Joel Moore

I am a Sydney based artist, illustrator and poet. I paint murals, design t-shirts and run the Mulga clothing label. I have a weird thing for beards.
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mulgatheartist - Joel Moore
Nathan the Neon Lion fully complete with signage and all for @neonrecords ! Nathans previous job was as a bridgekeeper under a bridge filling in for a troll who had to take some personal leave to deal with some family issues. Now his full time gig is patrolling the door at Neon Records. Everything is going great.
pinata_press : That is mad!
dontworrylv : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
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mulgatheartist - Joel Moore
Just finishing painting Nathan the Neon lion. He is the door lion for @neonrecords If you want to enter you must answer his riddles three or he devours thee. I would love to hear your suggestions for the riddles. Photo by @rorycarmody
jaquelineburgess : grrrrrrrrrr! awesome.
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mulgatheartist - Joel Moore
It's Carl the Killer Whale! I painted him today in @neonrecords new office. He is Antarctica's number one DJ and he regularly spins his tunes to tens of thousands of penguins when they have their crazy penguin raves. He was the official DJ for the Happy Feet movies. 🐬🎧🐬🎧
rradmusic : You're stuff is ace man!
sewnonbackwards : I LOVE THIS!!
mulgatheartist : @twphotog I did, you can see it on my portfolio page on my site : )
twphotog : @mulgatheartist sweet as I'll be sure to check it out!
perarash : @odyxz
eddiebotha : Cool man! Both a left & right brainer. Definitely more of a right brainer! Love it!
maria3oc : I love this and the story πŸ’•
julianmaverick : Killing it man
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mulgatheartist - Joel Moore
The third and final pic I will post of the three banana bro's I painted at @macquariecentre at Ryde. This guy is Phillip and he is the oldest gorilla brother, he owns and operates the Yellow Trucking Co, the industry leader in banana transport and distribution in the whole of Gorilla Town. He prides himself in delivering all the bananas in a timely and efficient manner to all the banana shops in Gorilla Town.
instagradrian : He's cool...I like Phillip!
libbywatkinsart : πŸ‘Œ @mulgatheartist 😍
theraisindidit : You seen this @made590 @mrmade590 ?
mrmade590 : Havent been there in a while @theraisindidit
madisontyrell : So good, love it
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mulgatheartist - Joel Moore
We're the banana bro's one, two, three Eating those yellow treats for lunch & tea I painted thes rad apes at Macquarie shopping centre, North Ryde. They accompany rad art by @apeseven @sprinkles_ @alexlehours and #jodeeknowles
jodeeknowles -
speciallkae : @ericaleighlyon
rebeccalourey : So sad I didn't see you!
miaoatley : Lookin so good
apeseven : Yeeew!
mulgatheartist : Cheers dudes😊@apeseven @miaoatley
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mulgatheartist - Joel Moore
I painted three banana bro's in Macquarie shopping centre in North Ryde yesterday. They love to eat bananas because they are delicious and nutritious.
sprinkles_ : Protein, calcium absorption and serotonin
cuppalife : Nice one mate is that in the new food section ? @mulgatheartist
rebeccalourey : YES
larrypostcomau : macquarie needed some mulga πŸ‘
mulgatheartist : @cuppalife cheers, around there, maybe level below, level 2
thebronster : Cool banana's! 🍌🍌🍌
shindlers_fist : @angelalee97 next time we get tgi, we've gotta check it out
angelalee97 : Yuus @shindlers_fist
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mulgatheartist - Joel Moore
This is a close up view of Prongor the Peacock. Peacocks are cool and they like paying volleyball.
curtis_pronger_ : That's my name
curtis_pronger_ : @mulgatheartist
poppathompson : Wow
sydneychicblog : I want him!
mulgatheartist : @sydneychicblog cheers! You can get prints on my site, link in my profile.
sydneychicblog : I will check it out. We would love to profile you on the blog
mulgatheartist : @sydneychicblog sounds good, shoot me an email to when u would like to do the profile.
sydneychicblog : Will do
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mulgatheartist - Joel Moore
I would like to introduce to you Pronger the Peacock. He is truly a magical and special guy. He is available as a print on my site, link in my profile. This is his story. An Ode to Pronger the Peacock Pronger the Peacock was much too magic for Earth So he set off into space in search of new turf His beautiful tail was so powerful and magic It had the horsepower and thrust of a NASA spaceship His first stop was the 3rd moon of Jupiter Home of the unicorns and their favourite food cucumber From there he journeyed to the Andromeda Galaxy And ate some Milky Way chocolate bars in virtual reality When he reached Planet Peacock it was the end of his journey Because all the magic peacocks live here in perfect harmony All day they sing songs and play the game of volleyball And they have a great time except when their muscles get sore­­ The End
liambede : Neklevel
alyceodams : @lizz_y ..... Omg I love this!!
melmollyrios : Love this!!! Amazing piece!!
jaquelineburgess : Totally amaze balls!!! I love this handsome bird.
pomgraphicdesign : Amazing!
saulgrobles : No way!
lizz_y : @alyceodams πŸ‘
iredale_isle : Hey @pinguinitanz I love this peacock, Annie Preece painted one recently too.
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mulgatheartist - Joel Moore
Close up shot of Rainbow Ronnie gracing the wall of @cafelounge An Ode to Rainbow Ronnie He is a big rasta gorilla chilling in the sun Making rasta rainbows just for his fun In between his hands is where the rainbow goes Sometimes its even glowing from out between his gorilla toes He lives at a place called Rainbow Ape Bay Where he sits on the sand making rainbows all day You should visit it cause its a real nice place And rainbows will always be shining on your face The End
lucas.sach : Awesome πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
suzav17 : Increíble
christmasjimmy : Very cool.
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mulgatheartist - Joel Moore
Hey dudes, I will be in Cronulla Mall near the post office with my market stall today. Come buy if you're near. This is a photo of when I was painting Rainbow Ronnie's rainbow at @cafelounge Photo by @kieranmoorephotography
nghiasyd : Looks great
urchindesigns : 😍
socheata_wolfpac : Yew!
berits_lilla : πŸ’œ love it! Sweet #design
thebronster : I'll be there!😎
pinata_press : That is out of control awesome 😎
ethmiller : I will finally be going to ur market today yaya πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
hilmyho : @floatdreamx
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