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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo @ladzinski / The #Mississippi River is among the great rivers of the world ranking as the 4th longest and tenth largest on the planet. It's a beautiful sight, bustling with cargo, fishing, tourism, and boats of many shape and size. Seen here on a quite evening on old brick shores at sunset in #Memphis Tennessee @natgeocreative @3stringsproductions #Earth365
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photograph by @JohnStanmeyer — After nearly a month on assignment for @NatGeo in Turkey, back on the farm to witness the colors of #fall combined with the most spectacular #sunset just now in the #Berkshires of #WesternMA #NewEngland - #3 on why I'm thankful and inspired to live in the Berkshire. #iphoneonly
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natgeo - National Geographic
Pompeii was an ancient Roman town-city near Naple, Italy. The city is known best for the extensive destruction that occurred in 70 AD as a result of eruption from the massive Vesuvius that looms over the countryside. At the time the population of the town-city was about 11,000 people, most of whom were ungulfed in the 4 - 6m of superheated ash and pumice that buried Pompeii. The bodies found at the site are permanently fixed in the position that they were in when they died, where the soot and ash formed a protective shell around the bodies, preserving what was left behind from air and moisture and leaving behind husks of the residents, whose bodies littered the streets of Pompeii. @natgeo @thephotosociety @instituteartists @robertclarkphoto
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natgeo - National Geographic
A seat to share above a bend in the Yellowstone River near Emigrant, Montana. On assignment for @natgeo @natgeoparks @natgeocreative in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. iPhone photo by David Guttenfelder @dguttenfelder
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo @coryrichards Imposing clouds above Indian Creek UT as @highsteph (Steph Davis) climbs the immaculate sandstone of Cyborg. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative @3stringsproductions @prana @clifbarcompany
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). One of my favorite photos from my assignment in #Svaneti: surrounded by 13th century defensive towers and Illuminated by birch torches, villagers in Mulakhi pour alcohol on the graves of relatives in a midwinter commemoration called #Lamproba. Predating the arrival of Christianity, it is now timed to Christmas and Easter. See more rituals from this mountainous region of the Georgian Republic (#Sakartvelo) Online (all these photos are better full frame!) or at @argonautphoto
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natgeo - National Geographic
Scouting locations high and low for next years big tree shoot—part of National Geographic magazine's special coverage celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. Video by @kengeiger, shot with the new @GoPro #Hero4 silver edition—awesome camera, now with a built in touch screen display. #GoProHero4
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natgeo - National Geographic
Sometimes you get up early, and everything comes together, like this sunrise in the Green Mountains of #Vermont at peak color. I wish it was always this way! Photo by George Steinmetz (for more go to @geosteinmetz) @thephotosociety @natgeocreative
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natgeo - National Geographic
@paulnicklen on assignment for @natgeo 60 miles off the West coast of Vancouver Island where warm water currents from across the Pacific collide with the cold, nutrient rich water of British Columbia. With @cristinamittermeier and @sea_legacy. A blue shark slices effortlessly through the crystal clear blue water of the Pacific. Who knows what was swimming in the 5000 foot deep water column below us. Stay tuned to find out as we continue to explore this little understood body of ocean. With @aprilbencze and @oren.lawson. #nature #love #wildlife #sharks #picoftheday @natgeocreative @thephotosociety
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natgeo - National Geographic
Photo // @jimmy_chin The Dawn Wall on El Capitan has thwarted numerous free climbing attempts over the years. @tommycaldwell and @kjoregson have spearheaded much of the effort, blood, sweat and tears on this giant nemesis of a route. One day it will go free.....Until then, Tommy and Kevin have their work cut out for them as there's often not much to hold on to. @kjorgeson standing on dime edges, holding on by a prayer and looking at a monster fall high above the Valley floor. #duediligence #yosemite #fingersofsteel Shot on assignment for @natgeo. @thephotosociety
duediligence - fingersofsteel - yosemite -
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