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Fashion photographer. MTL x TO x NYC x LA. For booking inquiries
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northtrooper - North Trooper
After a day if meetings in the city I'm catching the sunset in the hills. Shimmer shimmer little City of Angels.
calebkharris : Sick... 😳😧
fstopkiller : I've been dying to buy a g16 even though I shoot Nikon but never seen good quality anyone posted from it. Might have to get one now @northtrooper
northtrooper : @fstopkiller it's the perfect hybrid camera
fstopkiller : We'll sometimes I don't wanna carry a 10- 15 lb camera. Leica or g16? That's the question @northtrooper
m_329 : @valerie81 check this photo out cuz
gattmuzman : @fstopkiller I've also heard nothing but good things about the fuji x pro1
raydeeoh : βœ¨πŸ‘Œ
graw760 : Where's this spot homie?
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northtrooper - North Trooper
Quick bite before my next meeting. 2 double doubles, fries, and a dr pepper. Starting to think In N Out is the only good part of California.
northtrooper : @thejuliusray the new stuff I am gonna be working on in the next few weeks is was better than half naked girls
northtrooper : @_chris_g lettuce has no place in replacing a good set of buns
_chris_g : Hahahahahahaha I love you
noelpr1986 : @adammichaelmarsh
ajawhitfield : I want that in my mouth
reallydesiree : Dr. P you're my only friend 😍
adammichaelmarsh : Need that @noelpr1986
thejuliusray : Oh yeah? You post any of it yet?
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northtrooper - North Trooper
A successful business meeting. A successful NIKE purchase. A successful churro eaten above the Pier. A successful IG pic taken below the Pier. Not a bad afternoon.
badmanshark : Sorry I can't like your pics unless there's babes
bo_odah : No ice cold horchata with a shot of cap morgan mixed in to dunk that churro?
skoreaga : Enjoy it chief! πŸ™Œ
mrs_sionara : Where is this located please?
northtrooper : @skoreaga thanks man
northtrooper : @mrs_sionara Santa Monica
northtrooper : @badmanshark haha
mrs_sionara : TY β™‘ your work! Cheers from NY in LA ;)
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northtrooper - North Trooper
Descent over LA always gets me excited for like 5 min. 48hrs in Hell starts now.
yuniboi : You going to Vegas? @northtrooper
northtrooper : @yuniboi no I'm in town for 2 meetings for an upcoming Oct shoot and to buy some Nikes that have been haunting me
tarynnbear : Do they not sell nikes in Canadia?
northtrooper : @tarynnbear I'm here for more than a pair of pink nikes that no I can't get in Canada. I'm sure your well aware I can't get a lot of things in Canada.
tarynnbear : Lol You haven't stopped thinking about the pink nikes?! Canada can have them!
northtrooper : @tarynnbear I wanted them since I first saw them in March. 2 trips I almost bought them an didn't. And Canada has them cause I copped them an hr ago.
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northtrooper - North Trooper
Peeping Toms got something to peep about. The gorgeous @mish_arynrosee shot for @muybella_
thebuttblog2 : πŸ‘Œ
northtrooper : @thebuttblog2 thanks
vikanoxx : Gorgeous shot. :D
ermaxcool : Wow, ¡¡¡Hermosa!!!
mish_arynrosee : πŸ™‹heyyyyπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
mikaelaosborn : Love every picture you post
northtrooper : @mikaelaosborn thank you very much
northtrooper : @mish_arynrosee ❀️
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northtrooper - North Trooper
Stop. Tops. Pots. Spot. Post. Opts. Yea, we spelling all kinds with @alexandchloe while @ashleighraexo just looks good.
iamtheelephant : dots
northtrooper : @iamtheelephant it's a P not a D
iamtheelephant : Oh. Now I see it...
phuckismael : @valaeryrose
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northtrooper - North Trooper
Sunday dips with @sydney.a.maler. Shot for @muybella_ πŸ’¦
dubonab1ke : @wanderlust_231
lollo_guercio : .......
rob_thyng : Her boobs look too good to be real
browncastle : @factory4 @camp_coffee
blackatron : I kind of hate your life in the most respectable way possible. Shooting awesome fotogs of 9's and 10's and getting paid good and travel to do so has got to be a great time. You're a good egg in my book. You straight kill it with all these models. I really do think you bring the best out of who you shoot. #props
northtrooper : @blackatron I appreciate it man. It's not all perfect I assure you. Liars and thieves and shady people run this business and you can't trust anyone anymore. I'm trying to take quality pix and get paid. You can't pay bills with boobs you know what I mean hahh
callmewik : @sabrinaanais
blackatron : I feel you. Your work proves itself. Either way people look to cut corners. Fuck them. Hope they get aids.
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northtrooper - North Trooper
Give me your jacket, your boots and your @muybella_. I'll be back with @tarynnbear
asdrubale262 : πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ’‹πŸ˜ƒ
tonkajj : Take it all
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northtrooper - North Trooper
Have you checked out the @muybella_ x Vintage Playboy mini lookbook I shot? Head over to the site to see @lovechelseamiller and more. #pasta
pasta -
sarah_ve : Gorgeous
___cjm___ : Awesome, man.
northtrooper : @sarah_ve thank you
northtrooper : @___cjm___ thanks
jay35001 : @steveeebaby
marcioacn : @edufricke
jetlifemen : Swag
dean_tejon : She's amazing.
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northtrooper - North Trooper
Playing BayWatch with @alyssajs_ . Shot for @graffinis and part of the last @nylonguysmag feature "Wish They All Could Be California Girls II"
graffinis : #boom
d.ele.tin.g : @tk.o
northtrooper : @graffinis πŸ‘Œ
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