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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Feb. 26, 1981: The #NHLBruins & Minnesota North Stars set an NHL record for most penalty minutes (406 total) in a game. They held this record until March 2004. #TBT pres. by @friendlys.
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hockey.bruins : Is it true soderberg got traded?
torimhoward : LETS GO BRUINS
brock4president : @aaronodom25
samppa_45 : Bauer is the best
alanridgway14 : Wow go hockey
paulu91 : @danved
_cmaes : @jprice508
kenny12973 : #18 @keithcrowder
timkurker - ginnes09 - oranzheviy - seannatan -
nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Tune in for an all-new episode of #BehindTheB presented by @alexandani tonight at 8PM ET on NESN. Visit bostonbruins.com/behindtheb to catch up on past episodes.
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jacksap71 : NESN @lisawinshalll
ryguy.360 : @malcolm_1927
jessica_trackim : @rachel_trackim9
gbarriere23 : Toreyyyyyyy😱
luc.dallaire : MAKE A MEANINGFULL TRADE!!!!
emmabannister04 : @lizayoung20 KRUUUG
lizayoung20 : Yassss @emmabannister04
parkerd47 : I love Krug my fav
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Claude Julien goes through some X's and O's with the group in Wilmington before the team heads to New Jersey for Friday's game vs. the Devils. #NHLBruins
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p_riddy_diddy : Section 14 row 4, I'll be in the yellow bear. Go B's. Get us a birthday win!!
_michellekusmaul_ : ITS THE RINK IN WILMINGTON @cady.24
cady.24 : Yeppppp @_michellekusmaul_
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whoneedsbasketball354 : Boston
redhotredline : We'll be there tomorrow rooting on the #NHLBRUINS GO BRUINS!
danamarie725 : @j_glaze_12
hainsy_92 : You mean Claude Julien goes through "how not to score" drill @nhlbruins practice
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Craig Cunningham handles the puck next to the bench prior to his turn to jump into drill work today at Ristuccia Arena. #NHLBruins
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finnigan_595 : @mattyice37 Craig "The Hammer" Cunningham coming atcha!
playmakerprivat : Äsj @willytrusa
phoebebakah : u @andrew_b0wden
andrew_b0wden : No I like @washingtoncaps @phoebebakah
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bmaris_ : @kpcunningham4
tmarino55 : 💖
jawshua_jahhn : Contemplating new exciting ways to turn the puck over every single time he touches it.
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Marchand chats with Seidenberg in between whistles during this evening's matchup with the Canucks. #NHLBruins
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dustyhky : 🚨🚨Everyone go follow @duster.visuals for amazing edits🚨🚨
max_jacobs_7 : Go flyers
hky.snips : Let's go Bruins!
parkerd47 : Manchu
parkerd47 : I ment to say macho
parkerd47 : Manchy
k_track : MONTREAL
ryanjamespaynter : Thing is you always loose out when trading a franchise player. We got lucky when they traded kessell with got seguin and Hamilton but to then trade seguin in comparison we didn't get a whole lot. Loui erikkson is a good player he has good stats for the Bruins and for his salary per goal he is one of the cheapest ones. It's just out of the group we got for seguin none of them are going to make an impact for the Bruins in the future. Which is why I think chiarelli screwed up big time. That's why he needs to go in my opinion.
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Milan Lucic and Ryan Spooner squeeze out Vancouver's Dan Hamhuis to gain control of the puck in Tuesday's game vs. the Canucks. #NHLBruins
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lizzymay.11 : 😍😍😍
graceelizabethquist : 💕Loooooooooooooch!!!!!!💕
ghostface_617 : @_delaneyhanna_ yeah I was tired when I was typing.
nellyhearty : Good thing Rask was in net
bax_sailor_20722 : Tuukka
nellyhearty : I know they beat the Blackhawks twice but I do not know if it was 6-2 @sup_megy
sup_megy : It was or it was 6-1
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
#NHLBruins and Canucks head into the second period knotted up at 1-1, with Dan Paille providing a goal for the B's in the first frame.
nhlbruins -
filegb95 : Man..we suck 😔
freebo__ : @__serinafusco__ yup unfortunately that's hockey for you.. They got to dig deep and find ways to win. I believe in this team still.
__serinafusco__ : Same. We just hit a rough patch there for a while and plus some players won't be playing so it's gonna take time but we'll get back into it soon enough. I still love them @freebo__
kimlac4 : Paizie!!!!!
cjonzee2 : About time dan scored!
james_rennick : Pretty sad that after winning 6-2 against Chicago on the road, all we could do is score once from a DAN PAILLE goal in the first 1:05 of the game! That's pathetic!!
waves_for_life : Guys u need to start winning play like u did against Blackhawks
alanridgway14 : I love the ruins
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
In celebration of the new insect Thaumatodryinus #tuukkaraski, we're giving away 2 tix to #VANvsBOS. Share a picture of a new species named after a Bruins player using #NHLBruins for your chance to win. Here's our shot at the Krugaroo.
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billycremens : @cpt_ye_olde_sandwitch
emilybeaulieuxo : who won? 😊
kolallstar27 : @davidpeterson8 Wasp...seriously?
smae524 : @judylee_c OMG what even is this?!
mbonzz : @andrade2197
emilyshrmn : @madinichols6
dalenanguyen_ : @zehraajvazi
devinfinnerty7 : @bridgetschofield
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Brad Marchand preps for a pass from Asst. Coach Doug Houda at the end of Tuesday's morning skate. #NHLBruins
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spriiinger : I doubt we need to trade marchand instead of just adding to the offensive front
mrobbs : If anybody went it wouldnt be Marchand. Im guessing it would be Loui Erickson which would suck, maybe some prospects but I think Bruins injuries are hurting them and there defense. They dont really
mrobbs : The Bruins are just not being as physical, hitting checking putting that fear into teams lime in the past. The gotta be physical. Big hits lead to puck turnovers which leads to goals. Go get em boys!!!!
bcourt1692 : Let's try to do it just like the last game
bcourt1692 : I love the Bruins 😍😘
tmanouellette1818 : Nice
jtpeckham29 : Hockey is awesome
jtpeckham29 : Torrey krug awesome
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Vancouver native Milan Lucic leads the stretch in preparation for Tuesday's game against the Canucks. #NHLBruins
nhlbruins -
scottybluntz : Let's go boys get that W!
angebern : PLEASE WIN TONIGHT 🐻❤️
lcbannister31 : @emmabannister04
hockeys_greatest : 🔴Follow us⚫️For great hockey videos🚨
sarahxmurphy : booty @molly_dominov @graced33
graceelizabethquist : 💕💕Looooooooooooooooch!!!💕💕
annielevoy : @chaarmorgann
jjacobson8823 : My boii
isabellamaria98 - tuuukkarask40 - islanders_06 - g_burke26 -
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