Native Faces

1 Native identity, image, & stereotype 2 Hyperdifussion vs independent invention 3 Race, racism, & ethnocentrism 4 Pseudohistory & conspiracy theory
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native_faces - Native Faces
No such thing as "Black Indian," just like there is no such thing as "White Indian." Part 1 of a long over due series demolishing the poor-scholarly work of William Loren Katz.
raisd_in_cali : Good work. I hadn't correlated the two this fashion
queen_smoketokechoke : All human races come from indigenous tribes, WE ARE ALL NATIVES.
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native_faces - Native Faces
Addressing #pretendians #culturalappropriation ...however I must make the careful distinction between those who are Pretendians from those who are "black" looking or "white" looking who do in fact have native ancestry, no matter the blood %. I want to emphasize this post and the posts to follow, are not addressing those who have native ancestry. It is addressing fake tribes, imposters, and those individuals who parade around in native wear who have no tribal affiliation.◾◾#jazzystanky #elijahws #white #black #fakes #doublestandards #fakescomeinallcolors #identityissues #neonicantlacas #cults #confusednatives #whitewash #blackwash #whiteprivilege #blackprivilege #whitetears #blacktears #browntears #ethnocentrism #afrocentrism #nativecentrism #wolfinsheepsclothing◾◾
doublestandards - whitewash - fakes - whitetears - whiteprivilege - neonicantlacas - afrocentrism - browntears - blacktears - blackprivilege - cults - elijahws - identityissues - wolfinsheepsclothing◾◾ - pretendians - blackwash - confusednatives - jazzystanky - black - fakescomeinallcolors - white - ethnocentrism - culturalappropriation - nativecentrism -
comrade_tzintzun : I feel the same i never felt as though I can claim any tribal identity not even the one I descend from. Even if I knew which tribe I came from I still wouldn't attempt or put on an act as if I can truly understand them. I can only claim my last name
tolteca_olmeca : Mark Yancey lmao
native_faces : @tolteca_olmeca haha yeah he's gonna be in an uppcoming post
tolteca_olmeca : Mark One Wolf as he calls himself lol
native_faces : @tolteca_olmeca lol yeah. funny cause most native descended folks dont know about him nor will they address that side of cultural appropriation.
native_faces : @comrade_tzintzun its not an easy subject with an easy solution. Same here... now that I have a better understanding of these subjects, I wont label myself "Aztec," "Mexica," nor "Nican Tlaca," even though I can trace my native lineage on my mothers side to a specific old pueblo in MX City, before it became a sprawling mess. Because there are gaps in chronology from 1522 and the 1800's, many things could have happened in between. It's a lifetime of learning, debate, and observation before arriving to some kind of rational conclusion, if that.
comrade_tzintzun : Very well put brother. Even if I do find my tribe I Would have to learn directly from them in order to understand them @native_faces
danita_designs : Hi@native_angry,there was an old pollution commercial with a Native American crying! But guess what he wasn't a Native American. He played the part in real life. He was Italian lol! I was checking out those black people who said they were already over here. Washitaw. He was on you tube! I was shocked.
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native_faces - Native Faces
He's right you know.
tolteca_olmeca : Very well put!
native_faces : @tolteca_olmeca indeed
_1_2_three_4 : The big picture is one world, one culture
cemanahuacunited : Finally a man from African descent knows wassup
chitown_native96 : Agreed @_1_2_three_4 one world government aswell
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native_faces - Native Faces
Don't get mad it's only a joke.
meztlicitalin : I have this guy on IG
_just_a_casual_dreamer_ : @indigenouspride lol I remember that too.. smh.
huitzillin_ : @mendoza_627 is like 12. @agua_yo_ @cemanahuacunited let him speak his idiotic shit
domfanucchi : BADASS!
morgan69xxx : Who is that?
morgan69xxx : @thenonamenative
thenonamenative : @huitzilyolotl
chitown_native96 : Looks like guy I met on facebook some years ago, he took many selfies in interesting costumes; He looked like a Gypsie
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native_faces - Native Faces
Just gonna have fun with this #notworriedaboutcritics #tissuepaper #whitetears #blacktears #browntears #olin #eurocentrism #race #hatedrivennemequene #morons #afrocentrism #nativecentrism #getlost #getajob #getreal #imnotafraidtolosefollowersforwhatipost #racism #youneverlearn #jonsnow #mm
morons - eurocentrism - jonsnow - whitetears - youneverlearn - afrocentrism - browntears - hatedrivennemequene - getreal - notworriedaboutcritics - mm - getlost - racism - getajob - tissuepaper - race - olin - imnotafraidtolosefollowersforwhatipost - blacktears - nativecentrism -
native_faces : @hoolee_hoolee hey whats up and good morning bro... well, the Kennewick Man, Spirit Cave Man and others, whose crania were closest to Caucasian, but that doesnt mean they were Caucasian. See where I am going with this? @huitzillin_
huitzillin_ : @native_faces that we are not of the old world. But completely autonomous?
danita_designs : I think I do@native_faces. Just because it looks like it doesn't mean it is??? It's all in the DNA right @native_faces?
shhh_itsmamis : Is this a joke ?!
danita_designs : Never mind @native_faces I've got this all wrong big time..I looked at the sheep and wolf again and yeah, my response is really wrong! Lol!
native_faces : @danita_designs lol i wasnt sure what you meant. Thanks for clarifying ☺
danita_designs : Lol@native_faces I'm at my family reunion and when I read this post I had had 3 drinks lol! I looked at this morning and said "why'd I say that?"I'm embarrassed hahahaha!
native_faces : @danita_designs haha its ok
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native_faces - Native Faces
From one extreme to another.
native_faces : @jordy.nigga lmao seriously. Now we have someone to blame.
j_ramonmorales5 : The guy on the left looks like Olin from Mexica Movement, is it?
native_faces : @j_ramonmorales5 haha yeah kindof
danita_designs : Lol@jordy.nigga!
danita_designs : What@nur_shaheera lol! Too funny!!
danita_designs : You know what @native_faces I told my husband the same thing. They don't have any "nothing in the face" lol of a Hebrew Israelites at all. Look very Native American to me!
danita_designs : Oops messed that paragraph up! They look like they're full bloods too me.
native_faces : @danita_designs haha i know what you meant lol.. yes they look full blood.
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native_faces - Native Faces
Do they really, really really think African American's will "naturally" want to move back to Africa if European American's were to leave the Americas, or the U.S? Really? Is this the kind of conclusion people consider intelligent? Who is stupid enough to believe this will actually happen? Then, those that don't leave, according to the claim, then those Blacks will be considered White Supremacists? - - Their leader Olin Tezcatlipoca will scold them telling them, "don't debate with them." Why? Because the more they reveal themselves the more stupid they sound. Their collective views do not reflect what their website states, but reflects what the Mexica-Movement is really about. - - Common response: "oh, I know they are a little extreme but they have provided a lot of good information." Bullshit. The Mexica-Movement is a control-freak cult and their versions of history are half-truths. - - @tlacaelelquetzalcoatl @huitzilyolotl @nicantlacawoman @nemequene ---------- Brought to our attention by @tolteca_olmeca
native_faces : @shhh_itsmamis agreed and thank you for hearing me out. I appreciate that.
mwanamoyi : The only account that I follow is @/indigenouspride. I didn't knew about this movement actually. And I was confused when you tagged me 😅 They sound like extreme afrocentrists. I guess every movement have its extremes 😒
native_faces : @mwanamoyi they are. To be clear, @ indigenouspride is a good guy, whom like a lot of us were at first unaware of the peculiar philosophy of the Mexica-Movement. Thanks for taking the time to review this post.
mwanamoyi : @native_faces No problem 😊
native_faces : @irocqueen That guy you agreed with well, here he is in the post...his own words like his buddy, from the same weirdo movement. enjoy lol
irocqueen : And another thing.......ALOT of these pages on IG have NO idea what they are talking about and draw ALL their knowledge and info from posts on IG and self label themselves experts on subjects they know nothing about!
irocqueen : The people I've seen you arguing with...... 😂 🙅🏾 are confused! Someone tells them Egyptians made all the pyramids and they run wit it. You seriously gonna waste energy worrying about nickel and dime IG pages or the people who REALLY have impacted your entire population in a negative way!
native_faces : @irocqueen if one knows what racism really is, then one would understand why it is important refuting pseudohistory. Pseudohistory conspiracy theory is the most popular thing on the net.
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native_faces - Native Faces
I'm done... @techimmortal @talibkweli #talibkweli #techimmortal #hiphop #racism #afrocentrism #eurocentrism #ethnocentrism #immortaltechnique
immortaltechnique - eurocentrism - racism - hiphop - afrocentrism - talibkweli - techimmortal - ethnocentrism -
native_faces : @meztlicitalin he thinks the Olmec were black, and has referenced it in one of his songs, and defends his views to a point, but will not allow dialogue.. he also was on a panel of "Moors" and the subject was "who we were before 1492," meaning, according to them, they were "already here." Tech was a part of that.
meztlicitalin : @native_faces damn how embarrassing man where do they come across shit like this.
tonio_raya : @native_faces yeah I like immortal technique but that's the only song that pissed me off. I like when he says the Spaniards never left turn on Univision
herbzdeanz : @jecniik_official peep this
blackxofgotham : Lmfao.
native_faces : @blackxofgotham lol
mwanamoyi : Actually I was happy about that. To me, it was too much. The ainus, the olmecs, etc, it was too much for me to handle. As if the other cultures were nothing but mere copies 😒
native_faces : @mwanamoyi yup. I was intrigued by the Olmec claims when I first heard about it back around 2004ish. It was actually a Van Sertima video too.
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native_faces - Native Faces
@techimmortal @talibkweli : I knew it all along. Most Hip Hoppers are Afrocentric influenced. #techimmortal #immortaltechnique #talibkweli #hiphop #delusion #racism #eurocentrism #afrocentrism #oneinthesame #imnotafraidtolosefollowersforwhatipost
immortaltechnique - eurocentrism - imnotafraidtolosefollowersforwhatipost - delusion - racism - hiphop - oneinthesame - afrocentrism - talibkweli - techimmortal -
tolteca_olmeca : @crafthustlestudios if I sit here and argue to you that my celebrity crush is Rashida Jones, my favorite college professor is black, one of my favorite comedians Chris Rock or that I grew up listening to oldies, funk and other "black music" you'd say I'm trying to justify my "personal issues with blacks" instead I wil tell you that my admiration for black people doesn't blurr nor blind me to the racism and other prejudices aimed at my demographic via the segments of the black community
native_faces : @crafthustlestudios i happen to like black people but strongly dislike black supremaciats. Has it left me bitter? You bet. I make no apology. Dont you strongly dislike white supremacists but are ok with white people? @tolteca_olmeca
cresjr : @crafthustlestudios I know of the African diaspora and FYI I have AfroMexicano ancestry and proud of itn however like u stated earlier if you can't tell the difference between African Americans and racist afrocentic black supremacists than the problem is you because you group them together and I know they are separate.
huitzillin_ : @crafthustlestudios we are not generalizing anything. We are go to the source, attacking the infection where it started and getting rid of it. And at the same time this is decolonizing because we are now fighting and exposing the truth on two fronts
galapagosgeez : As a black person, I feel like we need to stop trying to claim another culture when we have a whole fucking continent to be proud of.
native_faces : @galapagosgeez 🎯
straightoutofalkebulan : Many of us are proud of our culture. It's just the Afrocentrics (which happen to be a very small percentage of the black community) are the ones making false claims and making millions at the expense of native people. Hell, Eurocentrics do the same @galapagosgeez
harlemslostson : @native_faces I need your help. You had a post a long time ago about a Christopher Columbus quote: " black-skinned people had come from the south and southeast trading in gold- tipped metal spears". I believe you know the name of the actual Amerindians ppl to whom the quote refers to. Please help. Thank you.
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native_faces - Native Faces
As far as I can tell not too much info on these two. The monument on the left is of Olmec style, the other one appears of Maya style, but could be Olmec. Still looking for more detail on them. They do not appear to be as large as the other Olmec portrait monuments.
native_faces : @jondoabey i expect that from the Van Sertima crowd. My response is, they see an afro bc thats what they want to see not because thats what the monument represents. I see human with animal attributes; jaguar and monkey elements. This has been demonstrated before.
meztlicitalin : No way man these are Africans statues as you can see the melanin shining from the rock African all the way
native_faces : @meztlicitalin haha i think youve been "researching"
thewizard500 : @meztlicitalin @native_faces ,, lol
soulerosball : @native_faces Hey man put some posts about the innovation of corn and Mexican food. I feel this is often neglected left out, but in my opinion and correct me if I'm wrong, the innovation of maize led to the great civilizations of olmec Mayan and so on, NOT Aliens, Black Olmecs or Atlantis Greeks or whatever the next sci-fi theory is. in addition corn is the main staple of Mexican and many other modern Latino dishes with recipes that go back thousands of years.
native_faces : @thewizard500 😂
native_faces : @soulerosball you know i need to work on something for that using latest sources, but i have quite a few projects lined up. So it may be a little while before i get to Maize. Thank you for your suggestions.
danita_designs : No I don't think they look African either@native_face.
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