Native Faces

1 Native identity, image, & stereotype 2 Hyperdifussion vs independent invention 3 Race, racism, & ethnocentrism 4 Pseudohistory & conspiracy theory
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native_faces - Native Faces
Found this online a while back. I don't have any other information about the image. The Europeanized Jesus looking guy, is at the same time, also represented as a Europeanized version of Quetzalcoatl, and, in a peculiar way, looking sexual. It's very weird and disturbing. Apparently this textbook (assuming this is the case) is or was used in some Mexican schools. I would like to know where this was used or if it is still used today and how long in circulation. This, is ethnocide. It is part of the systematic destruction of indigenous cultural legacy by ascribing native lords and other historical figures to another foreign group. #nahua #mexica #mexicatenochtitlan #mexico #mexicoprofundo #quetzalcoatl #mesoamerica #propaganda #ethnocide #cholula #colonialism
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eaglesbowl_cuauhxicalli : Yea I work with a Mormon and told her the real story
2loveandhate : Lol what did she say? @eaglesbowl_cuauhxicalli
native_faces : @eaglesbowl_cuauhxicalli i want to know all ears lol
eaglesbowl_cuauhxicalli : @2loveandhate @native_faces she took it ok.. I told her about the real meaning of what is Quetzalcoatl is ( galactic ) meaning and she understood about the cult organisation in everything and she is a true Mormon, she's left for a mission for her religion but they good ppl but false info.. She said that she can't fool me..
2loveandhate : Lol what? @eaglesbowl_cuauhxicalli
native_faces : @eaglesbowl_cuauhxicalli funny. My last boss was a mormon and i once heard him reference people of mexico as "hispanics." Another guy at work is maya, speaks fluent yucatec maya and planning to relocate to utah!
eaglesbowl_cuauhxicalli : @native_faces is maya guy Mormon?
native_faces : @eaglesbowl_cuauhxicalli he is
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native_faces - Native Faces
Photo by Jean Manzon 1947.
indigenous_insurgente : They kind of resemble or look alike to the Huaorani (Waodani) people
native_faces : @indigenous_insurgente yes kinda
maxwell_oginni : Beautiful capture.
native_faces : @maxwell_oginni yes
miemile : Beautiful people.
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native_faces - Native Faces _____________________ Can't wait for the study. _____________________ On blogs, Youtube, forums, this has upset some Eurocentrics. There's talk of conspiracy, PC politics, Marxism, hidden truth, etc.
native_faces : @lowdown_408 aho! Exactly!
native_faces : @sp1ceboogie yes this is probably the most famous of all the remains.
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali i wonder how we will then?
native_faces : @martybartz yes when it was first examined by Chatters he thought it was a Caucasian from the 19th century and when the media got a hold of it you can image how it took a life of its own. Since then it has been nothing but headaches.
martybartz : I hate racialized "science" even IF this specimen was "Caucasian" tens of millennia in isolation would create a unique genetic identity regardless of original origin. .This is the same fact the Afrocentrics loudly ignore.
native_faces : @martybartz yes its the same argument afrocentrics use. I have something lined up for a post soon.
juan_andres_reyna : I'm really glad I found your page. It makes me want to learn more about who our people were.
native_faces : @juan_andres_reyna glad you found this page! Yes, learn as much as you can. There is so much interesting stuff. In this process ive learned much about native people in general but also about my direct ancestors and relatives from Mexico City.
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native_faces - Native Faces
The picture of the man superimposed was taken by @native_faces in MX D.F...There is a Tumblr user using my IG description, my IG user name and my image as their icon, as if this person did the work. I'm flattered I guess. I am sure its one of these young "decolonizing" hipsters, many of whom had no clue what was going on with Afrocentrism until @cresjr and myself made it known, or, they have run accross some of these claims but had no clue how to defend their own peoples heritage. Many of these "decolonizers" even defended some of these ethnocentrics or have downplayed the extent of those beliefs we have explained, and then brushed our work off as insignificant. Some have even said a certain figure of the MM "is at the forefront of countering" a "black Olmec." This is demonstrably incorrect. @cresjr and I have put up with a lot of nonsense and some of it even coming from our own brown brothers and sisters.................... On a positive note, a sincere thank you to you regular supporters and those who have brought excellent arguments, comments, balance, and ideas in light of the current situation.
ilwikamatiani : Ne hual te, Te hual ne...
brokenswordpublications : Tumblr sucks. So many kids on there that believe anything. It's ridiculous. You're doing great work. Keep it up.
chitown_native96 : Salute
ezmocentric : Not black faces!
si_re2013 : You are one hard working broseph @native_faces
patterson_rosco : Keep up the good work. Respect.
mayanengr : Yes your work is appreciated!
in_scott_we_trust : @horhaze
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native_faces - Native Faces
Your source for ending the alleged mystery of the Olmec ➡#Salsassin ➡#Liquidsnake123 ➡#blokcom (my Youtube account) ➡@cresjr ➡@native_faces : see also, "Robbing Native American Cultures: Van Sertima's Afrocentricity and the Olmecs" by Gabriel Haslip-Viera, Bernard Ortiz de Montellano, and Warren Barbour, a source where it all began.
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native_faces : Liquidsnake123 . Salsassin has a new account but no more native stuff.
native_faces : @wythawk hi sis... there is no evidence of hominids or even primates during the time of Pangea, let alone homo sapiens. However all humans are related to each other.
wythawk : evidence of humanoids ''' you believe in evolution. surely we have and continue to evolve. you have more than 2 eyes ta see. cast your eye on the heavens. :0 ] we are a memory, a dream of that dust. all scientist believe in the substance of things not seen
pro_conservative_usa : Afrocentrics are dumber than feminists.
native_faces : @comrade_tzintzun i almost forgot about youtube user Thomas_NativeHistorian
native_faces : @pro_conservative_usa agreed!
solarplexus_love_horuseyeson : ^^ well said. I wish I could speak with you all in person.
nursehida_1992 : Afrocentricity....what is that exactly? I don't think I've ever heard of that. I was going through your page and I ran into that word many times. Would you mind explaining what it is? @native_faces
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native_faces - Native Faces
#salsassin #winnipegjack #blackfoot #blackfeet
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native_faces : @cresjr thank you!
7his_story7 : Nice .Have you heard of modern or not indian white tribes north east Americas that claim to be jews? I seen this on t.v not sure where but interesting! Also northern Europeans sailing the northern Atlantic coast line back when more ice covered the plates and settled the north Americas. Is this true?
native_faces : @7his_story7 thanks. No i havent heard of that group but i am not surprised.
native_faces : @7his_story7 you are referring to the Solutrean Hypothesis. That has been refuted by Meltzer and others. Its not impossible but improbable that it happened. They posit that a whole group of people inhabited N.America before the Amerinds but lack dna evidence and there are even more problems with the Hypothesis.
7his_story7 : Thk you i just did some research on that Hypothesis and i fully agree with you...i ran across a Mexican black Hebrew Israelite on here..what a asshole lol why do be people want to be jews is behind my comprehension
greatergreat_ : Interesting, can you point me to some books that you have read on Native American civilizations?
native_faces : @greatergreat_ yes. For starters: Olmec by Diehl; The Aztecs by Townsend; The Maya by Coe; 1491 and 1493 by Mann; The Moundbuilders by Milner; Daily Life of the Aztec by Soustelle; The Ancient Americas by Townsend... there are many more but these are good for general knowledge.
native_faces : @7his_story7 yeah sometimes outsiders like that mexican dude are worse than those whom he follows. Nearly all mexican "israelites" ive tried to have a conversation with, theyve all blocked me.
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native_faces - Native Faces
What excuses will we hear next?
dluxhighgrade : @native_faces you actually have zero evidence, as well as contradictory language as far as cultural differences, above, you just said their are similar cultural aspects. #thatisall
native_faces : @dluxhighgrade there are similarities. But there are also similarities between European tribes and native American tribes and cultures but that too does not mean they were "interconnected."
headlessbat : I realized that Tonto from lone ranger is spanish for Dumbass maybe you had already known this but daamn @native_faces
native_faces : @reb_q_aq thank you!
native_faces : @daxtersteel Thanks for your support! How come you are you moving to Europe?
_ms.lady_ : At first I was confused about the purpose of this post until I looked at the previous. From what I see you appear to be more concerned with proving How native Americans skin tone is lighter than it is in pictures (a sign that you are a victim of white supremacy) and How the clearly africoid features, whether it be the skin tone or full lips, of the Olmecs and native americans have nothing to do with Africa. You have to ignore quite a bit of evidence to believe that, but I cant blame you because we have been taught that africa is a bad place with bad people. However, the fact remains that no matter where you are on this earth you are part of the African diaspora! I'm not saying start proclaiming your African ancestry, but please don't deny it ✌
native_faces : @_ms.lady_ confused is an understatement. You can read but you dont know what you are reading. Thats how stupid ya are.
solarplexus_love_horuseyeson : @native_faces this is such horseshit, not ur talking about the lack of building we have as native peoples for the betterment of Native People. I think that's why the Universe created the white race in the first place. It was tired of us fighting each other and gave us a common foe.
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native_faces - Native Faces
salsassin -
millionheirvegas : Such as? Im not some uneducated aboriginal, I'm very well-versed and the type that needs substantiation. There are many claims but few science to support them. I am a metaphysician and jus sayin things isn't enough cause in a system of supremacy and oppression, there are a lot of claims so, no cousin, jus sayin it means nothin @si_re2013 . I ask in true concern and seeking scholarship to do so...from all parties involved
si_re2013 : I didn't imply you are anything.. just check all the info on this page.. we had plenty of people asking the same questions as you...
og_natal : Many native creation stories say we come from Mother is simple.we didn't ruin the water,air,earth or humanity.its always the ones who wish to control everything who ruin things.
native_faces : #salsassin
_soakmeinyo_ : @promote_freedom
official_tpheno : @millionheirvegas you not educated you Afrocentric
nesu_pj74ra_bey : Proves nothing much
native_faces : @pj74ra_x while do support free speech, you folks have abused it and, everything youve stated ever, has been proven wrong. Your comments remain. There ya go, your free racist uneducated speech.
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native_faces - Native Faces
"From an early Kodak advertisement. The left hand picture is taken with orthochromatic film, the right hand one with panchromatic film." -------------------------------------- From "Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Liveries"
salsassin -
native_faces : #salsassin
kemdkem : #ahead_of_the_game #onpoint
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native_faces - Native Faces
sunshinelce : Same place monkeys gorillas tigers and bears came from.... our creator. God made man and woman in the image of him. ... our religious beliefs set aside.... back to original topic that the Mayan Aztec Native Americans the Greeks and Spain had no African foundation and major influence is a absurd.
native_faces : @sunshinelce nothing absurd about dismissing your pre1492 african contact claims. Whats absurd is your insistance of evidence that doesnt exist.
sunshinelce : You're very smart yet blind. 1492 was the year moorish of Alhambra was over turned. All history, books were distorted or destroyed . This was the beginning of the blacked out through whitewash. Christopher and his boys set out and we been fucked ever since. That Darwin's theory is crap, If you can't tell the truth you make up one. This shit is deep. Open your eyes to what's going on today and you'll see
native_faces : @sunshinelce Your beliefs or disbeliefs about evolution is a worthless comment basically saying nothing at all.
native_faces : @sunshinelce You Afrocentrics are so obsessed with Columbus. It's hilarious how yall go about the dude. First, yall try to gain some support by explaining "we were all fucked by him." Secondly, as if his "discovery" lends credibility to some supposed "African knowledge of the Americas pre1492." Thirdly, Most true Moors were not Bantu descendants. The Moors were mostly Caucasian Arab then Berber with -some- blacks as hired military. "Black" ->hired<- Moors were well respected and revered in Spain for their combat skills. Most images of these blacks were romanticists paintings from later periods like the late 19th.
sunshinelce : Only worthless to the blind. Your apart of the plan. ... still asleep.... sleep on brother
native_faces : @sunshinelce night night
7his_story7 : Lol psuedohistory not recognized or published in any academic journal @sunshinelce ...In other words @native_faces pure bull shit afrocentric i am king or queen Eddie Murphy Coming to America comedy. .because that shit is funny lol
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