Our current story focuses on Romy Vasquez who has worked with the Boy Scouts for 27 years in South Central Los Angeles.
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For 27 years, Romy Vasquez (left) has been working with Boy Scouts in South Central Los Angeles, where, he says, it's easier to find a gang to join than a Boy Scout troop. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: Shereen Marisol Meraji/NPR) #education #boyscouts #50greatteachers #losangeles
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Lt. Gen. Abdul Raziq has improved security in Kandahar, the city where the Taliban were born. He's been praised by the U.S. and the Afghan leadership, but his forces have also been accused of human rights abuses. Our profile link has the full story. (Credit: David Gilkey/NPR) #afghanistan #portrait
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bilal : Isn't this your new neighbor? @alibomaye
mypassionsplay : Please. One enemy at a time. Defeat the terrorists and then correct the methods of the ally. Jesus Christ.
titasantini : Save him
inafaye : He won't live much longer.
john_lesko : The Afghan people must recognize the U.S. as friends. Only then will LTG Raziq have a chance to lead his army and succeed at maintaining peace.
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Training the next generation of biologists who happen to be deaf has become Dr. Caroline Solomon's mission. As a result, she's earned high praise at Gallaudet University, the renowned school for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, including the 2013 Distinguished Faculty Award. Not because she's an especially gifted teacher, she says, but because she's learned how to get her students to focus on what they're capable of, not what they're limited by. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @elissand/NPR) #education #dc #gallaudet #inspiration
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lbmama : Thx to Claudio Sanchez for reporting and using the phrase "happen to be deaf"!!! From a DHH Teacher to NPR...kudos to you guys for recognizing great teachers no matter what background๐Ÿ™Œ(deaf applause)
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Are you a pen-clicker? A hair-twirler? A knee-bouncer? Did you ever get in trouble for fidgeting in class? Don't hang your head in shame. All that movement may be helping you think. A new study suggests that for children with attention disorders, hyperactive movements meant better performance on a task that requires concentration. The researchers gave a small group of boys, ages 8 to 12, a sequence of random letters and numbers. Their job: Repeat back the numbers in order, plus the last letter in the bunch. All the while, the kids were sitting in a swiveling chair. For the subjects diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, moving and spinning in the chair were correlated with better performance. For typically developing kids, however, it was the opposite: The more they moved, the worse they did on the task. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Illustration: @thelajohnson/NPR) #education #mentalhealth #ADHD
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Ariel Alford and Leighton Watson exchange congratulations after Howard University's graduation commencement on Saturday. For the last few months, NPR's Weekend Edition spoke to Ariel, Leighton, Kevin Peterman and Taylor Davis as they finished up their senior year in a series called "The Howard Project." These four students gave a window into the questions they're grappling with as they think about their future. Our profile link takes you to the latest installment in the series. (Credit: @emilyjan for NPR) #howard #dc #graduation
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Afghan Commandos line up outside the walls of a mock compound before storming in to clear the area. "My mission is to advise and teach my non-commissioned officers and make sure they're getting enough equipment, they're getting enough training," Sgt. Maj. Faiz Mohammed Wafa says. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: David Gilkey/NPR) #afghanistan #military
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kxport : So, NPR declines showing the shooting video in Texas... Not because it is graphic, but "because it shows muhammed." NPR THRIVES OFF FREE SPEECH. NPR would not exist without the protections the first amendment provides, such as the right for offensive and thought-provoking speech. Shame on you, NPR. Do you know how many times I have heard NPR say something offensive against christians?! You have lost a supporter due to your spineless and unamerican handling of this situation. NPR is caving to terrorists. Grow a backbone you cowards!
kxport : Congrats NPR you are the first station I have seen in America that is openly supporting sharia law!
kxport : You love offensive speech. You're just scared because this offensive speech will also get you killed. That is what we call caving to terrorism.
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At Camp Commando in Kabul, Sgt. Maj. Faiz Mohammed Wafa and the other instructors share what they've learned from training with American military personnel. The instructors demonstrate skills like how to shoot, plan attacks, rappel from helicopters. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: David Gilkey/NPR) #afghanistan #military
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jorgerzuniga : It's hopeless. I feel sorrow for these brave men. The Taliban can wait out the Americans and will continue to fight for many years to come. The Pastun tribes will never totally make peace with ex northern alliance officials, not to mention the moment the national afghan army is defeated anywhere in Afghanistan, the disillusioned youth will flock to the Taliban's banner.
jalstudio : I bet they run
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Afghanistan's security is heavily dependent on elite forces like the commandos, a group similar to the U.S. Army Rangers. Trainees at Camp Commando, a training center built by the Americans in the hills south of Kabul, work through exercises as they step up their attempt to take on insurgents. Afghan commandos move through a smoke screen during a training exercise at Camp Commando on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: David Gilkey/NPR) #afghanistan #military
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April DeBoer (left) and Jayne Rowse were plaintiffs in a 2012 lawsuit against the state of Michigan. Today, their appeals case was heard by the Supreme Court, alongside those from Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. (Credit: @emilyjan/NPR) #SCOTUS #gaymarriage #SCOTUSmarriage
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sobayli : Let people, whoever they are, have access to what makes them happy.
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jtimhill : Let the people decide, not nine people in an ivory tower. Remember the 2000 election?
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Josh Kennedy-Noce, 19, skipped school today to be here. He's here with his two siblings and one of his two moms. They weren't going to come today, explained mom Ginger Noce, but "they begged me." (Credit: @emilyjan/NPR) #SCOTUS #gaymarriage #SCOTUSmarriage
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