Native Faces

1 Native identity, image, & stereotype 2 Hyperdifussion vs independent invention 3 Race, racism, & ethnocentrism 4 Pseudohistory & conspiracy theory
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native_faces - Native Faces
The Landing of Christopher Columbus, woodcut from a title page of a rhymed edition from Columbus's first letter of his discovery, published in Florence, 1493. Image is probably from a reprint from another discovery. King Ferdindand of Spain seated on lower left. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- This is one of the earliest depictions of natives. Notice how the natives appear European looking showing the men with beards. Carib males probably did not have facial hair at all. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- The point is, from 1492 - 2014, native image and identity has been distorted from depictions like these. To be continued...
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native_faces : @booksandbullets kick em where it counts!
native_faces : @booksandbullets and thanks!
native_faces : @seethrulies nothing yet still waiting... To be fair, I know he must have tons of comments to go through and he's also a very busy guy.
toonzwear89 : I notice a lot shit in his music now could he even be an agent?? Put on for misinformation? Infiltrating to spread their lies? I'm with you my brotha @native_faces
josh_rocknrollmofo : Love your account man
native_faces : Thank you @josh_rocknrollmofo , I appreciate that!
josh_rocknrollmofo : Anytime man, glad to have someone proud of native culture as well :)
native_faces : @toonzwear89 hey brother...yeah anything is possible. I think he's probably just a charlatan with too much air time privilege. But maybe thats why he is given that air-time because of some of his opinions.
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native_faces - Native Faces
Margarita de Bonampak : photo by Manuel Álvarez Bravo, 1949.
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purpleskies_56 : She looks so asian, were is she from ? @native_faces
native_faces : @purpleskies_56 actually, yes, chiapas
purpleskies_56 : Nice @native_faces
danny0631 : Im not Native American but I love your history and culture etc. I wish your people the best for the future and this is a great page!!
native_faces : @danny0631 I cannot say I am native but I do have little mexican native ancestry. I am actually mixed-race. Thank you and nice to meet you!
danny0631 : My apologies what is your racial build up? Im Persian by origin. Nice to meet you too either way great page
native_faces : I am Irish/German, Okinawan, Hawaiian/Mexican, and a little Gypsy.
danny0631 : Thats a cool mix bro
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native_faces - Native Faces
@techimmortal ----- if there was any reliable evidence to support the theory of an "African presence" in the Americas, then that would be great. Fact is, there is less than zero evidence to support that claim. --------- Your support of the weird cult who calls themselves the "Moors," say volumes.
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native_faces : @hazardousforya yes that would be Sinodonty...just read your comments but going to sleep so I cannot respond to it now. Ps, ive read your comments elsewhere and I think you provide valuable insight into these issues. Goodnight.
hazardousforya : @native_faces I actually enjoy reading your insightful posts along with the other posters on IG disseminating indigenous knowledge.
decolonizedindigena : Great posts!
native_faces : @decolonizedindigena thanks!
elisebrodeur : @alyce__in__wonderland
dr_octo187 : @techimmortal what's your opinion on this?
seethrulies : @techimmortal
native_faces : #errorsintype
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native_faces - Native Faces
From left to right : top row : 1. "Taj Tarik Bey" 2. David Duke 3. Elliot Blount aka "Sa Ra Suten Seti" 4. Jared Taylor --------------- Bottom row : 5. Louis Farrakhan 6. Kyle Bristow 7. "Dr." Phil Valentine 8. John de Nugent -------------- What do all these men have in common? They all believe their people were in the Americas before Native Americans. Much more to come... stay tuned! Its gonna be a blast.
native_faces : @martin7divine and you dont look 100% Bantu either. You point is?
native_faces : @martin7divine do you have any white ancestry?
martin7divine : True that. Being that my mom is dominican, that side of my family is all mixed up so I would say yeah most likely. Now my father is ecuadorian and his mom and dad are native there.
native_faces : @martin7divine sounds similar to my family, except a lil matter how we slice it, we are mixedrace peoples bro.
martin7divine : After all these centuries of rape and pillaging, we differently are lol. But I just knowledge everything from the indigenous, "latino" and african roots that I have.
hazardousforya : All it is to those individuals is a paycheck, they work there mouthpiece for income. Like anthropology and archaeology can only survive on our indigenous ancestor, there job is to rally financial support from lost individuals with no indigenous ties to these continents. @native_faces I don't know how you can stomach listening to those fools. It does help with knowing who those individuals are but I can never fully watch or even read some of their outlandish material. The 5 precenters are some of the most foul mouth "religious" men I've come across in the street. Farrakhan is simply a racist anomaly that has survived on spewing hate.
allleggs4u : What if they find you you dumbass get me wanna be native where did you come from that goes to show you how ignorant you are and that you know nothing about our race but apparently it goes to show you that you envious us apparently you want to be us I guess that's why you try to think of everything in the book that you can throw but when you get through and it's all said and done go back into your research n***** boy 👌👌👌
native_faces : @allleggs4u LOL
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native_faces - Native Faces
No one would ever call Graham Hancock "racist." His beliefs say otherwise. Olmec was Mesoamericas first major civilization/culture and most cultural aspects, if not all cultural aspects, descended from the "Olmecs" and were important in Toltec, Maya, Mexica, Mixtec, and Zapotec civilizations. So by claiming native things were because of white or black people is in other words saying Native Americans needed foreign people to give them all those things that constitute a civilization because Native Americans were not intelligent enough to invent their own civilizations... in other words saying that Native Americans were biologically inferior as opposed to the supposed biological superiority of whites and blacks.
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crazyarchaeo : Lol! Apparently we are hiding the truth to the public... It's like when my boyfriend's uncle asked me if a believed the aliens builded the ancient monuments. He really think this is what archaeologists do! The general public is highly misinformed and is ready to believe anything...
warrior_ways : The man obviously has a fetish for black women
native_faces : @soulrebel_619 At this point I have no goals because I realize the problem is bigger than a few people on social media can manage... There are many goals, many objectives but for now I think the main thing for me is to keep laying out the problem, resolving the many issues and countering the most important I guess for now that is a goal in itself.
native_faces : @crazyarchaeo yeah its absurd. Its a claim they have yet to prove. Just how are you hiding this information? Have you reburied artifacts because you though it disagrees with you? lol...I guess we could go on over the ridiculousness of the whole thing.
native_faces : @culture_isnt_blood strange indeed.
x__immigrant__x : This guy's a joke. ...just because he has a very good imagination and his story telling is interesting, doesn't make his statements any more valid. ..nothing but a pothead, him and Joe Rogan, getting high an all curious asking and asking uneducated ass questions, we're all fucking curious about life, "oh we've never been to the moon, the chariot of the gods", they're all hype, their fan base are a bunch of hippie junkie rejects, college dropouts and so on. ..yes it's good to have an open mind, but these fools are solidifying opinions (from mere wild imaginations) to "facts"....until they get schooled by someone like Neil de grass Tyson. ..then they're all like, "well I'm just asking, there's a lot we don't know"...
x__immigrant__x : Honestly, their stubborn ignorant asses are so freaking unreal
native_faces : @x__immigrant__x your comments in their entirety are on.fucking.point!! Thank you.
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native_faces - Native Faces
Nice collage of natives showing similarity to Olmecs by @cresjr and racism by dude in quote. Its unbelievable (or maybe not) what is going and yet there are still some natives who defend them. Why this is is because 1. They really don't know what racism is and 2. They have some social/racial political view that obstructs them from seeing things for what they are. Oh well, keep posting 2Pac quotes.
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native_faces : #racism #afrocentrism
elcalifornio710 : Ha I love the last one. Tupac quotes.
decolonizedindigena : Transplants?? What???
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native_faces - Native Faces
"Black History" poster with an Olmec head. This guy teaches this stuff. Just Google Dr. Kwaku and Olmec. #drquack #robbingnativeamericans #olmec #olmecatl #olmeca #mesoamerica #afrocentrism #racism
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native_faces : @ismkivchandra nice to meet you!
native_faces : @ismkivchandra ...and thank you!!
crazyarchaeo : @truetoyaself nice theory, but no. I am myself, a Canadian with a degree in archaeology who happens to have native american origins. When I comment on this account, it is to support @native_faces because I agree with what is being said on this page. So stop discrediting people you know nothing about just because they do not agree with you.
truetoyaself : @crazyarchaeo ok the olmec migrated from Europe and Asia to MesoAmeroca not From Africa, the olmec features looks more Europeans and Asians not Africans, I hope all you racist Bastards stay Ignorant forever, like Bitch with all the Natives blood in you you still don't look nothing like the Olmecs, look in the Mirror BITCH...
crazyarchaeo : @truetoyaself First of all, you are rude! Second, of course I look nothing like the olmec since my grand mother was an Algonquian a totally different group. Third, do not call me a racist. I am probably one of the least racist person you could ever meet. I never insulted anyone based on their ethnic origin. My claims are made upon scientific research that are widely accepted and provable. I have studied north american prehistory for 5 years now. Calling me a bitch wont change anything to the fact that native emigrated from Siberia some 14 000 years ago. Granted, the anatomically modern human takes its origin from Africa. But migrations and environmental isolation and thousands of years of evolution created the "races" (I hate this term, the only race for me is the Human race) as we know them today. Those culture emerged on their own. I am one of those archaeologist who rejects external influence as an explication for the adoption of a particular belief or technology. You know what is racist? Claiming that a culture like the olmec (since it is the subject discuss here) cannot possibly develop on its own. That they were influenced by Africans (or europeans or whatever). Next time, do your research before speaking. That's all I had to say and I find it sad that you can't even expose your opinion without insulting and/or discrediting people...
native_faces : @truetoyaself wow...just wow
native_faces : @crazyarchaeo I apologize for his behavior.
crazyarchaeo : That's fine, I am immune...
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native_faces - Native Faces
I made two videos addressing his claims : "Closing of Suture" and "Red Hair Mummies in Ancient America" .... of course he ignored them.
ichrised : @wythawk sasquatch
ancientlemuria : Don't get me wrong, I believe in the myths of white skinned natives, and there is some evidence to support it... But alien DNA and his claim that they couldn't build it with whites... That's a joke.
cresjr : @wythawk I believe I've heard of red haired giants among the natives of Nevada.
truetoyaself : @cresjr you owned majority of these Fake accounts. You are native_faces
cresjr : @truetoyaself I wish I was @native_faces he disproved so much of these eurocentic/afrocentic bs claims
native_faces : @ancientlemuria I actually agree... Race is not some fixed property. I have on this channel a few images of pale skinned natives and yes there are old Conquistador reports of "men as fair as they." All this means is natives vary even in skin tone. I think its safe to guess that there were probably fluctuations in skin tone due to environment, diet, movement of populations thru hotter to colder environments vice versa.
native_faces : @ancientlemuria that is fluctuations happened between 20,000 - 3,000 yrs ago. Even Maya murals depict fair skin natives and dark ones. Same with pre Inca designs, or at least those pre Inca gives a hint of that.
native_faces : @ancientlemuria I would guess the same may have happened with hair color. Hair color of Natives of South America range from the average black coarse hair to brownish, sometimes reddish and even blondism, but still native.
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native_faces - Native Faces
#racism #racists #ethnocentric #afrocentric #eurocentric #whiteracist #blackracist #whitewash #blackwash #hate #racismleadstolowIQ #pseudohistory #instahate #instagram #instaracism #history
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dawrongguey : @native_faces brother you're fixated on refuting each other, on this argumentative domination. I'm not here to defend Afrocentrism or the BHI, we don't share ideologies nor is that my role. What I'm saying is that you're using them as straw men, propping them up as some huge ideological force that's a real threat to native peoples/our history. I understand they have some fucked up beliefs, particularly those that attribute Native American culture/inventions to early African migrants. I get this. But there are Native peoples all over the Americas from Canada to South America RIGHT NOW making moves for decolonization, stopping the Xxl pipeline, organizing around recovering out lost languages and traditions, and in solidarity with black folks fighting against institutionalized white supremacy and cultural antiblack racism because we both were never meant to be equal partners in this nation state. Im not saying we don't have our differences, or antagonisms that run deep, or that we should all gang up on whitey without regard to white folks that do combat white supremacy. But this struggle is so much more than continually bashing BHI and comparing them to white supremacist groups that terrorized/raped/killed black folks on a mass scale for decades. We ain't got time for that.
native_faces : @nublakjay I have to address them. Future posts I will address more on the "moors," rbg's," "noi," etc. But I will also get more into the eurocentrics and white supremacists as well - bringing it to a full circle. This includes native-centrics, because a lot of natives think theyre special and follow the same patterns of those they despise.
native_faces : @nublakjay in reality, there is only racism = racial beliefs if superiority/inferiority... Unfortunately I have to use black racist/white racist to differentiate the two.
native_faces : @nublakjay yes the BHI's give false info and claim they are not from Africa. I know, its ridiculous. Most blacks frown upon them, even afrocentrics. Safe to say they are not as influential as general afrocentric teachings like John Henrik Clarke. However, they are widespread and very active, even in the Caribbean and in Mexico. BHI groups vary from group to group in beliefs and there are a couple groups that are not preaching outright hate nor claiming the natives as some lost tribe. At least from the last time I checked.
native_faces : @dawrongguey guess what my man? I agree with you 99.9%. Your points about the pipeline, and issues in SAmerica are like...the real issues. However, I am just getting started here. The BHI's and KKK are easy targets... What I will provide eventually, is a place that one can go to see effective counter-arguments for those who encounter both euro and afro centrics, partucularly for claims of the Americas even if the claims are over the top ridiculous. They all need to be addressed.
native_faces : @nublakjay ^
mahyuri_vidyaraja : @proud_european
proud_european : True lol @mahyuri_vidyaraja
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native_faces - Native Faces
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soulrebel_619 : Making a claim does not imply fact!
tsinharhini : How would you define it? Are these the only conceptions? And how do we think about it in historical terms? Especially taking into consideration a look at world history, European history, "age of exploration" and eventual conquest? You got me thinking...
native_faces : @tsinharhini thanks for asking... I will post a definition of it soon followed with why I argue for a (simplistic) universal definition as a starting place. On this post, I am presenting some of the common (mis) interpretations. From my point of view I see it as an overly abused word. I see the word having a powerful definition if understood, but because of the abuse of the word its lost its true meaning.
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