This is NPR. (Yes we like pictures!) Our current story comes from NPR's new podcast Invisibilia.
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For someone who is blind, a simple click can be the sound of sight. It's a technique called echolocation. Bats and other animals use it to see at night. And it's being used by an increasing number of people who are blind. They listen to how the clicking sounds they make with their tongues bounce off the world around them. It can help them navigate through space – on foot or on a bicycle. The link to the full story from Invisibilia is in our profile. (Credit: Daniel Horowitz for NPR) #invisibilia #illustration #podcast
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lecharchar : Thought of your presentation @kellyhusted
lomogre : @johnnylander
murscle215 : @jackudo
mayfly1123 : @niclizzo do you listen to This American Life!? If not, you should! And you should check out the "Batman" episode (544) that aired 1/9/15!! Made me think of you!
niclizzo : @mayfly1123 I'm actually practicing echolocation tomorrow morning under blindfold for one of my classes. I'm going to bring this up. ☝️as for batman... I must further investigate this. You are awesome!
kathyrbloom : Incredible!
mayfly1123 : @niclizzo it's an awesome episode - you must check it out. you can listen online:)
duneartist : Who are the talented artists who create your illustrations?
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Fear is one of the strongest and most basic of human emotions, and it's the focus of Fearless, the second episode of Invisibilia, NPR's new show on the invisible forces that shape human behavior. The link in our profile takes you to the full story about how a man decided to conquer his fear of rejection by getting rejected every day – on purpose. (Credit: Daniel Horowitz for NPR) #illustration #invisibilia #podcast #fear
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kjstake : @npr thank you so much for this wonderful amazing program! I love listening to the podcasts! By far my favorite show!!
dahlimay : @bethanyjbauman maybe I need some rejection therapy?!
bethanyjbauman : @dahlimay I loved that episode.
pdfig : @mary_lange
cremedelacourtney : @youreparanormal so random, someone had this on in the teachers lounge the other day and i heard bits and pieces. Super interesting. So many interesting podcasts
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Carolyn Barnhardt's prekindergarten students at John Eaton Elementary School celebrated Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday by creating crowns, listening to stories and learning songs about the civil rights leader. Teachers all over the country are finding ways to talk about King's legacy. In one Washington, D.C., classroom the lessons about race come alive. The link to the full story is in our profile. (Credit: @emilyjan/NPR) #MLKday #education
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dejo516 : @slang1221 @dalvarad84 @jlina013
thehuntingaccident : great story!
eohsami : @nitewoolf I seriously just thought this was a Plo flashback..
duneartist : It was a great story.
brandonmanatee : #reclaimmlk #blacklivesmatter
salmasalaam2002 : Plz follow this handsome Arab singer @laith_official
spicecakabutters : Im a former #civilrights compliance officer for the #attorneygenerals office. I just submitted for the npr apprentice journalist position. I use to be in news room of kpfk. Please notify hiring manager thank you
ltb78 : @bellaclegg
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Grief is a fact of life in our nation's schools. "Virtually all children will go through it — but that doesn't mean it's a normalizing experience," says Dr. David Schonfeld, an expert on student grief. The link to the full story is in our profile. (Credit: @thelajohnson/NPR) #illustration #education
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rebecca_wilcox : @sarahmwilcox84 :(
hairartiststephanie : My husband just passed away before the new year. I have 3 school age children. I am so thankful that we homeschool because there is so much grace and mercy needed for children dealing with grief. My fear for public school is that teachers will only care about performance and not my children's emotional health. I'm glad to know that this is a topic of discussion.
rodriguj1978 : @hairartiststephanie I don't know you but I'm very sorry to hear that you recently lost your husband. I am sending you a strangers good thoughts and hope for your children are doing okay. I teach 3rd grade in MI and deeply believe (and teach) in a way that supports children's emotional and social development. While state expectations pile on top of my other academic responsibilities, how a child comes to me and leaves me at the end of the day is ultimately more important. In my five years of teaching I have had two students lose parents. Luckily there are wonderful grief resources here, but I also befriended these boys, supported them and helped nurture them through their loss. I made a connection with their families that was well received. Not all teachers are the same. But much more many of us are loving individuals that care deeply for children as individuals.
tavrolls : This is a great eye opening, mind expanding article. We've recently lost my parents (my daughters grandparents) who lived with us for years. She started HS this year (in an honors program) and most teachers do not have a clue how to deal with grief and trauma. My daughter was also badly injured at school and that just seemed to leave her more vulnerable to be judged by her teachers. It's an uphill battle that breaks my heart every day. Seriously would love to see grieving programs in schools that encourage children and keep them on the path they should be. So sorry for your loss @hairartiststephanie You sound like a wonderful teacher @rodriguj1978
hairartiststephanie : @rodriguj1978 My mom was a public school teacher for 30 yrs. I believe that many teachers have great intentions and love children. We have had some nightmare experiences with our local school. I do not think teachers as a whole are disconnected to loving on their students. Good job for loving them through the hard times and messy life. 😺 keep it real!
midnightdiva14 : @beachgirl419 maybe worth a read?
aikidojump : I do that with 5th grade homework!!
aikidojump : That I have to do
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Fifteen minutes north of the iconic Vegas Strip is the economically depressed downtown Las Vegas, a much-forgotten part of town. It's also an area of tremendous change in recent years, since it's the heart of tech billionaire Tony Hsieh's ambitious Downtown Project — an effort that's part urban revitalization, part social experiment. Three years in, it's not going as quickly as he expected. The link to the full story is in our profile. (Credit: @isaacbrekken for NPR) #lasvegas #zappos #tech
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yazidatan : Depressing. Like most of Vegas.
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kozziemom21 : Interesting project with great intention. Wrong person.
arudsen : So nice!
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"You never want to apply for benefits on your own, unless you have some experience with it," says Bob Kelley, the veteran service officer (VSO) for Grant County, one of the Indiana counties receiving the most from Veterans Affairs. The link to the full story on how Indiana VSOs are helping vets get more benefits is in our profile. (Credit: Aaron P. Bernstein for NPR) #backatbase #portrait #veterans
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deannaljohnson : Happy to read this and now the vets are being supported mentally, emotionally and with respect to their futures.
lolabrigida5 : @soflosurf @edm_squirrel_ @mattyroy13
dtinah13 : @warrenhughes1974
wideyedmc : What a line up. Very strong.
stephanieaheger : @npr my 90 year old grandpa was a marine in WWII and is being denied benefits for honestly reporting he smokes one cigar each year to celebrate the marine corps birthday. He's never asked for a thing and loves this country more than it loves him. #ashamedtobeamerican #marinestrong
jwoodadventures : My parents are battling through the system in Texas, the way the va treats our vets is deplorable
bentuckian : Grant County with a shoutout on NPR! @josiahdhatfield @tyodes @tmherrmann @sarahightower @kerriespelledlikethis @jorjetsy
newskidsonthejock : my boyfriend's dad is a 'nam vet & never had any benefits explained to or given to him. they recently settled a case, so that's good.
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Skunk Bear just published a "Candles in the Wind"-style musical requiem for an extinct tortoise. So ... yeah. Link in our profile! (
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okatthed : They should clone him or something or clone him a sexy lady tortoise
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lakshwadeep : RIP - reptiles in peace
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For #throwbackthursday we're sharing an awesome illustration LA Johnson created for a story on NPR Ed. // A group called Rolling Jubilee has "abolished" more than $3 million in private student loans from the for-profit Corinthian Colleges. And they're just getting started. The link to the full story is in our profile. (Credit: @thelajohnson/NPR) #tbt #education #illustration
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errnbrrrd : We went to school together! Love her!
crawfordsc : @panicchuck thought it was a Wes at first
coleycoletrain : @losxxx
richarddhighnote : Wish they would help me out.
jomothekenyatta : @kjmpllc I remembered we once briefly touched on this topic
sonialuginbuhl : YES
kjmpllc : @jomothekenyatta word!!
zahanson : @juliarose0208
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When Jasmine Uqdah aged out of the foster care system in 2008, she didn't have a job, a checking account or a car. She did have a college acceptance letter — but no money to pay for schooling. Over the last few years, there's been a nationwide push to get more former foster youth to college. The link to Jasmine's full story is in our profile. (Credit: @joshualott for NPR) #education #fostercare #portrait
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parisiennemexicaine : 😠😢@lgarcimoon
robcrossmusic : @meschellmabelle
carenswan : Thanks so much for sharing her story. I've caught a few parts and it's very powerful. : Where is the Foster Care Alumni of America on this?
imhoppe : Thank you for sharing and bringing our attention to this.
sdcamese : Eye opening!
dia.garcia : @katieclare__
soc_politics : Hoping Obama can get this bill passed. Thanks for sharing.
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With so many craft breweries now in operation, just about every beer name you can imagine is taken. That's making it harder for newcomers to name that brew without risking a legal fight. The link to the full story is in our profile. (Credit: Leif Parsons for NPR) #craftbeer #illustration
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