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A cartoon by Tom Chitty (@drawnbytom), from this week’s issue. See more on #TNYcartoons
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niqrrward : @jake_and_the_beanstalk tee her
niqrrward : @jake_and_the_beanstalk her
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anniepookie : @spolawhat lol I've been trying to be better! Lolol New Years resolution every year
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In this week’s issue, Alex Ross considers how the symphony survived the twentieth century. Illustration by @richardmcguirehere.
samanthalhanson : @kaudfischer love this
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timaaaaaaay : Barely dit it as Schoenberg forgot how to make music for the ears and proliferated music for the eyes. Good thing Stravinsky escaped Russia and a few of those other Russian post expressionists didn't fall into that trap. I look forward to reading this as many conservatories continue to teach serialism as the way forward. /rant
grisb51 : @charlut looks like something Nathan would do
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The photographer @mustafahabdulaziz travels the world, taking pictures of water. This spring, he reached China’s Yangtze River where he saw fishermen and poachers, conservationists and polluters, huge transport ships and tiny sampans. Here, boats trawl for seaweed and shrimp in Honghu.
tinacoops : @hscotttucker
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aksellon : Lovely picture...
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globalonenessproject : What an image ❀️
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At moments of extreme exasperation, parents may think that there’s something wrong with their teens’ brains. According to recent books on adolescence, there is. Read Elizabeth Kolbert’s piece “The Terrible Teens” on Illustration by Édith Carron.
ojklein : The brain doesn't fully form until around 25 years old. The last change that takes place is a synaptic disconnect--rather than some sort of formation. When that particular connection is there, kids/young adults feel more fearless. The severing of that connection allows young people a larger sense of fear. That bravery (even if misplaced) allows us to take risks that would have helped perpetuate our species--were survival still based on being fittest in the traditional sense.
heathega : Ha @amy_gamble I saw this and actually took a screen shot to read it later, maybe you should read it and give me the cliff notes πŸ˜€
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When two New York-based teams in the Vintage Base Ball Association compete on the parade grounds at Governors Island, on August 29, they’ll play according to 1864 rules, reviving the heroic struggles and wayward charms of an earlier age. Photograph by @christophergriffithstudio.
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“I think he’s, like, dog-whistling,” one white nationalist says of Donald Trump in this week’s issue. Evan Osnos travelled to several states on Trump’s campaign trail to examine why the Presidential candidate has generated such a huge response from the extreme far right. Read “The Fearful and the Frustrated” on Illustration by @asbtractsunday.
deanbenitez : paging @gabriellapaulina
lilyetierney : @btierneyjr
kdreisner2 : I'm like and at this point would vote for Trump at least you know where he stands.
npcerto : He is a endlessly deep, gushing well if sheer madness . As he travels the US gushing his madness it mingles with the crap our world is bathed in everyday by TV, radio and the WWW. Wake up America, we need to elect a competent leader to the office of President, not a host of a cable reality show.
juliansgees : @profnesser
livinginyes : His mouth looks like an anus. Which is appropriate.
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agenthornball : @lnsugar love this
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A cartoon by Will McPhail, from this week’s issue. See more on #TNYcartoons
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drcaiti : Hahaha @jwagz23 even pneumonia is better in Valencia πŸ˜‰
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Although the mountainscapes in Meike Nixdorf’s new series “Your Earth Transforms" would seem, at first, to be thoroughly in the tradition of heroic alpine photography, they are not photographs, and Nixdorf has never actually visited these places. Rather, the panoramas are a kind of reverse origami, a partial flattening of 3-D imagery from Google Earth. Marcia Bjornerud, a geologist, writes that the images "reveal that geologic and human timescales are not so disparate, and that this old Earth is nimbler and more energetic than we might imagine.”
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_zafar : @lindseygracesanderson I would find this cool, but this insta's profile picture really pisses me off for some reason, so thanks for nothing Lindsay.
camille.zol : Amazing
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“I think it’s kind of beautiful and hilarious to see people eating their organic kale and quinoa salads while gazing across the opaque, fetid water,” @adriantomine says of his cover for this week’s issue, “Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn.” #TNYcovers
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It’s women who quickly take and hold the stage in “John,” Annie Baker’s latest production at New York’s Pershing Square. Read Hilton Als’s review on Illustration by Keith Negley.
chicobrasileirinho : @marinariots Soy yo en NYC no te engañes
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