Native Faces

1 Native identity, image, & stereotype 2 Hyperdifussion vs independent invention 3 Race, racism, & ethnocentrism 4 Pseudohistory & conspiracy theory
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native_faces - Native Faces
Let's talk about racism
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali @dluxhighgrade i am going to step back from this for a little while and consider both arguments. Need a bit to reflect and think about it. Whatever the outcome, resolution, nevertheless interesting good points.
dluxhighgrade : @raisd_in_cali you can maintain your will, and make choices, even when bound by a system. How do you think people escaped slavery? How do you get a Nat Turner and a Harriet Tubman? Also, those groups you mention, are being identified by ethnicity and not race. That is why an Indian man who is of darker complexion than me would not identify his self as black, as a way to enjoy any real/perceived privilege that goes along with their designation. The dynamic of black & white in the system of race has led to constant and consistent denial and assimilation to determine status/power in this country. That is the crux behind the determination of a 'Hispanic/Latino' ethnicity, it is just another tool of oppression/division within the system of race.
dluxhighgrade : @native_faces thank you. Appreciate your honest dialogue and consideration.
raisd_in_cali : Slavery and 18th/19th century racism is a whole different ballgame. Neither you nor me can say we've suffered or endured racism on the scale that the people from those aforementioned centuries have. Nothing is keeping you from getting a job, a loan, a home, vehicle, or anything. I say this with absolute certainty. Just this past week it was mentioned that an undocumented immigrant was working for Goldman Sachs making $300K-$400K (her name is Julissa Arce) with no legal status, no proper documentation yet she was fully capable of success. Another case is that of Sergio Garcia, another undocumented immigrant who succeeded in becoming a lawyer last year. There is no invisible force, or systematic racism impeding anybody from anything. The Japanese don't complain about white racism because they can beat "whites" in America from jobs to housing @dluxhighgrade same with arabs and Indians
carlitoshumble : You see wall.drawing findings in guatemala of the three obsidians? Already people.talking.shit.on.fb saying they portraying.egyptians smh
native_faces : @dluxhighgrade youre welcome and thank you for your input. Appreciated.
native_faces : @carlitoshumble i did not but i will search it. I guess its not surprising peoples reactions to that.
dluxhighgrade : @raisd_in_cali while I commend the examples that you mentioned, I will note that they are also exceptions. And those always exist in any circumstance. But the system effects the group rather than the individual. If you are born to a race of a subordinate class, yet you assimilate with the dominant class, you can achieve success, on their terms. But your group will still suffer. You are correct, there is no invisible force holding so called 'minority' races back, the cause is clear as day. My position is simply this, racism exists, it is your choice how you are controlled by it.
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native_faces - Native Faces ------------------------ Interesting stuff about a lost city. ------------------------ More evidence of zoomorphic beings and anthropomorphism. "The most striking object emerging from the ground is the head of what Fisher speculated might be "a were-jaguar," possibly depicting a shaman in a transformed, spirit state. Alternatively, the artifact might be related to ritualized ball games that were a feature of pre-Columbian life in Mesoamerica." #reference #news #mesoamerica #honduras #lostcity #archaeology #anthropomorphism #zoomorphism #monkeygod #transforming #jaguar #balam #b_atz
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amerindian_1491 : Dope!
cresjr : Amazing!
ishythefishyone : @megatronjuan freaking cool n
comrade_tzintzun : Wonder what other concious claim those culture vultures pull out of their asses
native_faces : @comrade_tzintzun oh yeah, they are quite creative in the imagination department. We can be sure they will devise something.
native_faces : @brokenswordpublications yup always new discoveries!
native_faces : @pinturaycultura source of info is so key.
comrade_tzintzun : I'll be honest I wouldn't mind getting a good laugh lol
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native_faces - Native Faces
Contact @techimmortal and @joerogan for more information!
native_faces : @tommyone Immortal Tech has a song called, "Leaving The Past" and in that song he mentions that Africans were already here. Immortal Tech supports Afrocentric literature concerning pre1492 Americas even supporting the so-called "Moors." Joe Rogan is a strong supporter of Graham Hancock, whom believes/promotes a "black Olmec" and a "white" Quetzalcoatl.
elcalifornio710 : @native_faces that song was the one that made me say fuck this sell out. .
native_faces : @elcalifornio710 thats pretty much what i said too. What sealed it for me was a panel he was on. See video "who we were before 1492."
tommyone : Smh
_tpheno : @techimmortal you better change that mindset. Olmecs are native and you know what I don't care if your famous that really don't mean shit to me but Zapata comes from native mexican descent wake the fuck up foo. I Can't believe your Peruvian.
native_faces : @t_pheno πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯
headlessbat : Dude just wants to be on diddys lips
warrior_ways : Haha!
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native_faces - Native Faces
Texture of Hair. Image from internet so not sure what book it is from.
pocho_cholo : Thanks for the follow back. I enjoy seeing and reading your posts. Very interesting and eye opening. Saludos.
raisd_in_cali : Do one for the braids in hair,
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali ok, I will. I should do one for the Olmec claim too.
raisd_in_cali : You read my mind sir
native_faces : @pocho_cholo thank you for your interest!
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali πŸ‘Œ
1angrynative : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
native_faces : @1angrynative πŸ‘
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native_faces - Native Faces
atthetopitsjustus : lol if jesus brother was called a niger.. what does that makes jesus? a niger!
atthetopitsjustus : @er351547 you don't make any sense! does that mean that olmecs were british because of the current american population?? the term middle east is a geographical landmass not people. the bible is a racist book it deals with race and identity.
hoolee_hoolee : @soulrebel_619 man!!! U said it brother!!!
soulrebel_619 : @hoolee_hoolee πŸ’―!
_tpheno : Ive seen an asian jesus in a chinese market lol πŸ˜‚
ilwikamatiani : and I am SATAN... hahaha...effen xtians...
meztlicitalin : Olmecatl are from Xoconochco, Veracruz, y Tabasco NOT AFRICA NOT BRITISH NOT EUROPE NOT ASIA
native_polytheist : Not Atlantis either
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native_faces - Native Faces
Version 2. I finally figured out how to make Impact fonts with black outline.
native_faces : @carlitoshumble yes that was ftom the bible
ishtahpalomo : I went to sleep and now I'm lost lol
firrrendclouds : They r going over forces of nature @ishtahpalomo
native_faces : @ishtahpalomo lol i've done that too
ishtahpalomo : @native_faces @firrrendclouds now I'm gonna be at work and totally lose it...ugh oh well
firrrendclouds : Wish you well @ishtahpalomo do the best from it. Make a nice day b
native_faces : @ishtahpalomo be easy
ilwikamatiani : @firrrendclouds I am atheist and I have said worst things about the bable. If the bible was written by man and that is your reference to your gawd ...then your gawd was created by man. All you have to do is take an honest look in history and you'll see that your gawd has failed humanity all thru out history.
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native_faces - Native Faces
brokenswordpublications : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Fucking mormons.
indigenous_insurgente : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
dilatedturky : @huarachesverdes from the bleach tribe
ilwikamatiani : #dechristianize to #decolonize
elninovegano : And if it would of happen they would thought he's retarded or something πŸ˜†
lightskin_mexican_99 : @elninovegano lol
prince_zebulun : Right
prince_zebulun : White Christ nevet happened
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native_faces - Native Faces
dluxhighgrade : @martybartz you are too emotional about memes and hashtags. IG is not a textbook. It is merely footnotes. So pardon me if I did not elaborate on the entire diaspora of 'black' history/accomplishments on my page. I have no particular agenda on instagram. Your comment is the one that alludes to 'blacks' having no accomplishments in this world. And if that was not your intent, then your assumption was poorly stated. You know nothing about my lineage/background to tell me what I'm qualified to speak on. I am very aware of recent accomplishments by 'blacks' as well as those that span millennia. I have my own descendants, that actually include native Americans, so I have no need to take anyone's culture. I have no problem with the color of my skin, but I'm sure the history of yours has you feeling guilty, apologetic and grasping for allies. Me I'm just passing time online. Good luck.
martybartz : @dluxhighgrade *ancestors πŸ˜‚
martybartz : Only a fool judges anyone by the deeds of anyone but that person^ this is true for pride as well as contempt.
dluxhighgrade : @martybartz cool, but I also have descendants with the same ancestors.
raisd_in_cali : The claim to have made all our accomplishments, yet they couldn't bring us iron tools, the wheel, pack animals, and crops ??? Sounds legit, not. Lol
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali haha seriously. Only "pyramids" but no Old World tools? They try to tell us they were coming back and forth "trading" but only trading ideas of building style? They make no sense.
carlitos_way_626 : Fuck Chanates
meztlicitalin : Not "pyramids" there ceremonial centers
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native_faces - Native Faces
Image reference long over due. Purpose of this image showing superficial likeness with Olmec faces; lips, nose and general face shape. Top row: Filipino. Cambodian Bottom row: Cambodian. Maori ----------------------- To be perfectly clear, no evidence pre1492 Cambodian's, Filipino's, Maori's settling the Americas. These images are strictly for showing superficial resemblances with some Olmec monuments. ---------------------- Images are not mine. ---------------------- #gabrielhaslipviera #thievesofcivilization #haslipviera #reference #olmec #olmecatl #olmeca #olmecheads #mesoamerica #ortiz #afrocentrism
haslipviera - reference - mesoamerica - ortiz - olmec - thievesofcivilization - gabrielhaslipviera - olmeca - afrocentrism - olmecheads - olmecatl -
native_faces : @manolomoctezuma that is disputed because of the probability some Polynesians were brought over as slaves. This was surprising to hear because I did not know some Polynesians were enslaved in the 1800s then supposedly brought to Brazil. As for skeletal remains I think you are referring to Luzia. That has been refuted by researchers who have presented convincing arguments that judging race from 10k to race 500 yrs ago is problematic because of evolution, cranialfacial plasticity, and other factors. Botocudo and Krenak peoples match Luzia, and it was pointed out to Walter Neves that he overlooked local population extant and extinct, for explanations...i have a couple memes comparing natives with Luzia...i also have a few unfinished posts on Luzia. i have many unfinished projects but I need to get that one done.
manolomoctezuma : No I am not talking as far back as Luzia, I am referring to Isla Mocha skeleton finds in the Pacific. The polynesians brought chikens to America before the Spanish arrived. And the sweet potato was introduced to the polynesians and Micronesia at least 1000 after Cristo.
manolomoctezuma : So there was trade between the polynesians and the native civilizations of the Pacific Coast of Chile and Perú some 500 years before the Spanish arrived.
native_faces : @manolomoctezuma oh okay...that yes, there is evidence to support that, but somewhat disputed - i need to go back to the arguments. Many thought the chickens were from Asia but according to M.Coe they are Polynesian. There is also evidence Inca or pre-Inca made it to Rapa Nui. Maybe there was an exchange there? There is also Suquamish oral tradition of Hawaiians making it to Wash. St. Those, I think are much more convincing and probable than an African entry simply because those people were/are seafarers. However, I would argue that visits would have been limited.
manolomoctezuma : Yeah they were amazing sea travelers. The trade was probably limited and not a huge migration. The Araucana chiken that is raised by the Mapuche people still today lays blue-green eggs very different from european breeds. And the word for sweet potato is kumar in quechua, kumara in Aymara and Kumala in polinesian.
native_faces : @manolomoctezuma yes
_cuauhtzin_ : Dang everytime i see afros comment they all have diffrent crazy stories as to why they are the originals crazy
native_faces : @_cuauhtzin_ so true. That alone demonstrates how corrupt their views are. Its story telling gone wrong.
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native_faces - Native Faces
Responding to someone.
agua_yo_ : They're teaching about the "white blue eyed Indians" who supposedly founded our great plain and they're calling our ancestors nomads from Siberia. They're teaching about it right now in my amerkkkan history class. The teacher who teaches my class is white who claims to be part Cherokee unsurprisingly. @native_faces
native_faces : @agua_yo_ i think half of the U.S. white population claims they are part Cherokee descent lol
native_faces : @agua_yo_ is your teacher saying the first natives in the Plains were Caucasoid?
native_faces : I address both @shanishanshan
agua_yo_ : I'm well aware of that lol. It must suck for the people who are actually 100% Cherokee.
agua_yo_ : @native_faces Yes she is teaching this theory to be true by an artifact they found in NM. They found a clovis\ solutrean flint. They're now claiming that they came from the Atlantic side. They're pushing white supremacy and teaching it in school. They're lies. She's also teaching the "Land bridge theory." I've already gotten into with one teacher and he flunked me for thinking critically and voicing my facts.
raisd_in_cali : @native_faces do you have the links to the debunking of these videos?
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali i do. Later i will post them
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