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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo: @randyolson | Saltwater Crocodile in Yellow Waters area of Kakadu National Park, Australia. The Saltwater Crocodile is the largest of all living reptiles and is found in the Northern Territory. They are believed to grow to as large as 20 feet long. They can potentially eat any animal including monkeys, dangaroos, wild boar, dingos, birds, livestock, water buffalo, sharks and even humans. @natgeo @thephotosociety #crocodile #Australia #reptile #wildlife #nationalpark
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kardynalski12 : @kezzlebaker idk either id assume monkeys in the surrounding islands nearby Australia like Borneo or something idk and I think they meant to say kangaroo haha but I think they also missed wallaby
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Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). Sonam Dorji, a climbing Sherpa from Phortse working for IMG carries some of the last loads down from high camps on #Everest to base camp. The hard work of less celebrated climbers goes unnoticed in a world that celebrates every one of the summits made by Westerners who spend $50,000-$120,000 to climb the world's highest peak. It's climbers like Sonam who risk their lives to carry gear 20 or even 30 times through the deadly Khumbu Ice Fall to set up camps for wealthy clients. Read more about the risks Sherpas take and see their lives beyond the mountain in the current issue of @natgeo magazine.
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Photo: @stevewinterphoto. Chicago, I can't wait to share my stories about photographing big cats for @NatGeo with you @GoodmanTheatre this evening. For those in other parts of the country visit my website, linked in my profile description, for future dates and stops. And don't forget to do your part for Big Cats! Check out to find ways to become involved to save big cats, such as the Build-a-Boma campaign. #BigCatsForever #Tiger #Tigersforever #CauseAnUproar #NatGeo #BigCatConservation #India #WildlifePhotography #WildlifeConservation #WildlifePhotojournalism #Bigcats #NatGeoLive #wildlife #BigCatInitiative #BCI #Chicago #Illinois
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Photo- @andy_bardon /// Monday Mind Surf /// A local surfer pulls into a wave at Teahupo'o, Tahiti. This notoriously dangerous wave dumps thousands of gallons of water onto a razor sharp reef, and is highly regarded as one of the ultimate test pieces in the surfing world. Shot in the French Polynesia with support from @natgeo & @waittinstitute
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Photo: @melissafarlow | Eleven nuns make their home behind closed walls, living a life of commitment to poverty and celebacy at Val Mustiar, a world-famous Benedictine Convent of St. John. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The alpine monastery was founded by Charlemagne, was built in the 8th century. Since the 12th century the monastery is run by Benedictine nuns. The church houses the world's richest and best preserved series of figuratives Romanesque murals with impressive Carolingian frescos.@natgeo @thephotosociety #nuns #catholic #convent @unesco #unesco #history #alps #culture #religion
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A beauty even in death, the #Amazon is cloaked in smoke from fires set to clear the forest for industrial-scale farming of corn and soy beans, in Mato Grossi #Brazil. To see the entire transition, scroll through @geosteinmetz Photo by George Steinmetz on assignment for NG magazine story on Feeding 9 Billion @thephotosociety @natgeocreative @anastasiaphoto1 #futureoffood
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Photo by @paleyphoto (Matthieu Paley). Fiery sunset in #Cappadocia, #Turkey, known for its ancient rock-cut houses and temples. Slowly closing in on a wonderful and intense National Geographic Photo expedition. #NGExpeditions @natgeotravel @thephotosociety @natgeocreative
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Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). Mingma Sherpa walks by one of many monuments to climbers who died in the #Himalayas. The spot is on the hike to #EverestBaseCamp. I find myself thinking of those who died in the recent #Nepal avalanches and of the families they left behind. More images from my #Sherpa series can be found in the current issue of @natgeo magazine.
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Heading back to Africa for an assignment for @natgeo. The last trip I made was to #Tanzania on the southern tip of the salt lake #LakeNatron. That was a story about early human footprints & that is where I shot this photo of our #Masai guide & camp leader with his son. The next one is also a human #evolution story but I'm heading to #SouthAfrica. @robertclarkphoto @thephotosociety @instituteartist
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Video @ladzinski / A #cormorantFisherman preparing for a morning of fishing at twilight on the #LiRiver in #Yangshuo China
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