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Native Faces

1 Native identity, image, & stereotype 2 Hyperdifussion vs independent invention 3 Race, racism, & ethnocentrism 4 Pseudohistory & conspiracy theory
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native_faces - Native Faces
What excuses will we hear next?
patterson_rosco : You're welcome.
che_tmf : One by one πŸ˜‚. Native Faces be like, don't waste your time please.
sp1ceboogie : Word Up!!
_lindaa16 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
raisd_in_cali : @native_faces you hit the nail on the head with those points.
native_faces : @raisd_in_cali @_lindaa16 thanks!
honorable_savage : @native_faces I support you 100% brother! You know ur facts well! Show those fakes some knowledge
native_faces : @honorable_savage thank you my brother! I am learning a lot in the process. I appreciate your words.
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native_faces - Native Faces
salsassin -
millionheirvegas : I jus need the science...not pics superimposed, not hunches. I need haplogroups and more DNA evidence along with creation myths...the whole 9 @si_re2013
si_re2013 : We have all the proof that we're are not from anywhere else... is that enough?
millionheirvegas : Such as? Im not some uneducated aboriginal, I'm very well-versed and the type that needs substantiation. There are many claims but few science to support them. I am a metaphysician and jus sayin things isn't enough cause in a system of supremacy and oppression, there are a lot of claims so, no cousin, jus sayin it means nothin @si_re2013 . I ask in true concern and seeking scholarship to do so...from all parties involved
si_re2013 : I didn't imply you are anything.. just check all the info on this page.. we had plenty of people asking the same questions as you...
jengal0585 : I'm not aware of any creation stories specifically from my tribe and the tribes in the northeast that includes stories of migration by our people to this land. It really doesn't matter that what we say "means nothin" to you because we are quite rooted in our reality. It's ridiculous that our identity is being questioned by foreigners.
mc_time_og_natal : Many native creation stories say we come from Mother Earth.it is simple.we didn't ruin the water,air,earth or humanity.its always the ones who wish to control everything who ruin things.
native_faces : #salsassin
_soakmeinyo_ : @promote_freedom
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native_faces - Native Faces
"From an early Kodak advertisement. The left hand picture is taken with orthochromatic film, the right hand one with panchromatic film." -------------------------------------- From "Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Liveries"
salsassin -
native_faces : #salsassin
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native_faces - Native Faces
salsassin -
x__theunbreakable__x : Zapata too? ! Hell no! Freakin retards! !
truthcomethtolight : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
reb_q_aq : Great posts!
native_faces : @reb_q_aq thank you!
7his_story7 : Bravo
7his_story7 : Ima take a couple of your post of you dont mind to spread the truth
native_faces : @truthisahardpilltoswallow have at it
native_faces : #salsassin
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native_faces - Native Faces
Winnepeg Jack, Blackfoot, 1890. Photo as is taken from internet.
native_faces : @nublakjay there is! Lol...soon. almost home.
nublakjay : Fasho!
nolan_daris_brown : @scotty_the_animal Blackfoot tribes are located in Montana and north into Canada, not in the southeast
de4th.row : Why is he wearing Jordan's
0utgrown_ : @nolan_daris_brown there was a group of south american natives who went out of what is known as south mexico (lived right under the the equator) ; when conquistas tore up their living settlements and partially the indigenous civilization down there.. they were either of aztec or mayan or both ancestry and went up north and were absorbed/taken in by various tribes up there. Around canada and montana around the blackfoot salish kootenai and sarcee etc and were actually apart of the blackfoot and intermixed. There's plenty of evidence too. When ndn removal act happened the blackfoot confederacy had to be established on reservation and specific bands of lineage. When that happened the newer intermixed groups were removed and many were denied blackfoot enrollment. From there they were filtered through various indian removal acts. They went mid-south of north america mainly and took on the name blackfoot. A good amount of them still exist and have near pure indigenous blood of mixed north & south indigenous
nolan_daris_brown : @0utgrown_ I'm not in disagreement that there was intermixing of north and south Natives, even as far as Canada. I do disagree with the chronology, evidence, and the citations you present of U. S. Federal Indian law. There was only one Removal Act, made law in 1830, and it removed tribes east of the Mississippi to the west, it did not affect the Blackfoot. And, as you referred to the Blackfoot having to establish lineages, I would believe you mean to tie this to what actually happened because of the Dawes General Allotment Act of 1887, which forced the allotment of once communal lands to individual allotees, who had to have their names on the Blackfeet census base rolls in order to be allotted land (enrolled). In 1935, the Blackfoot tribe reorganized to have recognition as a political entity and business corporation with an elected council. The Blackfoot speak an Algonquian language. They divide themselves into three groups: the Piegan, Kainai Nation, and the Siksika Nation. On the other hand, my people, the Shoshone, and other tribes within the Uto-Aztecan language group do however have oral history of our own people coming up from the south, even as far as South America before human sacrifice became widespread. And to me, this would make more reliable evidence as the languages are related and the oral history is there. What you say about the Blackfoot excluding their own people and sending them elsewhere after 1887 to the "mid-south"
nolan_daris_brown : Just doesn't make sense to me.
nolan_daris_brown : @0utgrown_ If there is plenty of evidence of what you have stated, cite your sources because I'd like to see them and educate myself, so I'm not ignorant of anything I may have missed.
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native_faces - Native Faces
Angela, a young Selk'nam matron. The horizontal stripes are of red paint. ----------------- Reference image for up coming posts concerning black and white photography.
youarentshhhtt : @native_faces have you watched any of the documentaries and such films concerning the Ona/Yámana and Lola Kiepja included filmed during the 70's from Argentina/Chile?
native_faces : @youarentshhhtt I have not. Most of the info and imagery i have are from books. I'll check it out though.
manolomoctezuma : The selknam were exterminated in only 20 years and it happened in recent times. The history of what they suffered is a real shame on humanity.
native_faces : @manolomoctezuma yes so very true. And a genocide unrecognized on the world stage. After this upcoming series I am presenting, I will present that genocide in a new perspective, albeit an unpleasant and unpopular perspective.
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native_faces - Native Faces
Reference on the Olmec monument and the so-called afro. A perspective rarely seen.
raisd_in_cali : Looks more like a bowl cut, similar to that of Amazon tribesmen
_maverick19 - spaid5hunnid - austin_tuck - katri909 -
native_faces - Native Faces
justwondering -
native_faces : @kellytaylorrausseo well that was a dishonest take...no, this has nothing to do with me but defending native identity period.
native_faces : @kellytaylorrausseo go away then. Most of what you said was warped anyway. Might be your bias about something. I understand.
kellytaylorrausseo : @native_faces the reason I said I think you are bias in your opinion is due to how you see to be against views from afrocentric and Eurocentic but at the same time use Eurocentic science to probe your point and got that from trying to understand your point of view in following the points made in conversations about your post. I get how many things are not suit for everybody but when you say you are defending the identity of natives but at the same time tell me your page isn't suit for all natives that confuses. Again I asked you to teach me something not only debate my point of view . Which I like to debate about views mine and other. Been challenge isn't a problem but teach me something that's what I'm looking for. If you can do that I'm here that's the reason I follow your page to learn something new from someone that I thought is defending a beautiful and important history and culture. So I'm waiting for you to teach me and willing to learn.
kellytaylorrausseo : I'm not bias, contrary to it I'm just trying to learn something new about a place and people I got love for. I'm not from Mexico but lived there for a while and got the opportunity to meet natives and have god conversation that helped me learn and understand some of their history. That's all I'm just trying to understand what you trying to teach people and see if you can teach me something new
native_faces : @kellytaylorrausseo i should have said, this page is open for everyone, but the subject matter is not for everyone. Because it is obvious people are biased about this information because it criticizes afrocentric claims, because those people who are hypersensitive about "black" issues, think these posts are for all black ppl when it is not.
native_faces : @kellytaylorrausseo a lot of this stuff here is Informing ppl about black racism aka afrocentric supremacism. Bc there are hundreds of afrocentric IG users so their claims must be addressed.
native_faces : @kellytaylorrausseo learn something? See my most recent posts about spectral photography sensitivity. I have uploads about the supposed cocaine mummies or native dna evidence, or the unknown subject until now...bearded natives and all sorts of things. I have informative information about the olmec and anthropomorphism. There is the little known subject of native allies to the Spanish or the oldest native American haplogroups...lots of stuff.
kellytaylorrausseo : @native_faces I hear that the page isn't fit for everyone. I believe that black supremacy or afrocentric isn't always right. White supremacy is even worse because if it was for them we would have been destroyed. Spanish allies it had to happen in order to survived let's not forget that it was that or be dead. On IG is a lot that need to be addressed no doubt about it. I'm asking about history not only science . Want to learn the real history and culture. Science are theories that at times prove or disprove history. Now native history and culture is the most important. About beIng black . I say black is a color now if you say Africa or being afrocentric ok but beIng black is not the issue. Just my point of view.
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native_faces - Native Faces
Somebody has to do it.
si_re2013 : You're a good soldier @honorable_savage
honorable_savage : @si_re2013 aight
honorable_savage : @si_re2013 what do u mean?
si_re2013 : What do you mean what do I mean? @honorable_savage gave you some props
honorable_savage : @si_re2013 sacrasm?
honorable_savage : @si_re2013 not trying to start an argument with you. That's just my opinion bro.. It's ur choice to listen
si_re2013 : No sarcasm.. was giving you respect.. it's up to you if you want to return it...
jasminegunter_820 : Lmao I'm cherokee Indian and black!! What is this supposed to mean if blacks were the first people!?? I wouldn't be surprised if all ancient indians were half black
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native_faces - Native Faces
What Columbus really said.
si_re2013 : @3l0h1mm
si_re2013 : Still no evidence we are Mongolians.. we never crossed a land bridge.. it was a Jesuit priest that invented that theory.. you guys preach it like gospel! Look up the definition of theory in the dictionary!
1eight75150 : @si_re2013 history rewritten and slandered with lies, history stolen and burned to ashes, granted the Native americans eventually became who they are now, decades later by mixing in with others, and you speaking Spanish makes you less of Spanish, because you are nowhere near a Spaniard, we are proud of Nubia, the Ashanti, Egypt which is ours, but as I stated earlier before it has been slandered.
si_re2013 : Here we go again.. with nothing to base your allegations on... prove it!!!!!
si_re2013 : How do you know all that?!?! PROVE IT!!!!
reb_q_aq : Most people drink from the fountain of knowledge, I think someone on this thread only gargled.
native_faces : @3l0h1mm yeah I saw that vid years ago. It's stupid like all of the other 100s of afrocentric vids on the subject.
dakingstagram : Well I'm #tsalagi(#Cherokee) native @CHeRoKeENaTiONCHieF I'm mixed as well with white black and Puerto Rican but I look how the original natives look I guess so I've been told and I have family lineage are skin looks a bit light especially around winter fall and spring a nice red bone color and in the summer q bronze or dark tan comes on making us look african American but yes all indigenous aboriginal people from all over Australia Canada Alaska Caribbean the Americas originated in Africa some way and funny how he said ETHIOPIA where the garden of eden is noted to be meaning these people lost some of there melanin down the line before the African elders told the slaves where to take the settlers when they came to Africa they wouldn't have known if it didn't start there I'm just saying ;)
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