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natgeo - National Geographic
4th of July on the way! NY harbor during Lady Liberty festival 1986. @joemcnallyphoto @nikonusa #picoftheday #statueofliberty #SMDay
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nica.muniz : @hallan_maforte vai me dizer que navegar ai é facil..
spizzy_spike : @clyde_hamilton good year to be downtown 😎
claytonvogel : Scourge.
pattycakes6548 : I was there on top the Colgate building, awesome view
yasssiii : So cool @dan_morad NYC next 4th of July
davisrp18 : @lcbarrows so cool
dimagots : @andreysherbakov 😂😂 отморозок!))))
jenlynmar : @lynetteiam
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Photo by @ciriljazbec / “Where will the plane land?” one asks oneself. View from above showing South Tarawa atoll and its lagoon of low lying country Kiribati before a coming storm. Maximum elevation of the atoll is a mere 3 metres above sea level. Like many Pacific islands, Kiribati faces serious threats from rising sea levels as a consequence of climate change. Kiribati is a nation of 33 coral atolls scattered around the equator, inhabited by about 100,000 people. Yesterday on 29th June Kiribati president Anote Tong at United Nations General Assembly said plans for migration advanced with rising sea levels already causing destruction in his country. He said: “King tides combined with strong winds wreak havoc among our people… in some parts whole villages have had to relocate.” Tong urged countries to use Kiribati’s plight as inspiration to develop an ambitious deal to radically cut greenhouse gas emissions and avert further consequences from rising temperatures. @natgeo @ciriljazbec #Kiribati #climate #change #rising #seas
seas - kiribati - climate - rising - change -
cahayanathania : It's... beautiful sky... thanks all for GOD.. amiin
dustinboon : Cool man
bambam2091 : Woohoooo!!! Can't wait! @skylerraine
khaledabdulrahman2003 : I like it
ekrontherun : Awesome
nadjibka : @ragdollragdoll
losing.paradise : @aribeser yes!!!!
ben.workinger : @telepresence_master like these?
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Photo by @petekmuller/@prime_collective. A view of the awe-inspiring #Panjshir valley in north-central #Afghanistan. Panjshir leads to the foothills of the #HinduKush mountain range and is a hub of #emerald mining. At present, it is a largely peaceful area owing to the steep valleys that form natural defenses against outside offensives. #CentralAsia #beauty #mountains
hindukush - afghanistan - centralasia - panjshir - beauty - mountains - emerald -
makizn : Without even looking at the description, I knew this was Afghanistan❤️ #افغانستان
ekrontherun : Awesome
atinameayden : Nice
nbersoux : 😍 @srowan__ let's just say fuck everything and go
tom.kortenhoeven : Love the mountains @brookekort
nbersoux : @srowan__ go everywhere and see everything
srowan__ : @nbersoux Afghanistan.. Maybe in the Army 😁
sweetdaisies88 : Maybe one day I'll get to see the other side of the world
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo by @pedromcbride (Pete McBride) // Ancient walls inside the #GrandCanyon frame the Milky Way as campers' lights are dwarfed below. The clarity of the night sky in this national park is crystal clear thanks to nearly zero light pollution - a view similar to what the Anasazi saw some 900 years ago when the resided inside this natural cathedral. To see a time-lapse of this Nankoweep night view, go to @pedromcbride. #wilderness #nationalpark #chasingrivers @oars_rafting @blakemccordphoto
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ashtree___ : @ninjalauren @vincepru 😍😍 woOww
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leoddykrueger : Mythical, 👏🌌😀! #Dreamer #Celestial #ArtsOfNature
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vinodhini_udhaya : @aakriti.sood wow
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo by @GerdLudwig, shot #onassignment for @natgeo. In the July 2015 National Geographic Magazine story "On a Roll," author David Brindley writes, "Today, thousands of upscale food trucks roam the city streets… broadcasting their whereabouts to sell everything from bespoke grilled cheese sandwiches and luxurious lobster rolls, to handcrafted ice cream cones and freshly popped popcorn. What seemed to be a passing fad is now a growing $800 million annual industry." Towards the end of the night in Venice, CA, a customer orders from the Cool Haus ice cream truck. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative @theimagereview #foodtrucks #losangeles #icecream #venice #firstfridays #coolhaus #night
onassignment - venice - losangeles - firstfridays - icecream - foodtrucks - night - coolhaus -
andreinathielen : Hahaha @eduquiama23
zz_b_me : @1482steve
taylorborries : @edpittman1 you know this made my heart melt 😍
jjjjjjoanne : @sergidude They have a truck!
lulastarc : @dolph.jb así pero con más onda
a18mcdowell : @nicolasscaicedo career started here 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
teshnerbolhart : Awesome
brunchbackmee : @coolhaus @ludlowsofficial
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photograph by @paulnicklen. A Kermode Bear (also known as a Spirit Bear) devours a pink salmon along a small creek in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. Their favorite part of the fish is the roe. To learn more about Spirit Bears and other keystone species that play a key role in keeping fragile ecosystems in tact, please follow me on @paulnicklen and @sea_legacy. With @cristinamittermeier. #nature #bear #wildlife @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #beauty #keepexploring #letsexplore #love #follow #instagood #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagramhub #keepitwild
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ohlsucre : @zaidfsid SEE!!!!!!!
jorda72 : @carterek @brinnyrad @shortemma How relevant!
banhzzai : @briantheogbales @vthebest ahhh i love it when I'm featured on the natgeo page
monikaj75 : @dodebisho No bear is scary. Bears are freaking awesome.
mohamedelshibly : @ranaseldin @samer.mahran I still laugh whenever I remember Rana's justification "but elephants don't eat meat"
maiyaahluwalia : @cpaqou bite
dodebisho : @monikaj75 Thank you. I know that, but the snapshot scary
save_therave : @nnoraa_ 🐻 immer fresse😳
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Photo by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto Incense in Taiwan still being made by hand. In LuKang, 82 yr. old Huang Ming Chong is one of the remaining masters, making incense sticks in the traditional way since age 14. Wet bamboo sticks are bathed in a secret formula of powders made from different kinds of tree bark including Sandal Wood. The smell is wonderful, the dust noxious. #Taiwan #Mazu #incense @thephotosociety @natgeocreative
mazu - taiwan - incense -
anavmb111 : @lisamhndz
brianbrod : @anthonytaylor01 we must learn the ways
tonx59 : Wo Ai ni Lukang. 💓
sharpiejack : @spencefunk life goals
bellepearbear : Taiwan rocks!!
liu_chunyuan : 我們中國人燒香 不只是對祖先懷抱謙遜感恩
liu_chunyuan : 早期更是ㄧ種時間計時用
mattthecave : @fixedbreaker
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo- @andy_bardon /// A portrait of Pemba Phuti Sherpa from the village of Phortse, which resides high in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal /// Shot on assignment for @Natgeo
luuh_sampaioo : Hahahahaha tadinha @nathaliiasampaio racheei
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strelamarii : @ronjavier @mmcracking @heyheyanne Pemba Sherpa
jennjenn70 : Beautiful..
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kamal_rokaha : proud to be nepali
tnrnkt : @coolments whut
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Photo by @jimmy_chin After climbing 100ft of overhanging rock, @bookofsamuel spans between bad holds to finish a difficult 5.14 route on the epic limestone of Geyikbayiri, Turkey. #truegrit @thephotosociety
truegrit -
panchitopastore : @ttomrtin jujuu
ohlsucre : @zaidfsid YOUR goals. Ill be the one taking your picture from a safe area
lizziee3_ : @meemz25 so epic!!!
riccineme : Nice
gnomeandcook : @abble243bie thanx great memories of Geyikbiari this spring to hot now 😰
rascalpsych : @nyanthony77 Lets go!
elizabethkatalina : @dfazzy
sweet_tea66 : Fantastic!
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Photo by @thomaspeschak A salmon leaps high into the air to clear a raging waterfall. On their annual migration salmon leave the pacific ocean behind and ascend rivers and streams to spawn. Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada. @thephotosociety @pacificwild @natgeocreative For more photographs from this wild corner of North America follow me on @thomaspeschak
lawton_man : @avacool_ dinner
robertotarlit : perfect capture
qallupilluittheadventurer : @lucassiem I'd catch that
fancy_pants_nance15 : @mrraftingpingpongfishguy does that just make your heart sing?
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