Recovering Chicago teacher, now homeschooler. Book hoarder. Real food. 5 years gluten-free by necessity. Homeopathy. Autism mom. Anything is possible.
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momnivoresdilemma - Nicolette
Come as you are. As you were. Sometimes I forget who I was before being a mama. Before being a teacher. I have always been a reader, writer, and creative. I focus so much on the well being of my children and of my small business, that I often forget just 'me'. The me who is up before dawn, the me who has fought for years in the autism trenches....the me who still needs time to be and make and do...and that time has come. It's time to relax, restore, and renew. #homeschool #unschool #autism #iteachtoo #teachersofinstagram #wildandfreechildren (2/26/15)
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knowtheflowers : 💜💜💜
_havenwood : I'm so glad we're connecting here! I admire you ❤.
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momnivoresdilemma - Nicolette
I was working on the pink series with my 5 year old (who is a prolific reader) and after him yawning through CVC words. He busts out this gem, ironically in front of my cliche coffee mug. This kid! #teachersofinstagram #homeschool #followthechild #wildandfreechildren #montessori #kindergarten (2/25/15)
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free_childrens_books : Pretty!
knowtheflowers : Hah!
ajriley78 : Ha! This is great, love it!
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momnivoresdilemma - Nicolette
Homeschool today means progress. My oldest son learned the art of laundry. My youngest learned to make hummus from scratch. I learned that lesson plans sometime get in the way of following the child. #homeschool #unschool #wildandfreechildren #homeeducator #iteachtoo #teachersofinstagram #schoolfree (2/23/15)
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knowtheflowers : 💜💜💜
_havenwood : ❤
coachandteach247 : Love this!
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momnivoresdilemma - Nicolette
In the midst of the toughest season to homeschool...a little sign of green hope. #unschool #homeschool #wildandfreechildren
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ambercoraldavies : So true! My 3 boys are so stir crazy! Can't wait for nicer weather.
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momnivoresdilemma - Nicolette
More success from the homeschool today. I adapted this #montessori 100 board for my son with #autism...he rocked it. Despite IEP goals of 1:1 correspondence back in our public school days...he still hasn't mastered it. He seemed very interested in the 100 board. I hope the genius of these materials turns the light on with his mathematical understanding...#montessori #homeschool #schoolfree #wildandfreechildren #followthechild #teachersofinstagram #adaptedlearning #iteachtoo #iteachsped
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_havenwood : I'm curious about this!
momnivoresdilemma : @_havenwood ask's lovely- wooden and a must have!
rdevenuta : Looking good!
yananikora : Cool!
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momnivoresdilemma - Nicolette
Hooray! We hit a MAJOR milestone today!!! My youngest has fine motor delays...and today complete with a dye-free organic lollipop and the frozen soundtrack in the background...he wrote his numbers 1-100!!!! He's come along SO far this year. My heart sings! (2/19/15) #iteachtoo #homeschool #hellya #unschool #sensoryfirst #teachersofinstagram #iteachsped #kindergarten
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nalie879 : Yay!!! Gooooo Action Jackson!!❤️ @momnivoresdilemma
ajriley78 : Way to go Jackson!!!!
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momnivoresdilemma - Nicolette
Some days you need to set aside 'lessons' and conquer a puzzle instead. My youngest can do a 100 piece puzzle solo, and my oldest has yet to complete even a four piece puzzle. Need God's grace today. I lost my patience and temper. I wish I could fully unschool, but basic skills are necessary in #autism and special needs. I may move to more of an unschooled approach with my youngest though. Winter needs to end. That is all. #iteachtoo #iteachsped #homeschool #wildandfreechildren #stilldeschooling #needavacation #teachersofinstagram
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lovemyprovider : sweet!
cleaneater4life : Hi! Living with Autism is not easy! I am part of an amazing community called Liv360 that is all about sharing solutions and inspirations to live better! It's a great way to be inspired and inspire others. Check out the link in my profile.
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momnivoresdilemma - Nicolette
I struggle with who I am in this homeschooling process. I believe in unschool as a philosophy- but my oldest has pretty severe autism and needs basic skills. I dream one day of getting to the point where he can unleash himself on his interests. Other than food and sensory needs, I have yet to see an area of intrigue. In due time.,, #homeschool #unschool #wildandfreechildren #iteachsped #teachersofinstagram #iteachtoo #autism
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_lively.up.yourself_ : My son does not have autism, but we are also backtracking to skills that should have been mastered in kindergarten (he's technically in second grade). Spelling, math, handwriting, you name it.
momnivoresdilemma : @_lively.up.yourself_ what are you using to check those basic skills?
_lively.up.yourself_ : @momnivoresdilemma Do you mean in terms of curriculum or...?
momnivoresdilemma : I'm anti-curriculum for the most part. I was just wondering what you use to guide you...checklists and stuff. Bc of teaching I know where most kids 'should be' according to the 'system' but I am always curious about how other homeschool when the system of PS fails
momnivoresdilemma : I write my own 'curriculum' @_lively.up.yourself_
_lively.up.yourself_ : As far as 'curriculum', I have some workbooks for second grade that I use as a guide. I have a giggle when people ask 'which curriculum are you using?' :) As if you just order "second grade curriculum" in the mail and your child moves through it at a decent pace LOL. I just withdrew him halfway through second grade, so I'm mainly focusing on areas the *I believe* he should be doing better in. His handwriting, for example, is hardly legible. He can't sound out words properly or form complete sentences. These things bothered me most because they were expecting him to five page papers with five sentences per page. So we're basically working on how to sound out words for correct spelling and making a really great complete sentence with all the necessary components! I figure when he at least understands all of that he will be confident in creating a whole paragraph even. He's also still struggling with single digit addition and subtraction up to 10, but his class was moving on to double digits already. So we're practicing that daily until he gets it and is confident in moving on. I don't really fault the teachers, I know they're not fond of the common core either, but I also know that from 4-9pm to do dinner, soccer, homework, shower, and reading there wasn't a whole lot of extra time for me to work with him. I'd love to hear your input as well! I have yet to find any homeschool groups in our area, and as a former teacher you have a much better idea as to what I should expect from a seven year old LOL!
momnivoresdilemma : @_lively.up.yourself_ I think you made an awesome decision for your son. Most of my knowledge of where kids should be came not from graduate school in teaching, but really from being on the job. And having some mentor teachers when I first started out. That being said, I think common core is an absolute mess. I feel horrible for the teachers who are under so much stress to implement it. It's doesn't respect true child development for kids in the primary grades. Common core feeds into more testing, which is also a joke.
momnivoresdilemma : I am with u on finding more groups...I have one dear friend few blocks away who also homeschools. Being in our area of Chicago, it seems we homeschoolers are few and far!
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momnivoresdilemma - Nicolette
Our fine motor struggles continue for my oldest. He can't rip paper yet. I remember doing a lot of ripped paper mosaics when I taught art- I took for granted he could do this. This is what #homeschool is for me: picking up the pieces from the years I outsourced his needs to schools and therapists. Now, the lone wolf faces the beast of autism head first. #autism #iteachsped #iteachtoo #finemotor #godsgrace #teachersofinstagram
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_havenwood : ❤
loren_hall : Hello there! Can you please check out and repost the picture with the J on my profile. It is very heartwarming and can help change millions of lives, only if we spread the word. #lupus #als #autism #breastcancer #disabilities #disorders #journeychallenge
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momnivoresdilemma - Nicolette
Just watched this film, and I can't think anything that had moved me more...especially having two sons of my own. Just wow. #teachersofinstagram #homeschool #unschool #boyhood #hellya 2/11/15
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thecraftyteacherau : I casually teach at an all boys school, I'll have to give this a watch. Thanks for sharing. ☺️
_havenwood : Looks like I need to see this one, too #allboysclub
momnivoresdilemma : @_havenwood you will adore it!
lanajoy : I felt the same as a mom of 2 boys
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