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Raising two girls in NYC
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mommyshorts - Ilana Wiles
Rainy school commute today. I must say, it's much easier handing her an umbrella than wrapping a stroller in plastic and pushing it while holding my own umbrella. Plus one for kids growing up!
prilevinson : Mazzy should be a model. Seriously, your kid is gorgeous!
pattyyaple : This picture is THE. BEST.
duedatebaby : So cute!
tiffanyhphoto : It's How I Met Your Mother!
junkadoodle : She needs!:)
awnieleh : The plastic stroller cover is the bane of my existence! Looking forward to the umbrella days
madwanders : When we lived in LA and I had the rare need to wrap the stroller in the rain cover, people would stop me and ask - with visible concern - if my daughter could breathe in there. #notevenjoking
shahadpic : Nice , I really miss rainy days :(
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mommyshorts - Ilana Wiles
Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband and awesome Dad!
nevereatthefrenchtoast -
midwestfamilylife : Love family birthdays!
mommyshorts : @karli_kar mike wasn't thrilled that I posted in real time so I took it down. She's fine. Three staples in the back of her head that she'll get removed in a week!
azrosengarden : May your birthday dreams come true
1hot_momma04 : Glad she's ok!! Happy birthday mike!!
pilarv1022 : We share the same birthday!
maryamoazzam : Happy bday mike!!* three ppl blowing the candles n only harlow's side is put n she has the cutest pout ever!!!!! : مبروك
smazroue88 : يا ناس عيزت ونا اقول خاطري ف كيك صنع منزلي😢 أبي اشم ريحته😂😂😂😂@loomeya88 @joory929 @enhasherry
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mommyshorts - Ilana Wiles
Giving away a pair of @freshlypicked baby moccs as part of the #evilbabyglareoff today! See my blog for details. #paciflashback.
paciflashback - evilbabyglareoff -
jessi1275 : My daughter has worn #freshlypicked moccs since she was a baby. She is 4 years old & still wears them.. Just not in the rain. Love them!!! ☺️
glitterandsweatpants : Thanks!!
micharlivy : I might have cried a little when Charlotte got beat out today. Maybe. Just a little.
pennytgaeta : @tmcfarland13 - She reminds me of Leila. :)
kells102 : Great, thanks!!!
skippee : Aww, she looks so much younger with a paci! So cute!
raindropsandwhiskers : She found another paci???!! 😨
karethebear7 : Its a paci flashback! It says it in the hashtag :)
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mommyshorts - Ilana Wiles
Here's how @littlemissparty throws a Halloween-themed play date. Mazzy had the best time! 10 tips and tricks to do it yourself on the blog today.
youplus2 : Looks fun! Love the black mini pumpkins!
gunsandsons : How's her head? @mommyshorts
jamiebpo : LOVE her dress/top!!!
mommyshorts : @gunsandsons she is good. She came home with three staples and a doctor bear. She's tough.
tamarataggart : Sweet!
gunsandsons : Glad she's doing well and looks like she is enjoying her play date. @mommyshorts
christennoelle : Completely LOVE this! 🎃👻 I just DMed her, she needs my paper dolls in her party stash! 😊
skippee : What a fabulous party!!
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mommyshorts - Ilana Wiles
As part of the #evilbabyglareoff, I am giving away an $100 gift card for @littlehipsqueaks! Giveaway is open to everyone, even if you don't have an evil baby in the contest. Come check it out on the blog today (link in profile). It's worth it, I promise.
evilbabyglareoff -
mommyshorts : @curlyqmarcy @eloisarodrigues2 Jumping on the bed gone wrong. She is ok!
dhruv_420 : @gaurikadhawan
miri8cake : So glad she is okay! I'm sure it was an much worse experience for mama than Mazzy.
curlyqmarcy : Oh worst nightmare...haha...I hope YOURE ok!
chikafiufiu : @bruji29
piccolininyc : Double Fisting 👌
mmmmmmbast : @worldinapictureframe
jaepink4 : @rkratcliff
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mommyshorts - Ilana Wiles
Best view from a baby shower. Congrats, Melisa! @projectnursery #projectbabygirl
projectbabygirl -
kristrange : Yes! Great seeing you too.
marinobambinos : Nice seeing you again Ilana! 🌸
lovejaccards : @kdelark check out @projectnursery feed!! Let's get this party started!!
my_little_ladies : 👍💜
projectnursery : Thanks so much for coming! Xoxo
tatesmama : I never see anybody named Melisa that spells it the same way as me :)
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mommyshorts - Ilana Wiles
Oh, Harlow.
mommyshorts : @dhruv_420 please don't eat her!
dhruv_420 : @mommyshorts lol why would i? :p but she is just wow 😍 @
xwarriormommyx : Oh!!! Thank u @mommyshorts for responding!!! Omg there is so much I wanna know!! Can u Dm ur email? I'm a 30yr old mom of 2 (one of which has high functioning autism ) and would love to blog about mommying n such...I'd rather email you my questions I swear it won't b many...I know your busy I won't take up ur time 😊
kellyolson : @xwarriormommyx if you go to her blog, you can email her through there :)
mommyshorts : @xwarriormommyx it's
mah.manzar : Cute baby
giuscire : @lucas_hanna
dhruv_420 : @rishita005
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mommyshorts - Ilana Wiles
Oh, #mazzyandharlow, you guys crack me up.
mazzyandharlow -
jaciepenney : Is Mazzy short for something ? @mommyshorts
oregano11 : She's singing?!
mommyshorts : @jaciepenney nope- just Mazzy!
mommyshorts : @oregano11 no, these are the hand gestures she makes when she is trying to communicate something. 😂😂😂
one.of.each : Do strangers ever stop you on the street and go "That's Mazzy and Harlow from IG!"? I would totally do that.
blogbabyblog : @mommyshorts gosh!! They're beautiful!! 💕
lemoona2 : @noosalizaa الصغيرة 😍😍❤️
mommyshorts : @one.of.each yep- it's happened a few times!
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mommyshorts - Ilana Wiles
Kid Mountain at CMA. Can you spot Mazzy?
missymariephotography : How fun!!!!
mooder11 : @mommyshorts is that @babysideburns daughter Zoey in the right corner??? Lol it looks like her
mommyshorts : @mooder11 nope. I wish! Mazzy Zoel play date would be epic! Surely.
courtneyabyrne : My kids love that pit at CMA
mooder11 : @mommyshorts the mommy play date would be just as epic!!!! Lol
beka0430 : Love that place!
wooftweetwaah : Such an awesome museum - my daughter loved it
luanamartinez74 : In the corner far left...?
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mommyshorts - Ilana Wiles
Love this drawing on the window of a Mary Poppins themed birthday party.
mommyshorts : @martiriocookie no- just another kid that starts with an M.
zoologykids : Really cool, visionary idea!
alyssahertzig : So cute
big_als_pad : No waaaay! I grew up in those buildings!
haniehfarahani26 : ❤️
splitspirit : @uvik_kontra
uvik_kontra : Aaaa... @splitspirit
peekaboopottysticker : what a great idea!
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