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1 Native identity, image, & stereotype 2 Hyperdifussion vs independent invention 3 Race, racism, & ethnocentrism 4 Pseudohistory & conspiracy theory
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native_faces - Native Faces
San Lorenzo Monument 1: One of the largest #Olmec monuments estimated to be between 40-50 tons and standing over 9ft tall. Sculpted roughly between 1200bc - 500ce. ------------------------------ #olmeca #olmecatl #mexicoprofundo #mesoamerica #archaeology #mx #anthropology #unam #mexico #nativeamerican #gulfcoastregion #ballplayer #ruler #sanlorenzo
sanlorenzo - nativeamerican - mesoamerica - ruler - ballplayer - mexico - olmeca - olmec - gulfcoastregion - anthropology - mx - mexicoprofundo - olmecatl - archaeology - unam -
jniece_j : @aztlanindustries just to know that these lands were occupied thousands of years before our time is fascinating.
socrates.khan : Hey, @native_faces , is there any websites that focus on tribes in the Ohio valley region? Or books? I would like to research it, thanks for any help :)
_maverick19 : Our Roots.. Our Culture... Our Blood... Sooo Proud!!!!!!
chavez558 : I'm half Mexican/ Puerto Rican and I know my ancestry DNA tested 18% Native American,raised with my mom's family in NJ.. Been to Mexico twice to visit Family in Michohuacan .. Yet I've been called a whiteboy white MFKR my entire life..
indigenous_insurgente : 100% indigenous native..enough said
er351547 : Hey have you heard that they supposedly found an Egyptian artifact in Mexico ?
er351547 : I think it's fake of course .
native_faces : @er351547 yeah. Another one going viral.
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native_faces - Native Faces
This type of commenting by "jbthemoor_13" is normalcy. The problem is more widespread than most want to accept. Search on Instagram and you will find hundreds if not thousands who support this type of "history." Like I keep saying, this is only half the battle on the problem of race propaganda and of particular concern here, a false history which is detrimental towards Native People and their descendants. The other half of course, is Eurocentric propaganda. They are one in the same. I could post more pretty pictures to gain more likes, gain more followers, but that's really not the objective here. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ The other big problem are these "Neo-Nican Tlaca" (we people here) hipster Latinos who are Afrocentric apologists, who erroneously believe, "Afrocentrics cannot be racist." To deny a persons ancestry, based on poor scholarship, like what is demonstrated above, is clearly a racist act. To simply call it, "prejudice" is a testimony of backwards thinking. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #racism #ethnocentrism #whitewashblackwash
whitewashblackwash - ethnocentrism - racism -
native_faces : @cresjr LOL
native_faces : @jaylumbee sometimes i wonder if its all just one big joke. I mean the stuff he is saying is way out of the park.
native_faces : @nystateofmind525 youre right. I should get on that sooner rather than later.
er351547 : Those evil Jews are always behind everything lol
jengal207 : He's so detached from reality. It's kind of sad. He's welcomed to come to my rez and try telling us who we are and share that bogus "knowledge". He'll be thrown in the river.
native_faces : @er351547 lol
patterson_rosco : Quote of the day: "Atlantis time of the sea..."
xicho1340 : ¡Que pendejadas, ese moor!
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native_faces - Native Faces
Jason Colavito responds to the "ancient Egyptian" artifact image that went viral on Facebook: ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
toilet - kemet - theory - gold - colavito - egypt - gods - egyptians - erichvondaniken - hoax - lies - fake - et - america - exposing - south - fraud - cranks - southamerica - ufo - historian - racism - psuedohistory - toiletrim - kmt - jazzyswanky - hoaxes - archaeology - ecuador - history -
mayanengr : "Toilet tank float of the gods" hahaha see that is why you should research everything, especially stuff the crazies use as evidence. Letting the crazies take charge of the ship is not an option!
native_faces : @mayanengr exactly!
thesavagelord : It really stresses me out that these Afrocentrics now want to grab at Ecuadorian history now, it's my heritage and I thank you for defending it as you always do when it comes to these matters. 👍
cresjr : I saw a photo of him with this big one and it looked 100% fake
raisd_in_cali : Glad this one is put to rest
mayanengr : You know this has been passing around amongst our own on social media outlets. What I don't understand about the neo-Nican Tlacas/Mexica is they didn't/don't address this directly with these so-called "natural allies"?? I guess they pick and choose who their "natural racist allies" will be or are. I mean they want unity amongst our Indigenous/Native/FirstNation people but they don't want to defend our ancestors from these ethnocentrics, of course only until it's their ancestors under attack! Smh "one step forward, but two steps backwards" @native_faces @cresjr @raisd_in_cali
raisd_in_cali : @mayanengr I feel you on that, they turn a blind eye when their "natural allies" do something to discredit our heritage. Couldn't agree with you more
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali @mayanengr agreed
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native_faces - Native Faces
@societymenace : a friendly exchange: The SPLC has its critics and sometimes they tend to overgeneralize "racism." But they more or less are pointing in the right direction. Quoting from their website: the SPLC is based in Montgomery, Ala, the birthplace of the modern civil rights movement. The SPLC was founded by civil rights lawyers and is internationally known for tracking and exposing the activities of hate groups. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Racism, is a belief, a theory of the races having distinct characteristics. In a future up-coming series, I will demonstrate the true meaning of racism and also the meaning of ism applied to race, and I will give a brief history of the evolution of the word and explain why there is no such thing as reverse-racism and more.
raisd_in_cali : Pow! Right in the kisser
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali 💥
native_faces : Google : SPLC Black Seperatists for the quote. Its an intro and a quick read.
garyj_comanche1 : Can't wait to read it when you post it! Tag me!
patterson_rosco : I posted on a similar topic previously. Unfortunately, the message fell upon deaf ears, because many people have been conditioned by their own race/ethnicity to believe prejudicial, discriminatory, and racist views are acceptable if stemming from a particular race/ethnicity. I look forward to seeing how you address the topic.
native_faces : @garyj_comanche1 Will do! Thanks!
native_faces : @patterson_rosco That seems normal nowadays doesn’t it? I think it’s a cop out to think only one group can be “racist,” a definition based on an invention that is so far removed from the original meaning. The history of the word comes from a powerful place but has been reduced to a weak interpretation that can be easily refuted, at least imo. It’s also a dangerous notion to think only one group can be “racist.” This idea absolves “poc” of genuinely racist crimes like targeting a persons race, and promoting race propaganda.
patterson_rosco : Agreed and well said.
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native_faces - Native Faces
In no particular order, quotes from above post from sources listed below: -------------- Writing in Indigenous African Scripts: from Satzschrift to Alphabet by Andrij Rovenchak or: 8_Rovenchak.pdf -------------- Distribution of complexities in the Vai script Andrij Rovenchak, Ján Mačutek, Bratislava Charles Riley -------------- Liberian Studies Journal: Special Issue; Volume XV; Number 2; 1990; or: 4125-13218-1-SM.pdf -------------- A Brief Summary of Liberian Indigenous Scripts Tim Slager, 2008 -------------- See also: -------------- -------------- -------------- Ultimately, the source on the origin of the Vai Script comes from Dalby's paper (below) which I do not have yet. However, based on the above secondary sources, it is accepted that the invention of the Vai Script is credited to an individual - Omolu Duwalu Bukele. Invention of the Vai Script between 1814 - 1833. -------------- Dalby, David. 1967. A survey of the indigenous scripts of Liberia and Sierra Leone: Vai, Mende, Loma, Kpelle and Bassa. -------------- #reference #vai #script #vaiscript #mande #mende #westafrica #notolmec #africa #africanscript
anthropology - vai - reference - script - vaiscript - africa - racism - mande - n106 - notolmec - mende - westafrica - africanscript -
delight.thru.pastries : @raisd_in_cali No difference to what's happened in the churches either too. Pastors are depriving people of the real truth for their own personal gain and lack of knowledge that they themselves have. It's a vicious cycle and one of the hardest responsibilities is unteaching black people of this limited perception. There is still a generation of black people who old on to these perceptions out of fear. To tell people that every thing that they think they know has been nothing but a lie is a hard pill to swallow and a main cause for a lot of resistance
native_faces : @delight.thru.pastries ...fair and good questions.... The person i responded to on my last post, where he was attacking my ethnicity rather than the actual content of the post. He also blatantly distorted my words. This is not unusual. If you go through the comments on my page you will see tons of different ppl attacking this information. Sometimes I lure them in but, thats because they are numerous spreading disinfo. Most refuse to see the actual evidence and read the counter arguments. Here on this channel, like @cresjr , it seems we are always on the defense.
native_faces : @delight.thru.pastries ...cont...ive stated numerous times that not all blacks are afrocentric like how not all whites are eurocentric, even making a post about it. No matter what is said and done, no matter how "civil" one is, one will eventually lose his patience. I cannot post or say in every post, that "its not all of them." Even if i did i will still be accused of "racism." Even when i post stuff on whites, the next post will be on afrocentrism, still, i get accused of "hating blacks." Its a serious problem because dialogue is next to impossible and there are tons of afrocentric followers. What does one do?
native_faces : @delight.thru.pastries those old teachings are being passed down. Now there are plenty of afrocentric books, videos, all kinds of brainwashing material. I dont think many are going to change their minds soon.
delight.thru.pastries : @delight.thru.pastries I'm not just referring to just him... I just realized I'm on my business account & not my personal lol but anywho I've tried to engage in convo with you and you shut me down & even threw the word afrocentric at me even though I take full pride in both of my cultures. My point is you have a HUGE responsibility if your intentions are to teach the masses. If you keep throwing around that word it will never put the guards down for black people to learn from this page. You are trying to unteach a group of people something that they are holding on to for dear life in these times. Your definition of afrocentric maybe completely different then the next person who may be prideful in african culture.
delight.thru.pastries : @native_faces can we get names of these fuckers who are spreading all this misinformation? I'm open to it all.
native_faces : @delight.thru.pastries hey thanks, a little tied up at the moment...i will reply later on this...
native_faces : #racism #anthropology
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native_faces - Native Faces
@nobyl_xl @mansa.major
pro_conservative_usa : @east_coast_diva lol I was about to that it seems that way.
pro_conservative_usa : @native_faces either way though I stand with you against extremists of all backgrounds.
native_faces : @pro_conservative_usa thank you. Nativecentrism seems to be on the rise and easily predictable. Some have succumbed to fake archaeology, which falsely boosts their ego. They fail to ever see it though. Goes to show they are as human as everyone else.
pro_conservative_usa : @native_faces no problem and precisely. Almost all Centrics of all backgrounds base there theories off of complete conjecture with nothing to truly back it up.
native_faces : @east_coast_diva its definitely appears to be so on social media. They are very active and also have dedicated groups for the cause.
east_coast_diva : @native_faces Yeah that's true. I had argued with three of them today 😒
chavez558 : Obviously he doesn't realize the the Spanish language comes from Latin just like French,Italian,Portuguese all being part of the Roman Empire in Europe it has nothing to do with Africa or any African language lol. Nice page @native_faces
native_faces : @chavez558 thank you!
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native_faces - Native Faces
An excellent source by K. Feder. Highly recommended. Has critical thinking exercises. Subjects include archaeological hoaxes, Moundbuilder myths, lost continents, E.T.s, "Before Columbus," Discovery of America, Atlantis myth, etc. This is an older edition. #archaeology #anthropology #hoaxes #hoax #cherrypicking #science #olmec #mesoamerica #criticalthinkingnottheusualbullshitexpressedonsocialmedia #ethnocentrism #racism #anyonecanberacist #afrocentrism #eurocentrism #oneinthesame #pseudohistory #pseudoscience #getreal
anyonecanberacist - eurocentrism - olmec - pseudohistory - anthropology - afrocentrism - getreal - hoax - criticalthinkingnottheusualbullshitexpressedonsocialmedia - mesoamerica - science - racism - pseudoscience - oneinthesame - ethnocentrism - archaeology - hoaxes - cherrypicking -
native_faces : @garyj_comanche1 Yes the latest would be best. I don't know how many editions there are. I still need to DM you on that issue.
garyj_comanche1 : @native_faces Oh ok, yeah I figured lol... It's all good bro, do it when you can.
el_osito_viejito : @nobyl_xl the olmecs werent black though my dude they were indigenous natives to this continent. Blacks aren't the only people with features like that many Central Americans have big noses and lips but they don't look black and have no African DNA in their blood. Looks doesn't define a persons heritage their DNA does and the DNA of natives throughtout north central and South America is one of the most unique in the world. If the Olmec were black then my blood would have African DNA in it but it doesn't there's no proof they were African my dude and the things that people consider proof have already been debunked.
native_faces : @el_osito_viejito had to block him bc he cannot respond directly to responses that addresses his initial statements/claims.
brokenswordpublications : Have you ever read Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan?
native_faces : @brokenswordpublications no i have not but i will put that on the amazon list...thank you for the reference!
brokenswordpublications : It's one of my favorites. This book reminded me of that. 😎 👊
native_faces : @brokenswordpublications oh, well in that case, i will order sooner than later ✊
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native_faces - Native Faces
Islanders of Nias, 1915. Moving a megalith. #reference
indonesia - reference - nias -
native_faces : #indonesia #nias
yerretnomnilbud : Badass picture
native_faces : @yerretnomnilbud most definitely!
raisd_in_cali : No wheel. No problem
obsidian__serpent : A log is round enough, the cavities caused from broken or pruned branches help the logs move through rough terrain. Wheels are for toys. Lol
native_faces : @obsidian__serpent @raisd_in_cali haha yup good point
x__theunbreakable__x : Siiiick
chitown_native96 : Wow, check out the ropes. Same as a few Olmec monuments with the men pulling ropes wich are wrapped around monuments...
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native_faces - Native Faces
"Unwed Hopi Girls." Images a little grainy. Photo chopped from a single photo from the Edward Curtis archives. I could have used a better image but this will do for now: Do these faces look familar to you? I am sure they resemble family and friends because they do for me. You may even find look-a-likes. These girls are more than likely unmixed natives, given that the Hopi during this time the photo was taken, wasn't affected like how Carib and East coast natives were affected, whether by genocide, relocation and by European and African admixture - another story for another time, so save your ranting.... While I admire the beauty of women from ALL cultures around the world, my opinion is, Native women, ARE the standard of beauty. They are representatives of native beauty from the Western Hemisphere just as is the native men are representative of male beauty from these native lands... This in no way is saying European, Asian, Polynesian or African descendant women are not beautiful or cannot be "standards," to you or anyone else, that's for you to decide; note: though this has been my perspective as far as I can remember, its a literary work in-progress perspective.
oldsoulfrank : Yes she is beautiful and so is her hair.
native_faces : @oldsoulfrank yes they are 👍
jniece_j : Something about the native people of the Americas have always caught my interest n heart..a precious people. So pure and natural. These women are beautiful. Love the hair too
thesavagelord : What did you mean by "literary work in progress perspective"? Are you planning on authoring a work which expounds on this view? I should also say I completely agree, with your view.
native_faces : @jniece_j yes ! Agreed. And i really like their hair too.
native_faces : @thesavagelord yes, because its always been my preference choice of beauty, probably bc of family; admiration of mother, and cousins beauty, and surroundings, but now these are ideas I have been developing over a period of time, from personal views and choice of beauty to making it something readable and coherent...ive been wanting to get a blog up to start with, then maybe something further like a book, who knows, maybe...but time is the issue and work is really burning me out.
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native_faces - Native Faces
native_faces : @nobyl_xl You avoid to resolve the issue... The VAI script was INVENTED in 1832 or 3.
mothershetoldmeimwiseshaka : Paaahaha u guys r still pushing this crap
mothershetoldmeimwiseshaka : Ure friend @cresj blocked me from the last time i tore his ass up
native_faces : @mothershetoldmeimwiseshaka i am most certain you did not tear @cresjr up. Glad you like my post 😉
cresjr : @mothershetoldmeimwiseshaka I don't block only afrocentic scum do :)
meanwhile_ : 🙌🙌🙌
native_faces : @meanwhile 😊whats up bro
aztlanindustries : Hahaha! This is awesome!
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