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natgeo - National Geographic
@RobertClarkphoto Another #FancyPigeon from my series of photos I took back in 2004. This pigeon type is called the #trumpeter pigeon because of its distinctive calling voice. It’s important for them to sound a particular way in order for them to be considered a ‘trumpeter’, but the look is particularly important as well. Trumpeters are also bred to have ostentatiously long feathers covering their feet, so long in fact that it would be near impossible for this pigeon to fly. This is an example of #selectivebreeding done in such a manner that it has produced an animal barely resembling the original, and in a sense can serve as an example of how #evolution can work. The accentuation of minor traits over generations can eventually lead to the emergence of a species far from it’s original ancestor. This is what Darwin was attempting to prove when we was breeding his own pigeons was that it was possible to select for certain traits, and that it was probable that adaptation and survival were key ‘selectors’ in allowing certain traits to survive over others. @natgeo @thephotosociety @instituteartist
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo @renan_ozturk // #onassignment for the #MyanmarClimb. The rest of the team headed home for thanksgiving but @taylorfreesolo and myself headed back to Bagan to catch a few more shots. After the 6 weeks of time in the remote northern regions, where we were only the second group of westerners to travel through in 2 years, it's quite the juxtaposition to be in the most established tourist destination in the country in near peak season. Tonight, as another magical sunset unfolded and the travelers jockeyed for their camera positions, we headed across the way to shoot back at the crowd. For us it's been an important story element, to not just shoot the beautiful temples but to document the state of emerging tourism - numbers which have doubled from 1 million in 2012 to 2 million in 2013, and projected at 3 million for 2014. That being said, we too are tourists and I'm looking forward to capturing this incredible and history landscape myself. @thenorthface @gopro @sandisk @fstopgear
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Photo by @JohnStanmeyer for @NatGeo Olive trees in #Gethsemane, the garden located at the foot of the #MountofOlives in #Jerusalem, where according to the New Testament #Jesus stayed and prayed on the night before His crucifixion. While on assignment for National Geographic magazine earlier this year for part III of @OutofEdenWalk, I was following a fellow by the name of Carl James Joseph, an American also known as the Jesus Guy for his emulation of Christ. Even barefoot, Carl walked fast. So fast that when we reached the Church of All Nations, I lost him in the crowd. Having never been to the Church of All Nations nor this part of Jerusalem, I realized just next to it was Gethsemane, the garden believed to be where Jesus spent His final night with three of the Apostles — James, John and Peter — before being crucified. That evening, this ancient field of olive trees (some dating to 1090 AD/CE) was bathed in green light, layering the brilliance of olive colored leaves in a surreal evening swash of viridescence. Unable to decipher how this important garden would fit into the story, I couldn’t help ponder the weight and measure of this historic location, the reference of events that connect to the Last Supper and what is known as the Agony in the Garden. This photograph stayed in the final presentation, one of nearly 50 photographs presented in the final projection of the story to editors at National Geographic in DC. I knew it would never see ink and paper in the magazine, nor likely pixels on an iPad. Even so, I photograph for myself, for appreciation and reflection. This vignette from Gethsemane is one I’ll remember as an intriguing evening spent following (and getting briefly lost) from the Jesus Guy, the poetry of the lamplight and the weight and measure of history which is this unique garden of olive trees. Be sure to pick up the December issue of National Geographic, "Blessed. Cursed. Claimed”, part III of the Out of Eden Walk project, now available on newsstands and in your mailboxes. All my best, John Stanmeyer @thephotosociety #tree #olivetrees #Christianity #garden #MiddleEast #faith #night #green @VIIphoto
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Image by @paulnicklen for @natgeo and @sea_legacy. Patterns in nature can be found in abundance; from the fine details of each individual feather to the dotted sky filled with a flock of birds. Moving patterns form, evolve and disappear often without notice. A photograph can freeze motion and reveal design from what might otherwise seem like random chaos. A bounty of little auks, also known as dovekies, fill the landscape at the shores of Svalbard. Image 1 in 'Patterns in Nature' photo series by @paulnicklen. #polarobsession #patternsinnature #natureisspeaking #nature #dovekies #littleauks #norway #svalbard #patterns #art #photography #beauty @natgeocreative @thephotosociety
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#Syrian composer Malek Jandali rehearses in #nyc for an upcoming performance at Carnegie Hall in late January. @edkashi @viiphoto #newestamericans
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What is a #Superfund site? Find out in the December issue of #NatGeo magazine. For the story title #Wasteland @FritzPhotos #FritzHoffmann visited 12 #toxic waste sites that are on the Superfund National Priorities List. The #landscape photos were made from a 50 foot aerial boom lift. The elevated view provided a perspective that communicates scale and a sense of our place in the Superfund picture. This photo was taken while on assignment at the #RockyMountainArsenal in #CommerceCity #Colorado during the annual #roundup of American #bison, which are now living there to aid in returning the land to natural prairie. The arsenal is now the #RockyMountainArsenalWildlifeRefuge The U.S. Army manufactured chemical weapons at the arsenal in the 1940s. The manufacturing facilities were then leased to #ShellOil Co. for their production of pesticides. Production ceased in 1982 and remediation of the land began. The EPA listed the site on the #Superfund cleanup priority list in1987. Parts of the 27 mile site have since been delisted from Superfund. Introduction of the bison to the site lands began in 2007 by the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife. Eventually the refuge will support 200 head of bison.The bison are rounded up in part to check them for exposure to toxins that may remain on the land. Read the story on Superfund in the story titled #Wastelend in the December #NationalGeographic magazine, in the NatGeo iPad edition and at
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Women stand overlooking the neighborhood of Kroo Bay in #Freetown, #SierraLeone. Kroo Bay is an historic settlement and one of the most densely populated residential areas of the city. Photo by @petekmuller/ @prime_collective for @natgeo. #africa #ebolaoutbreak #ebola
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Photo // @jimmy_chin Cerro Torre revealed. Wind raked and prone to severe weather coming off the Patagonian Icecap, Cerro Torre is one of the most righteous and intimidating granite spikes in the world to climb. #mountainportrait #mountainarchitecture #argentina #patagonia #blackandwhitechallenege @thephotosociety
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The morning commute for day laborers in #Freetown, #SierraLeone. Despite the ongoing #Ebola outbreak, life goes on. Photo by @petekmuller/ @prime_collective for @natgeo
ebola - freetown - sierraleone -
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@marcusbleasdale morning #Oslo great to be back home after @natgeo live event in #Washington. #ormøya #morningcoffee
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