Cattle ranchers are scrambling to save cattle from wildfires in a remote part of Washington state.
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Cattle rancher Craig Vejraska pours out feed while checking on his cattle in a smokey field in Cox Meadow, as the Okanogan Complex fires burn outside Omak, Wash., on Aug. 26. More than 1,000 square miles of wildfires are burning in Washington state. In the isolated Okanogan Valley, where power and phone lines have burned, cattle ranchers are doing what they can to spare herds. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @iancbates for NPR) #wildfires #ranching #OkanoganValley
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[3/3] Joel Munguia (center), owner of Chino's, a barbershop in Kenner, La., sits with his nephew, Waldyn Munguia (left), as they have a laugh outside on the waiting benches at the shop. Munguia came to New Orleans from Honduras in 2005 after Katrina and opened his dream shop for Latino hairstyles in 2012. The Hispanic population in New Orleans has grown by almost a quarter following Katrina and even more in surrounding parishes. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: David Gilkey/NPR) #katrina10 #neworleans
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sarbearcoleman : @imaxulateconception looks like st mikes
pleuvonics : Latino Americans have more work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit than most natural born Americans.
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[2/3] Barber Stan Norwood (center) puts the finishing touches on a cut and style to Mike Fox's hair at the Dennis Barber Shop in Freret, a transitional neighborhood in central New Orleans. Housing prices in Freret have more than doubled in recent years and new businesses have transformed the main drag. In the years before Katrina, crime was a problem and many storefronts stood vacant. Now, the area is a prime example of New Orleans' revitalization, post-Katrina. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: David Gilkey/NPR) #katrina10 #neworleans
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notalwaysasaint : Nagin sold out the residents of the 9th Ward. This revitalization plan is revolting. It clearly is biased against black residents. They're paid fractions of a dollar for their homes compared to homes of similar size and sq ft in white wards that were destroyed and whose owners receive full value - despite the fact that rebuilding construction and material costs are exactly the same.
_ashleydinkel_ : Definitely! Thanks, @matthewswope!! 😊
hlambert530 : This just reeks of gentrification.
lori.atkinson : The rhetoric is pretty nauseating when you stare at the realities every day, @missbhavens
missbhavens : @lori.atkinson neighborhoods grow and change but damn the pace here has been nothing short of lightspeed and brutal. Actually, "transitional" is a far more creepy term than "gentrifying".
lori.atkinson : Gentrifying is an academic term. Transitional is pure marketing. @missbhavens
thealexmanne : All this whining about gentrification. Guess y'all missed the part of the caption where it said "crime was a problem and storefronts stood vacant." The biggest whiners about gentrification do nothing except whine about it. If you care so much, you go down there, spend your money and time to buy property and then you can preserve the neighbourhoods.
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[1/3] Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans today is smaller than when the storm hit, with 110,000 fewer people than the nearly half-million who had lived there. But the city's recovery is a story that varies with each neighborhood. Some neighborhoods, like the French Quarter, have seen many newcomers and now have more households than they did in 2005. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: David Gilkey/NPR) #katrina10 #neworleans
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introvertedhippiequeen : The Quarter smells just as bad now
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adamjfine : @emilydepaula yes! Fun fact: The Quarter is built on a natural levee--it's on higher ground than the surrounding neighborhoods. So, it was one of the neighborhoods least affected by Katrina. If you look at satellite maps you can see that the flood waters spared The Quarter almost entirely. Given what The Quarter is know for, that kind of blows a whole in the theory some preaches put forward--that Katrina was punishment for promiscuity and homosexuality. πŸ˜‚
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beholla : Highly recommend "Five Days At Memorial"
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[4/4] Ruth Nunez lived in a brick home on Schnell Drive prior to Katrina. After the storm, she had her old house torn down and replaced. The new home is on stilts, with the space underneath used as a garage. Before the storm, 80 to 90 percent of the street's residents were elderly, she said. "Since Katrina," she said, "we have children all up and down the street." Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @edmundfountain for NPR) #katrina10 #neworleans
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nancynotorious66 : Thanks for this story.
mamaspicejm : I listened this morning on NPR and it was an amazing story of disaster, struggles and prideπŸ‘πŸΎ
4u3i : Good for Her! As an gulf coast kid, I never understood why a city under sea level didn't build on top of their garages, or at least on stilts.
kimberlyadenz : Are you only covering New Orleans? The Mississippi coast took a direct hit from the storm, and it seems no one remembers.
roosonice : Thank you, @kimberlyadenz !!
vheist : My aunt and uncle both lost houses in Bay St. Louis Mississippi. So sad. @npr
flmom1957 : Come on @npr! NOLA was a man made disaster, failure of the levies! How about Mississippi!
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[3/4] Wilbert Landry and his son, Ronnie, moved to Schnell Drive from the 9th Ward of New Orleans in 2014. At the time of Katrina, St. Bernard Parish was an overwhelmingly white parish with a 71,000 residents. In the years immediately after the storm, less than half the population remained. But St. Bernard is growing again — it's back up to about 44,000 residents — and it's more diverse than it used to be. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @edmundfountain for NPR) #katrina10 #neworleans
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[2/4] Schnell Drive is a wide street, pockmarked with empty lots and a small cluster of homes Arabi, La., just outside of New Orleans. The community that existed a decade ago hasn't fully returned since the storm, but a few stalwarts have remained. Noney Deffes is a longtime Schnell Drive resident who survived flooding from Hurricane Katrina in a neighbor's attic. She then lived out of her recreational vehicle while rebuilding her home. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @edmundfountain for NPR) #katrina10 #neworleans
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[1/4] This is the long story of a short street: Schnell Drive, two blocks of brick homes in Arabi, La., just east of New Orleans in St. Bernard Parish. When we first visited in the fall of 2005, Donald and Colleen Bordelon were often the only two people on Schnell Drive. They had stayed in their home through the storm and the flood, and through the weeks after when the first floor was still filled with water. We documented the couple's struggles for the last ten years, including Donald's passing in 2010. Today, Colleen Bordelon still lives in the home, joined by her mother-in-law Donna. The population of the surrounding neighborhood has rebounded as some people have returned and newcomers have moved in, building new lives and even new homes amid the remnants of the old. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @edmundfountain for NPR) #katrina10 #neworleans
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fullenlover : I listened to this piece on the way to work the other day, it's so nice to put a face to their story. Stay strong ladies!
kimsphotos : Agreed @fullenlover! I like seeing the images from stories I have heard. I often intend to look them up on the website, but don't get to it.
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Johnny Jackson fled from the rising waters of Hurricane Katrina 10 years ago and found refuge along with thousands of others at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. He is a former city councilman, state representative and then-president of the beloved local music station, WWOZ. Jackson spoke out against the poor conditions inside the convention center. Currently he is still finishing the repairs to his home, which was severely damaged during the storm. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: David Gilkey/NPR) #katrina10 #neworleans
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cfitzsimm98 : @npr thanks for the story! Our society needs to make the connection between the Katrina debacle and the sad and continuing story of "All lives matter"
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calisweets77 : I was blessed to have been able to visit NOLA this summer for the first time ever. SO much history and devastation. One hospital for the whole city til recently. That is scary! And the section 8 building all in the downtown area, the crime rate...
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[4/4] Beth Carey (center), walks around the park with her nieces Calysta, 15, and Jazlen, 3, in Marion, Ohio. Heroin has changed many lives in Marion. It took Chrystina Carey's life in 2013. Chrystina, Beth's twin sister, left behind two daughters. Her older daughter Calysta lives with Beth's grandmother and Beth is raising Jazlen. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @maddiemcgarvey for NPR)
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christinathibault : Heartbreaking. Thanks for this series, @npr.
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