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This is NPR. Yes we like pictures! The link below takes you to even more roller derby illustrations, photos and a downloadable guide.
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Haven't had enough roller derby? NPR Ed created some illustrations so you can learn more about derby rules and moves, like the shoulder check. The link in our profile takes you to more illustrations, photos and a downloadable derby guide. (Credit: @thelajohnson/NPR) #rollerderby #npred #secretteachers
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suregripsteve : Good lookin out @cherm29
shimmsham : @archrivalrollergirls
emmythomo : @pluggedin2 rad!
alotis2words : @xkthorpex
misty_blu : @criannabox
lindsey054 : @sarcatmax
sarcatmax : @angelcityderby
sarcatmax : #angelcityderbygirls
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The NPR Ed team is discovering what teachers do when they're not teaching. Nina Park teaches high school English at TechBoston Academy in Dorchester, Mass. When class is over, she's scoring points as Elle L. Cool Jam on her roller derby team, the Cosmonaughties. The link to the full story is in our profile. (Credit: @Kayanaszymczak for NPR) #secretteachers #npred
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dncnlwrnc : @kelseyreneolson Sounds like spring is the time to go!
basketballfetish : @cheyresende @_brendaxd
joso333 : @genevaconviction49 @dommejuan - thought of you both. #secret teachers
saccityrollers : @margotlouise good spot! πŸ‘
cheyresende : lmaoooooo yooooo, she looks like a beast @basketballfetish
stinachris : @heklefjell
xlitteredshorex : @thesiobhan this is all over my social network feeds! At least a third of my derby league is made up of teachers--maybe more!
super_8mm : @maddybeckwith yes!
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We gave out some @NPR stickers at the Guinea-Liberia border yesterday. And today ... Looks like they're a hit! (Photo by @johnwpoole / NPR) #nprlife #sweetride
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ktblust : Everyone loves NPR!!!
damsel_titi : I love NPR too.
shoebarrels : Totally would have NPR stickers on everything I own
digitalprintz : @litaa02 im not the only one
pinebeers : How do I get one?
lilice_vk : I want one! ❀️NPR! The best!
lilice_vk : How can I get one?
litaa02 : Lol! Nada mas te falta tu sticker tambien! @digitalprintz
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"I had always secretly wanted to be a DJ," says Monica Shah, who teaches at Brightwood Education Campus, a preK-8 school in Washington, D.C. DJ Shah, as many students call her, is part the NPR Ed series Secret Lives of Teachers. The link to the full story is in our profile. (@elissanad/NPR) #secretteachers #NPREd
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moniga22 : @edhep45 Hahahha.
allisonhoneill : @kluetzow2 once the kids get you down, there's always the side job 😜
lbjoga : @k_joga22 look at this!
millerama : @nicoleshis seems like your not so secret life
nicoleshis : Whoa and haha @millerama!
meghanelizabeth87 : @maggiewasserman 😍
eraq : Thanks @laurenpdub!
jer600rr : Have the same dream too but I have to take a break from DJing; baby coming!
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In Liberia, fashion is still a major way of life. Dao M. Fahnbulleh (left), wants to become a fashion designer. Zoe Kiadi (right) says neither unemployment nor the presence of Ebola has dimmed her desire to look nice."It's expensive to look good. Times are hard. To find money is very hard. But I think I always need to look good, Ebola or not." The link to the full story is in our profile. (Credit: @johnwpoole/NPR) #ebola #liberia #streetstyle #nprontheroad
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anthonypeele : Kitenge!
meghansebold : @georgiecaldwell I could do better tho
georgiecaldwell : @meghansebold then do it !!!
angela.marsh : @jchaides tracksuitfriday man
kelseyring : @saraspear a different take than the vice doco haha
jchaides : @angiemarsh love it
jamieisjames : Beautiful. @margauxfitoussi
meghansebold : @georgiecaldwell $$$
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Teachers in Nashville, Tenn., are knocking on doors to recruit students for public school, a tactic often used by charter schools. The link to the full story is in our profile. (Credit: @thelajohnson/NPR) #NPREd
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ccopes05 : Right!
dargov_ : @dmurrie
darcydouglas50 : I did that in my early teaching years, too!
jennfolds5 : Keep it going. A former public school teacher myself, I cannot stress the importance of a public school education!!!
aurelianobuendia : @prendaminha
prendaminha : @mariabanta Miss you!
hotbunsz : I think the competition is great. Schools have to compete even more now and if their system is not producing great results they will simply shut down. Its like evolutionary race. In different regions different schooling types will emerge victorious but regardless of school type the best will take hold. I hope this competition always stays alive to keep schools on their feet.
tessizzler : @lipstickonteeth
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That's Liberian #Santa on the right with the cyclops mirror eye. He has one in the back of his head too. So if you don't 'feed' him, he will know. And that would be bad news for you! My friend Mohammed gave him some money so we didn't both get cursed. #liberia #christmas #nprontheroad #nprinliberia #nprlife Photo by @johnwpoole / NPR
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fetasobetta : @elle_double_you
hurricane_katrina87 : @rawleychaves
rawleychaves : Huh? @hurricane_katrina87
sweetestbabyjames : @merissatelly amazing
tink2666 : Petrifying and awesome at the same time.
ktblust : That's amazing! And a nice photo too πŸ˜‰
bonedogger : This is amazing! @mddiggity
marissakaiser : @singerblinger
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Indian YouTube star Wilbur Sargunarj offered NPR’s Goats and Soda a personal tour of his family’s ancestral village. IN SONG AND DANCE! How could we refuse? Check out the link to the full video in our profile. Video series produced by Wilbur Sargunaraj for NPR, John W. Poole/NPR @johnwpoole and ben de la Cruz/NPR @bdcruz
savvysmk : @neerjj lol his song is stuck in my head! We need to hang out dude!
bdcruz : @murphy_slaw thanks! He's a really nice guy as well.
chez_asada : @dasturi58 @fabfarah @saabbasi
shyboys2013 : @viaveee
shyboys2013 : @dragon_boxers @kayp90 @imnathan_
coolaustin__ : @viditbahri yeeeeh mayne
santamariald12 : @mmmmelll thought of u
wilburworldwide : Had such a #firstclass time filming this series for @npr !!!!! More to come in the #villageway πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
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@NPRmusic is looking for a great unknown band. Want to play the Tiny Desk? Enter the #tinydeskcontest! Link in profile. (Official rules here: tinydesk contest.npr.org/rules)
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mommasongs : @blkmtrcycle It's tempting, eh?
seanthomasodonnell : @julesbauerenz πŸ‘
bradleycreates : @liamcsclarke
sarahsbellum : @s_crumb
natterpillar : @tashpics !!! Gotta get on it!
apixiemind : @attaboy_sam thanks brotha!!
dropinpickup : Were coming for ya
luvthea : @sheabutteroil I can't find charms page her band would rock this out
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In Skunk Bear's latest video, Adam Cole is on a quest to find 500,000 evil-looking birds.
jasonsaul : Evil-looking?
saramccoo : @docmac39 @mommac26
kecopenhaver : @brooketrout7 😘
fancy_the_f_word : @mancheeni
dustinendicott : @meghanhorvath
swillz32 : @lo.ho omfg hahahahaha
swillz32 : @lo.ho still laughing
lo.ho : @swillz32 these are the things that make up my nightmares
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