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myladalbesio - MYLA DALBESIO
Finally seeing it #intheflesh THANKS @ladythemagazine I SUPER LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️
intheflesh -
laurakitty : 😻😻😻
mothermodel : 👏👏👏👏
softcircle : 🎉👀🎉
susanwinget : Thank you!! XXXXX
belezamakeupsobrancelhas : 👌👌👌
danazoedrori : 💁👏💁👏💁👏💁👏
karleyslutever : OMG 😍
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myladalbesio - MYLA DALBESIO
Always tryin to get fresh 👅
urbeezy : 🙏🙏🐾💜😍
frankiearrocha : @inktd is that you?
inktd : Haha! Doppelganger :o
the_bms : Jealous
lesliet614 : Looks like a ridgeback!
lafawndah_ : @trend_reznor I think I found her #christmaspresent&more
jllemasters : Reminds me of a stooges song
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myladalbesio - MYLA DALBESIO
From @pentajigga who was out in the streets last night. 💔
j_frazier64 : @giannateresastoddard @wwoodington he has said nothing racist in any of his comments and is right in calling him a thug because that's what he was. He had just committed a robbery and then assaulted a police officer when he was asked to stop walking. Racism is such an overused and ignorant term to use.
lizziefrancisfood : @j_frazier64 this opinion of you make anything of yourself is a free market opinion and it serves the purpose of making people think "if I just worked harder" but racial and sexist biases exist. We can't ignore history. There has been a history of racism and it lives on in our structures meaning that a black woman in an experiment by changing her name to a "white sounding name" she received more job offers. You are responsible for every choice you make but there has to be acknowledgement that opportunities to "succeed" (a well paid job, living in a crime free town) are not equal
giannateresastoddard : @wwoodington dude the word thug has been tied to race since it came into the English language. It was adopted from Sanskrit and used by the English to describe Indian gangs in the 1830s. Its usage increased explosively in the 1990s when it was used by rappers to self-identify as being outside the law. It expressed the extreme marginalization that pushed them there. Again, ignorant. Again, racist. Just look deep within yourself dude. This could be the start of an awakening for you.
myladalbesio : @lizziefrancisfood @giannateresastoddard sorry, had to block them, this is too unpleasant for me. Thanks for trying gals, gotta take it elsewhere if you want to continue to debate with these dicks
lizziefrancisfood : @myladalbesio thanks bub needed the break
giannateresastoddard : @myladalbesio sorry bout that and thank you. Just saw red for a hot sec there
tatianamtzz : I don't care that he was black. He had just robbed a store! It's like people just forget!
absfabb : @tatianamtzz but does petty theft of cigars really justify life? Getting shot 6 times? Their is a much bigger issue at hand.
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myladalbesio - MYLA DALBESIO
@id_magazine interviewed me about life and body image and what "beauty" means. Read it on their website! 💋
deedeejm : I love you so much 😭😭
deedeejm : Be mine
deedeejm : Forever and ever 😭😭
biabrmat : You're so beautiful!I like you so much. Stunning model✨🌸💜
adamignanelli : 👍👍🔥🔥
littleteashi : @myladalbesio Great interview! Thank you for your answers! Made me happy! :-)
taylorstepien : Great interview Myla!
theashleygraham : 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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myladalbesio - MYLA DALBESIO
Mondaze with @shibonleigh @siosiogabordarrrrrling @gracegraceahn @jodyrogac
zelenalimon : That lip color though
shibonleigh : ✌️🍒✨
biabrmat : 😈✨
svenlohmeier : Nice ( . ) Y ( . ) 😍 😙 😍 😍 @myladalbesio
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myladalbesio - MYLA DALBESIO
Sisters who selfie together... @srdalbesio 💕
tastysweat : enchanting
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myladalbesio - MYLA DALBESIO
"National Geographic" by @ericyahnker at @theholenyc 👏👏👏
dave_ddr : @reluctantrenegade
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myladalbesio - MYLA DALBESIO
Best budz 💕 #jojothedestroyer @natedoggfromiowa @dioslobo
jojothedestroyer -
hlodecello : Sweet JoJo ❤️
meredithspectacle : I want to smooch that pooch!
ronikangun : 😍🐶
malcomwest : nice paws
meiacoffeestain : those toes though lol adorable
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myladalbesio - MYLA DALBESIO
Friday vibez 🍸✨☁️ Photo by @arnold_daniel for @ladythemagazine
staceymark : Fancy ;)
kristiinawilson : 💎💎💎
crysoojung : Gorg
orchestratic : 💓
jezzlebear : @arnold_daniel you dirty dog you!
miroarva : 👍 👍 👍
schultaj : Hotttttt
belezamakeupsobrancelhas : 👌
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myladalbesio - MYLA DALBESIO
Regram from @naomishimada / @id_magazine. Let's hear it, I'm listening
kyramaureen : You're an inspiration lady 👋
giannateresastoddard : @myladalbesio love love love the work you're doing with the female body. I think the responses you get from women to questions like this could be an amazing performance art piece/series of monologues too.
tarahale888 : I agree, your an inspiration and woman need to love their body no matter what size and society and media should do the same!
annaconda211 : @myladalbesio the fashion industry has affected my body a lot less ever since I saw your Calvin Klein ad. Thank you for increasing visibility for us "in betweeners"
roenp : Yes you are right! Its our body after all ...a lot of time i feel beautiful in my skin! Its a everyday work on the road to hapiness! God Bless you, I find you gorgeous! Xxo from Montreal !
death2milk : @myladalbesio it makes me drink Michelob Ultra instead of enjoying a real beer... ugh
morganalexis_1 : @myladalbesio the fashion industry has affected my body by feeling the need to be the thinnest, most prettiest girl. I suffered from anorexia and it's still a roller coaster for me. As a fashion marketing and communications major, I see the positive changes in the industry as well. Thank you for being one of them. You are beautiful, Myla. Inside and out. ❤️
hkpittman : People like you in the industry have helped me deal with my eating disorder and really learn to love and accept myself. The fashion industry propagates such a problematic norm. It doesn't display enough body shapes, colors, genders, etc. Its expects a physically unattainable and unhealthy weight from the majority of people-
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