This is NPR. Our current story is an interview with Liberian president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as she discusses the challenges facing her country.
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There's a lot to celebrate in Liberia: The number of new Ebola cases have been declining, kids are going back to school and life is returning to some semblance of normalcy. But among the three hardest-hit countries in West Africa, Liberia has been the fastest at containing the outbreak. In an exclusive interview with NPR, Liberian president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf remembers how Liberia was "the poster child of everything that could go wrong." But people lived up to the local proverb: "Go fix it." The link to the full story is in our profile. (Credit: Ariel Zambelich/NPR) #liberia #ebola #npr #globalhealth #portrait
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jbkankles : loved her interview this morning.
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What would you do if half the people you knew died suddenly of a mysterious disease? We hope we'd have the tenacity and strength of the villagers of Barkedu. See more about how they faced the outbreak via the link in our profile. (Credit: @johnwpoole/NPR) #Ebola #Liberia #GlobalHealth #npr
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To safely lift Bernard Valencia out of his hospital bed, Cheri Moore uses a ceiling lift and sling. The VA hospital in Loma Linda, Calif., has safe patient handling technology installed throughout its entire facility. The Department of Veterans Affairs is taking a lead among other hospital systems in the country to keep nurses and other staff from getting injured when they move and lift patients. The link in our profile takes you to the full story. (Credit: @trittscamera for NPR) #nurses #npr #health #va
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elpeter101 : Good progress
elpeter101 : Keep our nurse healthy.
megabits : Nice step in the right direction! πŸ‘
elizzabie : Our slings are to be placed under the head for support. That doesn't look comfortable on his neck..
thefrazzledmnky : @mimiutchi we have a similar lift installed into the ceilings in all of our ICU rooms as well :) the trick is, getting people to use them
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Were you ever the teacher’s pet? Or did you just sit behind the teacher’s pet and roll your eyes from time to time? A newly published paper suggests that personality similarity affects teachers’ estimation of student achievement. That is, how much you are like your teacher contributes to his or her feelings about you — and your abilities. The link in our profile takes you to the full story. (Credit: @thelajohnson/NPR) #teachers #education #npr #illustration
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It took a long time for the town to accept the survivors from one small corner of the village. Friends shunned the surviving children, which made the kids terrified to go out in public. Village chairwoman Mamuedeh Kanneh is trying to build back the children’s confidence. She sends them on small errands around the village so they can see that people are no longer afraid of them. The link in our profile allows you to see and hear more of this story. [5/5] (Credit: @johnwpoole/NPR) #Ebola #Liberia #globalhealth #npr
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Mamuedeh Kanneh is one of the few adult survivors of Ebola in the Liberian village of Barkedu. Since her recovery, she has become the sole living guardian for her husband's children. Because she’s also the village chairwoman, people brought her other orphans to care for, and now she looks after 13 in all. The link in our profile allows you to see and hear more of this story. [4/5] (Credit: @johnwpoole/NPR) #Ebola #Liberia #globalhealth #npr
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irie8_salvador : Oh wow that she is a survivor and not only the sole living guardian of her husband's children. But also the village chairwoman. Therefore responsible for the orphaned children. Wow.
christinelighthouses : i want to volunteer for her and her children to make gardens or other helpful things πŸ’š
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No one in the village believed it was Ebola. Back in June, people in Barkedu knew almost nothing about the virus. It had never before struck in this part of the world. And when awareness campaigns did arrive, their message backfired. The link in our profile allows you to see and hear more of this story. [3/5] (Credit: Tommy Trenchard for NPR) #Ebola #Liberia #globalhealth #npr
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drg00dkat : @jamal_shah the story of musa still has remnants in Africa
melllo_diva : That video was so heart-breaking and yet,inspiring. Here I find myself complaining of meaningless things when there are those who pray to eat every night; some who r emotionally & psychologically suffering from their loss of their family. Some are still fearful of being shunned because of the Ebola stigma. #Godbless them....πŸ™ Bless those who are offering of themselves although they have but so much to give πŸ™πŸ™ #eachonereachone
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A big part of the reason for Ebola’s spread within the village is that Barkedu is a very tightknit community; everyone knows everyone. If a neighbor gets sick, you help your neighbor. So when the village experienced its first Ebola case, which involved one of the most respected and beloved people in town, everyone came to help -- and the disease quickly spread. The link in our profile allows you to see and hear more of this story. [2/5] (Credit: @johnwpoole/NPR) #Ebola #Liberia #globalhealth #npr
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The Liberian village of Barkedu was devastated by Ebola. Those left behind are now struggling to survive. Today we will be posting a few pieces from our larger project: Life After Death. The link in our profile allows you to see and hear more of this story. [1/5] (Credit: @johnwpoole/NPR) #Ebola #Liberia #globalhealth #npr
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In a country where women are seen but not often heard, Rula Ghani intends to play a prominent role. The wife of Afghanistan's new president hopes to help the country's most vulnerable people. The link to the full story is in our profile. (Credit: @emilyjan/NPR) #afghanistan #women #npr #portrait
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sanghasisterstudio : Giving voice to females who are involved in global issues opens up the scope of dialogue through which solutions emerge.
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