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Raising two girls in NYC (one of them is @insta2yearold, the other is @pinkinnyc) new account: @averageparentproblems
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I couldn't get them both to look at me so this will have to do. #mazzyandharlow #pinkestkayakersever
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ayushimarhia : @shivangimehta3 our kids πŸ˜‰πŸ˜
georginapeach81 : Harlow looks like she's carting a purse on her shoulder. I had to do a double take to realize it was her life jacket haha
specialsnowflake87 : They look a bit skeptical about this sitch!
skippee : Looks like they're about to head off of an awesome adventure! So cute!
lilbitsavvy : Where did you find the pink rash guard shirts for them?
mommyshorts : @lilbitsavvy They are from J.Crew.
lilbitsavvy : Thanks! πŸ˜„
kddpip : @kristanbattistoni ;)
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FYI, these two just listened to the entire 31 minutes of "The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep" and they are no closer to being asleep than before it started. Magical spell, my ass. Do I have the only kids on the planet this hasn't worked on??? #mazzyandharlow
mazzyandharlow -
kellytamayo : @cvoorhest
misder0826 : @sistrgoldnhair. ..did you buy this book yet? ?
sistrgoldnhair : @misder0826 no not yet! I'm broke lol. Tiffany did though, I'll tell her to keep us both posted! The library didn't have it either πŸ˜•
cvoorhest : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ fail right over here.
trosas13 : Mine yelled at me midway, that she wasn't tired. She's 3 and realized what this book was trying to make her do. We went back to living room and played and 30 minutes later, she asked for the book and was asleep by page 3.
crissytina20 : Dr. Suess' Sleep Book with CD puts my class of 16 two years out everyday for who knows how many years. @mommyshorts
laura_1090 : @alliandjames23 as with everything, it's a shot in the dark!
tomsgrossmami : we have the book in german and it didn't work either. :))))
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This week's "Wednesday Evening" features Elizabeth and her husband Tom who are both English professors and big city transplants adjusting to small town life with two boys in Montgomery, Alabama. Elizabeth talks about how their teaching schedules allow more time with the kids, their nightly 'milk and cookies' ritual and what a struggle it's been keeping her youngest son in bed. Full post on the blog! Link in bio. #wednesdayevenings @allstate photo: @raquellangworthy
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nananamonro : @josefigueragil nuestra puerta
dacardamone7 : Am I just blind, where do you see a TARDIS @turborev86 ?!?!
turborev86 : @dacardamone7 the third photo on the left behind the mom. It's a big blue Police Box.
dacardamone7 : It's a "love " sign with blue footprints making the "V". But I love that you saw a TARDIS @turborev86 !!!!
turborev86 : Huh??? Where are you seeing that? It actually says "police box"
ragiah : @amina.elhadidy93 fokek mn el kalam, bas why is the picture SOOO PRETTY??
mrshubtyzer : @turborev86 the TARDIS is awesome! πŸ™Œ I had to go look what you were talking about. I agree they win. Game over.
lmbe1985 : Wednesday day should be Friday nights....
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This is how Harlow lets us know she wants pancakes. She just pulls up a chair to the kitchen counter (aka the pancake making station), takes out the big red bowl and waits as impatiently as possible.
springs57 : Big chair, little girl.
jasimmostevens : She is seriously adorable and has so much in common with my daughter!! How old is Harlow now?
jasimmostevens : Btw, she is the city equivalent of my country girl.
brittanyyoung : @jackie_young
branturk : @brookejoye I'm pretty sure this will be your hangry daughter!! πŸ˜‚
skippee : She's awesome! Can't believe she can move that chair around~ it looks huge!
hilarymae14 : @insta2yearold hope the pancakes were yummy!
superawkwardgirl : Awwwwwwwwww lol Awwwwwww the cutest thing!
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Picking the finalists for the #tinydanceoff was so freakin' hard! I ended up narrowing it down to eight kids and now I need you to vote for your favorite on the blog (link in bio). Winner gets a year supply of Pampers Cruisers, recently redesigned to combat diaper sag, helping your baby go from #sagtoswag. Second place gets a six month supply. And... I AM GIVING AWAY ONE MORE SIX MONTH SUPPLY IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! Just ❀️ this video and tag two friends below to enter. You must follow both @mommyshorts and @PampersUS to win. Winner will be announced September 8th, same day as the dance-off winner. Good luck and thanks for playing! // 8 Finalists: @aresdenouimet @angelakoswilson @hereisjackie @danals24 @erynnlord @gdamico119 @jennylu02 @emilymorganbrown
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supersharayah : @monica1martinez @meganpaulos @theki.d
xean007 : @cassetate omg totally
dayna_g : @ala_kama_sarah
jaymehall : @kylejh1017 @kidrauhl.14
maurad122 : @spazdoodles @jillycruz
maurad122 : @megbrink @allisonng26
kjriggles : @rigglephoto @nikkibartlette Let's win some diapers for the bundle coming our way in Nov!
melissaby : @r.b1685 @mojgankash
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Harlow and I made a video for Puff's Tissues about her first day of preschool! (Link in bio). It's about preparing your baby for her first day of school while also learning to let go yourself. With a healthy dose of fun and hyperbole, of course 😊 #PassthePuffs #spon
passthepuffs - spon -
arismom : As a preschool teacher- thank you- I think!!!
tabitabipo : harlow is a natural!
skippee : Your video was hilarious! Soo cute!
kia1078 : Cute video.
carolquixabeira : Loved it
joud___7 : I love it good job πŸ‘ŒπŸ’•
melaramirez91 : Vieron este video?? @lauraramirezgi @marianaramirezg
kristenkburke : @darkhairnow
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The swings were my favorite ride as a kid and it is definitely Mazzy's too. Now, it makes me kind of nauseous but it's worth it to see her smile.
led522 : I was banned from the swing ride at a local festival ride park! My sister talked me into riding it. During the ride I think every profanity I knew came out of my mouth! I'm ashamed to tell you my age when that happened, so I won't. The thing is, I can still feel the fear and my thoughts flood with profanity when I see or even think about that ride! I'm glad others can enjoy it.
grace_kirk : @crocseu @crocs check this cutie out πŸ’ž
emilymorganbrown : I'm obsessively checking your feed for dance off winners!! We're crossing our fingers!! πŸ˜„πŸ’ƒ
evony75 : My favorite, too!
delouise : Magical pic πŸ’–
lvalentini : Ha, I thought it was just me... I used to LOVE this ride when I was little. Just went on it this past weekend and was nauseous for an hour afterwards. Ugh. 😒
skippee : Love how happy she looks here. Adorable!
sallykins16 : How can @mommyshorts possibly decide on what photos to frame?! They all capture so much... joy!
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We had a few new friends over today. Most of the kids were swimming in the pool but Harlow chose to sit with the adults who were chatting poolside. Harlow: STOP TALKING!!!! Me: The adults are allowed to talk to each other, Harlow. Harlow: Talk to ME. Me: Ok. What would you like to talk about? Harlow: Cookies, cars and dinner. And then all the adults (+ Harlow) spent the next twenty minutes talking about their favorite kinds of cookies, their favorite cars and what they would be having for dinner, which made for way better conversation than whatever nonsense we were talking about previously. Thank you, Harlow, master of small talk.
caitylady22 : @glenview.oakland No, you're just raising Americans......
caitylady22 : Not a big deal, I just don't let my kids talk to me like that ever. I don't have to parent like the rest of you. I like kids with boundaries, polite manners, and a realization that they don't "run the show" at my house. I was surprised initially that she would let her daughter talk like that, especially in front of others. That would never happen in my homeland. Cultural difference, but French kids behave much better.
flavafloyd : caitylady22 - your parents did a shitty job of raising you. you are very rude.
rmcsc : @jennymvd
caitylady22 : @flavafloyd I'm not the one swearing....
georgimichelle : @kellykaayy
flavafloyd : No but you are talking like a bitch.
caitylady22 : @flavafloyd No I'm not. I was expressing a different opinion that people didn't like. I did it without name calling and swearing. I have class, clearly you don't have any. I feel sorry for you.
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So many snacks, so little time. I'm giving away a one year membership to @naturebox! Post pics of your hangry kids to #hangrykidproblems and tag/follow @averageparentproblems and @naturebox to enter. All the details plus my family's hangriest moments on the blog today (link in bio).
hangrykidproblems -
skaplow : Those snacks are delicious. Especially the honey mustard pretzels! Looks like your pantry, @brittnull!!
gracielou0057 : @megmhunter ... are these the healthy snacks you're looking for
mommyshorts : @dyrdaisy You can tag an old photo!
slecza : @christinaevelyn
crystaldizmang : I love Naturebox 😍
skippee : They are adorable! Your post was so funny and spot on. I've got some hangry kiddos too!
wendyparol : We get them delivered to our home 2x a month and to our son's dorm room 2x a month too!
brown0624 : @brown_girl727 omg. #HangryKidProblems is Lauren and Cal's M.O. DO IT.
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It's nice to end summer with a bang. #mazzyandgavin
mazzyandgavin -
anjellie01 : what a lovely photo
shana_flower : It sure is!
littlemissparty : πŸ’“β˜€οΈπŸŽ‰
springs57 : Glad both stuffed and non-stuffed friends could go for the ride!
crayonsandcollars : Pure Heaven! ❀️
strollerinthecity : @mommyshorts is that going on now? We are out here this week and would love to take the kids xx
skippee : Their smiles are so adorable and happy!
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