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Minnesota Timberwolves

Official Instagram account of the Minnesota Timberwolves #OneHungryPack
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Shabazz Muhammad had another strong performance last night. He ended w/ 26 PTS (11-15 FG), 5 rebounds & 5 assists.
masteroneal : @kangbrantley22 Man 2k not respecting that man; he rated 67! I just bought the Adidas Pack for MyTeam mode and I got him now. I got hyped at first but then I saw he was still a 67 smh
habladornba : Best NBA photos here!
ian_asperheim : @muhammad_is_the_goat he's the goat
notorious_ig : Shabba with that deft key way running hook
zanefromstatefarm : nobody @ayeee.its.zayyy
msb726 : If he plays 30 min a night he's good for 20 a game
jdinkel21 : Next kobe
stax_b_ : Most improved player for sure
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Troy Daniels is the newest member of the #Twolves! Daniels, 23, owns career averages of 4.0 points, 0.5 rebounds and 0.4 assists in 22 games, one start, in parts of two seasons with the Rockets. In five games in 2013-14, the 6-4 guard averaged 8.4 points on 48.4% shooting, including 48.0% (12-of-25) from beyond the arc.
twolves -
personauser24 : Ikr @ithinkthatimkobe24
ceaser_swiss : @matthew_heilman_17 he was wanting mins that we can now give to our younger guys, which will help them develope, and shabazz muhammad is better.
dankytola : This is a frustrating trade... Why not get rid of budinger's non productive ass. Brewer is all class.
andrewbeliever : @dankytola preach πŸ™Œ
quicksmooth : frustrating
richard_wilson_ : Great trade! Troy Daniels is the type of player you want on your team. Hard worker and loyal to the system. Ball out Troy!!!!
ithinkthatimkobe24 : Should've traded Budinger and Hummel weak asses
jcoov_1 : @troydaniels30
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
FINAL: The Boston Celtics defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves 114-98. Shabazz Muhammad led the team with 26 Points while Chase Budinger added 19. The Wolves shot 45% while the Celtics shot 57%.
bry.png : They don't even look like they try to rebound. I swear it fell into celtics hand everytime.
sfsanfranfan : We are rebuilding everyone. It takes time. Get a good draft pick next year and keep going
mrkrki : They have two fkn first picks in the team...wtf...
albrcl : Ganbatte!
ian_knutsen23 : We need to win a fuc*** game Timberwolves
mr_mullen_ : @ian_knutsen23 no,we have no shot at the playoffs now,but when wiggins and lavine and bazz grow up AND Ricky is in his prime there's no telling what we'll do.
pecan77 : Can't wait for Kevin Martin to return. #team Kevin Martin over here.:-) :-)
pecan77 : Need to get some wins, your fans at home don't get to see that many of your games on television. The Timberwolves are one of the least televised tv games teams. I look forward to seeing y'all play on January 7th. I want a win & victory. All your fans do. To all our injured players Kevin Martin being one of them, get well soon.:-) :-)
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
#FBF to 2009 when Al Jefferson faced off against former Wolves great KG.
fbf -
jdizzle_1614 : Can we keep anybody good
matthew_heilman_17 : No if we get a good person we have to trade them for someone who sucks and future draft picks that never work out. It just shows why we havnt got to the playoffs since Kevin Garnet @jdizzle_1614
lizzy687 : Why did you trade Corey Brewer?! Geez! We had a great player who gave 110% each game and was healthy! Love that guy!
slamin_sammy33 : We suck
mae.kala : dads
tommyafghan : al jeff lmao
iomsupersport : Geez those jerseys were terrible
a.p.36 : are you kidding? those are better than the ones we have Now
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
On Wednesday, members of the #Twolves went to Arlington National Cemetery to pay their respects to the fallen. During the visit, the team visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Section 60. They also met with Jane Horton, whose husband, SPC Christopher Horton, was killed in September 9, 2011 in Paktya, Afghanistan. (Via Arlington National Cemetery Facebook)
twolves -
matthew_heilman_17 : God we traded brewer!?? For future draft picks when he's only 28!!?! I thought we were rebuilding not trying to be even worse than we already are
mattyice2424 : Bye bye Corey
pixzle : Brewer has always sucked. Glad he's gone.
myfox9 : Wonderful cause, gents
tony_d3198 : If you think Corey Brewer Sucked than you Suck! He has always worked his ass off every game and made every team that he has been on better because of defense and the love for the game!
parker_elebash : If I saw him I would love him
mfarasyn : Pack sand pixzle. Brewer is a class act and I know that first hand
mr_mullen_ : Wow,that's our whole team,just shows how frickin injured we are πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Happy Birthday, @mogotti25!
cmbasketball10 : Happy birthday
leosimo13 : @nerisangre cazzo 27 il numero di smoove é uguale porca troia
misey09 : hippey birthday Mo!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
nerisangre : Ma perchè aggiungi un 2? Comunque hai ragionee è ugualeee @leosimo13
leosimo13 : Lo so ahahahaha
leosimo13 : @nerisangre
nerisangre : Vai a scuola oh @leosimo13
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Inside the #Twolves locker room at TD Garden
twolves -
ultimate_roscoe : I wish I was there :(
amandashaira : Paradise o_o
mcbee32 : That is sweet.
dobohalusus : #nice
president_ger : Go wolves
themickgowan : Throw up a W on the board please
danny_hudson_kelly : 😍😍😍😍
josephtrahan : @chestongoudge
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
#Twolves vs. Celtics tonight at 6:30 pm! Tune in on FS North or WCCO 830!
twolves -
ryangillespie1 : @jmb1919 no rondo no problem
rholt28 : @_wyattk99_ This season isn't about winning and trying to compete now. They initially tried that then people got hurt and the loses piled up. They're trying to continue building for the future. Trading Brewer will be smart especially if they can pull in a first round pick. They will without question be trading a veteran.
_wyattk99_ : @rholt28 ya we'll have like a top 5 pick in the draft but the vet we should get rid of is turiaf if anything. Brewer is way too valuable
rholt28 : @_wyattk99_ Turiaf is in the last year of his contract and he's hurt for the season. Brewer has value, a first round pick would be nice
minite17 : @rholt28 and now Brewer is gone
rholt28 : @minite17 Yeah, I seen. Daniels has some potential, young guy and 2 future second round picks. In my opinion it was a good deal.
mr_mullen_ : Traded
mr_mullen_ : ?
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Hustle. πŸ‘
barry_860120 : @spinsonlee20
paris_the_gymnast : Nice!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ƒ
longoriafelix : God daaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmnnnnn
nkaney : Love the hustle @22wiggins !!!
elijahmaimi_32 : Shot clock cheeseeeeeeeeeeee
_rio_____ : @king_levron_ what are fast breaks look like except Austin misses the 3 lol jk
zachdohrmann___ : BANGπŸ”«
stax_b_ : No more brewer
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
There's no such thing as an ugly sweater when it's worn by a Wolves fan! Share a photo of your ugly sweater with #WolvesUglySweaters for a chance to win lower level tickets to #Twolves vs. Jazz on Jan 3rd!
twolves - wolvesuglysweaters -
jryland8 : @scottmccallum9 the collection on eBay is the grpuse
scottmccallum9 : I'm getting one @jryland8
tophercasanova : Haha im a celebrity @TootButt
tootbutt : Haha you're welcome :P @tophercasanova
tootbutt : We look good. This picture deserves wolves tickets πŸ˜‰πŸ€
tophercasanova : πŸ€ πŸ€ πŸ€ I'll need to buy a new jersey if we win @TootButt !
andy.finn : Get great ugly Xmas sweaters at @ragstock or @thesweaterstore.com
tootbutt : All 3 sweaters worn in this picture are from @ragstock ! :) The only place I've shopped for my ugly Christmas sweaters.
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