Native Faces

1 Native identity, image, & stereotype 2 Hyperdifussion vs independent invention 3 Race, racism, & ethnocentrism 4 Pseudohistory & conspiracy theory
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native_faces - Native Faces
Mexico City : native_faces
olmec -
x__immigrant__x : @native_faces they're a lost cause I would ssy
x__immigrant__x : *say
x__immigrant__x : Old mex =olmec. .
native_faces : @x__immigrant__x I think so too. I think most who do believe in that stuff won't ever give up those views.
native_faces : @x__immigrant__x ikr..
native_faces : It's like the "dugdamoundya"
amerindian_1491 : Straight native #0lmecface
reb_q_aq : Boom!
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native_faces - Native Faces
Two opposing views on the Peopling of the Americas but only one is based on evidence and stronger arguments. The Solutrean Hypothesis strongest argument are similarities between some Solutrean tool kits, particularly points, compared to Paleoindian Clovis arrow points. Similarities do not equate to evidence - as opposed to common assumptions by pseudohistorians where similarity must mean a direct connection.
crazyarchaeo : I have seen those books on my first year at the Uni. I alway found the atlantic theory way too far fetched.
native_faces : @crazyarchaeo yup totally agree. I guess crossing the Atlantic could have happened but it just seems improbable.
hazardousforya : @native_faces it is my conjecture that Clovis points were crafted because of the need to pierce through the tough hides of big game megafauna such as mammoths. What I don't get is this notion that indigenous people of these two continents were incapable of producing knowledge and ingenious ingenuities (obviously we know of many creations that are solely endemic to these continents), for instance, if you have the development of concepts or tools out of necessity from two civilizations, continents apart (but not worlds apart), the general consensus would be it was necessary. Unfortunately indigenous people weren't as "clever" but a "stone-aged" culture with pagan beliefs, primitive in the words of academia. So much for being isolated and feeding the worlds population with their farming techniques.
native_faces : @hazardousforya we are in complete agreement.
meloowise : @native_faces de que parte de America eres?
native_faces : @meloowise Desde San Francisco Bay Area pero ahora yo estoy en D.F.
native_faces : @meloowise y tu?
meloowise : Aaa soy del sur de Chile arauco/ Curanilahue @native_faces pero vivo en suecia
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native_faces - Native Faces
Two natives from the North American continent, but two different looking individuals. The man on the left has a narrow face while the man on the right has a more broad roundish face : image reference for future posts.
native_faces : @reverse_racism for me Chicano is fine too but explain that it is essentially native american even though some have some European ancestry. Some use several terms simultaneously. You are native of the americas, or indigenous American or indigenous to the americas.
native_faces : @reverse_racism my wife is a native mexican and she never uses the term "latino" to describe herself. She uses "mexican" in the national sense but also in the native sense. In fact none in her family uses the term "latino."
native_faces : @reverse_racism if one is mexican native or central american, one could use "Nican tlaca." I think, really, the term applies to those anywhere indigenous to the amerixas, but without belonging to any nation or tribe nor who speak a native language, who need to replace European labels to properly identify as, native-something. Because a lot of natives who have their own language prefer not to use Nican tlaca- according to past conversations but some may accept it. It depends on the individual. To me one can use native, indigenous, nicantlaca, etc. as well, but as long as you identify as native -getting rid of "latino" "hispanic." but as I mentioned earlier you could use any of these simultaneously.
hazardousforya : @native_faces I am sure you are aware of human plasticity, where environment, climate, diet, etc. determines how you and particular groups might look differently.
native_faces : @hazardousforya I am yes.
riojones7 : Hey! I study anthropology and issues of indigeneity in New Mexico..very interested and love the way you work this page!! Could I email you? Would love to chat. Thanks!
native_faces : @riojones7 yes. I am in Mexico City and when I get back I will contact you. Thanks
reverse_racism : @native_faces thanks!
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native_faces - Native Faces
"Gold bell pendant, framed jaguar-man figure, Palmar Sur, Diquís." Costa Rica. Anthropomorphic figures were common in many ancient native cultures.
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native_faces - Native Faces
First Female Native (Hopi) on Federal Bench : Diane Humetewa -------
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native_faces - Native Faces
"This feather shield was part of the treasure Moctezuma (II) gave Cortez for his king. The coyote, outlined in pure gold, represents the fire god." -------
cihuatlyoamazatl : 👏👏👏👏
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native_faces - Native Faces
Este pequeño con sus Ancestros.
x__immigrant__x : Cool picture!
erynneguevara : @nikkilaes :)
soulrebel_619 : Son iguales!
cresjr : Twins!
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native_faces - Native Faces
Zapotec girls from a small village near Santiago Choapan, Oaxaca.
twosixthree : My boy it's from there...
diegorg464 : @native_faces sorry im new to your page, but I'm confused.. All this just hit me like a train. Are you saying that people who identify as Mexican are natives? I'm sorry I'm really confused
native_faces : @diegorg464 no, not all Mexicans are native. The ladies here, yes, they most certainly are native. People who are identified as "mestizo" can go either way, or they can identify whatever they like. However, many of these mestizos have more native ancestry so they can be considered native. When it comes to mixed ancestries...yes, it is confusing and I do not have all the answers.
native_faces : @diegorg464 then there those with little native ancestry and here's where it gets even more confusing. In my opinion concerning who's native and who is not, especially concerning those with less than half, are answers yet to be answered. Some natives consider anyone with one drop of blood, native, and then those who reject that idea altogether, particularly those that look more white.
native_faces : @diegorg464 then there are issues like, why is the one drop rule applied only to blacks and not natives?
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native_faces - Native Faces
seiyapegasus : its skin im brown wen im in d sun i get really darkkkk
raisd_in_cali : By their logic, the Smurfs are real because the Mayans painted the bodies of slaves blue
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali haha yup
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali was it esteban?
raisd_in_cali : @native_faces I am not certain, gotta freshen up my history
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali oh my bad, that comment wad for someone else
raisd_in_cali : Francisico de Baguia was the African slave
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali Ok I will look him up
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native_faces - Native Faces
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selfmade_said : @native_faces Broke your lil heart huh ?? Spread the knowledge and not false bullshit. When you speak this shit back it up with documented facts and not assumptions. #whos #the #dummy #now #i #know #you #wanna #block #me #lmao
hazardousforya : @native_faces Interesting dialogue, what I would like to know is ... if any of those individuals who profess indigenous people of these two continents and in particular those people of the Meso-american region have any oral tradition other than those so called chroniclers (European chroniclers and new-age professors), who described both Mayan and other indigenous people with black oily paint (to protect ones skin from sun damage as well as ceremonial purposes) as black people. I do understand your sentiment as far as their blinding ignorance concerning indigenous people and culture, when you have individuals asserting the notion of Africa being the cradle of civilization, therefore they gave rise to all cultures, whether here in the "Americas" or in Asia and in Europe.
selfmade_said : @hazardousforya The system of white supremacy will go very far to hide the things black people have done on this earth that its sad. But the more artifacts/statues they find the more they look like black people. They can hide the artifacts but not the truth. The Vatican has 6-8 miles underground full of African artifacts that they won't give back to Africa. Every major Caucasian country has stolen African artifacts in their museums that they won't give back. In Mexico a man found 6000 year old African artifacts that were brought here by Africans. In a Costa Rica museum a wax statue of a black Indian man shows him dressed as an African warrior. Like I said S. America is the second largest African community. For every 100 slaves brought to America 38 of them are in S. America. Look up 14th century Native California Indians and they are dark skinned. From the east to the west.
kemdkem : Lots of ignoRants ..baseless claims..I am proud of my ancestory as should be all..we CANNOT allow divisionist bigoted white supremacy black supremacy brown supremacy purple supremacy yellow supremacy green etc..ideological ignorance to go unchallenged..white supremacy or black supremacy etc supremacy is completely devoid of is a social issue lacking scientific fact..its divisional in the verbage-black or white-there are only people..race is a divisionary tactic used by those who want land power and use death to those means to an end..slavery was allowed but everyone is not guilty of it in america..well to do families have built their empires upon division and ignorance and death ..we must be wise when discussionary forums are available..u cant erase the insta digi comments..but inform ourselves and remember before speaking..Do the research and remember something is refound..not discovered.. EVERYDAY! and the genocidal behavior of those able to institute a death decree is born out of ignorance and unintelligible no matter the line our ancestoral lineage..listening to a song or reading a book isnt revolutionary but thinking before speaking and research yourself before telling others their business. discussion (disrespect-cussing-session)..isnt the same as communication: a key to knowledge..please communicate and show intelligence.. we are all @native_faces and we are all humans and I stand up for all..native and proud.. people..humans.. and we should ALL raise our intelligence ..ignorance is the power of a bully..take away that power and no bull!
kemdkem : Van Sertima has been proven unscientific and fantasy views are not science..he is an interesting character but he has fame and so that is appealing to some instead of logic..we cannot use, as a base, fame, for logic and intelligence..he wanted to SELL something so he marketed this opinion. FAME corrupted his view in my opinion. And his linguistic claims are and have been proven false when dealing with the olmecs..
kemdkem : We all are @native_faces and I applaud the human condition..may we heal our wounds before claiming the world for ourselves
native_faces : @hazardousforya yes that is information I am slowly gathering here and there, those native voices of knowledge often neglected and forgotten about that could be useful for things like how you explained. @reb_q_aq has discussed this before too about native elders and oral tradition. There is a native story I read a while back explaining of a long journey through lands of ice and would be a clue to ancient migration.
native_faces : @lovett_1990 Quetzalcoatl was often depicted as three species-human, serpent, and bird
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