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newyorkermag - The New Yorker
In this week’s issue, Alec Wilkinson profiles Yitang Zhang, who recently solved a theorem that has stumped mathematicians for over a century. Read the story on Photo by @peterbohler.
sami_rebel8 : Great read! And for an added treat, see Proof showing showing at Moth Theatre in LA!
katxwang : @chancencounters
samdarg : @eric.gibney
utopism : A very nicely written one! Cheers!
catjubs : @tristanjubs you should check out this aticle
pictured_art : Hey guys I'm starting a new photography account and would love some help, please follow and shout out thanks!!!😘😘😘
lorenzopdq : Excellent article about an exceptional man.
tristanjubs : @catjubs I will!
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newyorkermag - The New Yorker
From our shelves of writers’ scrapbooks in the archive. #libraryshelfie @nypl
libraryshelfie -
wannemachaa : @brcw bro I already tagged you
marilooneymo : @czarinamo
pedramsbr : John Updike, my favourite writer
anthemwriting : Wow. That is a treasure for sure.
brcw : @wannemachaa calm down I was being appreciative
sanazhar310 : Kindle just can't compete....❤
mesa_evens_jot : @instashar
soglitudes : Are you proud of that?
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newyorkermag - The New Yorker
Truman Capote once carved his name into Harold Ross’s desk, now at home in our new #1WTC offices. Photo by @jacksonkrule. #TNYmoves
tnymoves - 1wtc -
dirkkkkka : @leannehashley I once carved LA into a tree...
jimmyandem : Take that, Mrs Holden from Standard three. Just have to write something as brilliant as In Cold Blood... and find someone to publish it.
beruria : @miriamkrule so great to see jack's name on my newsfeed like that!
inessa_putintseva : @penny_lane24 💔
dominicgonzo : @vanwykjoel now that's an antique
kristinlwolfe : Love that so much!
lizzyfaceon : @sharpemv
ros.silvasegrelles : @mallagray
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newyorkermag - The New Yorker
In the magazine this week, Nick Paumgarten reflects on our move: “What was worth saving? Not as much as you’d anticipated, once you got into the spirit of paperlessness.” The archives, above, came with us. Photo by @jacksonkrule. #TNYmoves
tnymoves -
almostfreenyc : Want to enjoy NYC on a budget? Check out and follow my blog (link in bio) for fun and inexpensive things to do while in the city! ( 🌃🚖
idodeclaire : #rateyourdesk
katvonoliv : Woooooow @ionasaffron
cristinah_alves : Hello! I'm trying to subscribe the paper edition, but i'm having problems to finish the submission....can you, please, tell me if there is any problem with your site today? Thanks.
cristinah_alves : @newyorkermag
hilarysphoto : This looks like my room did about 2 years ago before the "purge"....;)
alfierinfieri : @newyorkermag pure wow
dasar : paper, paper, paper ...
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newyorkermag - The New Yorker
Today’s daily cartoon by @joedator.
jeriokwan : LOL
ilash1027 : @lsblanche Sooo funny
clarkiniv : @lexxiloo22
papa_kw : @amandalynneheier @jessewardlow
onelfri : @wendyarr
wendyarr : Lol 😄 too funny @onelfri
lasersgopewpew : @lisahafner @feficosta
kristinamicotti : @aalderette
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newyorkermag - The New Yorker
This week’s cover, by Bruce McCall, commemorates our move downtown. #TNYmoves
tnymoves -
svchow : @lechow 👏
blackartistsndialogue : @luvninasimone
confuso : #caprachiappa
lunar_camel : @swamiami Collyer Bros. moving truck hahahaha
breakonomics : Love Bruce McCall!
rorytahari : @staceymsilverstein @rogersilver2112
staceymsilverstein : Nice! Thx zo
tonyvalz : @meehangroup @meehanphoto
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newyorkermag - The New Yorker
Farewell Times Square. Regram via New Yorker staffer @benjaminnyc. #TNYmoves
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eastshoredrive : @agnes_c
janetkwon : @jackfriedman
humed463 : @ninoochkaa
ninoochkaa : @humed463 عاشقشم:)))
postspro : Arrest me Elmo.
defenestrator2000 : @mipupibel
robyne1982 : @jackjohnsmith merci
julianaduque : @margaritabernal elmosito lindo
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newyorkermag - The New Yorker
Editor David Remnick and Deputy Editor Pam McCarthy sort through notes from Harold Ross, the magazine’s first editor. Photo by @jacksonkrule. #TNYmoves
tnymoves -
son_of_lumiere : Nice!
ew11010visionary : Love you, New Yorker!
philinna.t.newyork : ❤️❤️
rosemadder1 : This reminds me of reading the wonderful book, 'The Years with Ross' by James Thurber many years ago. My grandmother introduced me to Thurber's stories and drawings when I was quite young, she used to cry with laughter when reading them, particularly 'The Night the Bed Fell' and 'Snapshot of a Dog'. It lead me later to read more about that time in the magazine's history and to become a lifelong reader and fan of all things NYr. I dug out my battered copy of the Thurber Carnival but sadly couldn't find the equally ancient volume about Harold Ross. The search continues, a dip into their world long overdue. Hope all goes well moving all that precious cargo. Pic to come! @newyorkermag @newyorkerphoto @oslodavis
lisaxavierparks : I'm a lifelong reader and loved both the Rosses!
ayesha_diver : Welcome to the 'hood
ella_murad : @newyorkermag can you tell me where I can purchase the February 5, 1966 issue? I want to surprise my husband on his bday....any leads would help! Merci
melissamorgandesign : Working hard! @newyorkermag
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newyorkermag - The New Yorker
We still have a magazine to put out this week. Photo by @jacksonkrule. #TNYmoves
tnymoves -
broprosgo : Nice!
tolosagirl : @newyorkermag Good luck!
willmcphail4 : I think that's my cartoon!
wsommers5578 : @princesschorizo
marc_philippe_eskenazi : Oh wow, who is that? He seems so funny.
blondielocks18 : @lululamon omg! These crates will be the death of me. 💀
denizomerbeyoglu : Oha benim bu ! @eylulbalkanci
funnybrodie : @laurenmaerask like this????
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newyorkermag - The New Yorker
The New Yorker book bench—yes, there’s a bench under all those books. We’ll be donating the ones that aren’t coming with us. Photo by @jacksonkrule. #TNYmoves
tnymoves -
mformanic : @especesdespaces
metallica17 : @akmaral08 *_*
alfonsiaarmandocorleone : @ginamasseno ❥▢□■▤■□▢❥ Books, Pierguidi , Colors and .. ⋆
nildaoo : @wordupbooks maybe good to look into😊
olivier_blanchard : I see some good stuff in there.
wordupbooks : Thanks @nildaoo
tamsinblanchard : @jessamy.calkin look familiar?
jessamy.calkin : It's my bedroom @tamsinblanchard! What's it doing on Instagram?
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