Native Faces

1 Native identity, image, & stereotype 2 Hyperdifussion vs independent invention 3 Race, racism, & ethnocentrism 4 Pseudohistory & conspiracy theory
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native_faces - Native Faces
Monument 4, Monte Alban, Escuintla, Guatemala.
montealban - maya - nativeamerican - mesoamerican - mesoamerica - olmec - mexico - antiquity - anthropology - guatemala - centralamerica - olmecatl - archaeology -
native_faces : #guatemala #olmec #montealban #mesoamerica #olmecatl #maya #antiquity #nativeamerican #archaeology #anthropology #centralamerica #mesoamerican #mexico
sere_uno : @elyownmfgs
paparube2013 : Reminds one of Buddha..
elyownmfgs : @sere_uno illMatic
cresjr : Awesome
hazardousforya : I wonder who has ownership of this piece. Lo Blancos quieren todo lo que es simbólico.
native_faces : @hazardousforya not sure.
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native_faces - Native Faces
Colossal head. Monument 3, Monte Alto, Santa Lucia Cotzumalhuapa, El Baul. Southern Guatemala. Monument attributed to the Maya.
maya - cotzumalhuapa - montealto - olmec - antiquity - anthropology - guatemala - pacificocean - olmecatl - olmecs - art - mesoamerican - mesoamerica - mayan - mayacivilization - archaeology - history -
native_faces : #maya #mayan #guatemala #pacificocean #mayacivilization #olmec #olmec #olmec #olmecatl #olmecs #archaeology #anthropology #art #history #antiquity #mesoamerica #mesoamerican #cotzumalhuapa #montealto
settingthestandard : Love this!
cresjr : Never seen this! Amazing
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native_faces - Native Faces
The Omali Yeshitela quote can be found on under the title, "Christopher Dorner case / Controversy surrounding the ancient Olmec February 17, 2013. Or you can Google it. If it disappears I have the mp3. ---------------------- On speaking about the Olmec, Yeshitela sounds completely ridiculous as does his white leftist supporter, Penny Hess. Like fake scholar Immortal Technique, their general beliefs are that, "white people are hiding black (ancient) history from us," is not only absurd on many levels, but makes one wonder how much of what these people are saying is of any worth? ---------------------- Recently @nemequene posts an image of a native meme - "if you lose our identity you lose a part of you." Nemequene then goes on to say, "I'd say you lose ALL of you. You can't be you without knowing your roots. Losing your identity will mean that you inevitably become what someone else wants you to be; I.e. Latin." ---------------------- @nemequene supports Afrocentric Supremacist ideology and an important part of that ideology is claiming Native American accomplishments, cultural aspects, gods, etc., and claiming Native Identity as black identity. So how can this "educated" person like some from the Mexica-Movement, who are supposedly fighting for decolonization, align themselves with people who are blatantly robbing Native Americans of their identity?
absurdo -
native_faces : @reb_q_aq about sums them up!
reb_q_aq : Ok @native_faces I'm go on a rant...why is it that people can't see that what this guy says and does is all wrong, I understand he has his views and opinions, but to say that you believe and defend our indigenous ancestors and then go call this so-called African leaders that condone Afrocentric/Olmec where Africans your teachers?? Also, you hate white racist, but call little kids racist names and in all places their homeland?? WTF please stay trapped in England and be a hide behind my computer warrior!
reb_q_aq : How can his followers defend his A** he hates everything about our indigenous ancestors culture -dancers, spiritual leaders, artist that are not MM? He believes in science, of course from across the pond! Freaking joke
reb_q_aq : Were..
native_faces : @reb_q_aq yeah someone sent me a DM pointing out that he was hating on some Aztec dancers...I am still bewildered why so?? Like, whats the reasoning behind that? For someone who hates white people so much out of all places, he lives in England. Exactly. How can this guy talk about decolonization, native identity, but post tons of stuff by afrocentrics? Krsone, Sancophaleague, JH.Clarke, Omali Yeshitela, and others - all believe the Olmec were black. JH.Clarke for example, was a friend of Van Sertima and part of that circle pushing Afrocentric t
native_faces : ...views...
reb_q_aq : Sorry a racist is a racist no matter what color their skin is! Talking about we come from a prison/gang culture so that's why we feel the way we feel about Afrocentrics??? Sorry you trapped fool you don't know sh** about where I come from! #SophisticatedCoward #HiddingInLondon
native_faces : @reb_q_aq yeah, he's completely absurd! #absurdo
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native_faces - Native Faces
When I present superimposed images of natives and ancient native artwork people sometimes ask, "but aren't you doing the same exact thing like those people you are arguing with?" Or, "anyone can use Photoshop." Yes but as opposed to my opponents I do have a method and I do not distort images except where noted. There are a couple things left out of the above post, but here is a basic format used for finding native matches with their ancestors works of art.
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native_faces : #anahuac #tenochtitlan #art #ancient #method #nativeamerican #decolonize #imaginarymexico
the_ink_collective : dope
native_faces : @the_ink_collective thanks!
hazardousforya : You are giving examples, that's all. People can not put two and two together. Give an example, compare the example with others, comparing your example with contrasting examples. Come to a conclusion with the contrasting viewers quackery. Show proof it is concocted poppycockish hogwash.
native_faces : @hazardousforya basically
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native_faces - Native Faces
The Caluxtlhuaca "Roman" head was theorized as of Roman origin because of the beard. I must emphasize in anthropology the artifact is not widely accepted as evidence of a Roman / Mesoamerican contact. There are a couple of papers and several web posts written on thus, but I would have to revist them for questions for details because its been years since I've read them. However, for visual demonstrations, we can show full-blood native men having facial or beards. Determining who is a full-blood is another issue and I will provide my method for the pictures used.
relic - nativeamerican - mexico - facialhair - anthropology - art - beards - quetzalcoatl - northamerica - beardednativeamericans - indigenousamericans - americas - amerindian - beardednatives - calixtlahuaca - archaeology - history -
native_faces : Ugh...*this, not thus
native_faces : *Calix not Calux
crazyarchaeo : Haha! Why is the U so close to the I?! Very interesting by the way. Some people seem to believe that natives can't grow facial hair...
native_faces : @crazyarchaeo lol...they are too close! I find typing on these phones very annoying. Yes I think a lot of people were under that assumption that all native men dont have facial hair or beards.
native_faces : #calixtlahuaca #mexico #beardednatives #beardednativeamericans #nativeamerican #amerindian #americas #indigenousamericans #beards #quetzalcoatl #northamerica #facialhair #anthropology #archaeology #relic #art #history
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native_faces - Native Faces
toonzwear89 : #Chacmool
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native_faces - Native Faces
He is the God of the wind or morning star. He is also the Wise man who teaches his disciples to cultivate corn and he is also the inventor of books. He is the feathered serpent - Quetzalcoatl
native_faces : @dbomb357 china? I dont have sources on that. My comment on them was from years of culminated news feeds, documentaries, and stories from people from china. I guess google the yangtze damn, polluted lakes, bamboo forest destruction, chinese oil spills.
native_faces : @dbomb357 I knew you didnt believe they were all like that. I was using that as an example.
dbomb357 : @native_faces ok thank you. The Sami were briefly touched on in 1 of Supreme's books. Ill do a lil more research on em
dbomb357 : @native_faces & you are correct, they destroying the land on many fronts & displacing tribes on various continents. All the post about the World Cup & the natives being moved out of their areas, as well as poor people being shuffled off the street let me know the problem is bigger than America. & thank you. I will research the Yangtze dam.
dbomb357 : @native_faces lol, yeah I don't group ppl wholly based on what their governments are doing. The government I'm under is oppressive & "represents" me worldwide, commuting various acts terrorist warfare, against ppl, & the planet. I know I'm not the only 1 lol.
native_faces : @dbomb357 "Supreme Understanding," Michael Bradley, Frances Cress Welsing, Graham Hancock, Jordan Maxwell, Neely Fuller Jr., I could name dozens more both black and white whose sources are dubious at best.
dbomb357 : @native_faces more pieces to the puzzle dude. I used to write as a kid. I know all writing is subjective to the person who wrote.We all have an agenda,& whether its deemed positive or negative is based on how its interpreted.It's up to me to find counter info & compare the 2 & decipher for myself.
meztlicitalin : All I know is that nothing lasts forever.
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native_faces - Native Faces
Image of a "Moorish" license plate. Sorry for the bad quality but this will have to do for now. The image is lifted from a Youtube video, a video of another video: --------------- Https:// --------------- So the quality is bad from the get go. There is an original floating around somewhere but I could not find it. Anyway, there is an image of an Olmec head SL1 on the upper left of the license plate. --------------- These Moors are separate from The Science Temple of the Moors who have no affiliation with Taj Tarik Bey and other similar groups, and they reject the claim "indigenous" to the Americas. In fact, the Moorish Science Temple rejects the Amexem map on my last post. --------------- Some of the terms and words on the plate: non-commercial, indigenous chickasaw olmec, private permanent. ---------------
x__immigrant__x : Who do these belong to??
native_faces : @native_polytheist yeah bc they keep inventing stuff up everyday lol..
native_faces : @x__immigrant__x specifically the moors order of the round table, washitaw moor empire, and a couple others. These are just the moors though. Then there are the loony nawuabians - michael york's outfit, whose beliefs intertwine with theirs. The guy is in jail now.
native_faces : Note: Overall image is distorted to fit instagram. Image of the olmec - kuikuri comparison is lifted from a original with no distortion.
martin7divine : Malachi is plain crazy to tell you the truth.
x__immigrant__x : Some serious trauma. ..dang
cresjr : Wtf!!!
world_of_joshua : Lmao funny as hell
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native_faces - Native Faces
@iamkrsone @techimmortal ------------- The fact that Krsone and Immortal Technique, and others, believe and promote ideas of a "black Olmec" based on outdated Old World racialist opinions of New World peoples, from already refuted, scientifically unproven theories... which these ideas are adopted and recycled...places their other "historical" narratives as suspect or at least one should now view anything they say in regards to ancient history from a skeptical view. #pseudohistory #pseudoscience #krsone #immortaltechnique #racism #racismtowardsnativeamericans #history #cult #cultbeliefs #mexicamovement #whitewashed #blackwashed #pseudohistorians #moor #fakemoors #fake #instafake #hiphop #fakeknowledge #afrocentrism #eurocentrism
fakeknowledge - eurocentrism - pseudohistorians - pseudohistory - cultbeliefs - hiphop - afrocentrism - fake - cult - immortaltechnique - blackwashed - whitewashed - fakemoors - racism - pseudoscience - moor - krsone - racismtowardsnativeamericans - instafake - mexicamovement - history -
x__immigrant__x : @obsidian__serpent lol I know right? !?
reb_q_aq : What? was he suppose to drop a couple of bars on us? Hahaha @obsidian__serpent @x__immigrant__x
x__immigrant__x : @reb_q_aq hahaha you'd think he'd at least stick around for a little longer. ..I just honestly expected him to have more to say..
x__immigrant__x : Oh well:(
reb_q_aq : I'm actually surprised that he even acknowledged?? @x__immigrant__x
x__immigrant__x : @reb_q_aq that just shows that reason why he wouldn't reply before, wasn't because he's too busy, but because he's avoiding confrontation about his claims
el_sando : @billsmiles @sal_oh_man @grass_art
_revolutionarymind_ : Whats a moor to you?
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native_faces - Native Faces
@nemequene hates white people so much he supports Afrocentric Supremacists for the sake of his movement's goals, just like how Afrocentrics maliciously and wrongly claim Native American accomplishments as black accomplishments for the sake of their people and goals, rather than for Native Americans - again Native Americans are on the losing end because of charlatans like Nemequene. He does deny a "black Olmec" based on the "science" but at the same time he supports people who promote those beliefs; Krsone, Umar Johnson, John Henrik Clarke and others. How does any of that make sense!? @iamkrsone 's little rap song "Invaders" and his appearance in the movie, "Hidden Colors 2," is a tell tale sign of how widespread those beliefs are yet @nemequene doesn't get it. He doesn't understand how Afrocentrism is a mirror image of White Supremacist beliefs and how blackwashing is the exact same as whitewashing... "Onwards"
weak -
native_faces : @sanavil1 and btw, 2pac is a grossly overrated afrocentric wannabethugster. To give credit where it is due, KRS was 1000 times better but not nearly as popular. But I dont really give a shit.
native_faces : @sanavil1 ha. Like I will cower to some low level turd who throws racial epithets. The only thing I will correct you on is that I NEVER stated I was native. In fact when I am asked my ancestry I always explain it. But, this is usual deceptive dumbfuckery with you guys.
sanavil1 : I don't give a shit what you think about 2pac or hiphop in general.
sanavil1 : Stop misrepresenting yourself. Be white and proud dont poison black and native minds with your European bigotry.
native_faces : @sanavil1 shut up boy. Youre not pro black youre pro idiot.
native_faces : @sanavil1 I am proud of ALL my MIXED RACE ancestry, even the white ancestry and I make no apology to NO ONE.
sanavil1 : Bye whiteboy....
native_faces : @sanavil1 #weak
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