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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
FINAL: The New Orleans Pelicans defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves 110-88. Andrew Wiggins led the team with 20 Points, Zach LaVine added 17 and Adreian Payne had 14.
thevikings2823 : @mdgl11 because you could do a much better job coaching an injury plagued team, right?
thevikings2823 : @tanner_rhodess they're not...
mdgl11 : @thevikings2823 ya easily bench bennet
thevikings2823 : @mdgl11 and be down to playing 8 again, well 7 once Gorgui got hurt? Okay you'd be fired immediately.
brendandisonell : Should have kept Sean
jonathan_b_cruser : We suck but I still cheer for the one and only Timberwolves
sportsfansdebate : Wolves will be a tough team in a couple seasons. Just be patient. The organization is doing the right thing
_chargers_mm : @christianmeadows13 we dont need to win we need 1st round pick
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
#Twolves vs. Pelicans today at 3pm. Tune in on FS North or 830 WCCO!
twolves -
seehugram : @bergan11 we could have had both but we drafted Johnny Flynn...
colinmatthewkemp : @dylanjamestakkunen BIGGGG TILLLLLYYYY
cmeyers28 : Why is kg playing
alex_motta45 : Bruh his arms doe @nickjezierski12
nickjezierski12 : Roids @alex_motta45
bergan11 : And we could of had demar DeRozon @seehugram
seehugram : @bergan11 we could have had Kobe man.
bergan11 : I know this is why Minnesota sucks at everything @seehugram
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
31 PTS for @22wiggins last night. That was his 4th 30+ point game of the season. Every other rookie in the NBA has combined for just 2. 🐸☕️ #ROY
roy -
mightbeminghan : @alex_koli I would beat nerlens 1 on 1
alex_koli : Ok @mightbeminghan the sixers are playing at a higher efficiency without him and the wolves arnt winning shit
alex_koli : @mightbeminghan I'm done with this because you clearly have no nba logic so bye
mightbeminghan : @alex_koli where u going? Wolves champ for next 9 years tho
maxgeorge22 : @vikings_for_life_5 read caption
mnmvisuals : Check out me @22wiggins edit
khmer379 : Wiggins will B ROY end of discussion!!
kaygeeku : @brendanpollick
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
FINAL: The Houston Rockets defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves 120-110. Andrew Wiggins led the team with 31 Points, Chase Budinger had 23 Points and Gorgui Dieng had 18 Points.
alvarohh5 : Of course @lane_gru_well
nikkohd10 : They Cant Win without Kevin Martin lol
bozmology : Please please please burn these jerseys after this season. They are so terrible
adeil228 : @ryxngxntnxr the only reason Westbrook doing good is because he takes like 30 shots a game without durant and a whole bunch players are injured Lebron harden and curry could easily put up thosenumbers if that happened to there team
solla.jpg : How come kg ain't playing?
eheyer5 : @andrewwerli1118 BUD WILSON HAD 23 POINTS!!!!
simbatheking53 : We need the old jersey and court with the tree line!
mattealusk : @solla.jpg I think he was sick tonight
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
#FBF to May 27, 2004 when Mark Madsen somehow successfully boxed out Shaquille O'Neal. Madsen is now an assistant coach with the Lakers and was in town earlier this week. Always nice to see an old friend.
fbf -
schneidermane : Young flip on the sideline
splashing_b818 : @this_day_in_sports no he didn't
jake_grahek : They need to bring back the tree outline.
jonravenclaw : @_alleennn7 daaaamn
mattmarvin24 : IT'S MY MYTEAM JERSEYS! @matt_fultn @ajay.crossover
benmueh : Lol have his autograph, to bad he wasn't good
tjengler : Mad dog!!!!!!
colonel_foxy69 : Photoshop
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Wiggins takes on Harden tonight at 7pm in Houston (FS North or 830 WCCO). Predict how many PTS #2⃣2⃣ will have below! #Twolves
2 - twolves -
dschwartzy52 : Goons get 27 points
kc_clutch_12 : I think he will have 21 points
_wyatt99_ : @kc_clutch_12 ur saying this after the game... He had 31
kc_clutch_12 : Did they win at least? @_wyatt99_
kc_clutch_12 : I couldn't watch it and had no idea what time it started @_wyatt99_
_wyatt99_ : @kc_clutch_12 lol no they lost
karterlaventure28 : Uhhhhhhhh
karterlaventure28 : 31
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Taking flight. The usual. #RisingWolves
risingwolves -
ascasanova : @baziarts better way to put it is, you could have gotten curry but instead you drafted Jonny Flynn...
baziarts : Sadly yeah... @ascasanova
justsk8board : 🚨FOLLOW @nbanothingbutnet TO SEE LEBRON HIT A HALF COURT SHOT!!!🚨
pilarmartell13 : El mejor equipo @mntimberwolves👍👌✌💕
michelle.whitmore4 : Can't wait to see this in person on April 10th
denzelwatch : Man he deserves to have his signature shoe released ... #wiggins1
andrewracco : #MapleJordan
akdbasketball04 : HE DUNKS LIKE A BOSS#💚ing the new rookies!!!!
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Bada bing, bada Budinger.
iomsupersport : Where has that been all year..
jordancowles28 : @max_marino97 @antoniolockwood @dannywilson82 stop it. Right now
a_sarvey : God I hate him
spencergrafing : People just hate white basketball players. There are plenty of good white ballers in the NBA. And just as many shit black players. Stop hating.
logan__o : I hate white people in general. I mean why are they so white and cool and shit?
hunter.jg : @juddz_liam
akilibarduhhh : RIM STUFF
karterlaventure28 : Shut up stop the world of racism
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
FINAL: The Los Angeles Lakers defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves 101-99 in OT. Andrew Wiggins led the team with 27 Points, Chase Budinger added 22 and Zach LaVine had 18.
minne_mitch34 : @papi.hoti we have Adreian Payne at PF. We need just need experience if anything. As Dieng gets older he can fill in for Pek. Center is our biggest need I would say.
youngquist_rty : STUPID CALLS BY THE REF
papi.hoti : @minne_mitch34 if we can't get okafor they should get stein from Kentucky
__parker__d__ : Andrew putting Tarik on a poster @_ccate_153 @lukecarp @jake_england11
bwise1020 : They should get Kaminski
ericm99 : Air bud! @jhare_11
paolo3ssi : #twolfesnevertoplayoffs
jvckbruh : Get Mudiay, we got a future center already in Gourgi Deing
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Tonight's deal of the game: this #Twolves hat for $10
twolves -
lehuguenots : @gabby.gabbi 😙
zachcuka_2 : Get me one while ur there and I'll pay for it @cart3rlibis22
_wyatt99_ : #tankingdoneright
fajohnnie : @prince.jawni.6
fajohnnie : My team right here bruh
prince.jawni.6 : No Doubt Brah... My Team Too. Good Lookin.
replybuy : @b_ohalloran @asaia
akilibarduhhh : i bet that hat is 500 dollars because the franchise is a rip off
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