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Marcus Bennett is 32. He joined the Marines as a teenager and served for 10 years. Like 50,000 other vets in the U.S., he's been homeless. See more of Marcus and other vets through the link in our profile. (Photo by @dpgilkey/NPR)
stop.sea.slavery : Please do a story about the slaughter of dolphins called the cove!!!!
nancy_ellis : Why would they use such an ugly backdrop .... Smh @ruby_ceniceros_ad_astra
casehennan : @ryankuper @veganbeastmode yeah, I deleted my comment right after posting it. Didn't feel right about posting it, and then read the rest of the thread. Probably should be careful using sarcasm in that manner in regards to sensitive subjects in the future.
ryankuper : @casehennan Right on. Yeah, sarcasm gets lost a lot, but you're right about time/place of its use. All the best!
leediaz : @dicquiloan follow npr's profile link for the other profiles. Interface was cool and the profiles were interesting.😘
handmadebytay : @iknewone
dawnbmoorr : Thank you for your service, Marcus. May all good things come to you.
francie414 : My best to you Marcus. Thank you for your service.
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Vanessa Messner is 40. She's a vet and a mom. And she's been homeless. The V.A. plans to end homelessness among veterans by 2015. But how does a veteran like Messner end up homeless? Learn more through the link in our profile. (Photo by @dpgilkey/NPR)
bitesized_love : I don't think this can be corrected by 2015...optimistic but unrealistic goal
bitesized_love : Good. Luck to her and her family, pray for the best
izumi_pau : @toshimisan
sheenaemack : @jerseygirl06 smh nuts
mel3081 : @npr is there a full article I can read concerning this issue? I'm writing a paper on the homeless and would be interested on the goal The V.A. Is planning. Thanks!
adeystips : @npr these are such heartbreaking stories.. In NYC I come across homeless veterans all the time. When I contacted the VA on behalf of one veteran I came across a couple of years ago, I was told about a program to specifically help homeless veterans and I've been referring people there since. Considering our defense budget, it's a shame that this happens.. I pray that they all get the assistance they deserve..
4thecetaceans : @npr please cover the taiji dolphins slaughters
4thecetaceans : @npr
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The Washington Coliseum, where the Beatles played their first gig stateside, has seen better days. After 10 years as a transfer station for Waste Management, it's now used as a parking garage. The building's exterior shows signs of nature returning despite being in a rapidly changing D.C. neighborhood. #nprcities The Cities Project is back with some stories about nature encroaching on our urban environment. We notice it when there's a hurricane, but it happens in small ways, too. We want your photos and stories of nature reclaiming space in your community, in ways big or small. It could be in an empty lot gone to seed, a vacant house full of bats or a flower pushing its way up through a crack in your balcony or sidewalk. Plant or animal stories welcome. Tag your image with #nprcities – we may share your contribution on the radio and (Photo Credit: @jameswhuclark/NPR)
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freakinrika : @abzterr Geri!
abzterr : @freakinrika Geraldine! I miss her!
pistolamy : @jenebuck @michaelbsmith This is completely up my alley! 😍 Thank you for tagging me in this! I love old buildings (derr) and I love The Beatles. Perfect.
teerifical : @blackdog629
bettygutz : Sad how we let landmarks just decay away!! @npr
_mike_hall_ : Awesome! @amandavk
leoellionzz : Love this series @npr Thank you!
jilllib : @caiford
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Dan Martin is 29. He's a vet. And he's been homeless. About 50,000 vets in the U.S. are homeless. We took portraits of a few -- and asked them to pick the one they liked best. Check out the link in our profile. (Photo by @dpgilkey/NPR)
hankkinney : @capootzz
capootzz : @hankkinney fuck
sochrispy7 : @joe_beraz @ludwig21 looks like joe in 10 years.... Y'all related?
brietl : @heidimarie208 I think we should find him....
heidimarie208 : @brietl I agree 100%! Mission starts tomorrow?
spicycubarican : @bastidbrandvicecompany too many vets don't get the help they deserve! Sad to me
bastidbrandvicecompany : @spicycubarican agreed
kriseaton : There is no reason or excuse for our veterans to be homeless.
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The Scottish independence referendum has inspired like-minded activists around the world. On the Royal Mile in central Edinburgh, a Scottish independence supporter in a kilt poses for photographs with Sardinian activists hoping that today's vote will boost their movement to break from Italy. (Photo Credit: @arishapiro/NPR) #indyref #nprontheroad
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pkvonjacobs : If I could I would! #voteyes @ahumanjukebox :D
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nobaldia : @paolo_manuntza @chiara_paoli94
paolo_manuntza : "Sardigna no est Italia!" mi nada meda genti @nobaldia pero deu no pensu ca ci funti barrierasa, poitta seusu tottusu frarisi basciu de cussu solli! ;)
beholla : Hope they break away.
joeyoftheuniverse : Is that Obama on the flag?
ctraganos : @jmalutinok hahaha
ajyust : #hotscotts!
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A 10-year-old boy suspected of being sick with Ebola was found naked on the beach by residents of the West Point neighborhood of Monrovia, Liberia. They dressed him but couldn't find a clinic to take him in at first. Eventually he was was taken to JFK Hospital in Monrovia. (Photo Credit: David Gilkey/NPR) Read the full story: #nprontheroad #Ebola #liberia
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remember_ella_y : I liked it. Because I don't like it :(
carissaelcamino : Get better soon sweet one!
prisillaspace : <3
amazieannie : Awful
marcela_cantero : It's terrible!
saulgonzalezla : It breaks the heart
goredchef : Heartbreaking
danielrals12 : @accountbuilders got me 1k
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A child from Niger is born through an emergency C-section. The child struggled to breathe but was eventually saved by great work from the hospital staff. Check out the story by NPR's Jason Beaubien, with photos by @viiphoto @ronhaviv_vii #nprontheroad #goatsandsoda #maternalhealth
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nickijax : β€οΈπŸ™
leighwith : @npr praise God
yesthankyou : @npr praise the hospital staff
megsincolo : I second that @yesthankyou
cristicks : I just love it.
neillherbert : @yesthankyou @leighwith praise the scalpel...
outwrapnana : @issa_gold
jennaffar : @ptranish
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At a school for husbands in Chadakori, Niger, community leaders gather to discuss family planning topics like contraceptives and spacing out the number of children. Read the full story on NPR's new global health and development blog, Goats and Soda, at Photo by @ronhaviv_vii
awwkatz : @catsclamation check it out!
amysellers6 : They all look too old for family planning issues to matter to them anymore.
suzannestegen : Uh, @amysellers6 and anyone else who thinks this, those little swimmers may be fewer, but the never stop attempting to "be fruitful and multiply" which may be the point.
lgs929 : @mommy2irishtwins very Stevenson
amysellers6 : Good point. You know what, men need to have their own form of menopause. Might solve more than a few problems in this world.
mommy2irishtwins : @lgs929 I think we will forever be talking about Stevenson
tallgrrl : No one who is able to still have sex is "too old" to be concerned about family planning and contraception. It's 2014. Be Educated.
jst888 : @nicholas_even
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Photo by @ronhaviv_vii Daily life in Niger. Working on a #NPR project with @jasonBnpr.
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@ronhaviv_vii Sultan de Dosso at his home. Niger is a very poor country with lots of potential. Very excited to be working on an upcoming NPR story with @JasonBnpr. #NPRontheroad #africa #onassignment #photojournalism
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