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Everything Timberwolves #MNTimberwolves #MinnesotaTimberwolves #OneHungryPack Record 0-0 Next Game: (Away) vs. Lakers Oct.28th
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Wish Happy birthday to Lorenzo Brown!!! #MinnesotaTimberwolves #OneHungryPack #GrowTogether #LorenzoBrown #MNTimberwolves
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Comment your favorite player? Or if you feel like it, how was school today? #MinnesotaTimberwolves #OneHungryPack #GrowTogether #AndrewWiggins #MNTimberwolves
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19rcdga06 : Rubio
_wyatt99_ : Wiggins
matthew_heilman_17 : Rubio
farmer4life2812 : My favorite player would have to be wiggins
carterjohnson22 : Wiggins
mattmillet_ : Lavine
bryan_atchop : ab
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I read an article on "should the Celtics trade for Gorgui Dieng?" First, the person who wrote the article knew nothing about T-Wolves basketball. Second, they though they could just trade K.O for Gorgui... Gorgui is the future at that Center position for us. So if the Boston Celtics actually tried to trade for him what should we get from them to even consider this a value trade? #MinnesotaTimberwolves #OneHungryPack #GrowTogether #MNTimberwolves #GorguiDieng
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mntimberwolves : Pek and Bennett??? Pek is older and injury prone and has a huge unwanted contract, Bennett is a player I love a lot but has not performed yet, even Payne, and Nemanja are better than him for now. And we don't NEED a SG we have Zach LaVine and Kevin Martin. : Is Lavine 6'5?
mntimberwolves : @nickmullen22 As great as KAT is he's better as a PF because he can shoot better than Gorgui and think about KAT at PF and Gorgui at C. In my opinion that's better than leaving Gorgui in the bench and playing Payne or Nemanja at PF.
mntimberwolves : Yes. : okay that makes sense. i was thinking he was 6'2
mntimberwolves : @3bnet Martin and Dieng as WAY too valuable for just Smart and Zeller. And the only reason we haven't chased another PG is because we need a pass first PG, so trading Rubio would be really dumb.
3bnet : Rubio and Pek for Sullenger, Smart, and a future first rounder would be smart
nickmullen22 : @mntimberwolves I agree hopefully KAT can play the 4 case at the moment our PF position is messed up.
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Can't wait till the season starts but till then Ricky Rubio art #MinnesotaTimberwolves #OneHungryPack #GrowTogether #RickyRubio #MNTimberwolves @garycomic
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Ok so... YOU GUYS NEED TO CALM DOWN. IT'S JUST RUMORS!!! This is most likely not happening. BUT if it does the Timberwolves NEED to make sure they get the rookie Jerian Grant and a future 1st round pick from the Knicks. Rubio is way to valuable to us #MinnesotaTimberwolves #OneHungryPack #GrowTogether #RickyRubio #JerianGrant #MNTimberwolves
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_wyatt99_ : The Knicks players have no value lol. They are all D leaguers besides Melo. But we all know they aren't trading him
jdog_putz12 : Thank god it's just rumors they need to keep Ricky
matthew_heilman_17 : @_wyatt99_ Jerian Grant is actually one of their best players haha. Straight out of Notre Dame he did great in the NCAA tournament and ACC championship against Duke but we can't trade Rubio.
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Not much happening till October so for DM me some of your edits or art and I might post. #MinnesotaTimberwolves #OneHungryPack #GrowTogether #AndrewWiggins #MNTimberwolves @garycomic
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Nice Bounce Bros art #MinnesotaTimberwolves #OneHungryPack #GrowTogether #AndrewWiggins #ZachLaVine #MNTimberwolves
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#Repost @Trippy_graffix #MinnesotaTimberwolves #OneHungryPack #GrowTogether #TyusJones #MNTimberwolves
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trippy_graffix : 👌🏼🔥
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Personally I think Zach(SG) and Gorgui(C) are the future for their positions. But...In 2+ years the timberwolves will need backups.| Unless they keep Nikola Pekovic and Kevin Martin. Or if Flip decides to keep KAT at Center.| SO should the timberwolves keep those veterans or go for a younger approach/ or keep KAT a C and Gorgui a Backup?| OPINIONS. #MinnesotaTimberwolves #OneHungryPack #GrowTogether #ZachLaVine #GorguiDieng #MNTimberwolves
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mntimberwolves : @_wyatt99_ Yes I heard about the rumors. They are pretty dumb, basically the rumors say the Knicks want a more experienced PG, but still young (Rubio). Trust me I doubt it will happen and if it does happen it will be till next year.
3bnet : Why don't they trade Pek and Martin
mntimberwolves : @3bnet 1.Kevin Martin is still a decent SG and has 2 yrs in his contract. 2.Nikola Pekovic has a ridiculous contract and they have to wait till his contract ends.
3bnet : @mntimberwolves Martin is decent but we will give him 25-30 minutes per game and take away minutes from LaVine and Jones
mntimberwolves : @3bnet Jones will get 10-15 minutes. And Zach will get 22-25 minutes. And as the season goes on I expect Zach to start playing closer to 30 minutes and Tyus to play 17-20 minutes.
ze_42 : Move kat to pf gorgui to center then make bazz starting sg for this year
matthew_heilman_17 : This will be once kevin Garnett is gone because Flip is going to start him no matter what. or even if KG has knee problems again we can do this Pg: Rubio center: Gorgui PF: KAT sf: Wiggins SG: Lavine. Maybe have Lavine and Kmart switch off. We all know he is past his prime but he does have a great 3point percentage last year and can still run the floor. He doesn't have knee problems or anything and zach doesn't either. I think that we should make a play off push and If we have it set really early then we should start Lavine for sure.
matthew_heilman_17 : Post a pic if we should trade rubio or not
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Tayshaun Prince SF (Career Stats) PPG:11.8 REB:4.5 AST:2.5 BLK:0.5 STL:0.6 #MinnesotaTimberwolves #OneHungryPack #GrowTogether #TayshaunPrince #MNTimberwolves
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