Video Chat Your Way Into College: How Tech Is Changing The Admissions Process
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Virtual reality, video chatting and other innovations are helping international students and colleges tell whether they're a good match. Follow our profile link for the full story. (Credit: @thelajohnson | LA Johnson/NPR) #tech #illustration #education
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[3/3] Earl and Jeneyah McDonald pose for a portrait with their sons Justice, 6, and Josiah, 2, at their home in Flint. The McDonalds have had to teach their sons that the water is poison and not to go near it or use it. "I will never trust this water ever again," Jeneyah says, shaking her head. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @lauramcdermottphoto | Laura McDermott for NPR) #flint
flint -
mominme2 : shame! #waterhasbecomepriviledge #disgusted #sad #Fixthis
helliemor : Thanks NPR for giving this story the depth it deserves
npr : Here's the story:
mijingle : @terrytakeyourtime
nataliegzmn_ : @joeybailon u should listen to them !! I love @npr !!
janmelillo : Beautiful family! So sorry you are being subjected to this ordeal. Your public officials need to be jailed! Support & ❤️ from NY!
tanalyndollar : Horrible what has happened. We cannot most of those in government. Sad state of affairs and time to punish ( jail) those responsible.
charlsyhenley : @npr
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[2/3] Jeneyah McDonald unloads cases of bottled water to take to her godbrother Brent Diggs, who is handicapped and often unable to pick up water himself, at his home in Flint, Mich. It takes Jeneyah about an hour to visit several water pick up stops each day to get enough water for her family. She has no idea how many weeks or months this daily routine will have to continue. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @lauramcdermottphoto | Laura McDermott for NPR) #flint
flint -
goddess.lisa : Think of all the plastic...
vaude_villian : Good question @grovberg
blbornstein.hamptons : @grovberg I just saw my grocery store stocking water. (2) one-gallon jugs came packed in a Cardboard box. unbelievable.
tiffanykyang : Flint water = Cochise water @usdominz
gabimroliveira : I listened to this story. Wow.
ncwellspdx : @nikkiannepdx
rdhamel36 : So angry about this
npr : Here's the story:
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[1/3] Jeneyah McDonald stands amid cases of bottled water in the kitchen of her home in Flint, Mich. Before water donations arrived in Flint, McDonald says, she spent an estimated $100 out of her $300 weekly grocery bill buying safe water for her family. The problems with high lead levels in Flint, Mich.'s water started in April 2014, when the city switched water sources and began drawing its supply from the Flint River. The new water was harder, and government officials allowed it to corrode the city's pipes, leaching lead and other toxins into the tap water. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @lauramcdermottphoto | Laura McDermott for NPR) #flint
flint -
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aubbies : This lady is buying water for older family members outside her home too. What a terrible burden for the people of this city.
capewind : The trauma and stress will be long lasting impacts. I hope justice will jail the politicians that created this and hid the truth and that huge money will be set aside to compensate as well as care for the people who have been poisoned and deceived! It is absurd that there has not been a response better than bottled water that not all residents can access let alone each day.
mandnglzs : I am appalled this is happening right here in our country.
stephanie_vaughan : We definitely need justice, which should include both prison sentences for culpable individuals and long term financial help for residents, overhaul of some of the political systems that allowed this to happen here but never would have allowed it to happen in, say, Lansing or Ann Arbor, and immediate repairs of the system. We as the people also need to help our fellow citizens right now. I can't believe this is happening here, either. I have been and an so angry about the situation and the negligence and the cover up.
o_cyn : @jesscamille yes indeed👍🏽👍🏽
npr : Here's the story:
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Most breast cancer cases are in women, so treatment and support are geared toward them. About 2,600 men are diagnosed annually and they can feel isolated when entering a world of pink. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: Maria Fabrizio for NPR)
myardentlife : @meika.mode I appreciate that. My oldest child has autism and generally I don't feel that way about autism awareness gear but of course it's big business, too. Hypocritical of me, probably. Watching my mother die was the single most traumatizing event in my life so far. I also now hate Hollywood death scenes because it's not like the reality I know. Wishing you a gentle February.
aaallie : @myardentlife @meika.mode sending you both love, cancer sucks <3
amyjococo : Both my mother and father had breast cancer. We all donned the pink breast cancer awareness attire when my mother was going through her battle with the disease. However, very recently, my father went through his own battle with breast cancer. He almost felt a sense of embarrassment, because breast cancer is thought of as a woman's disease. The gender association with breast cancer made him feel very isolated. I appreciate the article. Breast cancer is awful for all humans, man or woman.
cldev : @amichelsonbrown
argenblythe : Thank you for writing about this!
teddytyme2 : I'm a woman, and a 14-year breast cancer survivor. Tell your dad to stand strong through his journey, and we are a family of survivors regardless of our gender. My next cancer walk, I will ware a T-shirt that express awareness for men. Thank you for sharing, and continue to be a voice for your father.
deniselovesny : Love NPR 's platform, always something to learn. My mom had cancer...Staying strong and fight cancer!! 👊👊
npr : Here's the story:
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NPR's Brazil Correspondent Lourdes Garcia-Navarro performs with the Vila Isabel Samba School during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Our profile link takes you to a short video of the performance. (Credit: André Vieira for NPR) #carnival #brazil
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maxinetmcclellan : @petercroce_rsd ... for elaboration I direct you to any news outlet for info on the disaster Brazil has become.
npr : Here's the story:
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Last week, Benjamin McCrumade won his town’s annual surfing championship in Robertsport, a sleepy village town a few hours up the coast from Monrovia, Liberia. The championship was canceled last year because of the Ebola outbreak, and he and his fellow surfers were excited to compete again. "We can't let people say, 'Oh, y'all got good waves in Liberia but you don't surf them,' " McCrumade says. "I'm going to surf and enjoy my waves because it's my country's nature. That's what I love about surfing.” Follow our profile link to the full story. (Credit: Carielle Doe for NPR) #surfing #liberia
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npr : Here's the story:
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Noel Melecio, 15, talks with YMCA outreach worker John Vergara during a recent Urban Warriors session. In parts of Chicago, violence is unavoidable, with effects similar to being in a war zone. The Urban Warriors program connects kids with veterans who may understand what they've been through. "Anywhere else anybody would just tell you, 'Oh, you'll be OK,' or they'll pat you on the back or something. But them, they like get into your feelings and help you sort them out," Melecio says. Our profile link takes to you to more photos and the full story. (Credit: Alyssa Schukar for NPR) #chicago
chicago -
joybirdmama : @rnealdenton powerful Y story
samthelandlord : @npr thanks for post guys. It's a shame programs like these aren't on more presidential platforms, although sadly not surprising. We seem to have completely removed ourselves from what's going on at 'home'.
lcseyfarth : @kseyfarth another unconventional connection " yes and..."
deannaljohnson : Good to read of a great way that people connect with similar feelings. It's true it would be great to see it on a larger platform statewide.
bruindodger_girl : @jaxucla good story check it out
nicknoreen : This is so wonderful
npr : Here's the story:
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Harry Rubenstein is the chair of the political history division at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. He's standing in a room that's packed with about 100,000 different items from previous presidential elections. The collection, he says, ranges "from a little bit before the American Revolution, to probably last week." Our profile link takes you to the full story and more photos. (Credit: @btruetoyou | Brandon Chew/NPR) #politics #history #washingtondc
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sarahlaudari : @defiantcow I hope he has a daughter named Stella
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phibbinphilistine : Thank God! For a second i thought they let Madoff out!
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608outandabout : NPR - please do a ZIKA Post... There will be many Spring Break travelers ! 😉 👌
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Tom Wall listens to violinist Tim Fain perform during the Make Room concert at Wall's apartment in Annapolis, Md. The concert is a fundraiser to help Wall pay his rent and shine a light on the growing lack of affordable housing. Our profile link takes you to the full story. (Credit: @btruetoyou | Brandon Chew/NPR) #maryland
maryland -
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carolannannieban : Wishing for better things to come Mr. Wall's way.
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