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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
To kick off their 2014-15 training camp, the #Twolves will host their own version of Midnight Madness with a "Dunks After Dark" event on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato. The event is free and open to the public and will end in a dunk contest involving rookies Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine.
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benjil6 : @chadagrimson21 we should go
chadagrimson21 : What day? @benjil6
benjil6 : Idk;'( @chadagrimson21
chadagrimson21 : Find out so we can go! @benjil6
benjil6 : Ighttt @chadagrimson21 I'll do me homework
chadagrimson21 : Good deal @benjil6
jcstreeter419 : @rynkln @nick.lees15 @cooper_lees @justin23_23_23 @derek_iwasko @sam_shepherd11 let's go
brett_skaj6 : @logobreuning15
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Have you heard about the 830 WCCO Half Season Package yet? Purchase today and receive free tickets to Opening Night on October 30th. Find out more at
adriano88_ : @lolomba @marcotomatopotatomatassa
hood_vines : I have really bad luck with my thumbs. It plagues me, actually. It drives me crazy! Both of them are very oddly shaped.
dudster : @bradyvixayvong what team do you go for???
krissphothirath : Hahhahaha Brady
silkywaves5 : It's getting close to that time.
johnsor21 : I'm hoping for Minnesotans that this team will be good but I'm not too optimistic. This team will be entertaining absolutely but there's no one who can play defense except for possibly Wiggins and there's no perimeter shooting except for Kelvin Martin. There's also the fact that Rubio is the worst shooting PG ever.
mcryno : @mattychamberlain
mattychamberlain : @mcryno I'm getting this
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
We're just about 3 weeks away from the #Twolves first preseason game! #EyesOnTheRise
eyesontherise - twolves -
colby_campbell : Lob City 2.0
f_rad : The G.O.A.T
bulls_boy01 : Let's go !
3ptbballsniper : @lester2114 @jianweilee
thatguywhoiswierd : They're gonna lose a lot but they are gonna be fun to wach
len_cp25 : 哈哈
seered63 : Ronny
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Our photo of the week features Ricky Rubio from the 2013-2014 Media Day! You can expect plenty more photos like this on September 29, when the Wolves will host their 2014-15 Media Day. View the gallery on
claytond18 : @sara_zinniel i hate white point guards. He's not athletic he cant shoot or finish around the rim. He is a great passer and average defender . at best and that is it.
mattcotto18 : @wolf.avenue RUBIOOO
blankivigil : I ❤ RICKY RUBIO!!!
katiee__boydd : 😍😍😍
_torrichute : @l.aeilts
l.aeilts : Yay @_torrichute
_torrichute : Hahaha @l.aeilts
erikschultz1971 : #RunRubioRun
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
To celebrate the United States advancing to the championship game in the FIBA World Cup, we go back to 2000 when Kevin Garnett played for the Olympic Gold Medal team. Garnett averaged 10.8 points and 9.1 rebounds per game during America's run. #FBF
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danny_simpson53 : When he see da booty
ben_drew : @jrdrew61 KG!!
colby_campbell : I miss KG
lauwailik : 這笑 銷魂
cheef_preech : Bring KG back
cheef_preech : So he can teach the young players
stewartscott : @jeffoharrison @uknowap91 what a legendary pic. Got damn he's real
uknowap91 : @jeffoharrison @stewartscott trap lord you're so trilllllllll
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
We have some great lookin' pictures of our fans hanging out with rookies Zach LaVine and Andrew Wiggins. Check them out on our Facebook page!
vegasactionsports : 👍👍
thehooptroop : Next follower gets a shoutout
huuuudie : Zach looks cute...almost too cute to be on a basketball court!! Smdh
mattwyer : Haha that's not Zach @huuuudie
markfrancis17 : Hahahaha @cjjensen212
cjjensen212 : That's me :)
cjjensen212 : @jamieallover actually he's holdin my cookies haha
wanyae : @ivan_enabu Wiggins look alike
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
"I strive for greatness with everything. I think Thaddeus (Young) has been saying 10 years without the playoffs is too long. Being a championship contender, in the playoffs - that's what people want and that's what you do. You go out there to win. I'm going out there to win" - Zach LaVine
ryanrahn13 : @dvdhughes2 @stooperade 3s
andrew_trapani : @pat_mcsweeney
_terraria.fanpage_ : Awesome
alex_raschke : @tony_spiegelberg @treypottratz_3 @c_lock8724 jeez they think they are gonna win a championship
treypottratz_3 : @alex_raschke we in it
pat_mcsweeney : Gay @andrew_trapani
yungxdurant : @timothyfattah it's actually Rubio,Lavine,Wiggins,Young,And who Evers there center
timothyfattah : @yungxdurant Dieng
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Wolves rookie Zach LaVine sat down with Alan Horton to discuss his dunking, the youth on this team and what he's been up to this offseason. Check out the video on
jarodsh3p : He's my favorite player
yayu_tseng : Love Lavine
hozzk : ✌
andrewhansen7 : Favorite timberwolves player
thehooptroop : Next follower gets a shoutout
brayitomuler : @sei.gab
erikschultz1971 : #EyesOnTheRise #WolvesNation #WolvesUnited #RunRubioRun #FlipTheSwitch #KingLaVine #CourtJesterJames #BeatBron #Jan31 : FOLLOW FOR NBA TRIVIA 🏀
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Photo of the Week: Zach LaVine meets MLB star Mike Trout before throwing out the first pitch at Friday's Twins vs. Angels game
brauny23 : lavine looks more excited in this pic than getting drafted by us
evansj30 : Mikes biceps tho
hood_vines : If you're going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you're going to be locked up.
leemc02 : I saw Angeles v Astros a couple of months ago and trout had fantastic last minute home run : @billsmafia420 my gosh look at how thick this Trout is. (Pause)
billsmafia420 : beast
brawkjohnson : Idk what to do with my hands
erikschultz1971 : #BeatBron
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
STRRRRIKE! Zach LaVine throws the first pitch at tonight's @twins game before taking on the Angels
_td_15_ : Surrrruuuueeee @parkholt137
danny_johnson1 : @zrat48
goldmedalplaya : True dat @jvarvel74
elholtberg21 : I'm look at his account he did @_td_15_
mntwinsnation : @iomsupersport Lol are you retarded? It's like 20 minutes before the game... does your brain even work?
iomsupersport : @mntwinsnation Who isn't at the game 20 minutes before it starts? And I'M the retard? Smh..
mntwinsnation : A LOT OF PEOPLE... I guess you've never been there. @iomsupersport And people have school.. they need sleep-
iomsupersport : @mntwinsnation kk whatever you say kiddo
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