Native Faces

1 Native identity, image, & stereotype 2 Hyperdifussion vs independent invention 3 Race, racism, & ethnocentrism 4 Pseudohistory & conspiracy theory
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native_faces - Native Faces
Bonampak, room 1, east wall. "(Part of orchestra): musician playing on a tortoise shell with an antler." From the Smithsonian Institute archives. -------------------------------------------
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native_faces - Native Faces
Coiled rattlesnake. Basalt, Aztec (Mexica), Mexico, AD 1400-1521. Ht. 36 cm, diam. 53 cm. "This powerful sculpture reveals how closely the rattlesnake's anatomy and habits were observed. Two small holes, one on either side of the snout, house the infrared heat sensors that enable the snake to seek out and strike prey at night. Each year upon shedding its skin it would also grow a new rattle. There are 13 segments on the tail of this specimen - perhaps an allusion to the 13-day period in the Aztec divinatory calendar (tonalpohualli)."
raisd_in_cali : That's interesting, I never knew they grew a new rattle with each shedding. Is that how you tell it's age?
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native_faces - Native Faces
Charles Cultee (Kwelte) "Last known survivor of the ancient Chinook stock" --------------- "It was Cultee who gave Dr. Franz Boas the material for his Chinook texts, published by the Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of Ethnology, in 1894. Material was gathered by Dr. Boas in the summers of 1890 and 1891. They communicated with each other entirely in the Chinook jargon. Note Cultee's flattened head." -----------------------
_geronimos_revenge : That's dope! @native_faces
native_faces : @_geronimos_revenge yes!
mrdmt : 😘 @mrsladyluna
raisd_in_cali : What tragedy to be the last of your tribe
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native_faces - Native Faces
While many memes are funny, some are just dumb like when people post memes about "I love books," or "do the knowledge" (lol) or, "study more," and "I prefer books over people." Uh huh... It's like when these "enlighteners" tell you to "read." Read what? Be specific. A comic book? A work of pseudo-archaeology? What? What the fakes will never read are papers, studies or books that contradict their views like this post, "The Bat Creek Stone Revisted: A Fraud Exposed." ------------------------------------------------- The Bat Creek Stone is considered "evidence" for pre1492 Old World visitors : Mormons, Eurocentrics and Afrocentrics alike, and conspiracy theorists. Well, they're all wrong. ------------------------------------------------- Here's a collection of recent handicapped ethnocentric myth - makers who keep pushing this myth : @777mankind777 @kevnix456 @ras_kamose @cray_mon3y @skepticalsphinx and @davidzion86
x__theunbreakable__x : You've already shown your true colors :racist reject
x__theunbreakable__x : I'm glad, I don't see why I should hold respect for someone with such prejudice world views
x__theunbreakable__x : I have to leave this conversation, for I have things to do. It's not like you can drag this subject any further than what we've all already seen by countless other afrocentrics
x__theunbreakable__x : @native_faces hahaha I know, I'm just having fun. I like making old fools mad
ras_kamose : @x__theunbreakable__x I'm still waiting for proof. Educate me. Enlighten me. Insulting doesn't make you smart. Lmaooo.
x__theunbreakable__x : Lol me insulting you? @ras_kamose you're an insult to yourself. You and I both know I am smarter than you lol why you frontin? Good luck with life. I'm out
native_faces : @ras_kamose NO. You made the claim now explain.
raisd_in_cali : And then they claim "peace and love, hate come with us and white people"
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native_faces - Native Faces
Omali quote from : --- or if the link doesn't work Google : "From Cozumel to Grand Caymans, the Marcus Garvey Legacy Cruise 2012" ----------------------------------------- *If Marcus Garvey were alive I am sure he would be proud of Omali. *I highly doubt Omali is going to drop his beliefs that the "Olmec were black" just because his "natural ally" told him that, the science just doesn't support that idea - my speculation according to Neme's response post. Oh wait, but that would be the white man's Eurocentric view that the Olmec were Indigenous Americans. Hmmm.
7loco1capone4 : @native_faces No problem, My most sincere apologies again, I have to work on my anger. Keep up the good knowledge and keep being a warrior for our people. #ometeotl #peacendwisdom
native_faces : @7loco1capone4 Tlazocahmati! I would like to see you and @mayanengr make amends. At least consider it... all of this is not enough to make us hate each other even between nemequene and I. Are there differences? Yes. But at least in future time a chance to express understanding and reasoning. Ometotl...ok, my last reply haha
7loco1capone4 : @native_faces Request granted. @mayanengr My sincere apologies to you too even though we may not agree and we both resorted to anger. Peace and wisdom to you homie. #ometeotl
reb_q_aq : I sincerely apologizes for my behavior as well @7loco1capone4 and yes I had a lapse in judgment, but in having one I've been reflecting on why we liked mind individuals have come together in a forum like conclusion is for another day, but today i once again apologize and wish you well on your journey. Be well brother
7loco1capone4 : @mayanengr No worries brother. We all make mistakes sometimes. I have to work on my handicaps. I'm at ease now that we squashed it. You're a warrior. Keep up the good fight for our people and culture. Much strength, wisdom, peace, and good health on your journey as well. #ometeotl #peaceandwisdom #prosperity
native_faces : @7loco1capone4 hey brother, I was just rereading this and I don't mean to be a pest but I didn't say my apologies...well, my sincerest apologies for acting like I did and so glad that you two squashed it!
7loco1capone4 : @native_faces #Razaunida you know how we do it. No worries my brother. I also acted like foolish. We make mistakes, but it was good that we agreed to disagree. You mean well. You were just trying to look out for my best interest. Tlazocamati. I'm glad we did too. I send you good vibes, strength, prosperity, health, and wisdom. #ometeotl
7loco1capone4 : @native_faces I will follow you brother because you do have a lot of good knowledge to give. You don't have to follow back because my page is not as good but. Can I request?
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native_faces - Native Faces
I mean, really?
jordy_81012 : @native_faces I guess it boils down to "do you really think a snake with feathers is real, and are warriors able to become half monkeys?" But did the Aztecs actually believe it was a real thing and that their gods were able to become ants or crows or white dudes? Yeah I think so, Greeks used to think zeus was real, why wouldn't the Aztecs believe the earth was formed by an ugly monster getting chopped up into bits?
native_faces : @jordy_81012 definitely not white dudes, man. But yeah I believe they believed it. That's not far fetched at all. These might explain why many people still have preColumbian beliefs and certain "superstitions," possibly derived from pre1492 even after colonization, though blending with European ideas, beliefs like catholicism mixed with indigenous beliefs. .. ..i'm preaching to the choir at this point.
jordy_81012 : @native_faces strange things happen all over the globe. And well you know what I meant not actual white just light skinned
native_faces : @jordy_81012 haha I know I was just teasing
native_faces : @jordy_81012 yup. Strange things from all over. All of it interesting and amazing.
natvstyle : @still_i_rise_above_hate Sorry for the delay, I don't have enough insight on the "Deity's" of Mexico's history. Like you I've seen conflicting well as interpretations (See ongoing conversation), also my teaching may be different altogether, as many tribe's/nation's do have a variance of mythology/history. So I'd have to defer to other's with more knowledge in this area (Mexica), and I'm sure as you have read, their are many who are more qualified than me. Having said that, I think that it would be fair to say...if a tribe/nation/person, praised/called upon/worshiped etc. a being or spirit having power over nature or human fortune... that modern interpretation, qualify to be a Deity, God or at least God Like. If the Mexica do have a connection with the Hopi and Zuni (buying into the migration hypothesis) then it may be probable they had at least a connection with their surroundings and the elements. It's best to research Pre European writing's....I hope that was helpful, Be well.
native_polytheist : @mayanengr im talking about the nahuatl speaking people but the mesoamericans had the same gods but different names.
reb_q_aq : Gotta @native_polytheist thanks for the response
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native_faces - Native Faces
This applies to anyone from all ethnic groups/races and yes it certainly applies to the indigenous Native American people as well. Sometimes when I post certain things a follower or two decides this is not for them and I get it. Because the nature of native topics including "race" and racism, is indeed controversial and confronting. After all, the history of colonialism on these lands have been disastrous to native populations. So what did you expect coming to this page? As opposed to certain critics view of this page, specifically those of native descent, this page rejects any kind of romanticist utopian views of the past and present and I also reject the idea of promoting unrealistic agendas or especially promoting ideas of racial superiority/inferiority. For example I dislike Afrocentrism very much but I am not a moron who thinks all or most black people are Afrocentric.
x__theunbreakable__x : #afrocentrism #afrocentrics #eurocentrics #neomexicanismo #nativepride #indigenous #african #american #european
x__theunbreakable__x : This is great!
native_faces : @x__theunbreakable__x :)
native_faces : @x__theunbreakable__x thanks!
youarentshhhtt : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ Apple just received two orders for two iPhone replacements. Haha
native_faces : @youarentshhhtt lol very good haha
raisd_in_cali : Some people have a ludicrous belief that we should agree with other minorities simply because we're minorities
patterson_rosco : Oh, the myth that is Afrocentrism...where to begin?
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native_faces - Native Faces
The annihilation of Native Americans you ask? Yes! The physical destruction is but one form, but here specifically I am concerned with ethnocentric propaganda which is another form. As one native IG user stated, (paraphrasing) "This is ethnocide at its finest!" This fake "amexem" map barely scratches the surface.
native_faces : @crete_85 yes! Thank you!
native_faces : @spidereye_photography_crafts you know I am not sure if the kkk supported the atlantis theory..probably. The only other groups to have made it here were the Vikings but only for a couple hundred yrs or less and there is no evidence they went further inland. They were in newfoundland. The inhabitants then we're the Beothuks. The other group to have made it, very likely, but also for a limited stay, we're a few polynesians. But that is still debated but I believe it because of the activity in the pacific and stories from the Suquamish.
native_faces : @gogettagabi @coconass
coconass : @carlitoshumble
coconass : Oh wait you're already here lol @carlitoshumble
raisd_in_cali : Because so many of our people across the continent have the belief that they've always been from their soil, one professor i had wanted to research if migration could have also taken place out of the Americas rather than into the Americas. It's a long stretch but it would be nice to see things in that perspective
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali yes there is the back - migration into Eurasia, and a more extreme "out of America" Hypothesis.
raisd_in_cali : @native_faces gonna have to look into that
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native_faces - Native Faces
Many thanks to @mayanengr for bringing this book to my attention. ----------------------------------------------------- Finally we have something in book form, though the paper, "Robbing Native Americans: Van Sertima's Afrocentricity," on its own refutes Van Sertima. There are also a few other sources of good reference. ----------------------------------------------------- A month or two ago when I received this book, I was startled to see my Youtube account name in the introduction - "blokcom." The other names you see here are Youtube accounts, Nicantlacatiahui, Ahuitzotltazohtla, and Salsassin. Those not mentioned here but most definitely need to be mentioned are, NeCacaluXuxultic, liquidsnake123, and Thomas_NativeHistory and a couple others, who also played an important part back then refuting the many unfounded claims towards native people and their historical legacy. What also needs to be mentioned is that Salsassin was the main source and you can still see his videos on my blokcom channel, and Liquidsnake123, and a couple on Thomas_NativeHistory. All this in itself is its own history even if only on social media. ----------------------------------------------------- I think, for me at least, all I can say is I really appreciate the acknowledgment from the author, who is an anthropologist, for mentioning us who were involved countering the pseudo-historians.
raisd_in_cali : Salsassin is a grest slayer of afrocentricity. Love his videos
youarentshhhtt : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
youarentshhhtt : It shouldn't have to come to this (honestly, I mean how exactly does such individuals graduate with Ph. D's and have willing publishers who print there conjectural history/nonsense), but it is necessary to quash any preposterous ideology (and for that I lend my knowledge and support). @native_faces You and @cresjr have in my opinion two of the more interesting accounts. No disrespect to any of the above posters.
native_faces : @mayanengr thanx bro
native_faces : @2loveandhate nah man, they were fine. It was more than just making videos. It was someone speaking out on it because most people were not aware and it seens we had more against us than with us...then there was the neo-mexicas and their romanticist ways and then there were the ultra sensitive types condemning us. How many hours upon hours did anyone of us spend time on researching to see if a claim was true or not, and then many more hours arguing and sometimes for days.
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali the best!
native_faces : @youarentshhhtt so true, it shouldnt. Despite all the headaches, I do thank the ethnocentrics for one thing though - it forced us to learn and distinguish the real from the fake, to do real investigation and learn from their errors. And yes, thanks for your support. @cresjr ' s page is important and very necessary.
youarentshhhtt : @native_faces @cresjr Kudos to all who have contributed with truthful, knowledgeable/insightful, and positive input.
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native_faces - Native Faces
youarentshhhtt : @native_faces the indigenous people of Eastern Cuba are, as well as those in the mountain towns of DR and Puerto Rico. As I described before weeks back, one of the last fluent speakers of the "Taino" language passed away during the late 70's. What you are mentioning are the Kalinago/Kaliponam people of Waítukubuli/Dominica, who have a reserve area on the northeastern portion of the island.
native_faces : @youarentshhhtt absolutely. If not oral tradition then with certain beliefs even if blended with Old World beliefs. I think Mexico is a special case of this hence Mexico Profundo. I happen to believe that not all of them disappeared nor do I believe in the "90% of the natives perished from small pox." I don't think there is any way they could know that. Even when the colonialists were here in large numbers, including the slaves, native mexicans still out numbered them all - this is an area I am particularly interested in because I do have native roots in Mexico City but also for other reasons too.
native_faces : @youarentshhhtt ok yes I remember now. Oh ok got it.
aztlanindustries : Dope
youarentshhhtt : @native_faces There is so much speculation surrounding the population and history of Mexico (and all of the indigenous groups). I really enjoy reading about Oaxaca and the Yucatan populations (as well central and the northern regions). Mexico is so diverse which is why I am fascinated by the many cultures. As far as 90% dying due to smallpox and such, we will never know (it is Euro-science speculation). I personally believe that 60-70 percent of the population of people are 1-2 generations removed from there tribal roots. You can say that 70-80 percent of the Mexican population are of full-blood to a significant of indigenous blood (and definitely not the telenovela European immigrants passing themselves off as authentic Mexicanos). We all have our reasons for being interested. I am mesmerized by all indigenous people from the Americas and there beautiful cultures that define what it is to be human (not to say that other cultures aren't as interesting, just my opinion).
_cuauhtzin_ : Ive never heard of this book how much was it?
native_faces : @_cuauhtzin_ It's now $22.50
_cuauhtzin_ : Pretty cheap ima have to buy one
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