driveway moment of the year- thank you Nathan for all you do.
emileeeeeeeey : Such a great story
gabifree : @letstalkbaltimore
raceto230 : This was a great piece. Thanks for sharing!
wevolverapp : Love it!
stas.belous : Хорошо, что в нашем городе есть такое 😉
hipagency : "if you don't like what's being said, change the conversation." 💬 ⚡
zone3 : 😀
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Veterans groups, like the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, are struggling to recruit and engage younger veterans who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: Annette Elizabeth Allen/NPR) #veterans #illustration
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katharinemorroww : This makes me sad for poppy @rebeccaam103
evaurmom : @fainspector
pamela_m.maria : @fallingdoom_305
jak3elmwood784 : Very sad, I'm sure it could be a positive and helpful outlet for many of the recent Veterans
merrycake : @drowemorgan
wevolverapp : Nice!
lioness_meow : @jordo.bordeaux
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Jasper Barnett, a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Va., looks up in the school's planetarium. NPR Ed's Tools of the Trade series examines the planetarium: a relic of the Space Age that's still found in more than 700 schools around the country. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: Elissa Nadworny/NPR) @elissanad #education #space #✨
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babyrhymes : @thepearlsessions would ur mom still think I was troubled if I wore these
thepearlsessions : @babyrhymes i think everything would be right in the world if u wore these. they r the essence of finding yourself
babyrhymes : @thepearlsessions ok my bday already happened but I bet u could swoop me a pair at a black friday sale
thepearlsessions : @babyrhymes my fave way to spend thanksgiving would be waiting in line for those beauties
babyrhymes : @thepearlsessions tres saucy bb
ryannomore : @ravclare boom tjhsst!
ahhubbard : @risenstadt !!
kana_dawn : @kemper_farrell Show Keaton!
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Dr. Roberta Miller hits the road at 8 a.m. to see her patients near Schenectady, N.Y. Many are too old or sick to go to the doctor. So the doctor comes to them. "You can evaluate the person as a whole," says Miller, who has been a home care physician for more than 20 years. Although Miller's practice may harken back to the country doctor of decades past, it could be the future of medicine. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: Misha Friedman for NPR) @indeepborscht #health #newyork
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sejal711 : @mathurmatics
andrew1der : @daniellenicole54 @wiking_pipe
tkwyoung : Nice!
starrynight2006 : This country needs REAL health care. Not disease management. People go bankrupt trying to pay what insurance companies deny!
maryannullo : @mari4ullo great idea
courtney_leake : @wesleighrobin
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azrosiebee : ❤️. @claire996
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