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Fashion photographer. MTL x TO x NYC x LA. For booking inquiries
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northtrooper - North Trooper
Have you checked out the @muybella_ x Vintage Playboy mini lookbook I shot? Head over to the site to see @lovechelseamiller and more. #pasta
pasta -
sarah_ve : Gorgeous
___cjm___ : Awesome, man.
northtrooper : @sarah_ve thank you
northtrooper : @___cjm___ thanks
jay35001 : @steveeebaby
marcioacn : @edufricke
jetlifemen : Swag
amy___jones - _fixie - diyaaalhamad2006 - dylanlewis16 -
northtrooper - North Trooper
Playing BayWatch with @alyssajs_ . Shot for @graffinis and part of the last @nylonguysmag feature "Wish They All Could Be California Girls II"
graffinis : #boom
b.fdz : @tk.o
northtrooper : @graffinis πŸ‘Œ
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northtrooper - North Trooper
Skateboard. Lollipop. Jordan's. Valley girls. Everything you need to cool down on a hot day. That and of course @muybella_
tarynnbear : Lollypops make my fingers sticky...
northtrooper : @tarynnbear hahaha
biancavierra : Valley girls hahaha don't ya know we're city girls 😏
northtrooper : @biancavierra it made for a good quote
rizbo888 - dlarionova - thebluensilver82 - farzinmaleki666 -
northtrooper - North Trooper
Take a minute to appreciate this shot I took. Downtown LA. Friday afternoon. Gorgeous @jessegolden wearing only @muybella_. And doing a full on Ballet pose. A quick creative argument with @tarynnbear led to this. Yes, we stop traffic!!
caciqueboutique : πŸ’— amazing shoot
banksyblog : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘…πŸ‘‹
emilypalos : So happy with how it turned out! Beautiful πŸ‘
northtrooper : @emilypalos thank you
northtrooper : @banksyblog πŸ‘Œ
northtrooper : @caciqueboutique thanks!
northtrooper : @christofurson thx
marcellaborges_ : demais!!! @a_ripper @cella_ripper @bubu3004
jeronimobosia - richikotasek - alex8orden - gozeriano -
northtrooper - North Trooper
Depending on where you live, you can either start your day or end your day with @mskatiemay. Shot for @muybella_
northtrooper : @_chris_g πŸ‘
badmanshark : Finally no internet wear
northtrooper : @badmanshark ha
mskatiemay : @northtrooper you da best β€οΈπŸ’‹πŸ’Ž
chichopena : @mariosantos7
redaheadstudios : Love!! Come check out our studio, we would love to have you!
northtrooper : @redaheadstudios yea would love to shoot your rooftop. I'm a natural light outdoor guy
redaheadstudios : Absolutely! Come check it out anytime!
chriscalo - richikotasek - alex8orden - yulisnabil -
northtrooper - North Trooper
This shot is not only one if the coolest ones I have taken in a while, but I think it's my new fav. While trying to catch the sunset over a lookout in Topanga Canyon during the @alexandchloe lookbook shoot, a gnarly fog gripped the valley and surrounded us making for an epic pic. This is straight off the camera no edit and it's amazing. @emilypalos nailed it!
skoreaga : Top Notch Shot! πŸ’―πŸ’£
integrebel : super clean, man.
fstopkiller : The mist and ur talent
vemesd : πŸ”β€οΈπŸ” πŸ‘ @northtrooper & @emilypalos
touchme10x : How do you become Instagram suggested?
northtrooper : @touchme10x I dunno why, am i suggested?
touchme10x : Yes. When I followed @emilypalos Instagram suggested to follow you and two other accounts
northtrooper : @touchme10x crazy, I didn't know
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northtrooper - North Trooper
Another day another roof. I'm lighting up the city with my sneakers looking for someone to love me.
alldayterror : @curtiskulig @lovemewashere
sfbartender : @kaitliinryan yyyyyaaaasssss
northtrooper : thx man
northtrooper : @mistermidwest nice
chydnyi : Model, please ☺️☺️☺️
chydnyi : @northtrooper ⚑️
navygurl1997 : I have them shoes too!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ πŸ’š
jayscale : Check your dm
ericanasab - suarezreychy - yikki_lam - taka_69_ -
northtrooper - North Trooper
This is the real view at the lookout. @melwitharosee and @courtneypaigenelson rocking @muybella_ and tourists hearts.
northtrooper : @reallydesiree yea, I lent them out to the girls from my personal stash
marciotowers : Isso! E você, @marcioacn πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ @betohmartins
betohmartins : @marciotowers @marcioacn exato!
wanderlust_231 : @dubonab1ke you need raise the bar a little DB!
rgbgroupinc : @jparsons94 these ladies need a lift to San Juanico, is that cool with you?
alexkeh : Hahahahaha, and everybody says I'm the lucky one because I get to tattoo. Good job man. πŸ‘
dubonab1ke : It is! @wanderlust_231
gdeus : Who's the one on the left. She's exquisite
in_v - eyeontheshotz - richikotasek - chriscalo -
northtrooper - North Trooper
This Bonnie doesn't need a Clyde. @ashleighraexo shot for @muybella_. Special thanks to @mikecw617 for letting us use your ride.
northtrooper : @_chris_g she probably inhaled when she was supposed to exhale while writing that comment an brain farted
olskoolswag : Awesome shot!
northtrooper : @olskoolswag thanks
cj_zykan8 : Your beautiful
northtrooper : @cj_zykan8 thanks, but I'm a dude
grizzleybeard : ^ lol ^
northtrooper : @grizzleybeard between 12 year olds and ever Iraqi dude on earth you would think they would know enuff that I am a photographer an not a model who just happens to look different in every pic.
grizzleybeard : Shape shifter. I knew it. Seriously, the Iraqis tho, huh?
cenoldthebosa - nicknystul23 - nasayapotata - ghalebmajidy -
northtrooper - North Trooper
The homie @urbansniper514 caught me snappin last night during out little rooftop assault session. Can't wait for you all to see more of these shots
_chris_g : Boobie break ?
northtrooper : @_chris_g much needed boobie break. They don't fuel my creative juices.
mskatiemay : Loooove this βœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’«πŸŒ‡πŸ’«β­οΈ
jbunaye : Looking good
designdeimagens : He looks like Jeff from Pearl Jam :)
northtrooper : @mskatiemay thank you
northtrooper : @jbunaye thanks!
wanderlust.diaries : Nice tatts! 😍😍
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