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National Geographic

Life is an adventure—enjoy the ride and the world through the eyes of the National Geographic photographers.
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo by @haarbergphoto (Orsolya Haarberg) The Budahraun lava field on an overcast winter day — photograph that I made back in 2011 for our Iceland story in the @natgeo magazine. This image is exhibited in the National Salon of Photography that is open until 26 June 2016 in the #Kunsthalle (Hall of Art) in Budapest. My work is represented by three landscape photographs in this immense showcase of 150 artists, which seeks to place the work of different genres, styles and sources of inspiration into groups that "communicate" and co-operate with each other. The photographic art in the exhibition has been curated by Klára Szarka. My images selected for this exhibition can be ordered as limited edition fine art prints on our website, #iceland #budahraun #landscapephotography #mucsarnok @thephotosociety @natgeocreative
kunsthalle - landscapephotography - budahraun - mucsarnok - iceland -
phpenelope : Wow.... Cookies and cream....
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humansofthenhs : Hello there! Please follow our page if you are interested in photography like this, about people working in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. Thank you #humansofthenhs 💙
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natgeo - National Geographic
Items made out of body parts of protected animals, including zebra, tigers and butterflies, are seen in a repository of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in Denver after having been seized by US Customs. The trade in body parts of endangered species poses a huge threat to tigers and other endangered species. In this room, opened to visitors, some items are shown in order to educate the public on wildlife illegal trade. At the National Eagle and Wildlife Property Repository in Denver, Colorado, a facility run by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a staggering 1,269,451 items which have been seized by U.S. authorities in their fight against illegal wildlife trade are stored. More stories on @williamodaniels.
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photograph by @paulnicklen. A coastal wolf of #BC waits patiently for the tide to fall so it can access seafood in the intertidal zone. These coastal wolves, whose diet consists of up to 80 percent seafood are a genetically distinct ecotype. #follow me on @paulnicklen as I celebrate the beauty of this coast. #wolf #instagood #naturelovers #picoftheday
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo by @stephenwilkes: Tulip fields of The Netherlands, captured with a Diana camera some years ago. The Diana is a small plastic camera, introduced as a novelty item in the 60s. The lens is so low quality that it often has the opposite effect, gracing images with an ethereal turn of the century quality. I will be returning this week to The Netherlands to capture the tulips fields in another unique perspective--this time for my series, Day to Night! Follow along and learn more by following me @stephenwilkes and on Snapchat: Stephen_Wilkes #tulips #Amsterdam #DayToNight #StephenWilkes
tulips - daytonight - stephenwilkes - amsterdam -
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natgeo - National Geographic
Video by @brianlehmannphotography editing by @kayleeeverly - In a rare ritual called ma'nene' on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia family members remove bodies from tombs. Once a year loved ones are brought out to inspect the condition of their bodies, change their clothing, comb their hair, dust them off, and let them dry in the sun. #death #tradition #indonesia #photooftheday #natgeo
photooftheday - death - tradition - natgeo - indonesia -
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo @ladzinski / They may not look like it, but #Starfish are voracious #keystonePredators. Hunting primarily barnacle, mussels and crustaceans, the #OchreSeaStar slowly devours it's victims by climbing on top of it and placing it's open stomach around its prey. Like any keystone predator, star fish are essential in maintaining balance to an ecosystem, prohibiting an organism to over run an area. In recent years scientists are seeing a significant decline in #OchreSeaStar here in the Pacific Northwest due to "sea star wasting disease". Decreased PH balance in our oceans has weakened the immune systems of star fish, making them more susceptible to this disease. As numbers decline, the pecking order and balance is slowly changing in the tide pools. Photographed #onassignment for @natgeo / @arjandekock @ianvaso
onassignment - keystonepredators - ochreseastar - starfish -
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inspire_create_educate : 🌊 My class and I just went to Acadia National Park and we saw a bunch of little starfish hiding under rocks! Starfish are really interesting! 🌊
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo by @christianziegler. A snail has laid a clutch of eggs in a pitcher of a Vellose Pitcher plant (Nepenthes villosa). With its reliable moisture, and protection from direct exposure to sunlight, the pitcher offers a perfect spot for the eggs to develop. @thephotosociety #Sabah #Borneo #Wpph16 #NatgeoEarthDay #conservation
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natgeo - National Geographic
@michaelnicknichols // This week President Obama will sign the decree that makes the Bison our national mammal. from millions when the west was colonized by whites ... to near extinction ... to a restoration of a few thousand wild in Yellowstone and a few hundred thousand keep as lifestock learn about the complexity of having wild bison in the american west today in the May 2016 issue of National Geographic Magazine devoted entirely to Yellowstone
bradbradamoser : They r gonna let a small hear go wild hear in Alaska to soon can't wait to see them in the wild
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natgeo - National Geographic
After a snow storm, Afghan nomads bring their yak herd back. They rely on their animals for survival. "The Pamir mountains are one of the bleakest and least known corners of the world: remote, mysterious and, at one time, dubbed the third pole." a quote from a magnificent book, "Mountains of the Gods" by Ian Cameron (published 1984). This is an unpublished image from a 2013 story I shot for @natgeo about the Kyrgyz nomads of Afghanistan's remote Pamir mountains. More stories on @paleyphoto @natgeocreative #pamirmountains #Pamir #Afghanistan #nomads #snowylandscape #sky #survival #bicolorsky
afghanistan - bicolorsky - nomads - survival - sky - pamir - pamirmountains - snowylandscape -
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jiwonsong_ : Hey guys I'm an aspiring photographer based in Alaska. If you could spare the time to check me out that would be great.
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo by @chamiltonjames / Charlie Hamilton James - Yesterday Kenya burned the largest stock of Ivory in history. 105 tons worth anything from $150 to $170 million. Although controversial amongst Kenyans it is clearly a stand against the continued slaughter of Africa's elephants. The argument being that elephants are worth more alive and ivory only has value on elephants. If a trade in ivory continues so will the slaughter. #worthmorealive
worthmorealive -
eib567731 : It is reallysad that peoplehave to kill to make themselves feelbetter, killing these animals is barbaric , these are smart animals it's a shame, a real shame.
mari.kuni : Also in Dvůr Králové in Czekkia.
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