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Former teacher. New homeschooler. Real food. Homeopathy. Autism mom. The Truth is in the margins.
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momnivoresdilemma - momnivoresdilemma
Hands-on math today with a three-part system! Working on the floor in socks makes this #homeschool day a breeze! #homeschool #math #kindergarten #teachersofinstagram #handsonlearning
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momnivoresdilemma - momnivoresdilemma
We spent the morning reading and rereading this book. It gives the feel of Halloween without being spooky. I love all of Mercer Mayer's illustrations b/c they lend to so much discussion. #realbooksnotbasals #homeschool #teachersofinstagram #readaloud #halloween #halloweenforkids #unschool #picturebooks
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momnivoresdilemma : 10/30/14
coachandteach247 : Like it!
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momnivoresdilemma - momnivoresdilemma
Great article on huff po further proves that sitting and learning are not synonymous. #movetolearn #homeschooling #homeeducator #homeschool
homeeducator - teachersofinstagram - homeschooling - homeschool - movetolearn - unschool -
momnivoresdilemma : #teachersofinstagram #unschool
fitteachers : Superb!
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momnivoresdilemma - momnivoresdilemma
Life experience trumps textbooks any day. #homeschool #homeeducator #unschool
homeeducator - homeschool - unschool -
oliveustv : Love it!
learningjournal : Very true :)
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momnivoresdilemma - momnivoresdilemma
We are in week 3 of homeschool. One of the reasons we chose this path is because of his profound love of reading. At any given free moment, he is reading. Good thing we have a few thousand picture books from my classroom days.., #homeschool #unschool
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momnivoresdilemma - momnivoresdilemma
Just added this book to our Halloween library! Love Eve Bunting! #homeschool #readaloud #halloween #teachersofinstagram #homeschoolersofinstagram
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momnivoresdilemma - momnivoresdilemma
My sons' first pumpkin. A garden teaches all you need to know about life. #teachersofinstagram #homeschool #unschool #urbangarden #harvest #autumn
autumn - unschool - harvest - homeschool - urbangarden - teachersofinstagram -
fitteachers : Cool!
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momnivoresdilemma - momnivoresdilemma
I remember kindergarten being play-based. Fun. My son is serving me from his play kitchen right now. I remember visiting our public school and was told no play or nap time for kindergarten. 7 hours. Just sad. They are 5! #homeschool #homeeducator #unlearn #unschool
homeeducator - homeschool - unlearn - unschool -
almommy2 : 👆 exactly!!!
sarah.lashbrook : I'm a first year homeschooler with a kindergartner, too...also a former teacher...and this is one of the big reasons we're homeschooling.
momnivoresdilemma : @sarah.lashbrook: true that! Nice to meet you on here! Stay in touch...
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momnivoresdilemma - momnivoresdilemma
After two weeks of homeschooling, I realize how little prepared I am - even with a teaching degree and nearly 15 years of classroom and private tutoring experience. With two sons with special needs of varying degree and intensities- I can't say that the #unschool movement is totally appropriate for us, but for children with passions it is. #teachersofinstagram #homeeducator #homeschool #unlearn
homeeducator - benhewitt - teachersofinstagram - homeschool - unlearn - unschool -
momnivoresdilemma : #benhewitt
pakfamilia4 : I don't like to put a label on what type of schooling we do. My boys do have curriculum but we also do a lot of "unschooling" it's whatever is appropriate for the moment. It minimizes their / my stress. It's supposed to be fun and educational for all.
momnivoresdilemma : Agreed @pakfamilia4. Labels are why I jumped the school ship in the first place. I have one son flex schooled and one at home. The goal in the end is to love learning and the world around us.
suchamazingthings : I just bought this last night. I can't wait to get it in my hands!
momnivoresdilemma : @suchamazingthings - ben's blog is loaded with insight. I spent a lot of time in the archives last night. I ordered the paperback, as I am sure I want to pass it on! Lmk when you finish!
suchamazingthings : I better wait until tomorrow to look at his blood or I shall never get to bed! Lol. I read the article he wrote about unschooling and it was amazing. I expect the book will be just as wonderful!
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momnivoresdilemma - momnivoresdilemma
Week two of homeschool continues. This morning my son was very hyper and really need to move, so after about an hour of not so successful lessons, we headed out for a mile long walk. But this just made me realize that learning is not a series of worksheets or sitting behind a desk. Learning happens when children are on the move and when they can engage with their environment. This may just look like an ordinary sewer, but in fact it's a geometry lesson. He noticed a circle. This is the type of thing that I no in a traditional classroom could not accommodate. #homeschool #eclectichomeschool #teachersofinstagram #naturewalk #urbanhomeschool
naturewalk - urbanhomeschool - eclectichomeschool - homeschool - teachersofinstagram -
momnivoresdilemma : Know not no! I hate voice recognition!!!
fitteachers : Superb!
dawnyren : I realized this too! Had the same situation happen with my 4 y/o and when we went on a walk, he pointed and named numbers on mailboxes to me. I wanted to weep for joy!
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