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Business Of Disaster: Insurance Firms Profited $400 Million After Sandy
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npr - NPR
On a cold rainy day last fall, dozens of people gathered in a plaza across the street from New Jersey's state Capitol. They held press conferences and slept overnight in lawn chairs. Everyone had come to make the same point: They'd made it through Superstorm Sandy, which hit the shores of New Jersey and New York in October 2012. But three years later, many hadn't made it home. Superstorm Sandy wasn't a disaster for everyone, though. For some, it was big money. NPR and the PBS series Frontline have spent the past year investigating the business of disaster and have uncovered a complex system in which private companies profit and homeowners and clients suffer. At the center of that system is the National Flood Insurance Program, which is designed to help in disasters like Sandy. Almost everyone with a mortgage who lives near water pays for flood insurance through the program, so more than three years later most residents expected to be home. But in many cases that didn't happen. While thousands of homeowners like Doug Quinn, a 51-year-old from Toms River, N.J. said they have not received the recovery help they need, the investigation found that their private insurance companies that administer the government's flood program made as much as an estimated $240 million to $406 million in profit annually over the past four years. Above, Quinn stands on the empty lot where his house used to be. Three years after the storm, he’s still paying the mortgage on this nonexistent home while he rents the house he lives in now. Follow the link in our profile to read the full story. (Credit: Bryan Thomas for NPR) #superstormsandy #investigation
superstormsandy - investigation -
rmcook : Crazy. Thank you for tireless research and investigations.
oreojuly2013 : So wrong.
goddess.lisa : @themontrose
melonkelly : Big money gets away with Big crime!
dc.vs.yehezkel - johndonjoian - sweetvee1215 - tellguy -
npr - NPR
This spring, NPR science reporter Adam Cole followed a snowy owl named Baltimore from Maryland to Ontario. Thanks to cutting edge tracking technology, he was able to recreate the migration path down to the meter, stopping at a New Jersey beach, a skyscraper in NYC, and the smallest radio station in Canada. #snowyowl #adventure #science
snowyowl - science - adventure -
kisspigs : @rackal05
jonathanbassy : @leenagrier this is so cool
skindeepgj : Love this. I was a snow owl for Halloween
dawnkmcc : @shaynaferullo did you see this? 😍
john_lopresto - gravityron - _bjorklund_ - doreybryan -
npr - NPR
Former professional boxer, Iran Barkley, poses in front of his Bronx apartment complex. Barkley became homeless after facing financial troubles in the later years of his life. He currently back on his feet and is a board member of Ring 10 Veterans Boxing Foundation of New York, an organization that works with boxers to help figure out their lives after they leave the boxing ring. Follow our profile link for the full story. (Credit: @cont4ct | Cameron Robert/NPR)
fc.bounty : Boxing is the toughest of all sports IMO and the long road is littered with hards stories and tough tales. Barkley was a warrior and had many battles. Best of luck to him. Fighters need more life guidance and support to help navigate the pitfalls.
james_r89 : @rationalfit
torrinrose : @npr why dont you report on the thousands of fake online profiles created by the Hillary Victory Fund?
kamc8928 : 😀
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npr - NPR
A handful of scientists around the United States are trying to do something that some people find disturbing: make embryos that are part human, part animal. The researchers hope these embryos, known as chimeras, could eventually help save the lives of people with a wide range of diseases. But some scientists and bioethicists worry the creation of these interspecies embryos crosses the line. Follow our profile link for the full story. (Credit: @jeanniephan | Jeannie Phan for NPR) #illustration #science
science - illustration -
djmonkvolcano : @annannannaaa and so it begins
lopeordemi_ : mad science
torrinrose : @npr why do you ignore the corruption in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign? I had to sit through an hour long piece on the creator of Reality TV #trash #presidentsanders
stephanypack : @lianahua woah. @amberporfavor
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npr - NPR
Parents are starting to understand the level of stress their kids are under. So what can they do to help? Follow our profile link for the full story. (Credit: @thelajohnson | LA Johnson/NPR) #education #illustration
education - illustration -
melonkelly : The world's most widely read magazine had an article on this (over a year ago) specifically how stress affects teenage girls and what practical steps parents can take to help.
tonythenark : Idk about Latinos, lol
awakeyvonne : We need to show our kids more of the world early on. Most stress comes from the unknown. Our education system is protecting kids from situations that they will someday face but not preparing them for when they face it. If parents aren't going to do it, the schools must pick up the slack.
torrinrose : @npr why do you ignore the blatent corruption of the Hillary Victory Fund?
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npr - NPR
"Some days I wake up and go, 'Am I wasting time, when I could be on chemotherapy or getting a surgery?' " asks Tony Lapinski, a Montana veteran who has endured long wait times through Veterans Affairs and worries about what is causing his back pain. A $10 billion program to eliminate long wait times and other problems for veterans' health care hasn't worked out as planned. More veterans wait even longer for care now than they did a year ago. Follow our profile link for the full story. (Credit: Michael Albans for NPR) #veteran #montana
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austin.wagner : @babyplantchild
grinche4 : Out of all of these comments, it appears only about 4 people actually read the article before commenting. I concede that the VA (all three divisions) are large, unwieldy, and laden with layer upon layer of bureaucracy, as is the rest of the federal government. Congress as a whole decided that the solution to the wait times were to cut funding while mandating reforms in a compressed time frame. In other words, Congress engineered the failure of the Veteran's Choice Program.
grinche4 : Infant mortality rate is the tool used to measure the health of a population. Of the top 19 industrialized countries in the world, the US has the highest health care cost and the highest (worst) infant mortality rate. However, US pharmaceutical, medical, insurance, and other health care related companies are doing quite well.
anchorgang : Talk about Hillarys corrupt political campaign for once
gerser999 - larry_bernard - ariana_port - thatdenicechic -
npr - NPR
As the second man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin is one of the most famous astronauts in the history of the space program. So it’s surprising to learn that he was rejected the first time he applied to NASA. NPR member station KERA (@KERATX) talked with him about perseverance, #mars, and other wisdom he’s gained in his 86 years, which he’s collected in his new book, “No Dream Is Too High: Life Lessons From a Man Who Walked on the Moon”. Follow our profile link to listen to the interview. (Credit: Ariel Zambelich/NPR) #space #astronaut #🚀
🚀 - space - astronaut - mars -
katerocks : "would you like to yell at the moon with buzz aldrin?"
lindsay_shively : @savstutzman - wow, indeed
paytonraffa : @avwhitby even Buzz has had off days ;)
perkinsbobbi : Sexxxxyyyyyy
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npr - NPR
Voice actor Anthony Mendez stands in his home recording studio. Mendez's role as the narrator on the television show 'Jane The Virgin' has garnered him critical acclaim. But before Mendez was able to turn his voice into a career, he was selling tombstones for the family business. Follow our profile link for the full story. (Credit: Emily Bogle/NPR) @cwjanethevirgin
thisisnotaname : @xandrita8 I love it!!!
sandraloisbrown : Looks like the perfect job!
emuloo : @tyleroo
longheirdontcare : @ayahvelazquez
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npr - NPR
Sleep has a big impact on learning. And not just when you do it in class. Sleep deprivation affects memory, cognition and motivation, and the effects are compounded when it's long-term. For those reasons, there's been lots of interest in the education world in studying the sleep habits of children, adolescents and college students. Follow our profile link for the full story. (Credit: @thelajohnson/NPR) #education #illustration
education - illustration -
slaintehb : Man...imagine how good I could be if I got sleep!
capewind : What about studying moms, parents ?
monkeybutt2016 : 👍 @sammi_chengsauman
fpe.wu : @dnwlsdus @jivonchy we fucked
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npr - NPR
[4/4] Yepraksia Gevorgyan, now 108, escaped by crossing the Araks River to what is present-day Armenia. She described seeing Turks kill her father, throwing him into the water, which she described as "red, full of blood." She was separated from her brother. "His name is Yeghia Ghazarian," she says. "I was 10 when I last saw him. He liked to put me on his shoulders and play with me at the orphanage. I don't remember much else about him except he has blue eyes, like mine." Her grandson drew the portrait sketch of Yeghia. A year ago, photographer Diana Markosian began to research the remaining survivors of the genocide as part of an IDeA Foundation-commissioned project. She scoured Armenian voter registrations online to see who was born before 1915, and then traveled across Armenia to find them. When she met them, it had been nearly a century since the survivors had seen their home. Based on the childhood memories they shared with her, she traveled to Turkey, took an image of what remained and brought it back to them. Follow our profile link for the full story. (Credit: @markosian | Diana Markosian) #armenia #history #photography
photography - armenia - history -
smileylori : @lmk4gold @levonp2
klslovely1 : Love the photography
tkbae : @kcromeenes
jacklewis.18 : Hot 😉
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