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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo @pedromcbride (Pete McBride) An aarti ritual on the banks of the Ganges in northern India lures many to pray, sing and revere this river considered sacred by one billion Hindu. Despite the open-armed love shown toward the Ma Ganga or mother Ganges, it is heavily contaminated and taxed from industry, agriculture, over-use and general neglect. To learn more about this remarkable river and our 1550-mile journey from 18,000 feet to sea level, check out NGM’s Proof blog all next week. @thephotosociety @davidcmorton @mountainworld #gangas2s #sacred #ganga #river #freshwater #rishikesh
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newtoinstagream : Brilliant capture! A ministerial level effort is being put into effect by the new Indian government. Hopefully within the near future(2020) it will be much cleaner.
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noelout : I satied there, 4 years ago...and it's fantastic!
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l35a : 🌷🌻🍁🌽💚💙 If you like geat nature and landscapes you should follow @remojacobs, his pictures are amazing! 💙💚🌽🍁🌻🌷
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kathiering : This is beautiful!
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natgeo - National Geographic
Sheep sleep at night around the ancient Standing Stones of Stenness. Farming and farm animals were new to these islands when these stones were being erected, some 700 years before Stonehenge. These scattered islands were a rich place for the Neolithic people living here 5,000 years ago during the age of the great stone circles that dot this land. National Geographic features Orkney and the incredible story of stone age life in this month’s issue, August 2014. Should be on the newsstands and in your mailboxes soon. Check out the iPad edition, too. @JimRichardsonNG @natgeo @natgeocreative #orkney #neolithic #scotland #UK
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bielsribeiro : Kubrick was right, except it's with sheeps @mandy_affonso
vicerachel : It seems like 2001 A Space Odyssey
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Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). Back on the #RuthGlacier! This time much lower down where there are no snow bridges and we can roam free among the blue pools and glacial erratics! On assignment in #DenaliNationalPark for @natgeo magazine!
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anuujine : So beautiful! Odoo tsag bsan bol mongoliinhoo gazar nutagaar ingej yavj zurag avmaar uymaa ! @amarbayasgalan
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photo by @vincentjmusi It seemed like a good idea at the time honestly, gather every available breed of goat and put them in one picture. This weekend marks the opening of the Indiana State Fair and I’m reminded of the time we tried the patience of many goats and their owners. No injuries to either I’m proud to report although one of those miniature dairy goats did poop on me. @thephotosociety @indystatefair @vincentjmusi
olgieswolgies : The side-eye from the black goat in front, lol!
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@paulnicklen on a @sea_legacy private expedition to Svalbard, Norway to explore the effects of climate change. In over 40 years of living in the Arctic, four of those as a biologist working on polar bear projects, and the last twenty as a wildlife photographer, I have only found one dead polar bear. This year, over a two week period, we found two polar bears that had died of starvation. Another group found a third one. In an area of Svalbard which traditionally has vast amounts of sea ice during the summer months, we found all areas to be completely void of ice. People always ask me for proof about the effects of losing sea ice. The Arctic is projected to be completely void of sea ice in the next 10 to 20 years during the summer months. @cristinamittermeier #sealegacy @natgeo #picofthday #instagramhub #bear #polarbear #climatechange
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sarika_s : @samaragupta there is only one constant with humanity, and it's destruction 😢
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natgeo - National Geographic
Phone photo: @ivankphoto Project Mi Barrio – Primera Comunión. (First Communion). Andrés Achance, 11, stands in front of his house before walking to the local church for his first communion ceremony in #Rumihuaico, #Ecuador. #projectmibarrio, #photojournalism, @runa_photos, @panospictures, @natgeo, @thephotosociety Learn more @
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Sudbury Ontario, a small mining community. A smelting stack reflected in the window of a wooden shack near the copper and nickel mine. @robertclarkphoto @thephotosociety
mumma_d56 : In sudbury till butt ugly city..depressing
rimasukhadia : it's shaked up!
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jessball78 : I was born there in 1978, my dad dragged his very pregnant wife there for a pow-wow with 2 little kids in tow. My auntie was supposed babysit my siblings but was no where to be found. She later told me she returned to the pow-wow & heard my father announcing on the microphone his wife have birth to twins (me & my bro). My siblings remember sitting in the waiting rm for a long time then mom had 2 babies.
captainhml : Looks damned depressing like West Virginia mining towns.
heatherlouiseellen : My grandmother lived there in the 30's.
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Photo by @Amivitale for a @natgeo story on the Oil Boom in the Bakken. Children perform at a school recital in Bainville, Montana. Enrollment at the school has more than doubled since 2009. The oil boom is bringing great wealth to the region but for those on a fixed income like school teachers, it brings challenges too. The influx of oil workers has pushed rent for the few mobile homes available to upwards of $2,500 month. Teachers, who start at $33,000, can't afford housing. #onassignment #Nikonusa #d4s #Nikon #nikonambassador #amivitale @panospictures @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #photojournalism #energy #oil #bakken #nofilter #latergram #journalism #cowboy
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wwwarneke : @sophie102900 you're probably right there is another reason I should never have one!
logan_mclaughlin : I'm the BA cowboy and you are the little girl in the pink to my right giving "the look" 😜😂 @meganerwine55
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natewaterfill : @karn_houtx Good teachers don't want people to "feel bad" for them. We don't want your pity. We want to be respected and treated like PROFESSIONALS because that's precisely what we are. On average we have at least two professional degrees, work 60-80 hrs a week during the school year, many have side jobs (like me), and (like I just did) spend our summers taking extra classes for an ever-changing student population. We still make barely enough to stay above financially. How exactly are we supposed to work on "clever niches" whilst working 70 hrs and raising families? No teacher gets into this profession for the money. Hell, that thinking is so ludicrous I almost laughed typing it. So we're not asking for a hand out, just the respect we deserve. Also, it's easy to say "quit and move on" when it's not your passion. But it is my passion so no matter how bad it gets I can't just "move on." Coincidently, it also works out really well for students when their teachers aren't here today gone tomorrow.
karn_houtx : @natewaterfill is it money or respect you want? Really, who doesn't respect teachers? If you feel disrespected by your pay, than I believe it's money that you want.
karn_houtx : @natewaterfill I'll tell you a secret. A majority of those guys moving to your geographic region are from TX and Louisiana. Take the investment of making/selling/whatever, geared toward them and you may turn a profit. Something simple.
natewaterfill : @karn_houtx Here's my secret: the amount of money a society gives to a profession symbolizes their respect for it. We're not asking to make six figures and live a lavish lifestyle, no teacher expects that. But coming out of college with a professional degree only to find you barely get paid enough to rent is obviously problematic. Not only for the teacher but for every member of the community who sends their kid to that school. How you don't see that is beyond me. Plenty of people don't respect teachers. For the last two decades teachers have been consistently stripped of control in their class by text book companies, testing companies, media outlets, and whichever politicians the lobbyists of those companies can buy. This is effectively taking away the power of the individual teacher, parents, and communities as big business and big government cash in a multi-billion dollar industry. This is something so stupid that even liberal and conservative groups are fighting together against it. Sure, there are bad teachers, I've worked with a few and I share the public disdain for them. But the ratio of bad to good has been entirely overstated by the media. Man listen, I get your point and from the outside it seems simple. But you still haven't addressed the issue of time. How do colleagues of mine who teach, grade, prepare, coach, work side-jobs, and raise families have time to make/sell anything? Think about the long game, how does it benefit students or the communities that teachers don't make enough money to focus on their profession?
natewaterfill : @karn_houtx Side note: I'm a young teacher without children who's content with the pay. But the way teachers are treated in other parts of the country baffles me.
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photograph by @michaelmelford. On March 11th of this year, using his authorities under the Antiquities Act, President Obama designated the Point Arena-Stornetta Unit, protecting approximately 1,665 acres of a significant and spectacular stretch of public lands along the Mendocino coastline in Northern California. I was here just before this, on assignment for a story celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Look for the article in Nat Geo in the September issue. #wilderness #california #weather #nature #@natgeo @thephotosociety
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iviguti : Woooooooooo
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natgeo - National Geographic
A tip from @natgeo Photographer @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey): The secret to making truly great photos is the STANCE. I always shoot on one leg when hunting rainbows. #DenaliNationalPark on assignment for @natgeo. (Photo by @ali_geiser)
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seandunshee : @brookelynpyper @sarahpyper have fun in Vanderlust Vhistler girls ✌️
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