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Raising two girls in NYC (one of them is @insta2yearold, the other is @pinkinnyc) new account: @averageparentproblems
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Harlow one year ago, when she first started wearing pigtails, or as she calls them "pinktails" #tbt
tbt -
jennymvd : @rmcsc
rmcsc : @jennymvd Qué bella.
_icarolien_ : Sweet
pinkroselizz : My daughter says pinktails too!
lindsaytadros : Heck, I call them pink tails and I'm 31! :)
amodero : @kelsey_lemon
njsmom : My kiddo calls them cow horns.
coleybear09 : #piggies at our house! 🐷
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mommyshorts - Ilana Wiles
When your five-year-old gets her hands on your make-up @averageparentproblems in honor of #nationallipstickday (which was apparently yesterday, I can't keep up)
nationallipstickday -
xlovekat : Lmao @richelle_haralson she already messed up one of my urban decay make up palates πŸ˜‚ : I love my daughter but my mascara is too expensive. I'll get her own makeup kit lol
jennymvd : . @rmcsc
rmcsc : @ @jennymvd jajajajajajajaa
hilarysdoings : @c_pajette you mean tomorrow! πŸ˜‚
justbecause333 : @blocpartychickee amelia and ava
nickybobby1432 : Her lipstick doesn't look too bad!! Nice job!
girlvszombie : Urban Decay for the win! Good look, Mazzy!
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mommyshorts - Ilana Wiles
Today is the first post in my #WednesdayEveningSeries, which documents a typical evening in the lives of 12 different families across the country with lifestyle photographer @raquellangworthy. We hope to show there is beauty to be found even in the chaos of making dinner, brushing teeth and putting resistant little ones to bed. The first Wednesday Evening begins at 5:30pm in San Francisco when Marcy gets home from work. Marcy talks openly about trying to get her husband more actively involved in the bedtime routine so she doesn't feel like the brunt of it always falls on her. Link in profile. Thank you @allstate for making this series possible!
wednesdayeveningseries -
kspeth : So I was reading this.. and I get so much crap from my mom because I am a working mom. I get home at 5 almost every day. So I don't get to see my baby boy but just a few hours at night. Sometimes I have so much guilt over this part of my life with my son. I know I am not the only working mom but sometimes you just forget. I spend every moment I am not at home with my son and husband. This help me lift a lot of guilt off my shoulders. Loving this series!
theresacassar : 3 year old still not asleep. it is 11:38pm here.
jpkoziol : @eten10
dswirls_ : The fact that they're both trying to poop or the fact that the mom fights with the dad to take some responsibility? I mean it'll be both so my question is rhetorical. @nolieb
averageparentproblems : @dswirls_ Ha! Pretty sure mom's just sitting on the lid and not actually going to the bathroom!
melny : @cmac222
julianacalloway : @justjennav these are great not sure if you've seen them
rainarowe : @daniellemarie977 I love this post! #workingmommies
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True love
mommyshorts : @nmponch Ha! Best comment. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
madthatway : @txyzzyspoon
lovecomingdown : why does she look so grown up?
littlemissparty : πŸ’“
officialelizabethmxo : Daddy's and their daughters! Beautiful pic! 😍
annisadestiyana : There's something about fathers and their daughters that just comes naturally..
joud___7 : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
adri_tovarvet : @luistropiano
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Mazzy drew Disgust (her favorite Inside Out character) from memory. She asked me to look it up on the computer afterward to make sure she got the outfit right. She totally did! There is no way I would remember that much detail. I was impressed! #5yearoldart
5yearoldart -
kcsax : Your kid rocks
kaitsmith03 : @mindykaling
msccrawford : @mindykaling
leneventer : @mindykaling
abigailrea : @mindykaling
elizzyhr : This looks so good I just looked at my own outfit and barfed
shiroi_hana : Very good πŸ™Œ
headlesslegomom : I still draw shoes like that!
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Appropriate climbing attire, as always
caroline_s_ross : This is the most gorgeous shot.
lovecomingdown : when did mazzy turn 16?!
angiewinell : Wow. Girl looks grown!
emmenewyork : Pretty girl
seihername : So pretty!
taraex1 : @mommyshorts - looks like Montauk - we used to climb trees like that every year for Christmas car pictures. With 4 kids - none was card worthy!
skippee : Gorgeous! πŸ’—
romina4227 : :-) :-) :-)
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The dock might be my favorite part of our house.
mamaintheburbs : Do you guys go fishing off the dock?
tmitchie : So cute
sanara_sc : I love Harlow's sailboat dress.
skippee : Such an idyllic spot! Love how bright and beautiful they look!
chelsssaayyy : That sailboat dress 😍😍😍
lilshopper970 : Where are her sunglasses???
kayt_kat : Love the sailboat dress!
joud___7 : Harlow 😍❀❀
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mommyshorts - Ilana Wiles
Mike and I had plans to go out to dinner with another couple but their babysitter canceled. Instead of rescheduling, we decided to test out a new service called @Kitchensurfing where they send a personal chef with all the food and supplies to cook a restaurant quality meal at your apartment. It was as awesome as you might imagine having a personal chef would be and it was way less than we would have spent to go out to dinner. $25 per person for same-day weeknight service in NYC! And no babysitter needed! My full review plus a promo code and a giveaway for dinner for four on the blog today. Link in profile.
sarahdoc6 : Thanks @ktocz !!
nikkiricechem : Agree! @alcalc 😘
cirque_du_sarah : How fun is this! @jensrtrulyoutrageous2
jensrtrulyoutrageous2 : Really neat! @cirque_du_sarah
christiewalsh : @walsherin !
mamamench : @sparrowdown you know it!!! #realmomsofupton
kristrange : The best is you don't have to think about what shoes to wear.
claudia_williams_ : @coshnyc
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While looking for the ice cream truck, we found a popsicle stand on 7th St. The East Village always surprises me. #peoplespops
peoplespops -
socialcommon : The best
rachelmoulton : Their cookbook is excellent as well.
lovegabryelle : Best Popsicles and shaved ice! They're on the as well πŸ˜‹
kaliafarrell : I miss the carts on the corners that sold shaved ice.
popsicleblog : I love popsiclesπŸ˜‚
realmommychron : We've been to that one! So fun to watch them shave the ice. πŸ‘
jonathan_zelig : You should be at @vanleeuwenicecream if you're in that hood!
nnoll627 : They have the best flavors!
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mommyshorts - Ilana Wiles
"This is how we do some golf."⛳️
marcellinajane : @brewslayer me playing golf....
maurawrrr : @heymapatel is this you on the course?
gabymathews : She's better than u @sanjanaamenon
sanjanaamenon : @gabymathews the grass is better than you πŸ˜’
gabymathews : You wouldn't be alive if there was no grass @sanjanaamenon
librariansarah : Lmao! Sooo we have to go golfing @nullpacket πŸ˜„
nohellinmichele7 : At least she's on the green! When I first took my oldest when he was small, he would only hit it on the sidewalk, lol
kay_kay912 : @xitshaleyx me trying to explain things to people
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