Native Faces

1 Native identity, image, & stereotype 2 Hyperdifussion vs independent invention 3 Race, racism, & ethnocentrism 4 Pseudohistory & conspiracy theory
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native_faces - Native Faces
Olmec : Fish Effigy Vessel (with depiction of human teeth) 1200-500 B.C. Provenance : Central Highlands Material : Polished black-brown earthware with red paint Dimensions : h.9.5 cm.; w.19.; d. 5.1 cm ------------------------------------
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native_faces - Native Faces
Olmec : Kneeling Bearded Figure : 900-600 B.C. Provenance : Tuxtlas Region, Veracruz Material : close-grained blue-green basalt with dark green speckling and rusty patina. Dimensions : h. 20 cm.; w. 15 cm.; d. 10 cm. ------------
martin7divine : Jay Leno Chin!!! Lol
jordy_81012 : Are tou going to comment on thanksgiving? @ indigenouspride pride made a good one
native_faces : @jordy_81012 ok...later cause I'm at work...When I comment there I will tag you
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native_faces - Native Faces
Olmec - Kneeling Bearded Figure : 900-400 b.c. Material: dark greenish gray serpentine Dimensions: h. 29.3 cm.; w.18 cm.; d.16 cm. ----------- Bearded natives reference
sere_uno : @elyownmfgs @spn827evn @kingpilgrimthethird
equinoctialparallax : @native_faces where was this found at? I'm having trouble locating more info on it.
jordy_81012 : Afrocentrics are claiming chinese dynasties now...
raisd_in_cali : The diversity of the figurines, masks, and heads is amazing. I wonder what the significance of applying wet hot towels to the peach fuss to prevent facial hair in some of our civilizations were
wacxsyda : you have nothing on the incas??
native_faces : @wacxsyda I do. At some point in the future I will post more stuff on them and pre Inca subjects.
native_faces : @equinoctialparallax from Puebla.
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali an interesting inquiry..
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native_faces - Native Faces
A Huichol child (Mexico), his cheek adorned with a sun-spiral of ground yellow root. @native_faces #mexicoprofundo
mexicoprofundo -
ancientlemuria : @jazzydrone
_cindyvilla : MY PEOPLE ✨
dbomb357 : Is that where the name "cholo" is derived from ?
thevdubguy : The 🌎people
meztlicitalin : Xolo is a dog @dbomb357
chicho1340 : @meztlicitalin @dbomb357 Xolo is short for the Mexican hairless dog Xoloizcuintli. Sounds the same as cholo wich has been around since the 1600's in Dominica and Granada wich meant a mutt dog. It was a derogatory term for mixed-race children of black/ native kids. Cholo also was used by the Aztec/ Mexica in their Nahuatl language that meant slave or servant. The Spaniards in Mexico called Mestizo children cholo as an insult. Cholo that we are used to comes from youth that followed the Pachuco culture or estilo.the 60's. The Pachuco culture
dbomb357 : @chicho1340 @meztlicitalin thank you for the clarification. I have some more research to do.
lyricaltherapy : I hope all is well brother stay blessed
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native_faces - Native Faces
A traditional Ye'kuana village : near a tributary of the upper Caura River, Estado Bolivar, Venezuela.
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native_faces - Native Faces
native_faces : @popset the two images are of the same monument. Color or tone or lighting is not the issue. The image on the right is correct in proportion, true to what you would see, while the left image is altered, distorted.
popset : What is distorted of the image to the left? Is my question
native_faces : @popset the one on the left, the overall shape, it's distorted, altered, as opposed to the image on the right which is in correct form. You cannot see that the image on the left is altered vs the one on the right? Maybe you are not familiar with these?
popset : I am not. I have not yet seen the monuments in person. However, it still to me at face value on my phone looks as though the photos were simply taken at different angles. You're combative when you could be informative. & that makes you seem uninformed.
native_faces : @popset I understand your point. I do tend to be combative and it's probably due to too much of this...not saying it's right or a good thing. I've got my issues and things to work on. So i agree.
native_faces : @popset as far as the monument goes, it may be slightly at a different angle from each other, but not enough to alter or give the impression of distortion. The left image was altered and is more narrow at the bottom even though it's still resting face forward.
die_on_the_square : I'm going to draw that soon!!!
r3b3l_hippy : I respect your page it is allowing me to understand a a different side of white supremacy I haven't seen before... But we are in the same fight... We are just finding our way... Our history and culture has been taken from us as one knows anything other than what the Europeans tell us. Let us not be divided... I agree that it is unfair for Africans to jump to conclusions without proper knowledge and information but don't slander us based on hate that was given to you by the European...we must all come to an understanding ✌and respect ✊✊...I wish you well in your fight against white supremacy...
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native_faces - Native Faces
Bonampak, room 1, east wall. "(Part of orchestra): musician playing on a tortoise shell with an antler." From the Smithsonian Institute archives. -------------------------------------------
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native_faces - Native Faces
Coiled rattlesnake. Basalt, Aztec (Mexica), Mexico, AD 1400-1521. Ht. 36 cm, diam. 53 cm. "This powerful sculpture reveals how closely the rattlesnake's anatomy and habits were observed. Two small holes, one on either side of the snout, house the infrared heat sensors that enable the snake to seek out and strike prey at night. Each year upon shedding its skin it would also grow a new rattle. There are 13 segments on the tail of this specimen - perhaps an allusion to the 13-day period in the Aztec divinatory calendar (tonalpohualli)."
raisd_in_cali : That's interesting, I never knew they grew a new rattle with each shedding. Is that how you tell it's age?
proud_european : Kinda looks like chocolate!
native_faces : @proud_european haha it does
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native_faces - Native Faces
Charles Cultee (Kwelte) "Last known survivor of the ancient Chinook stock" --------------- "It was Cultee who gave Dr. Franz Boas the material for his Chinook texts, published by the Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of Ethnology, in 1894. Material was gathered by Dr. Boas in the summers of 1890 and 1891. They communicated with each other entirely in the Chinook jargon. Note Cultee's flattened head." -----------------------
_geronimos_revenge : That's dope! @native_faces
native_faces : @_geronimos_revenge yes!
mrdmt : 😘 @mrsladyluna
raisd_in_cali : What tragedy to be the last of your tribe
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native_faces - Native Faces
While many memes are funny, some are just dumb like when people post memes about "I love books," or "do the knowledge" (lol) or, "study more," and "I prefer books over people." Uh huh... It's like when these "enlighteners" tell you to "read." Read what? Be specific. A comic book? A work of pseudo-archaeology? What? What the fakes will never read are papers, studies or books that contradict their views like this post, "The Bat Creek Stone Revisted: A Fraud Exposed." ------------------------------------------------- The Bat Creek Stone is considered "evidence" for pre1492 Old World visitors : Mormons, Eurocentrics and Afrocentrics alike, and conspiracy theorists. Well, they're all wrong. ------------------------------------------------- Here's a collection of recent handicapped ethnocentric myth - makers who keep pushing this myth : @777mankind777 @kevnix456 @ras_kamose @cray_mon3y @skepticalsphinx and @davidzion86
x__theunbreakable__x : You've already shown your true colors :racist reject
x__theunbreakable__x : I'm glad, I don't see why I should hold respect for someone with such prejudice world views
x__theunbreakable__x : I have to leave this conversation, for I have things to do. It's not like you can drag this subject any further than what we've all already seen by countless other afrocentrics
x__theunbreakable__x : @native_faces hahaha I know, I'm just having fun. I like making old fools mad
ras_kamose : @x__theunbreakable__x I'm still waiting for proof. Educate me. Enlighten me. Insulting doesn't make you smart. Lmaooo.
x__theunbreakable__x : Lol me insulting you? @ras_kamose you're an insult to yourself. You and I both know I am smarter than you lol why you frontin? Good luck with life. I'm out
native_faces : @ras_kamose NO. You made the claim now explain.
raisd_in_cali : And then they claim "peace and love, hate come with us and white people"
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