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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
The Bruins have acquired forward Zac Rinaldo from the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for the Bruins natural third round draft pick in 2017. #NHLBruins
nhlbruins -
bostoneemeli : Wtf bruins??????
piratepete4 : Boooo
dan_monahan_ : He had 1 more goal than me in the nhl last year
dan_monahan_ : Everyone follow or drop likes in @voltagesportsedits
alexmaxa_77 : @felixmaxa
kidsaid : Wow
al_paccione : Stop making fucking stupid trades!!!!!!!!! Rinaldo is shit! Get a good player who can actually replace lucic like Sean Monahan
stevenjohnson118 : Get rid of you profile picture fuck gays i though this was hockey
raphaelbed8 - b.p.23 - joeyanderson415 - boston5000 -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
#NHLDraft floor starting to fill back up for Day 2. Round 2 commences at 10AM ET. #NHLBruins
nhlbruins - nhldraft -
chad_hynes13 : Cause he's a goon @straight_savage_44
alldaothergoodnamesweretaken : Fuckin Ronaldo smh
joe_lizotte11 : @zachehockey @straight_savage_44 maybe they wanna replace lucic with him, horrible trade
johnkilcher21 : Good trade by bruins we need a goon cause Thornton left
steveahern14 : @nhlbruins You idiots, zac Rinaldo is the biggest hack in the league other than Matt Cooke. Poor choice of replacement for lucic
tamer_cox0 : Pls change you profile pic
travisjohnson90 : Change your profile pic it is causing to much controversial between people also your face book one to it does the same
torey.krugg : Why? @tamer_cox0
cam_rush_ - pmurr27 - ecreap_3 - coachjeff.9 -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
First round draft picks Jake DeBrusk, Zach Senyshyn and Jakub Zboril proudly wearing the Black & Gold after being selected by #NHLBruins with the 13th, 14th and 15th overall selections in the 2015 #NHLDraft.
nhlbruins - nhldraft -
jt_celico19 : RIP Bruins
kswag985 : ^^ amen
redsoxrockboston : Good draft..bad profile pic. Please get rid of the gay flag rainbow.
iiiyairaqi : @josh.hackey.5 want a jersey like this I'll get u one 😏
josh.hackey.5 : This makes me wanna puke .-. @iiiyairaqi
iiiyairaqi : @josh.hackey.5 ):<
hockey_fan_88_19 : To bad we didn't get mcdavid
dspatriots16 : Looking forward to watching these three shredding the ice and helping us get another Stanley Cup.
zblaszak9 - snipingairballs - braxton06022003 - wings237 -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Fans at the #NHLBruins Draft Party at TD Garden watch as the B's select Jake Debrusk with the 14th overall pick.
nhlbruins -
ben.burnsy : And the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS the one year they're good @tylerstone1919
tylerstone1919 : @ben.burnsy will this make u shut up
fdefeo3 : @nhlbruins you made the worst decision of your life your GM sucks😑 and traded Milan lucic the best left wing you have to get 13th pick and I'm one of your biggest fans I think that you made the worst decision and I hope you loose every game till New GM is out
yellow_sauce : Why the f*uck would you sell dougie
brangerman : Reach!!!!
jade_mckeag : Get rid of charah the turtle if anybody!
alaho35745 : Don't go with young speed, stick with a fast shot that gets beat on D at least twice a game! Dougie was doggin it with Looch. Too much money,no desire!!
tides_of_war_ac : @montreal_canadiens_suck
cam_rush_ - braxton06022003 - chrispeteyy - ecreap_3 -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
BREAKING: The #NHLBruins have acquired the 13th overall pick in the 2015 NHL Draft as well as defenseman Colin Miller and goaltender Martin Jones from the LA Kings in exchange for Milan Lucic.
nhlbruins -
redsoxrockboston : Dumb trade..Dumb rainbow
redsoxrockboston : Unfollow until they get rid of gay flag.
fenner_17 : @redsoxrockboston what's wrong with you?
e_kenn15 : @redsoxrockboston so you want to take freedom away from people and discriminate
beccacow359 : This goalie better be darn good. Lucic wasn't doing much playing, but he was getting a lot of royalties. I agree with the trade though. #thankSweeney
aleksisstebelis : @colinfloopaze you must be stupid
aleksisstebelis : @bostonbruins90 ikr
colinfloopaze : @aleksisstebelis no you are
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
BREAKING: Bruins acquire a 2015 1st round draft pick (No. 15) & two 2015 2nd round picks (#45, #52) from Calgary in exchange for Dougie Hamilton.
45 - 52 -
tides_of_war_ac : Follow @montreal_canadiens_suck if you hate they Habs
mmicallef98 : I can't believe the @nhlbruins traded Dougie Hamilton!
bridgetmaloney_ : good he left. he wanted 2 million dollars more for 5 seasons. he wanted an extra 10 million dollars. Bruins could spend it on someone better.
jgeorgeu9 : @nhlbruins worst trade
owey_10 : @nhlbruins bad trade 😭😭😭😭
jamie_in_okc : Why? ??
tingleytrevor : Guess he wanted way to much
ryking16 : Very bad trade, he already was good and is going to be a superstar 😒😒
ecreap_3 - b.p.23 - joeyanderson415 - johnkilcher21 -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
2015 #NHLDraft floor set up and ready to go! #NHLBruins
nhlbruins - nhldraft -
hoctorthelovedr : #TankForMatthews
bbruins4life : Get boychuck back already!
ryan14vt : Anybody good in 2nd round? @angryydave not really following the 31-60 picks much
angryydave : @ryan14vt Brandon Carlo in the second
angryydave : Decent dman, which we'll need
ryan14vt : We got Carlo @angryydave
ryan14vt : It was nice talking to you maybe we can talk a little more in the season it's going @angryydave
angryydave : @ryan14vt didn't even see you replied to me, sorry about that haha. Carlo is a big kid, hopefully he can fill Doug's skates one day soon. But yeah definitely sounds good! Keep an eye out for Rinaldo in a 36 black&gold. Apparently we have a new looch with far less skill.
ecreap_3 - james_vail11 - hockeysuperfan1 - _ray.mond -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
The #NHLBruins have released their 2015-16 schedule, which kicks off at TD Garden on Oct. 8 vs. Winnipeg. To view the full schedule, highlights & notable matchups, visit BostonBruins.com.
nhlbruins -
lets_go_boston511 : Sweny is already making bad disisions!
clee_1188 : Im born and raised in the Boston area, played hockey for 20 years. Your team is a disgrace. I won't attend/waste my money on one game this season. That is all @nhlbruins
hoctorthelovedr : Time to #FireSweeney
_paulie__ : How dumb can the bs get!?
dave_kra_15 : The Bruins r becoming worse every year since 2011
lipathzela : Shut up @dave_kra_15 @_paulie__
dave_kra_15 : Bruins sucks all they do is loose to the worse teams
_paulie__ : It's true dumbass @lipathzela
zblaszak9 - wilkee123 - wings237 - jackzimmer10 -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
PB37: "Tremendous honor! Awesome to have my brother with me to share this special moment. Thanks to everyone who followed along, see you back in Boston!" #NHLAwards
nhlawards -
logieberra63 : ^^^^ yes @srbidder
wcf27 : @chrissmith7675
uas_1_4_ : Chara isn't gone yet
king_reva17 : Go Habs Go hahahaha
j_shark_73 : @88mindstate
king_laws0n : That's what I'm sayin @srbidder
nomiki0503 : Hahahahaha Savas πŸ˜‚ @savas15fitness
officially_somebody : What trophy is that
zblaszak9 - razina_nina - ecreap_3 - chrispeteyy -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
PB37: "NHL Awards selfie!" #NHLAwards
nhlawards -
asedge24 : @cmc41 there is a brother as well.....
cmc41 : @asedge24 DOUBLE JUMBOOOO😍😍😍
xoxo.allie.xoxo : BERGERON!😍❀️😘😍❀️😘😍❀️😘😍😘❀️❀️😘❀️ HES HOT AF!
kellya12345678 : Lol
tommykleinman : Ugly ass dusters lets go Edmonton
andrew_medina17 : Edmonton sucksπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @markus_kivisik_geno
bobbyfederico33 : sweeny needs to sign his brother @nhlbruins
tony_conway27 : @tommykleinman Edmonton sucks McDavid won't help
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