Apple CEO Tim Cook told NPR about how the company protects its customers' data, and how it uses — or doesn't use — that information.
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npr - NPR
Apple has long touted the power and design of its devices, but recently the world's most valuable company has been emphasizing another feature: privacy. That's no small matter when many users store important private data on those devices: account numbers, personal messages, photos. In an interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook told NPR about how the company protects its customers' data, and how it uses — or doesn't use — that information. Our profile link takes you to the full interview. (Credit: Ariel Zambelich/NPR) #apple #tech #portrait
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lisahogben : He is wearing a tie! Lol..Apple getting serious
terminal3lawyer : NPR stop pimping for Apple
swapshopkid : awesome
kelly.robertson : @imacbro
jackiebug : Interesting! @murfandjeffsturf
murfandjeffsturf : Sick thanks for showing me @jackiebug
uzo_nwaturuocha : @niffows @aricsaulbeamer
vichernandez323 : @izbethc
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npr - NPR
Paula and Phillip Dupont in Louisiana loved their mutt Melvin so much they jumped at the chance to replicate him. So a couple of years ago, when Melvin was about 9 and starting to show his age, the Duponts turned to a lab in South Korea. Even though the process would cost them $100,000, the couple decided to do it. Melvin is gone now, but he has left behind two clones, Ken and Henry. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @edmundfountain for NPR) #science #dogs #louisiana
science - louisiana - dogs -
_the_dirty_j_ : @emma.abq not you specifically, but your DNA sure is!
_the_dirty_j_ : @emma.abq replicable*
milotwhitten : @lillianwhitten @cameltoeaintnoho
mckshore : @kellybohne suze can I afford it that s
lilreddavies : @markkdavies
leftyesq : There are so any dogs in need of rescue that $100,000 could have saved
haleyhoo_ : @r.p.hampton
wife1strom : That is disgusting.....self absorbed people.
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npr - NPR
[4/4] Mohammed Eh'tai, a recent refugee from Syria, brought only his phone, his ID and a stack of certificates — his college degree in accounting, his master's in management — with him to Germany. Eh'tai had to flee Syria, leaving behind his wife and 2-year-old daughter. He now shares a two-bedroom apartment with five other Syrian men. Eh'tai wants to bring his family to Germany, but eventually he wants to return to Syria and help rebuild the country he was forced to flee. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: David Gilkey/NPR) #syria #germany
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pistol.pete22 : So he left his family in a war zone to give them a better life? Sounds reasonable.
stlaferty : @lepetitinsecte Absolutely. Thanks for saying so. Far too many people are making judgements.
erica_kane_kane : I pray for every single family that is suffering.🙏❤
kirstensites : I hope these issues can be resolved quickly. Please don't make judgements when you have never been in that situation.
marymichaelmotorcycle : @iamjunebug1354 we talked about so much but this...
frostonflower : Thank you for sharing about this.
lindabdz : Prayers for him and the family
karol3pt : I pray they will all be able to return to a safe home , be reunited and rebuild 🙏🙏🏻😞
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npr - NPR
[3/4] Syrian refugees stand outside the Pentagon apartments in New Hardenberg, Germany, where they are temporally being housed. Germany is expecting at least 800,000 migrants this year alone, and Germans are struggling with the changes they bring. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: David Gilkey/NPR) #syria #germany
syria - germany -
angryvegetable : How would you out it @pistol.pete22
pistol.pete22 : I would put it as countries, Germany in this instance, attempting to give these refugees a chance to live without fear of imminent death and destruction, which are the lives they are fleeing from. And what they are getting in return are "demands" to suit the refugees way of life; the host country being forced to disregard their own customs and to pacify others.
wheresshads : @pistol.pete22 you're a horrible human. They aren't being forced to do anything. Not one country in this world has its own culture/religion/customs. The entire world is a melting pot. These people need help and peace and resting place from struggles. The world has an obligation to help them and morons like you should go to their war zone and meet those demands!
misscarla62 : @wheresshads how is he a horrible person? If someone is offering them protection, why make demands? Just accept the help and be grateful they have a place to live safely until they can return to their own country. @pistol.pete22
cassandrafrances : So, @pistol.pete22, if you have the good fortune to make it (alive) to another country you should be expected to give up your entire life, family traditions and cultural heritage? I doubt you'd feel that way if you were the one on the run.
wheresshads : They're not making demands @misscarla62 go back and read what he's accusing these refugees of. He's accusing them of forcing Germany to change who they are to help them and that's not the case at all. He's pretty much saying they don't belong. No place BELONGS to anyone! They are asking for help and if he thinks this is wrong this does make him a horrible person. Learn your facts people!!!
pistol.pete22 : @wheresshads thank you for being so judgemental as to presume to know me from making a single comment. Your statement couldn't be further from the truth. Yes the world has different religions and cultures but they dominant in their own areas. Europe is predominantly Christian, Middle East is predominantly Muslim, etc it isn't really until you get to the US where there is a true cross section of religion / culture, your "melting pot". How would I, a white American Catholic, be welcomed in any Middle Eastern country in this day and age? Some parts open disdain and contempt other part far far worse.
dr_zaynab : Let's all take a breath. Ask for blessings on ourselves and other human beings. We all face great challenges, and we are all in this together.
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npr - NPR
[2/4] About an hour outside Berlin is the town of Seelow, in former East Germany, population about 5,600. At the end of World War II, Seelow was the site of one of the last stands of Hitler's army and one of the biggest battles on German soil. Seelow Mayor Jorg Schroder says older Germans, who lived through the flood of refugees who came at the end of that war, are more open to the migrants arriving now from the Mideast. Germany re-invented itself after World War II, and again after the re-unification of East and West. Now, as its population changes, the country is re-inventing itself again. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: David Gilkey/NPR) #germany
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kimsphotos : @zaubera have you heard any of these NPR stories this week? Made me think of you and Sven. Hope you are all well!
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[1/4] Refugees and migrants wait at the Regional Office for Health and Welfare in Berlin for food and a turn to start the paperwork to apply for asylum. Germany, always aware of its history of war, is taking in tens of thousands fleeing war and poverty. Many Germans have welcomed the newcomers, but some are struggling with the changes they bring. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: David Gilkey/NPR) #germany #berlin
berlin - germany -
seventy8horsepower : @dooit84 bravo 독일
kvanneste :
marissa53 : ^what @wheresshads said
wheresshads : @marissa53 we have a humanitarian responsibility to help one another. Each country that passes on this help is responsible for the death or each person caught up in the war. It breaks my heart
melissaar : @martysaul5 damn
sarahtornero : @mr_snazzy
meganarober : @msmichal
northern.beet : Are you following this? It's an exciting time to be in Germany! @taitaijohnson @rebekahann11
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Choreographer John Heginbotham met Baryshnikov when he was a dancer with the Mark Morris Dance Group. He now has his own dance company, which rehearses at the center. Heginbotham says this creative laboratory is really a gift from Baryshnikov to other artists: "He could've just been a great ballet dancer, but he is such a curious and investigative person that he has taken that and put it into creating work and helping other people create work. He betters himself all the time and he encourages us to do that too." Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @lovebryan for NPR) #dance #art #baryshnikov
dance - art - baryshnikov -
joycerenawong : @jnlljns
kristenvictoria102 : Ohhhh nice find :) thanks @shaunicorn_
gpickett_artpuff : Story is about @baryshnikovartscenter
natcgrant : @chelsmurph hollllllyyyy wow!! Thanks chels this is totally rad 😍
dnhaydock : Hey @npr and @lovebryan I'd love the story behind how you captured this image. It's beautiful.
cal_performances : @danceheginbotham 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
annieebrowne : @samalammah love baryshnikov!!
ivanabcruz : @raqzal Amazing
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npr - NPR
Mikhail Baryshnikov's idea was to build a place where artists from different disciplines would come together. He had no interest in it being dance-only. Vocalist and songwriter Somi and guitarist Liberty Ellman rehearse in one of the light-filled studios at the center, which overlooks the Hudson River. ""This is such a glorious space because you've got these high windows and you're surrounded by the city,"" she says. ""And being in the middle of New York, right, it's like you're in the middle of possibility."" Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @lovebryan for NPR) #dance #art #baryshnikov
dance - art - baryshnikov -
joelfig : @thisiseniola
ninabasu : Heard this story yesterday @madsguam
melphisher : @ljean123 @dancerbwds
afrothundar : @torranceofarabia @neddabitch Ned idk if you already know this but Michael is Alexander from SATC
jesslambband : Very cool!
thisiseniola : @joelfig wow.
tara.l.a : Nice!
unballo_85 : Yup!! She's coming to Portland next week!!!! @momenazu
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npr - NPR
As one of the greatest ballet dancers in history, Mikhail Baryshnikov has captivated audiences around the world. He was also the artistic director of American Ballet Theatre, has danced to his own heartbeat, had a run as Carrie Bradshaw's part-time lover on HBO's "Sex and the City," and so much more. Today, at 67, Baryshnikov is still creating art of all kinds around the world. And on Monday, he celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Baryshnikov Arts Center, a space he created to give artists the freedom to explore and take risks. (Credit: @lovebryan for NPR) #dance #art #baryshnikov
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aluminousspark : Misha Forever💝💝
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shadyyouth : @mriataylor lol yup I was there working Monday night during the gala
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forestgnome : @parisiennemexicaine omg ! Veruga!
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Whatever the old adage might warn, there is a bit of merit to judging a book by its cover — if only in one respect: the blurb. Those snippets of praise on book covers have been around for over 150 years (at least). But how do they get there — and why? The answers are more complicated, and *compelling*, than you might think. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: Annette Elizabeth Allen/NPR) #books #illustration #📖
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laurrock : @mikekennystuff
kitty_love : @brit_chic might be interesting …
jennhanson : That hand signing the book creeps me out. No one can sign from that angle.
hvelez239 : @slaughterwrites you might like this
ponymarconi : @jennhanson right! I'm laughing so hard right now. Soooo odd
lizstultz : @eviline_lunette
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jilliebean80 : @mariaconchia interesting....
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