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newyorkermag - The New Yorker
This week on @newyorkerphoto, the photographer Zun Lee (@zunleephoto) is sharing found Polaroid photographs of African-American families from his project @faderesistance. There he is creating a digital archive and storytelling platform to reimagine narratives and, possibly, to reconnect images with their owners.
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newyorkermag - The New Yorker
At night, densely populated areas become largely unpeopled, and a reclamation seems to take place. The photographer Lynn Saville aims to capture this emptiness. Here is a parking garage in Houston, Texas. See more of her photographs on
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To some critics, @olivier_rousteing's bedazzled clothes and embrace of reality-TV stars represent not just a threat to the tradition of French couture but the advent of a vulgar age. Rousteing, faced with this kind of criticism, says that he is bringing high fashion into the twenty-first century by erasing the distinction between luxury and popular culture. “It is too bad for critics if they cannot understand this, but the truth is now that their critiques do not matter.” Read John Colapinto’s Profile of the creative director of the French fashion house @balmainparis. Photograph by @ioulex.
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izanamic2 : Oh those French! The Age of Vulgarity equals the demeaning of culture through deliberate selection of what will undermine the human perception of...say...oh wow so awesome! This is us so it's cool! This type of chicken feed creates familiarity and association aiding the aim for a cross cultural dumbing down everywhere it is possible and in particular, wherever TVs have supplanted books or real communication between individuals or groups to compare or discuss realistically...what's going on: Really going on...?
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newyorkermag - The New Yorker
Reid Hoffman seems to conceive of himself as a self-invented superhero: the Ubernode, the world’s most networked person. Nicholas Lemann profiles the @linkedin founder in this week's issue. Illustration by @stan_chow.
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troll_maurycy_official : what has the world come to, if men like that one are glorified? for what - for being "the most networked"? are you for real?
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A cartoon by @farleykatz from this week’s issue. #TNYcartoons
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Can Bernie Sanders win the Democratic nomination, let alone the Presidency? In this week’s issue, Margaret Talbot Profiles the Vermont senator, and looks for the answer. Read “The Populist Prophet” on Illustration by Edward Sorel.
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At the New Yorker Festival’s #NYerTech, held at One World Trade Center this weekend, Sean Murray, the creator of the video game No Man’s Sky, spoke with The New Yorker’s Raffi Khatchadourian and presented a preview of the game. See a video of the exclusive demo on Photograph from Hello Games. #NYerFest
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Twitter's first user and co-founder Jack Dorsey is back at the company as permanent C.E.O. Revisit our 2013 Profile on Illustration by Hellovon.
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“The current boom in slivers of buildings does seem to be the result of a conspiracy between Russian billionaires and real-estate sharks,” says Bruce McCall, the artist behind the cover of the annual Money Issue, out this week.“It’s as if they were trying to make a cartoon of the skyline.” See more of McCall’s New York City-themed covers from the past two decades on #TNYCovers
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“It’s no longer about looking; it’s about seeing.” Peter Schjeldahl discussed minimalism during the New Yorker Festival tour of the Whitney Museum at its new home in New York City's Meatpacking District. This year’s #NYerFest is officially over, but we’ll continue to share highlights from the weekend in the days ahead. Regram @whitneymuseum.
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