Native Faces

1 Native identity, image, & stereotype 2 Hyperdifussion vs independent invention 3 Race, racism, & ethnocentrism 4 Pseudohistory & conspiracy theory
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native_faces - Native Faces
FINALLY. The debate over #KennewickMan put to rest.
kennewickman -
yerretnomnilbud : @ichrised 👍
g_moreno89 : @josh_hsoj5
hoolee_hoolee1025 : Looks like my uncle Chino!!! Haha 👍👍
danita_designs : As a matter of he is@firstnations
tonio_raya : Suck it afrocentrics
indigenous_insurgente : Well no surprise there..this is great 👌👌👌
hanjiaohao : ♥️♥️ @Birdherself
headlessbat : You and your homies have deal with a lot of shit lol stay strong!
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native_faces - Native Faces
I suspect Katz intentionally distorted the information. It's a huge mistake if not an outright lie. I actually tried contacting William Loren Katz several years ago about this image but he never responded. There is no information anywhere supporting Katz's alleged "Black Indians of Southern Mexico."
honey_bourbonx : I agree to the picture on the right.. They are the Aetas of the Philippines.. They're our indigenous people.. They are the first dwellers of the Philippines before Malays and Indonesians travelled by Boats. The physical attributes of the Aetas are dark skin, curly hair and round nose but unlike Africans, they're short..
____ovo___ : It takes black, Asian and white to make the Mexican...
danita_designs : @native_faces when's the next upload lol!
native_faces : @danita_designs lol soon... thank you for asking.
mesoamerican77 : @____ovo___ Mexicans are for the most part Native with some Spanish ancestry, 99 percent of us have no Black blood.
firstnations_ : Ppl like Afro centrics will fight you with shit that ppl have made up as their proof like Mormons and their Israelite shit and other fake ass scholars. And will continue to do so even when refutable evidence like DNA is brought in, their ignorance fucking flabbergasts me. You maybe the only page that has evidence that proves Afro centrics and euro centrics are crazy! Keep up the good work and fighting for your ppl and eradicating assholes with their dumbass beliefs.
sxlrebl : @____ovo___ so you're saying it took Asian and black to make the american natives? Mexica are not all mixed with spanish/white. There have been west African findings in mexico but to say mexicas are black and Asians its kinda taking away from the natives. We'd be darker no doubt in myy head if the Spanish didn't rape our blood
sxlrebl : I can't say for sure tho I have full native family, black mexica family, and Mexica family that look Spanish. All blood related so who knows genetics are very interesting and beautiful
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native_faces - Native Faces
No such thing as "Black Indian," just like there is no such thing as "White Indian." Part 1 of a long over due series demolishing the poor-scholarly work of William Loren Katz.
native_polytheist : @sprackdackler
danita_designs : Ok@native_faces a guy called darealnatives said the Blackfeet/Blackfoot were black!!!! I already know that this isn't the truth! I didn't tag him because he classless. He calls his on people "coons". That's slave mentality to me. The white man called us coons. I know for a fact on my momma's side,we didn't live over here lol! I know that guys going to off the chain with his response to my question. I just had to say something lol!
danita_designs : I apologized for my poor sentence @native_face (going to go) sheeees!
native_faces : @danita_designs hey friend, no need to apologize I make lots of grammatical errors on here.
native_faces : @danita_designs we had a brief discussion about that account. Someone mentioned that it might be one of us posing as an afrocentric, or it might really be one. Who ever it is it is a weird account.
babaofoyasgaze : There is no black and white technically but if you have to put things in context for people to understand because they are so inundated with falsehoods you must say things like black Indians fr them to understand but yea there were groups of people here in the Americas that were dark complexion before the "red" Native American
_free2b_ : Interesting....I believe what makes people offended or confused by the term "black Indian" is because they automatically think "Black" as in race, or descendants of Africans. A lot of the people I have discussed this with explained that they have Native Ancestors as well as African Ancestors and that is where the term is coined from.
sxlrebl : I can't say there is no such thing as black or white 'Indian' black people are natives and white people are native somewhere either mountains or wherever in Europe they came from
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native_faces - Native Faces
Addressing #pretendians #culturalappropriation ...however I must make the careful distinction between those who are Pretendians from those who are "black" looking or "white" looking who do in fact have native ancestry, no matter the blood %. I want to emphasize this post and the posts to follow, are not addressing those who have native ancestry. It is addressing fake tribes, imposters, and those individuals who parade around in native wear who have no tribal affiliation.◾◾#jazzystanky #elijahws #white #black #fakes #doublestandards #fakescomeinallcolors #identityissues #neonicantlacas #cults #confusednatives #whitewash #blackwash #whiteprivilege #blackprivilege #whitetears #blacktears #browntears #ethnocentrism #afrocentrism #nativecentrism #wolfinsheepsclothing◾◾
doublestandards - whitewash - fakes - whitetears - whiteprivilege - neonicantlacas - afrocentrism - browntears - blacktears - blackprivilege - cults - elijahws - identityissues - wolfinsheepsclothing◾◾ - pretendians - blackwash - confusednatives - jazzystanky - black - fakescomeinallcolors - white - ethnocentrism - culturalappropriation - nativecentrism -
native_faces : @danita_designs Hi. Yes I remember that commercial well. That's right he was Italian.
ant_cee_ : Are u tryina say native Americans are African ? Like
ant_cee_ : Nd I'm pretty sure white people don't go around dressing like Indians
lee_lee_atx : Well my whole family looks native on my mom side like 100% but we are not tribe affiliates. I mean how can someone who's 1/16 be native but us who are brown and chino lookin can't be? My siblings and I are light compared to the family but that's because we are mixed but we still don't look white. Most people can't help if they are tribe affiliates or not because the dispersion of people happened years ago and a lot of people assimilated to escape persecution
danita_designs : Yes they did@ant_cee. A lot. The flower people and the rainbow people, I hung out with them back in the day lol! None of knew any better. They were getting high lol! I do know of an Italian actor who portrayed a Native American and stayed in character. He married a Native American and started a family. I found this info while looking for something else.
heart_in_flames : What is your take on RH negative blood? Eye would love to hear your thoughts on this <3
native_polytheist : @sprackdackler
sxlrebl : Tru
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native_faces - Native Faces
He's right you know.
native_faces : @tolteca_olmeca indeed
_1_2_three_4 : The big picture is one world, one culture
cemanahuacunited : Finally a man from African descent knows wassup
chitown_native96 : Agreed @_1_2_three_4 one world government aswell
theworldcrush : @cemanahuacunited do you stupid ass Indians actually believe black people go around claiming olmecs?? @native_faces most don't even know you Indians still exist, stop this u creeps
native_faces : @theworldcrush blocked.
cemanahuacunited : @native_faces some people just don't have any respect for natives
cemanahuacunited : @theworldcrush first I'm not stupid you are because we are not east Indians lol and you definitely are a smart ass do you blacks actually have respect for natives I'll wait ✌ sike I won't cause I don't give a fuck about your opinions or any Afrocentric opinion towards my people did you know theories are opinions little did your Afrocentric community know about that. Good luck in life puto
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native_faces - Native Faces
Don't get mad it's only a joke.
thenonamenative : @huitzilyolotl
chitown_native96 : Looks like guy I met on facebook some years ago, he took many selfies in interesting costumes; He looked like a Gypsie
_cuauhtzin_ : @mendoza_627 justin beiber looking foo 😂😂😂😂
native_polytheist : I also remember @mendoza_627 when he was @ mexicawarrior he would ask me about the gods and my spiritual path but I guess he gave up and became a hardcore christian Chicano mexican-american. Lol
goldendragons888 : Film148! 😂😂😂 @native_faces
mayanengr : @x__theunbreakable__x
x__theunbreakable__x : @mayanengr just read the thread ^^^ I do remember a @mexicawarrior ...interesting story. .
shhh_itsmamis : @mendoza_627 what happened to you?? You used to be so decolonize now you're colonize again????
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native_faces - Native Faces
Just gonna have fun with this #notworriedaboutcritics #tissuepaper #whitetears #blacktears #browntears #olin #eurocentrism #race #hatedrivennemequene #morons #afrocentrism #nativecentrism #getlost #getajob #getreal #imnotafraidtolosefollowersforwhatipost #racism #youneverlearn #jonsnow #mm
morons - eurocentrism - jonsnow - whitetears - youneverlearn - afrocentrism - browntears - hatedrivennemequene - getreal - notworriedaboutcritics - mm - getlost - racism - getajob - tissuepaper - race - olin - imnotafraidtolosefollowersforwhatipost - blacktears - nativecentrism -
native_faces : @hoolee_hoolee hey whats up and good morning bro... well, the Kennewick Man, Spirit Cave Man and others, whose crania were closest to Caucasian, but that doesnt mean they were Caucasian. See where I am going with this? @huitzillin_
huitzillin_ : @native_faces that we are not of the old world. But completely autonomous?
danita_designs : I think I do@native_faces. Just because it looks like it doesn't mean it is??? It's all in the DNA right @native_faces?
shhh_itsmamis : Is this a joke ?!
danita_designs : Never mind @native_faces I've got this all wrong big time..I looked at the sheep and wolf again and yeah, my response is really wrong! Lol!
native_faces : @danita_designs lol i wasnt sure what you meant. Thanks for clarifying ☺
danita_designs : Lol@native_faces I'm at my family reunion and when I read this post I had had 3 drinks lol! I looked at this morning and said "why'd I say that?"I'm embarrassed hahahaha!
native_faces : @danita_designs haha its ok
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native_faces - Native Faces
From one extreme to another.
kemetic8080gatekeeper : #hebrewisraelitesbelike
lyricaltherapy : 😂
kemetic8080gatekeeper : Not to mention most israelites that study their stuff don't acknowledged Latinos or natives as israelites only ppl of black/african origns.
blood0faslave : So what's the explanation of old tablets written in ancient Hebrew found in several old native Indian temples and towns? What this page is is pure individualism separating facts from pride is self destruction my brother!
____ovo___ : @kemetic8080gatekeeper because they are a result of Asians blacks and European races mixing... Mexican Latinos are a mixed race of people..
kemetic8080gatekeeper : @____ovo___ 60% of Mexicans from Mexico are mixed. In the usa maybe 90% I agree with you on that.
kemetic8080gatekeeper : If you go to Mazatalan or Senolia(sorry if I spelled it wrong) and Mexico City you will find white looking Mexicans because after ww2 a lot of Germans fled to Mexico and Latin America. While in the southern part you might find Mexicans with black feature because there neighbors with Belize via former Guatemala and black/British Honduras. Which has a big black-population(Creoles) @____ovo___
50inch : I grew near the apache tribes, different tribe.. unfortunately even some of my family has fallen prey to same religion. Some of the the parents of this generation loss sense of identity (drugs/alcohol/abuse/boarding schools/etc.. ) and the recruiters pounced in name of salvation... elders were forgotten and swept aside .
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native_faces - Native Faces
Do they really, really really think African American's will "naturally" want to move back to Africa if European American's were to leave the Americas, or the U.S? Really? Is this the kind of conclusion people consider intelligent? Who is stupid enough to believe this will actually happen? Then, those that don't leave, according to the claim, then those Blacks will be considered White Supremacists? - - Their leader Olin Tezcatlipoca will scold them telling them, "don't debate with them." Why? Because the more they reveal themselves the more stupid they sound. Their collective views do not reflect what their website states, but reflects what the Mexica-Movement is really about. - - Common response: "oh, I know they are a little extreme but they have provided a lot of good information." Bullshit. The Mexica-Movement is a control-freak cult and their versions of history are half-truths. - - @tlacaelelquetzalcoatl @huitzilyolotl @nicantlacawoman @nemequene ---------- Brought to our attention by @tolteca_olmeca
native_faces : @_xicanarosa thank you for taking the time to read it.
native_faces : @sage_one_nativo ^^^ please read....this is just one reason why we won't side with the MM. Siding with black people, ok. Siding with Afrocentrics, not an option.
native_faces : @_starsinmyveins
native_faces : @xanharatiicha you ignored me. Cute. You must think it's ok for members of an organization to say these things, no?
_starsinmyveins : @native_faces I'm down for a healthy discussion. Minus insults. If you can't then I can't bother engaging in a conversation with you.
_starsinmyveins : I think it's a good thing that people can be critical of the MM... But turning into an immature game is stupid when native pages themselves engage in homophobic/sexist/oppressive language and thought. Actions should be called out. Whether it's a page, person, or group. But it DOES NOT help to keep taunting or mocking a group or person.
native_faces : @_starsinmyveins yes I am down for a healthy discussion. Couple things 1. I am pro gay lesibian Transgender and 2. This account addresses afrocentrism but also eurocentrism...I will link you to a couple examples..
sage_one_nativo : @native_faces. yeah i get what you mean its small portion of them afrocentrics i dont agree at all with there ironic reasons of our ancestors and as for the mm i agree with some things but not most there views but i wont bash em till a better platform can be made which theres many other but i do like that you expose things on both sides wether its euro/afro centrism✊
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native_faces - Native Faces
I'm done... @techimmortal @talibkweli #talibkweli #techimmortal #hiphop #racism #afrocentrism #eurocentrism #ethnocentrism #immortaltechnique
immortaltechnique - eurocentrism - racism - hiphop - afrocentrism - talibkweli - techimmortal - ethnocentrism -
kemetic8080gatekeeper : Guys lkke him say free palestine from Israel and amerikkka yet wears a profited baseball cap (name brand/crop.) Wears the yankess (new york city mainly jewish-israelis) stays there. Attacks a guy for selling bootlegs shirts of him. Yet claims to be anti-capitalism. Lol either he is all talk or doesnt know the meaning of what he is saying. He should stick with giving money to help orphans in Afghanistan and be known as a humanitarian.
native_faces : @kemetic8080gatekeeper lol well said and agreed
kemetic8080gatekeeper : @native_faces dude he found my page. (Immortal technique) lol
native_faces : @kemetic8080gatekeeper haha even I cannot find that post. He must've been digging.
stackkkz__247 : Racist piece of shit
sxlrebl : What I miss??
ayyloc : Lol @native_faces why the mugshot
headlessbat : Possers Stink
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