Rebekah Seeger

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norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
#seeger6pack #3boys3girls so much fun! #neveradullmoment
seeger6pack - neveradullmoment - 3boys3girls -
kyli_jo21 - annakabell - elisabeth.eden - britaustin -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
Afternoon snuggles with #freyabentelyn #blablakids
freyabentelyn - blablakids -
enchantedlilly8 : So sweetπŸ’•
ingridbarn - farmfreshmama75 - r23_dancestar - pinkiej07 -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
We finally caught her with her eyes open! #freyabentelyn
freyabentelyn -
hot_summer_then : #babyaksel is big brother right now. Lol
lksondreal : So sweet and beautiful πŸ’• I am so happy for you and your whole family. Congratulations!!
jeremiahgallagher : Congratulations!
kstaci15 : So beautiful and precious! Congratulations!
gracegirl1_6_11 : Congrats!!! πŸ’—
jcsickmeyer : Congratulations! So precious!
berryblonde81 : She is just the cutest ever I love her so much!
ashseeger11 : Even though I think she looks the most like Synneva, in this picture she looks a lot like Aksel. What a little beauty!
heidischatz_08 - mommabeste - lovebnpinkcloset - farmfreshmama75 -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
Love snuggling with this precious girl! Freya Bentelyn 7lbs 9oz #babygirl #baby6 she already has nursing down. Still no diaper or bath. We can't stop cuddling! Thank you all for thoughts and prayers! It means so much!!!! 😘
babygirl - baby6 -
norskqueen : @sophfinnislasmom oh thank you sweet friend! Can't wait for you to meet her.
norskqueen : @annakabell thank you so much! We are smitten!πŸ’•
norskqueen : @12deere thank you so much!!!
norskqueen : @lovebnpinkcloset very good guess! Thank you! ❀️
norskqueen : @chillygoodman so exciting to have her here!!!
norskqueen : @shannondknutson thank you so much!!!
norskqueen : Thank you @alanasakkinen
norskqueen : @sunnydsworld oh thank you! It was so cute our husbands ran into each other the other day on a floor in the hospital that they wouldn't expect!
mhoff2109 - wisegut98 - thebrioexchange - maire_yanta -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
Pre-Delivery selfie! #excitedparents
excitedparents -
earanum : Yay!! Prayers are coming your way! 😘❀️
northernplainseye : Good Luck!
sophfinnislasmom : Praying for you! So excited!
hot_summer_then : GD luck supper mommy
chillygoodman : Yay!!!!! It's 1215! She must be here!!!
ingridbarn : You two are so cute! Excited and praying for you!
sarahonstad8 : β€οΈπŸ‘«πŸ‘¦πŸ‘§πŸ‘¦πŸ‘§πŸ‘¦πŸ‘§
kmsmith_81 : So excited for you & Grant. You two are adorable!
ingridbarn - stwedt3 - farmfreshmama75 - pinkiej07 -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
Ready to meet #baby6 #babygirl
babygirl - baby6 -
slkole : Eeeeeee!!!!πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
northernplainseye : So exciting, thank you for sharing updates!
jennazavoral : Praying all goes well!πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’—
chillygoodman : Ohhhh mama! Dressed up for delivery!! #tbagsmaternity #neimanmarcus
sarahonstad8 : You look beautiful!!!! We could not be more excited and happy for you all! So blessed to have another niece!!!πŸ’•πŸ’—
mama_hil : Beautiful addition! You look just as amazing afterwards! Congrats!
kmsmith_81 : Beautiful Mommy!
alsperl : You're adorable!!!! ❀️❀️❀️
ingridbarn - farmfreshmama75 - pinkiej07 - prettyspringy -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
In this moment, beautiful but very dirty Marit was swinging and soaking in the lovely evening, awaiting her turn in the tub. I had just got the bath ready for an equally darling but very dirty Synneva. Little did I know she was taking a bath with her new Frog friend. #bathswithfrogs
bathswithfrogs -
lovebnpinkcloset : Haha. So funny. Always something new with kids eh??
norskqueen : @lovebnpinkcloset you know it! Never a dull moment
berryblonde81 : @norskqueen that's hilarious!!!
norskqueen : @berryblonde81 Synneva was the last one I expected would want to take a bath with a frog!
sillysoxes : And the question is, did the frog live through bath time? I love hearing about the real life adventures of your children. :)
norskqueen : @sillysoxes you are too sweet. Sadly the poor frog perished in the bubbly water. Marit had taken the frog out before I could see. 🐸
enchantedlilly8 - toneroten - lovebnpinkcloset - sarahdietzler -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
#39weeks today. It's official, I am huge! We have been guessing how big she will be. 8lbs 7oz is my guess. #baby6 #babygirl
39weeks - babygirl - baby6 -
sillysoxes : Love! Can't wait to see her and hear here name. :) having babies is the most fabulous joy of motherhood! Praying for you on the upcoming delivery.
chillygoodman : Yay! I was just about to ask you to take a pic!
sophfinnislasmom : Beautiful!
bldafoe : Gorgeous! !!! Can't wait to see pics!!! I work all weekend so I might have to sneak over and say hello :0)
norskqueen : @sillysoxes thank you so much! I greatly appreciate it! We are excited and I look forward to having her meet you!!!
norskqueen : @chillygoodman have to take it so our kids have record right!? πŸ‘«πŸ‘«πŸ‘«
norskqueen : @sophfinnislasmom thank you ! You are sweet
norskqueen : @bldafoe oh that would be fun!!! Hope to see you then! Thanks!
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norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
#babyaksel not looking like a little baby. He is one fun little mischievous boy! πŸ’—β€οΈπŸ˜˜
babyaksel -
iamadreammmmer : fun little mischievous boy.too cute.πŸ˜„
hot_summer_then : So sweet
hot_summer_then - a_augustine98 - heathergayleflores - sarahdietzler -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
Friday night #golf #date before #baby6 (we actually just putted after a lovely dinner) #grandforkscountryclub #38weeks
date - grandforkscountryclub - 38weeks - golf - baby6 -
newmuth : This is a good shot for the baby book! Can't wait to meet your sweet little #6
kstaci15 : You look amazing! #impressed
shannondknutson : So cute!!
flowerbrook : Praying for you all. Life is good
cdemlow : So cute!
sitruc0527 : Praying for you & sweet babe as arrival gets closer :)
norskqueen : Thank you all dearies!!! @berryblonde81 @sophfinnislasmom @earanum @newmuth @kstaci15 @shannondknutson @flowerbrook @cdemlow @sitruc0527 appreciate the prayers and sweet comments. My thought was not "cute" but more like beached whale! πŸ‹πŸ˜œβ˜ΊοΈ
lovebnpinkcloset : Cute dress.....πŸ˜‰
ingridbarn - pillan_e - justteddy09 - smbredemeier -
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