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natgeo - National Geographic
Large passing lizard, or roots and buttresses in the rain forest? Photo by @TimLaman on assignment for @NatGeo in Gunung Palung National Park, Borneo. Trees and woody lianas take on a fascinating variety of forms here. #Indonesia, #Borneo, #savegporangutans, @TimLaman, @thephotosociety, #rainforest,
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What is 'The Meaning of North'? Read all about the incredible ecosystem of Franz Josef Land in the August issue of @natgeo. The lonely archipelago lies 800 miles north of the arctic circle in Russia's Barents Sea and stands as a barometer for climate change and our impacts both above and below the surface. Incredible story by @davidquammen Big thanks to @andy_mann @thephotosociety @thenorthface @natgeocreative @petzlofficial
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Photo @pedromcbride / On a misty dawn, a male #lion defends his meal - a kudu kill on the #Okavango Delta in Botswana, Africa. Of the estimated 30,000 lions that live in the wild, 1500 live in Botswana - the only country with over 1000 individuals. Due to human encroachment, hunting and habitat loss, lion populations have shrunk dramatically in recent years. #wild #nature #cycleoflife #simba #king #journeysunforgettable @thephotosociety
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cadstar : Looking more like Aslan with that dark nose...
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Photo by @haarbergphoto (Erlend Haarberg) Another arctic fox photo from my trip to the #Dovrefjell National Park last week.  Adult #fox standing at the entrance of the den close to midnight. #arcticfox #Dovre #Norway #play #nature #wildlife #thephotosociety #naturephotography #natgeocreative
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Photo by @Amivitale for a @natgeo story on the Oil Boom in the Bakken. In a famer’s wheat field outside the prairie town of Bainville, Montana, the Tolberts live in a trailer together with their six children aged 5 to 11 and an adult cousin. The Tolberts moved here in 2011 as part of a massive migration of workers chasing their fortunes in the Bakken. Like many families of the boom, they chose rural Montana to avoid the bustle at the center of the oil rush 30 miles away in Williston, North Dakota. #onassignment #Nikonusa #d4s #Nikon #nikonambassador #amivitale @panospictures @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #photojournalism #energy #oil #bakken #nofilter #latergram #journalism #dogs
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Photo by @vincentjmusi At least 8,000 years-old, this is the earliest known life-size sculpture of a human. It was discovered 9 miles from the site of Göbekli Tepe in the town of Şanlıurfa, Turkey. The carving style is similar to sculpture found at Göbekli Tepe and other Neolithic sites in southern Turkey, northern Syria and Iraq. #gobeklitepe #turkey ancientwonder #eyes #fertilecrescent I’ll be posting more from images from my Göbekli Tepe coverage every day this week to commemorate the work of Professor Klaus Schmidt on my personal account @vincentjmusi
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tanklockhart : Beautiful
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ilgenc : rest in peace prof. schmidt. we will always remember you and your work on göbekli tepe.
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Photo by @jimmy_chin One bedroom. No bath. Great views. No elevator. @kjorgeson and @tommycaldwell enjoying their #primerealestate. #yosemite #thegoodlife @thephotosociety
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Photo @ladzinski / The San Rafael Swell is a large geological feature in South central Utah, home to seemingly endless mazes of sandstone canyons and high eroded cliffs that attract adventurers from around the world each year. For rock climbers it's the perfect get away for pioneering, Professional climber #RobPizem seen here tenaciously finger locking his way up a thin crack high above the canyon floor. @arcteryx @natgeocreative
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Sunset shot from Brooklyn I have been traveling for a week, nice to see the Veiw from home. @robertclarkphoto @thephotosociety @instituteartist
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photo by @vincentjmusi At well over 11,000 years old, Göbekli Tepe, near Şanlıurfa,Turkey is thought to be the world's first temple. Professor Klaus Schmidt thought neolithic man looked first to the heavens for inspiration before all other things. Massive 18 foot limestone pillars weighing 16 tons were found arranged in circles and carved with the simplest of tools, bearing the images of animals like boar, aurochs, birds and reptiles. Klaus believed the pillars represented humans and he spent the last 20 years stripping away the myths of the previous 10,000. Professor Schmidt passed away yesterday but his work will live on with the DAI and the Şanlıurfa Museum at this extraordinary site. #gobeklitepe #klausschmidt More images from the site at @vincentjmusi
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berat33 : @faithim
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shwanshwsha : This temple is located in Kurdistan.
nihatcetinlerden : Kurdistan is located in turkey.
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adriandominic : @vincentjmusi thank you! I never knew that was a civilization, I thought that was a period in history. Learned something new today!
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