Native Faces

1 Native identity, image, & stereotype 2 Hyperdifussion vs independent invention 3 Race, racism, & ethnocentrism 4 Pseudohistory & conspiracy theory
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native_faces - Native Faces
A Fuegian man from the southern tip of South America.
toonzwear89 : Looks like uncles of mine
thestraysavage : #Realmen
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native_faces - Native Faces
Couple things: 1. I strongly believe "Columbus Day" should be abolished. No counter-argument needed. Such a holiday or observance is a slap on the face to Native people. 2. Here on this channel are unpopular views, but I am not here to entertain popular opinion. So, with that, there is evidence that while there were enslaved Black Africans arriving on European ships since 1492, there is also evidence of Free Armed Black Africans who also arrived here after 1492. But zero evidence they arrived earlier. 3. Dentition alone does not prove they were Free Blacks. There are other sources that gives supporting evidence. 4. In no way does this image, nor does my views say, imply, suggest, or argue to start blaming black people for the Conquest. That would be your projection, not mine. This would be like portraying all Italians as murderers. Happy Indigenous Day but every day is Indigenous Day!
hazardousforya : If everyone agreed with all that was said (particularly my opinion) or knowledge that was disseminated, we would be living in a THX 1138 -esque like society, with no diverging opinions or perspectives. I surely would never teach children to take my opinion as the end all be all. I will take note of my brash thoughts (when responding). Haha I only offend those with false notions of reality. @native_faces
native_faces : @hazardousforya lol yes. the same for me.
cresjr : Great post
antoniosan50 : ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
half_mexican_me : A little late on my part, but i agree. Wouldn't it be disgusting to ha
half_mexican_me : ve a Hitler Day? Maybe that comparison is not accurate; however, the fact of the matter is that columbus day should just be renamed Genocide Day.
native_faces : @half_mexican_me I think your comparison is good and I agree! If the government was to truly make some kind of amends, then they could start with treating "Columbus Day" differently and then deal with the "Redskins" issue.
half_mexican_me : And a host of other things too. Thanks for posting, love your feed, as usual๐Ÿ˜Š
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native_faces - Native Faces
Some of the racists love to say, "Natives and Africans are one people." This is incorrect. And contrary to what the racists regularly spew- ALL humans are one human race.
through_horus_sunglasses_ : Why would it be improbable the first indigenous were African as well. Especially if they sculpted thier features on Colossal heads for future generations to see.
cresjr : @through_horus_sunglasses_ the Khoisan weren't the first Chinese and they never left Africa. The first Japanese which are Ainu didn't have "nappy" and continue to live in Japan and Siberia today.
cresjr : @through_horus_sunglasses_ The first and only Indigenous Americans sculpted themselves not Africans as there were no Africans in the Americas prior to 1492 invasion.
through_horus_sunglasses_ : @cresjr the African nose was the most on point.
native_faces : @through_horus_sunglasses_ the first Chinese were not black. Blacks only settled on some coastal areas. Ainu look closer to Caucasian, but are not Caucasian. The reason some whites claim Ainu as Caucasian is the same reason afrocentrics claim them. @cresjr
moneyali : @through_horus_sunglasses_ weren't African but from Mu
jamiesandoval : Any of u guys on Facebook @native_faces @cresjr
native_faces : @jamiesandoval I am but never on there.
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native_faces - Native Faces
Go to Youtube and search "REVIEW: Black in Latin America, Mexico & Peru: The Black Grandma in the Closet, P1, Mexico. The REVIEW version addresses some of the falsehoods presented by Henry Gates. I happen to have a great deal of respect for Mr. Gates and to be very clear, Henry Gates is no Afrocentric. However, he is not exempt from criticism and this REVIEW film challenges some of those common American misinterpretations of colonial Mexico.
yessi_xitlalic : You know, what I found interesting is that he didn't present DNA percentages for those in Mexico like he did in Brazil... Nonetheless, it is fascinating.
jaylumbee : He's a smart man. He gives people the truth, supported by research and documentation--not just hearsay.
native_faces : @yessi_xitlalic you are correct. I wish they would have included admix studies.
native_faces : @jaylumbee he's definitely a intellectual giant imo.
krsnaheru : There's afrocentrics that can't stand Dr Gates. He's one of the people who talks about Africans helping to enslave other Africans, which isn't hard for me to understand since there are generational disputes with neighboring nations for centuries.
native_faces : @krsnaheru that's true. On youtube I think the only time he's referenced is when they were trying to ridicule him.
yungflor : I respect his work he definitely has a greater lens than most folks. A true historian. He doesn't sit there and make up shit that's for sure.
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native_faces - Native Faces
Quote from Steven Hassan and my response to all this "meme-logic" going-on on social media, particularly aimed at all of these so-called truthers i.e. fake enlighteners, pseudohistorians, ethnocentrics, conspiracy theorists etc.
jordy_81012 : Those new agers tick me off the most
native_faces : @jordy_81012 yeah they are really annoying
jordy_81012 : Memes are pretty fun though
native_faces : @jordy_81012 they are!
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native_faces - Native Faces
Pulque pouring from the breasts of am earth goddess, detail of Bilimek Pulque Vessel, Late Postclassic Aztec (Mexica).
jordy_81012 : I read about a Mexican archaologist that claims some artifacts are from 30,000 BC
native_faces : @jordy_81012 as far as the Bering Land Bridge theory something I will work on in future posts. There is also a Hypothesis of a "Bering Standstill," where supposedly natives had occupied for 5, 000yrs, before traveling the coasts southward. So there are a few things I need to revisit before I can accept that theory or not.
native_faces : @jordy_81012 anything past 20,000 yrs is speculative. It all depends on artifact, how it was found, condition of land it was found...for example, artifacts have been found in the past where if the land has shifted or moved due earthquakes, landslides or construction etc. then those things can make such a find appear to be older than actually is.
jordy_81012 : Tru tru. I just like to think that we originated here as a species.
native_faces : @jordy_81012 yes there is that too. In fact it is called "out of America." I occasionally look into that too because there are some very interesting arguments made but I don't know all there is about it completely, yet.
jordy_81012 : Where are you from? And are you full native? I hate having my blood diluted .__.
native_faces : @jordy_81012 my ancestry is from all over so I am mixed-race, half European American; Irish/German, and half browns; native Hawaiian, native Mexica, Okinawan, and some Gypsy. But i dentify closer to my Pacific Islander Hawaiian/Mexica cultural heritage because of my upbringing. Yeah I know what you mean, sometimes I wish I was more of one thing than being all mixed up.
kamenwong : โค่ตž
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native_faces - Native Faces
Carajá native man, Central Brazil, S.A. with a beautiful headdress and a wooden lip pendant denoting the prime of life. His ear flowers are made of feathers.
el_sando : @grass_art
grass_art : Chingon @el_sando
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native_faces - Native Faces
racists - reallydumbpeople - nativeamerican - eurocentrism - reallydumb - olmec - racism - pseudohistory - pseudoscience - whiteracism - afrocentrism - ethnocentrism - supremacism - blackracism -
native_faces : #olmec #nativeamerican #racism #racists #whiteracism #eurocentrism #blackracism #afrocentrism #supremacism #reallydumb #reallydumbpeople #ethnocentrism #pseudoscience #pseudohistory
hazardousforya : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
cla_6 : I don't get it
native_faces : @cla_6 as opposed to the common meme, "no drama zone," my channel is all about drama and conflict revolving around Native American identity, amongst other things.
native_faces : @cla_6 so as opposed to the other common meme, I welcome drama.
soichangemyname : ๐Ÿ‘
seethrulies : ๐Ÿ‘Š
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native_faces - Native Faces
White Supremacist, Afrocentric Supremacist - Common Goals, Common Traits
racists - reallydumbpeople - nativeamerican - eurocentrism - reallydumb - dumbblackracist - olmec - racism - pseudohistory - pseudoscience - whiteracism - reallystupidblackracist - afrocentrism - ethnocentrism - supremacism - blackracism -
native_faces : @cresjr uh, this guy is really bad
cresjr : @martinlutherdaiii Every human being has melanin and yes blacks can be racist. Also no Africans had never stepped foot in the Americas prior to Europeans bringing you.
native_faces : @cresjr I saw that my boy nemequene referred to "melanin" recently. Isn't that something?
cresjr : @native_faces really? Wow
native_faces : @cresjr yup.
anthony_marmaud : The first native Americans were East Asian
all.hail.satin : @martinlutherdaiii you can't be racist towards whites... You can be towards Native Americans because we were systematically oppressed by Europeans for hundreds of years... Please tell my grandma who was forced from her home as a child by europeans and was beaten and abused as they forced her to forget her native culture and language that she has "institutional power"
jengal0585 : @martinlutherdaiii wow the hate you demonstrate is truly sickening. This isn't the first time I've witnessed a self proclaimed Hebrew Israelite spewing so much ignorance. Is that what the Hebrew Israelites stand for? Such a noble human being..clearly you are the most high's chosen ones (Sarcasm). Luckily you are a fringe group that have zero credibility. Indigenous people of the Americas will continue to be proud of their roots. We will continue to pass down our culture to our children. We will continue to hunt and fish as our ancestors have since memorial. We will continue to fight the environmental rape of mother earth. We will still sing and chant the same songs that generations of my ancestors did. Nobody can take that away from us. Our roots run deep. We have survived attacks by Europeans for hundreds of years. You're tactics are no different than the "white devil man". All I see is the same regurgitated memes on IG from the same group....yawn. Damn, it's feels good to be native.
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native_faces - Native Faces
Mexico City : native_faces
olmec -
x__theunbreakable__x : Old mex =olmec. .
native_faces : @x__immigrant__x I think so too. I think most who do believe in that stuff won't ever give up those views.
native_faces : @x__immigrant__x ikr..
native_faces : It's like the "dugdamoundya"
amerindian_1491 : Straight native #0lmecface
paisa423 : @dg423 el pinchi geras jajaja
_imvon_ : Are they the ancestors of the Mayans? @native_faces
native_faces : @_imvon_ yes, this guy here in the photo I don't know which native group he descends from, but in general indigenous people from Yucatan, Guatemala, and other places, are direct descendants of the Maya.
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