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Official Instagram of the Boston Bruins. #NHLBruins
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Congrats to the Boston Bruins Foundation #PMC2015 Team in helping to fight cancer! πŸ’ͺ They began their 192-mile ride to Provincetown on Saturday morning & made a stop on Sunday along the route at the house of former Pedal Partner Jeff Hayes.
pmc2015 -
macko_98 : You like Buffalo? How is last place feeling asswhole #SuckADick #CantMakeThePlayoffs #WhatHappenedToBriere @uas_1_4_
uas_1_4_ : @macko_98 I dont like buffalo its a joke with mg friends asshole motherfucker
uas_1_4_ : I changed it for you bitch
macko_98 : Still where the hell is your team and also Bruins didnt even come close o the playoffs dick head #YouHaveNoTeam
macko_98 : @uas_1_4_
uas_1_4_ : @macko_98 it was literally 1 or 2 points
227artwork : @nhlbruins Don't SIGN ZID!!! Put your money towards Franson!!!
lotzfan30 : Can someone tell me if Chara has an Instagram?
hockeysnipe16 - all_hail_moah_nation - wings237 - cj_nhl95 -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Good luck to the Boston Bruins Foundation's #PMC2015 Team as they make their 192-mile ride to help fight cancer!
pmc2015 -
mary.belay : @racchell.xo @hoodies4dayz ik this isnt the real 'pmc' but since u guys have that inside joke u always talk about lol here ya go this tag is trending
racchell.xo : Omg I love this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @mary.belay
hoodies4dayz : omg @mary.belay and holy pmc @racchell.xo this is amazing
reneerock_ : #franksimonettirocks
thehockeyshark : 🐻B's fans follow!
bigbadbruinss : @alexcuozzo29 are you stupid
chabby2005 : That's awesome
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Ready to go #BackOutdoors with us? Guarantee your access to #WinterClassic tix by purchasing 2015-16 Bruins Half-Season, 10 or 11-Game Plans. Visit BostonBruins.com/GamePlans for more information.
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jordan_360_wrist : Fuck bruins go rangers
jimmyronaldo7 : No way bs gon lose this to habs
cheskyn : I love that logo
haydenmiles : @channinghemmings
brickduke : Go bruinsπŸ˜„
archambo28 : @fanielachance
xxskullkillerxx : πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘
77oldspice : I'm a Bruins fan from Redwater, Alberta Canada and want tickets. When are they going on sale for us?
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
We’re going #BackOutdoors with a new look. #WinterClassic
winterclassic - backoutdoors -
mlp_mason : @jlangone_4 when the majority of fans hate them it makes then the most hated. You still haven't answered my question because you don't have one. You can google most hated team. Do it bruins will come up and it will tell you why.
jlangone_4 : @mlp_mason you can't say they're hated because they're "thugs" because of "thugs" can play that good in the best hockey league in the world, what does that say about the rest of the league
mlp_mason : @jlangone_4 Once again not answering my question because you can't deal with the fact that they are hated because they're fucking thugs. Now will you tell me why they are hated if they're not thugs or are we done here?
jlangone_4 : @mlp_mason they're hated because they play tough hockey, ha they make cheap hits but it's not every player on the team..chara is 6"9 and you don't see him making cheap hits because he knows he can kill anything that moves and he doesn't want to hurt anyone, like the pacieretty hit I can garentee you he didn't mean to do that he's just so big and strong that it happened, and yes obviously it was cheap but I don't think he me r to do it, Marchand can be cheap and that's about it, your gunna tell me Bergeron is a thug? Krejci? Torrey krug? Paille? Erikkson? None of those players throw cheap hits it's a select few just like any other teams like the flyers and penguins...you can't judge an entire team as "thugs" when it's like 1-3 players that actually have made a cheap hit
mlp_mason : @jlangone_4 it's not just me it's the whole world. You can't tell me they're a respectable team then the WHOLE WORLD hates them dude.
90one_ : I bet that half the world doesn't even know who they are @mlp_mason
90one_ : And their hated because they don't take shit pitsburgh is way more dirty then Boston @mlp_mason
rocky_mtn_husker : Hopefully the pucks aren't deflated
mackenzie316_ - roni.laakso - j_quinlan31 - ob_31 -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
We’re just months away from the #WinterClassic puck drop. In anticipation of going #BackOutdoors, visit BostonBruins.com today at 2PM for a live stream of the 2016 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic® press event, which will feature representatives from the NHL, Bruins and Canadiens.
winterclassic - backoutdoors -
jfp360 : Pas le choix.. on achete les billets quand ? @vp1693
soderblind : @connor.87 letz get married
connor.87 : @seth_macleod ^
seth_macleod : Lol @connor.87
kdohts : Yes @kaylajoie13
ryan_thomas_01 : Haha there are more Montreal fans
m_scola : @scola23 dude of course we are πŸ’―πŸ†’
bc_digital : @matty_mac2.0
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
2016 Bridgestone NHL #WinterClassic press event set to take place at Gillette Stadium at 2PM ET! Stay tuned! #NHLBruins
winterclassic - nhlbruins -
lyns_warren : @lexi_gardiner47
jessemonte : @kayspins101 YES!!!
soderblind : go Habs go
camronthedon : @mike_griffin99 acid + hockey = true friendship
77bryan13 : Want to be there!!!
parker_the_bruins_fan : I am going
parker_the_bruins_fan : πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
parker_the_bruins_fan : LETS GO BRUINS LETS GO πŸ‘πŸ‘LETS GO BRUINS LETS GOπŸ‘πŸ‘
boston_graphics - wings237 - viktorw14 - phildion2002 -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
The second round of the Boston Bruins Ice Girls auditions is taking place @tdgarden! Interviews, video and photo shoots are all part of the process of selecting new members for the 2015-16 squad. #NHLBruins
nhlbruins -
graphic_ice88 : 🚨🚨FOLLOW FOR SWEET NHL EDITS🚨🚨
09mightymouse : 🚨🚨FOLLOW @hockey.hood FOR AMAZING NHL MONTAGES AND MEMES🚨🚨
nhl15fails : Hockey fans wanted
janemb52 : Sorry to have to tell you this but real hockey fans aren't interested in ice girls.
jjs5221 : Boston sucks
uas_1_4_ : @jjs5221 and...? You suck!
jjs5221 : U swallow
janemb52 : Hmm getting nasty out here!
trickshot_nation_372 - b.p.23 - oliver____16 - justinncialini -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
The first round of the 2015-16 Boston Bruins Ice Girls tryouts are underway! #NHLBruins
nhlbruins -
jducie : I see you @jakki88 @amandakucukkaya top left
amandakucukkaya : @jducie ☺️
joanniemo : @janemb52 I think they are adorable. You would not believe the smile these girls put on one of my special needs friend's face. They bent over backwards to make his night special. These girls are the sweetest bunch. I find judgmental people offensive.
kaleighduggan : Yessss @jadenetanya1821 πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
dillanfournier : @joanniemo do u think they would bend over backwards to make my night special????
joanniemo : @dillanfournier Do you know what special needs means? It means someone who is mentally or physically handicapped.
dillanfournier : @joanniemo it was a joke, don't beat me up
dmart_21 : @janemb52 get off your high horse lady you have nude pics on your page. Real hockey fans aren't swooning over naked pics of players. I find people who take offense from everything, well... offensive
malik.v78 - dominic15_arsenault - kelian.bball8 - leyvi04 -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Happy 30th birthday to #NHLBruins forward Patrice Bergeron!
nhlbruins -
_power_21_ : Boston sucks #losers
90one_ : Kind of like ur mom last night @_power_21_
_power_21_ : Wow @90one_ best come back ever you plugπŸ”ŒπŸ”ŒπŸ”Œ
90one_ : I know THX @_power_21_
jake_thomas37 : Your my favorite player
zachehockey : @_power_21_ is that why we are the number one team in sports? Think before you say things idiot
jasmilypena : @anaa_cuevas happy bday baby :'(
igd8991 : Weak
ash_star_ - nhl_lnh - emmaasajee - pez__machine -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
#NHLBruins fans setting sail on the M/V Provincetown II for the annual Boston Bruins Harbor Cruise to help raise money for the 2015 Boston Bruins Foundation Pan-Massachusetts Challenge Bike Team. #PMC2015
nhlbruins - pmc2015 -
j0hnnymac : yeah Chiwawamomma, you realize this is for a charity event. what were you expecting?
janemb52 : Maybe chiwawamomma expected real bruins?
51samantha : HAPPY BDAY BERGY πŸ’–
a_pac_ : Happy birthday Bergeron
berkshire2_ : Happy birthday bergy
kane88patrick_ : Racist bruins fans...
grace_sgroi : happy bday bergyyπŸŽ‰
kimipeteri - geek_girl_ky - cknight414 - viktorw14 -
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