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Jenn Reilly Nims

Traveling the πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ full time in a RV. ❀ family, adventure, 🐱, goats, roadschooling, vintage stuff, fitness, simplicity, & πŸ’„.
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21/04/2016 22:40:13
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17/04/2016 02:25:14
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26/03/2016 02:28:42
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25/03/2016 02:30:31
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05/03/2016 15:19:03
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04/03/2016 20:37:57
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26/02/2016 21:40:26
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newschoolnomad_girlhero - Jenn Reilly Nims
Nap time with the littles #selfie #thelittles
selfie - thelittles -
browneyedbull78 : So sweet!! I miss having babies!
ecowomb : THE best!! 😴😴
monica.jules : So amazing!! 😍
all_who_wander_arent_lost - maryy_c93 - funsized_15 - browneyedbull78 -
newschoolnomad_girlhero - Jenn Reilly Nims
Look how Thing 2 has grown!!! The main reason we settled down is so the big boys would have opportunities like this. He preformed in his first play, a #steampunk rendition of Alice in Wonderland. #thespian #tweedledee
thespian - steampunk - tweedledee -
ecowomb : Oh I love this, just read your blog last night about why you settled. You guys are such amazing parents, truly! Love you all! And, I once played in a high school play production of Alice in Wonderland as Tweedledee! Yup, Thespian for life πŸ˜‰βœ¨πŸŽ­πŸ‘πŸ½ @newschoolnomad_girlhero
doppiano : This is cool :)
newschoolnomad_girlhero : @ecowomb Aww thank you! It's been hard but my heart knows it's right. Awesome you were tweedledee!
newschoolnomad_girlhero : @ecowomb please get in touch next time you are in CO
thenavarretes - chuckandmeintherv - paul6adventure - xchick10 -
newschoolnomad_girlhero - Jenn Reilly Nims
We have people coming to look at the RV today so I'm dusting and vacuuming. Looking at these empty beds and drawers that were once full of the items the boys deemed important enough to make the small-space-cut puts a golfball size lump in my throat. It probably doesn't help that I'm listening to albums that we listened to our first year on the road. #overlysentimental #nomad #rvlife #gorving #boymom #roadlife #nostalgia #minimalism #minimalist
overlysentimental - rvlife - boymom - gorving - roadlife - nostalgia - nomad - minimalist - minimalism -
willworkforfashion_ : πŸ‘ πŸ‘
joycemeitmann : @trfywyf175 we are thinking of doing the same (buy a rv to live stationary) and travel once in a while. How do you like so far?
trfywyf175 : @joycemeitmann LOVE it just over 2 weeks in. It has had its challenges, of course, but we also tried to get our minds right prior to the move. We settled in and found organizing systems that work pretty quick, making tweaks as we go. I love how little there is to do, besides learning the pumping of tanks and all πŸ˜„! It's actually been a breeze, but we have learned a lot in these last 2 weeks! We have a private camp to ourselves, so we are pretty spoiled in our setup. Patience and knowing it's going to take adjusting to is key! I highly recommend it for the experience alone!
joycemeitmann : @trfywyf175 this is awesome. We are thinking to maybe buy our rv in one year from now. So I am doing a lot of research for now. I started to follow you to follow your journey hahaha hope this is okay.
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newschoolnomad_girlhero - Jenn Reilly Nims
Beautiful spring day here in Colorado. #Colorado #boymom #momof4 #getoutandexplore
momof4 - boymom - colorado - getoutandexplore -
brandienglish1981 - eagerhands - mandy.row - advodna_dave -
newschoolnomad_girlhero - Jenn Reilly Nims
Bath time!
wholelivingjourney : I love him!!
cforcum : Just want to cuddle him..
bling.queen2016 : So adorable!!!!!
wandalee123 : Love love ❀❀❀❀
redhogg54 - sshoskins - christymoir - onnaderuion -
newschoolnomad_girlhero - Jenn Reilly Nims
My little #yoga buddy! #yogababy #momofboys #momlife #boymom #momof4
momlife - boymom - yoga - momof4 - momofboys - yogababy -
sweetestlemonade : Aww!
cforcum : He's so cute....
rblanch52 : He's got the most alert eyes! Hello world!
wandalee123 : Best yoga buddy ever and the cutest one too !!
lyssmerm - alumalarkey - sinadeee - bea_luvmyboys -
newschoolnomad_girlhero - Jenn Reilly Nims
Colorado weather is crazy. Thursday it was like 70 degrees and now this. I'm wondering if we should have moved to back to California. At least I have a good reason to stay inside and bake cupcakes. And since it seems it's going to be forever winter here I don't need to think about swimsuits. Not that I care. Okay so maybe I do a little but not much. Over four years without a full length mirror in the RV did wonders for my body image and I don't plan to buy another one. Anyway that's our backyard. Yep we bought a house, a duplex actually. It's a pretty sweet gig and allowing us to continue our pursuit of simplicity. I sure do miss our house with wheels though. Right about now I'm wishing we could fly south.
suzannenorman : I know! It will be 80 next week though. #almostthere
newschoolnomad_girlhero : @daisysmom2005 Not yet. We just listed it.
missle : Awesome! I bet you do miss your rolling home! Wish y'all could fly south as well!
cottercrunch : Crazy
m_johnsen22 - lori.eubanks75 - chuckandmeintherv - intentionallywandering -
newschoolnomad_girlhero - Jenn Reilly Nims
Thing 4 says, "Have a great weekend!" #cuteness
cuteness -
wandalee123 : Oh my any times can Weewa watch this.....Alot !!! He is adorable ❀❀❀❀
janeeetha : Oh, my.
missle : He's so perfectly darling!
amberkindberg : So so cute!
ahoover5 - weelittlenomads - wandalee123 - be75rock -
newschoolnomad_girlhero - Jenn Reilly Nims
Thing 1 took off on his own adventure this weekend. He's taking a train by himself to spend the weekend with a friend and go to his first prom. #momofboys #boymom #amtrak #travel #growingup
boymom - travel - amtrak - momofboys - growingup -
alliegyoga : Get out!! How exciting is that? Fun! We have a similar photo recently- will tag you :)
missle : So grown! I'm sad and happy!!
cforcum : Wow.....have fun!!!
onnaderuion - 1ofthoselives - lujasa_05 - cristina.o26 -
newschoolnomad_girlhero - Jenn Reilly Nims
It's next to impossible to get a good picture of these two together. And even harder to get one of Thing 3 not sticking his tongue out. 😜#brothers #boymom #momofboys #momlife #thing3 #thing4
momlife - boymom - brothers - momofboys - thing3 - thing4 -
wholelivingjourney : This is so great! Sweet baby boys:)
groovyd33 : Thing 3 looks a lot like his daddy. So cute. Keep up the good work!
raineymom : Hahahaha. Love it!
wandalee123 : Little Brent and little Jen look alikes πŸ’•
inspired__mama - corymast72 - eliseerikson - carinacantrall -
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