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National Geographic

Life is an adventure—enjoy the ride and the world through the eyes of the National Geographic photographers.
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo by @thomaspeschak A venomous lionfish hunts baitfish in Mozambique's Ponta do Ouro marine reserve. Unlike in the Atlantic Ocean, where this species is detrimentally invasive, in the Indian Ocean (it's original home) it plays a important predatory role on coral reefs. Pic from my Dec 2014 @natgeo magazine story Cross Currents. To see unpublished images from the seas of Southern Africa check out my Instagram @thomaspeschak
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natgeo - National Geographic
@marcusbleasdale on the shortest day of the year in #Oslo #Ormøya #Norway the view out if my bedroom at 9 am isn't so bad. #sunrise
oslo - ormøya - sunrise - norway -
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo by @paulnicklen for @natgeo with @cristinamittermeier Image number three in our series of ‘Dusk to Dawn’. Please follow us at @paulnicklen to see all my images under the same theme. I have never taken a photograph of the aurora borealis that does it justice. The experience is so powerful and intense, however, I am happy to keep trying. Here, an intense display of northern lights dances over the Ogilvie Mountains in the #Yukon while a full moon lights up the surrounding mountains. @thephotosociety #Planetaphoto #PorElPlaneta @ElPlanetaPhoto #beauty #nature @natgeocreative @instagramhub #protectthepeel
planetaphoto - porelplaneta - beauty - nature - protectthepeel - yukon -
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo @ladzinski / For the last 3 winters this resident female bald eagle predictably returns to roosts in this tree near my home in Boulder CO. I've spent many a sunrise photographing her, in just about every weather condition and she keeps looking more proud to me. This was one of my favorite photos of her taken during a heavy snowfall. @3stringsproductions @natgeocreative
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo by @amivitale. #Samburu warriors seeing a #rhino, Kilifi, for the first time in their lives at @lewa_wildlife. The introduction was organized by @NRT_KENYA. It's surprising to think that most people on the planet never get the opportunity to see the wildlife that exists literally in their own backyard. Only their grandfathers saw rhinos and these young men had never even seen a photo of one. Based on stories and their own imagination, they all expected the young rhinos to be as big as elephants, as dangerous as lions and their horns to be flexible, like the trunk of an elephant. This one experience left them in awe, just like all of us, and passionate protectors. Much needed attention has been focused on the plight of wildlife but very little has been said about the indigenous communities on the frontlines of the poaching wars and the incredible work that is being done by @NRT_KENYA @lewa_wildlife and @NATURE_africa to strengthen them. These communities hold the key to saving Africa's great animals. #magicalkenya #africa #thenatureconservancy #conservation #animals #rhinoceros #wildlife #NikonNoFilter #nofilter #nikon #d4 #nikonambassador #amivitale #photojournalism #onassignment @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @nikonusa @natgeo #natureisspeaking
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo:@stevewinterphoto A baby American crocodile hatches on a beach in Cuba. At the time I took this picture this beach was the location of the only arribada (mass nesting) of American crocodiles in the world. Memories from Cuba keep coming back to me in light of President Obama’s recent statement about normalizing relations between the US and Cuba, and I can’t help but wonder what these “normalized relations” mean for the fate of Cuba’s fairly unscathed ecology. The photos I shot there, including the photo seen here, were featured in the November 2003 issue of National Geographic in a story called Cuba Naturally. You can see more photos from that story and buy prints on my website, under the Prints and Posters link. @NatGeo @ThePhotoSociety #Cuba #ecology #travel #Arribada #Caribbean #SteveWinterPhoto #onassignment #procamera #filmdays #Cuba #Americancrocodile #beach #hatch #reptile #crocodile
onassignment - reptile - ecology - caribbean - cuba - travel - hatch - crocodile - americancrocodile - filmdays - arribada - beach - procamera - stevewinterphoto -
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey) Louie Brings Plenty walks into #BadlandsNationalPark in South Dakota on the edge of the #PineRidgeIndianReservation to offer prayers with a braid of sweet grass. In the distance is the Stronghold, a safe hiding place for the Sioux when the US Cavalry was hunting them during the time of the Ghost dance, which the people hoped would cleanse the earth of the white men and bring back the buffalo. This is an unplublisged image from my 2012 magazine story on the #OglalaLakota. For more unpublished from Pine Ridge images go to @outsiderbooks
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo @coryrichards Climber @renan_ozturk walks the final steps back to Camp 3 at 18,100, literally straddling the border of Myanmar and Tibet. This was day 41 of 55 #onassignment for @natgeo going sea to summit in #myanmar to attempt to measure SE Asia's highest point. The climbing was only a fraction of the trip. Most of the teams time was spent walking 150 miles one way into the jungle supported by a team of 50 + Rawang porters. Unlike more popular mountains in the Himalaya, the northern reaches of the Kachin Region remain a question mark on the map, blocked from exploration by a violent civil war lasting decades. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #antieverest #myanmarclimb @outerknown #msrgear
onassignment - myanmarclimb - antieverest - msrgear - myanmar -
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natgeo - National Geographic
photo by @davidalanharvey This was the cover of NatGeo Magazine for their 3 part story on CUBA way back in June 1999. I fell in love with Cuba back then and made some of my most iconic photographs. You will remember some of them. 11 of the best, including this now famous cover shot, I am now offering for sale archival prints at a low price though www.burnmagazine.org my online magazine for emerging photographers. I am so pleased that soon Americans will feel encouraged to visit Cuba. I went first in 1996 and am on my way again as soon as I can. A magical island that is getting closer by the day. This photo was taken on this boy's birthday. Normally Cuban's are not allowed in the tourist hotels. However, if it's your birthday you may use the hotel swimming pool. Hence the red towel. #cuba #burnmagazine
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo by @paulnicklen for @natgeo and @sea_legacy. Image number two in our series of ‘Dusk to Dawn’ where the sun is either on or below the horizon creating dramatic and moody light. For this image, I actually had to desaturate it as the colors were too intense giving it almost a fake look. King Penguins exit the sea at 5am on South Georgia, Antarctica to return to their colony of over 300,000 individuals. #climatechange #penguins #kingpenguins #antarctica #Planetaphoto #PorElPlaneta @ElPlanetaPhoto #beauty #nature
porelplaneta - climatechange - beauty - nature - planetaphoto - antarctica - penguins - kingpenguins -
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