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Rebekah Seeger

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norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
Found a little energy to get some #Christmas creativity on! #wreathchandelier thanks to @p_onste and @rahauge for the fabulous #pheasantfeathers
pheasantfeathers - wreathchandelier - christmas -
norskqueen : Thank you @lauriekovar
norskqueen : @berryblonde81 you are too kind
norskqueen : @sitruc0527 thank you!!
norskqueen : @skavlem12 you are too kind! What this photo doesn't show is the pile of laundry I need to put away and the over spilling of wrapping paper etc.
norskqueen : @newmuth haha I was inspired by your beautifully decorated home! I had to do something!! Now for my planters outside
norskqueen : @sarahonstad8 yeah!!!! Thank you
katruberg : Was browsing and saw this... thought "that looks like something Bridget or Sarah might do" and turns out to be their sister. Lol Too cute. Love the decorations.
norskqueen : @katruberg that is too sweet! Thank you!
maryranum - camestegale - shopfrosting - emilyann825 -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
This video represents a small Christmas miracle. In class she acts so incredibly shy, so for her to be up on stage and actually participating... I was in shock. Finally realizing maybe she is just not a morning person...
sophfinnislasmom : So cute and I can relate as I am not a morning person either!
jennazavoral : Yay!! Way to go---what a fun gift for you to receive!
sarahonstad8 : Synneva!! So adorable! You are amazing! Love you!!!
eleighberg - maryranum - toneroten - cmarti17 -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
#ballerina with her #entourage #danceetc
ballerina - danceetc - entourage -
jennazavoral : Precious!πŸ’—
annakabell : πŸ’•πŸ’•
katpinke : I love the Chester Fritz! Many wonderful memories there
kaylacali10 : I feel like your kids are so sweet and such good siblings! I imagine they never fight!
melcgoodman1 - nellie_rae10 - shmerinpalmer - pinkiej07 -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
Synneva the #ballerina
ballerina -
maryranum - louters - alubarski - iamnotwinnie -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
#uglychristmassweaters at school today.
uglychristmassweaters -
britaustin : I love that they all wore the same one!
earanum : Amazing!! Tell the kids they all look FABULOUS!!! (Good work mom @norskqueen )
sophfinnislasmom : Love it!
bhoffbauer : The best
norskqueen : @britaustin thanks! I didn't have the heart to tell the boys these shirts technically came from the girls section.
norskqueen : @earanum oh your too kind. Good thing I have a feel "good mom moments". This morning I am not score points with Thor because I refused to make pancakes. We have so many breakfast items already,...
norskqueen : @sophfinnislasmom @bhoffbauer thanks sweet Mommas!!!!
earanum : @norskqueen oh Thor... Too funny! He just knows how good your pancakes are! :)
dpronto - sharonaustintait - jtobuffalo - pani04nd -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
I heard this giggly happy boy from around the corner and I went to go investigate what was entertaining him so. Of course! He was shattering Christmas ornaments in the floor! #myboyslovetobreakthings
myboyslovetobreakthings -
sophfinnislasmom : yep that was a bit of an adjustment for me after having a girl first. They are just so curious! He's too cute and can get away with it!
norskqueen : @sophfinnislasmom yes for now he can. πŸ˜‰ I have been having tons of flash backs to when Haakon and Thor were this age and into mischief
sdriscollbloom - lisa3889 - jtobuffalo - sarahdietzler -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
We found ourselves at #Target this evening shopping for tomorrow's wardrobe. Apparently it would be the end of the world if the kids did not come to school in #uglychristmassweaters and #christmassocks for spirit day. Nothing in our closet matched the description. Well they now have been #targetstyle d and are excited about school in the morning.
christmassocks - uglychristmassweaters - target - targetdog - targetstyle -
lovebnpinkcloset : @norskqueen we were just there about 2 hours ago!! I bet they will looks great tomorrow!!!!
norskqueen : #target dog
norskqueen : #targetdog
norskqueen : @lovebnpinkcloset we must have just missed you guys.
norskqueen : @enchantedlilly8 ok, I will be sure to take a pic
sophfinnislasmom : Such an adorable crew! And all 5 at target #success I want a photo in their outfits @norskqueen!
ringfamilycircus : So cute!!!!
kaylacali10 : Your kids are so blessed, such an amazing mother your are!
enchantedlilly8 - kay_rae_24 - danni_masters - jtobuffalo -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
#babyAksel was caught trying to open his #Christmas #present . He is going on the #naughtylist for sure
naughtylist - christmas - present - babyaksel -
katienorby : What a little stinker 😊 just wait until he is old enough to unwrap presents without you knowing and rewrap them using the same paper 😁...or was I the only child that mastered that still lol.
norskqueen : @katienorby I am totally guilty of that too! My mom kinda gave up on me and made me official gift wrapper. Synneva yesterday came down stairs with an unwrapped present and told me thank you and that she loves it! Yikes.
maryranum - kay_rae_24 - danni_masters - jtobuffalo -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
Go #Vikings #skol go #decker @edeck87
decker - skol - minnesota - vikings -
norskqueen : #Minnesota hats off to thee
maryranum - louters - alubarski - iamnotwinnie -
norskqueen - Rebekah Seeger
#fullteam #6kids #weneedmoreseatsinourcar excited and thankful #pregnancyannouncement
6kids - weneedmoreseatsinourcar - fullteam - pregnancyannouncement -
emilyann825 : Awww congrats!! Love this pic!
josephinebparsons : Congratulations!! So exciting!!
gracegirl1_6_11 : Congrats!! What a cute announcement!!!
norskqueen : @emilyann825 thank you!! ☺️
norskqueen : @josephinebparsons thank you for sharing our excitement!
norskqueen : @gracegirl1_6_11 thank you! ☺️
melodyofcutenessaccessories : Wow !
katpinke : Wow! I love big families!!!
ericammiller - stwedt3 - tamitronnes - pinkiej07 -
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