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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Hugs for Krejci who got the #NHLBruins on the board in the first period vs. the Jets for the B's first goal of the 2015-16 season.
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jenna.klotz : @abby_french_
abby_french_ : Oooooooooo, I'm gonna follow them @jenna.klotz
matt_roy12 : @dako12345 you're great at English too
ethanbonnar_ : @pebble44 Yea and some young shitty ass defence man who give way to many fucking turn overs it's unbelievable that they made it to the NHL
ice_rutz33 : Glad I didn't pay $130 for balcony to see that crap....... #bostonbruins
todajzd : Czech power
natethegreatwhite : Better turn it around real quick or its gonna be a long ass season
stevenbruin7 : Hey dum fuck 6th was a empty net plus he had like breakaway after breakaway. He had 2 on 1 no D Also his own D put it in the net so yeah think before you think Rask is the reason you go in net with no help not even Crawford could do that good with that kind of help. You don't understand anything. Then when we are doing good you will come back and say see told everyone Rask is good. You are a hypocrite @jtaz5
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Adam McQuaid stares down Winnipeg's Andrew Ladd during tonight's season opener @tdgarden. #NHLBruins
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kidculli15 : @mcpartygrams @willd9
pinto624 : its cool that he got his buddy that likes his own photos to back him up @jack.driscoll10
mcnabbtara : @gabyhauray Ohhh yeaaaahhh
seanomo22 : @mjohns4444
daelynmichele : @twilliams8 u missed a lot while you were passed out
crimson_tide8 : @adamfisher11
samcas3y : @ejffitzgerald
caligula74 : @karen2816
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Earlier today, #NHLBruins blueliner Torey Krug checked in with 98.5 The Sports Hub in the @tdgarden Broadcast Center preceding tonight's season opener vs. the Jets.
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jtaz5 : @cass_ie_andra get over yourself. And...wrong! Stfu. Child my ass. Cut the shit with that nonsense
cass_ie_andra : You're comebacks are soooooo original lmao.... Only nonsense here if you bro @jtaz5
jtaz5 : @cass_ie_andra yours are no better. I'm surprised your o able to type words being such a "child". F off and grow up
cass_ie_andra : @jtaz5 I'm not the one messing with kids... Practice what you preach sweetheart.
jtaz5 : @cass_ie_andra "kids"
jtaz5 : @cass_ie_andra listen sweetheart...you comment based on what is POSTED...not what the age of the posters are. Based on the age you think I am, you're not very good at age prognostication.
cass_ie_andra : She said she was 14. That's a child. Moron.
magnusthejust : Would you all please get a room, so the rest of us can enjoy the on ice drama? Thank you kindly.
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Be sure to pick up your copy of today's Boston Metro, featuring exclusive #NHLBruins content to celebrate the start of the 2015-16 season!
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laurabora789 : @anj689 let's make a trip in just for this
anj689 : Down @laurabora789
mattpags11 : @bradklock21
sophiemantas : Anyone know which radio station I can upload on my IPhone to hear the game? 😀Please and Thank You !! Let's Go Bruins!!!
baked_giblets : 98.5 the sports hub
nbdanny84 : @sophiemantas just download the Bruins app and you can listen to the game live
sophiemantas : Thank you!!! @nbdanny84
smittaybaybay : I Need that
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
First pregame skate of the season in the books. Here we go! #NHLBruins
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sammlapointe : @pondmonster92 💛💛
alihaydock : @therealchach ohhhhh yaaaaaaah
pondmonster92 : @sammlapointe 💛🐻💛
kelli_798 : @abigail3764 💛🐻⚫⚫💛
amandanc14 : @alex_mattera 😁😁😁
jdrav27 : @elias_pessiki
leah_mahoney5 : @andrewchilders_ lets go !!!
pqms_ : Looks like they're about to have a twerkofff..
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Watch the #NHLBruins take on the Winnipeg Jets tonight at our @tdgarden home opener. Limited tickets remain at BostonBruins.com/Tickets
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reagan19sanchez : And thx for the Bruins bark @l.oconnell13
reoconne : @jpino510 I can pretend to care about hockey
l.oconnell13 : Anytime😂👌🏼 @reagan19sanchez
bri8125 : I'm going October 12GO BRUINS @nhlbruins
danielkendall1 : LETS GOOOOO @brady.sheffield
kayla.goodrichh : @trey_garea42 legoo
dvd1021 : Finaly
elizatrevor : KREJCI I LOVE YOU!!!!!
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
The Bear is ready. Are you? #NHLBruins
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averypiazza : @lobster_3 ----
haddiiz : @n0ra.xo 5-1 Winnipeg;)
elliebatchelderr : @olivia_micalizzi 😍😍
olivia_micalizzi : :)))) sooooo pumped! @elliebatchelderr
evswim3 : @gabbbygonzalez oh we ready😏😍
shanelutz_12 : @_haleyturner_
_haleyturner_ : NASTY ASS @shanelutz_12
shanelutz_12 : @_haleyturner_ lmao
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Tune-in reminder: episode 2 of #BehindTheB presented by @alexandani will air tonight at 8pm on @nesn.
behindtheb -
kfadep32 : #love it
laurengottwald : @nikkimaloney8 beers and behind the b tonight? .....oh wait you're working
jessesara2311 : @greggwahhab want to watch all of these 😊
nmarano29 : Where can you watch past seasons and episodes?
srbidder : Go B's
billthechillwill : @jaimesommerhalter the real bae
goaliepicsnhl : @nhlbruins you guys should play playoffs unlike @canadiensmtl and beat us...
averypiazza : @lobster_3 NXKDKANDLALJFKS
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
On Sunday, the #NHLBruins announced that they had signed Jonas Gustavsson to a one-year contract. Head to bostonbruins.com for more information.
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teeg90 : Whats the deal with max and smith? I just saw sumn yesterday how they went on waivers? I like smith randal and rinaldo i think they have potential. I wont lie I like the physicality they bring. Thats a hard one. Max is a good moral booster good attitude
uas_1_4_ : @teeg90 its just a financial move
teeg90 : @uas_1_4_ so smith is traded to wild affiliate? Or just on lease?
uas_1_4_ : @teeg90 kinda on lease
averypiazza : @lobster_3 nxkd
derek_casaletta : @chr1s_chelios did you watch the game tonight ? Point proven
chr1s_chelios : @derek_casaletta still coming back to this? Grow up
derek_casaletta : Like I said point proven lol @chr1s_chelios
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nhlbruins - Boston Bruins
Ryan Spooner stretching it out before Sunday practice at TD Garden. #NHLBruins
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seth_velasquez10 : 'm
av11127 : Make sure to fuck the habs up this Saturday, cuz if you dont im taking chara's stick and shoving it up subban's ass
_carafine : @thepartytime
thepartytime : It's....YA BOY @_carafine
jenniferyh : We've also taken this photo before 🙌🏼 @alissakh
jackiemcmayonnaise : @mmcnabb24
averypiazza : @lobster_3 --&.@
hello_it_mya : @carolinehbu reminds me of Colleen ..... #lookatthatskate
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