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Singapore Supertrees on Visions of Earth this month. Photo by Luca Locatelli / Institute @lucalocatelli.ig Man-made “super- trees”—vertical gardens ranging in height from 82 to 164 feet—stretch skyward in Gardens by the Bay. The three-year- old, 250-acre eco-tourism site promotes clean air, solar energy, sustainable practices, and botanical diversity. TheSupertrees were built in tandem with the whole development of Gardens by the Bay. Constructed started in 2007 and the Gardens opened in June 2012. For one, Gardens by the Bay is not a garden in the traditional sense of the word. It combines the traditional elements of a garden with the less conventional. It seeks to addresses the challenges of sustainable urban development by integrating horticulture, landscape design, architecture, technology and engineering to transform a barren piece of reclaimed land into an urban ecosystem. Furthermore, the Supertrees not only function as vertical gardens, but also serve as environmental engines that are closely integrated with the rest of the Gardens’ ecosystem. @instituteartist
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Photo by @amivitale. Rangers from @lewa_wildlife move a sleepy black rhino from its transport caravan to its new home at @nrt_kenya’s Sera Community Conservancy. It’s a habitat the rhino has not seen in nearly 30 years. Populations of the Eastern black rhino plummeted by 98% between 1960 and 1995 primarily as a result of poaching and hunting, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Conservation efforts have stabilized and increased numbers in most of the black rhino’s former ranges since then. Kenya’s population is projected to rise significantly in the near future, especially with growing partnerships between government, communities and conservation organizations. It is hoped that the new rhino sanctuary will benefit Kenya’s black rhino population. #savetherhinos #natureisspeaking #rhinos #nature #wild #wildlife #conservation #animals #endangered #endangeredspecies #naturelovers #lewa #lewawildlifeconservancy #Kenya #magicalkenya #Africa #NikonNoFilter #nikon #nikonambassador #amivitale #photojournalism #onassignment @nature_africa @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @nikonusa
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Photo by @edkashi City of the Dead, #cairo #egypt 1993. At the animal market, a man sells pigeon cages. Pigeon is a staple in the diets of City of the Dead residents. @viiphoto
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taitpeter : @flykerrylee shut up hippie
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elegant_fury : @naglabadawy .I agree. I'm from South Africa and my heart is with the Middle east. I wish I could help give people peace and safety. Dignity and hope but even where I live we need more of that too. People we need more empathy and understanding for eachother.
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shreyshrey30 : Y'all hating on people who eat pigeons but y'all be eating cows pigs and chickens so...
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monieyo : Rofl why does everything go back to Palestinian children. "You love Egypt!?! You love pigeons!?! What about the children in Palestine!?!"
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This time-lapse shows one of the final stages of honeybee development. The tissue reorganizes in the bees head and the pigment in its eyes develop just before it transforms from pupa to adult. Bees take 21 days to develop from egg to adult in the hive. I photographed this sequence at the Harry Laidlaw Honeybee lab at UC Davis using a camera setup I built in an incubator. I was able to mimic the temperature and humidity of a hive inside the incubator so I could document the development of the bees. Time-lapse by Anand Varma. See more of the development at @anandavarma. If you have any questions about the project, I am hosting a live Q&A on the National Geographic Magazine Facebook page today starting at 12pm EST. @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #onassignment #pollinator #honeybee #timelapse #lifecycle
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Spring peepers calling, Pseudacris crucifer. Video by Ian Nichols @fnordfoto | summer courses have started back up at mountain lake biological station, starting with herpetology! @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #uva #jmu #vatech #virginia #mlbs #appalachia #peeper #springpeeper #frog #amphibian #science #sound #school #herpetology #mountainlake #iphone
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Photo by @mattiasklumofficial Good Morning! Meeting and greeting among lions. A lion cub nuzzles and greets an older pride member in Thanda Private Game Reserve, South Africa. Please go to @mattiasklumofficial to see a crazy looking African wild dog enjoying a morning bath. Usually when lions are resting the pride members socialize through a flora of intricate and highly expressive behaviours. One of the most common of the peaceful and tactile behaviours are different kinds of social licking and head rubbing. When watching these bonding activities it actually resembles the grooming among primates. Shot on assignment with @monikaklum #lions #thanda #southafrica #play #greeting #socializing #goodmorning #conservation #savethebigcats #protectwildlife @natgeo @thephotosociety @natgeocreative @mattiasklumofficial
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Great Wall of China-from the #beijing #fashion series. #onassignment @joemcnallyphoto @nikonusa
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Photo by @joelsartore | A Stealth bomber flies over southwestern Nebraska. #joelsartore #bomber #nebraska #beautiful
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Photo // @jimmy_chin Ocean mood. @thephotosociety
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Photo by Stephanie Sinclair @stephsinclairpix// @thephotosociety Templo Mayor artifact. The Templo Mayor (Great Temple) was one of the main temples of the Aztecs in their capital city of Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City. #Mexico #humanskull #iphoneonly
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