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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Basketball and selfies: two things that took place at the @wolveslynxacademy clinic at Treasure Island this morning. Shabazz Muhammed and Glenn Robinson III are having lots of fun with our campers!
bingnear : 1
coreys___4 : Sports edits daily
superschulzie : Lets sign gr3 please
aaronantonio1 : Trade Kevin love already. We should do the bulls trade. We get good players who will contribute right away.
zhuda994 : correction "Prairie Island" lol aww my lil cuzzins getting to meet their idols!
alphonso_mansarray16 : @aaronantonio definitely bulls trade bro
benbamforth - e_sterling_7 - emmapalmer7 - air_rib -
mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Photo of the Week: This week's installment takes a look back at Robbie Hummel in action last season. In the midst of a relatively quiet offseason, the Wolves re-signed Hummel earlier this week.
benfox._ : Relatively quiet offseason my ass
type_myusername : I bet.̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨̨you thought you had something on your screen and you tried to wipe it off, the secret to this Is on the page of @nbahiphopculture, GET THEM TO 3k and they will expose it! @nbahiphopculture @nbahiphopculture
seehusenthatcar : #tradebarea
hoopdreamsworld : Hey t-wolves fans come check out my account 🏀🏀 : 🚨CHECK OUT OUR PAGE!!!🏀WE POST EVERYTHING ABOUT THE NBA🚨
96supersport : Who cares. Get rid of Love already
jack_attack_50 : It's. Friggin. Robbie. Hummel. Who. Cares.
jotaeme78 : @jjbarea11 al rebote
elholtberg21 - jjim850108 - johnnyworld22 - marykay6966 -
mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Zach LaVine is not human!!! Watch @zachlavine8 throw down some ridiculous slams at the Seattle Pro-Am! #Repost from @hoopmixtape
repost -
_real_last_king_ : Stimmt Bro de het kei anig sorry @jean_claude_le_brown
_real_last_king_ : 😂😂😂 @jean_claude_le_brown
theclutchpenguin : @theclutchmeerkat10
twerk4tatertots : @bryan_sunga
flashgordy101 : @ayoob_eazy this the nigga I was talkn bout dat had the most bounce n da draft
ayoob_eazy : I know he play for the timberwolves @flashgordy101
arias.austin : Maybe a nxt Westbrook ?
npballa3210 : @mcryno wow looking forward to some of that this season.
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
We had a great time at the Slice of Shoreview festival and parade! #SummerOfTwolves
summeroftwolves -
dkom91 : And not all of them are great so it goes both ways, I feel you tho... I just don't wanna trade our best player for somebody that isn't proven
mikegoranson10 : The way I see it were not gonna win right away. Might as well get younger with Wiggins and draft picks so we can win in the future
dkom91 : Understandable but Thompson is only 23, barnes is like 23, plus we v would david lee, he's no K love but with them, the team we have left, & our draft picks, we will be a playoff team. No doubt @mikegoranson10
mikegoranson10 : I'd rather build a better team for the future. I like Chicago's offer of Dougie McBuckets, Mirotic, and Taj Gibson.
dkom91 : Only Taj is proven, you know exactly what you're gettin with K Love, we don't know what doug & the other guy will do yet lol
mikegoranson10 : @dkom91 still its hard not to like McDermott haha
air.jordan : #baller
dkom91 : Definitely lol I just have a feelin he'll be another JJ Redick you know? Great college player but just a role player in the league @mikegoranson10
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
Today, we flashback to March 12, 2004 when the Timberwolves hosted the largest home crowd in Target Center history vs the LA Lakers (20,391)! The Wolves defeated LA 96-86 behind Troy Hudson, Latrell Sprewell, Sam Cassell and KG's combined 72 Points! #FBF
fbf -
kylepfahey : Conference finals ain't played in March @klkroeger
klkroeger : @kylepfahey truuuu
franchisenbadraft : 🚨🚨 join now, timberwolves still available! 🚨🚨
george_aka_mcbuckets : @mntimberwolves ACCEPT NYK TRADE U ASSHOLES
gonzalogarcia96 : Nunca vi jugar a sprewell,pero en este trío con garnett y casell si que demolia la defensa rival. Lástima que sólo jugó poco tiempo en minnesota
samd1902 : Hey guys u can shut up America, Australia at the AFL have at least 50,00 a game and at the grand final at least 98,000 people so u can't talk anyone one to talk back to me..... orrr now #any #one #not #scared
xave_stanley : What @samd1902 the largest crowd at an AFL game was 120,000 people!
cayman_kosinski15 : @mntimberwolves Take the bulls trade it's a lot better
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
The Minnesota Timberwolves today announced the team has re-signed forward Robbie Hummel. Per team policy, terms of the contract were not disclosed. Hummel, 25, played in 53 games (five starts) in his rookie season for the Wolves last year, averaging 3.4 points and 2.5 rebounds in 12.4 minutes per contest.
kadung : White boy can hoop, give him more minutes.
luke_iverson14 : That means no gr3
14bode : @luke_iverson14 o yeah. GrIII is staying. His dad used to play here.
matthohner : Boiler up!
jdude21 : Kevin Love is now expandable. Hummel for MVP
nate_dubay : Fuck, Hummel is dog shit : ✨FUNNY LEBRON MEMES HERE✨
bright_digitals : lebrons better than you'll ever be so stfu and get off this page
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
The Timberwolves won their first-ever overtime playoff game against the LA Lakers on April 24, 2003. KG couldn't bear to watch after fouling out. Luckily, the team defeated the Lakers 114-110 behind KG's 33 PTS and 14 boards. #WolvesFacts
wolvesfacts -
willie_069 : Accept the offer from cavs! Wiggins is gonna be a great player and Bennet to!!
willie_069 : And the new rookie is great player to
ballislife.jesse : @ballislife.ray
kgikz : Those jerseys are what it's all about though
cayman_kosinski15 : Accept the bulls offer @mntimberwolves who knows if wiggins will even do good
tree.of_life : @braman19
agentsmith3232 : Looks like a typical wolves fan
hansberrymj : zierden, wittman, and KG when he wore And1 shoes... crazy
joshloor7 - chrispruna4 - danielgknicks - dj_tom55 -
mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
We had a great time at the Leprechaun Days Parade and the Duk Duk Daze festival today! #SummerOfTwolves
summeroftwolves -
cejayparmer : Go to clash of clans helper
cejayparmer : Go to
paythebest : Please email some information on how I can get this outreach crew at my clinics Fremont Fun Fest
jackmatecki : @dunner031 yes team player
emiuelmen : Do you have a list of all the parades you will be at for the rest of the summer?
mntimberwolves : @emiuelmen yes! Visit for more!
bam__its__graham : @010k_shoutout_u u got me 1K
zibley : get wiggins and bennett not gibson and butler
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mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
In today's Flashback Friday, we look back at Wolves rookie Zach LaVine and this high-flying dunk against Nevada! #FBF
fbf -
manthe_40 : @joe_taneo you're the definition of a retard
biglazy2000 : trade love quick for wiggins!
christien.manning23 : Your dumb @joe_taneo
khmer379 : @joe_taneo yea in 2k u sound like a fagaleir fan😂😂😂
kyle_swag10 : I hope the Wolves sign Heslip!
_ncovert51 : Do not trade Kevin love he was the nba fourth leading scorer last season you would rather have wiggins and Bennett over Kevin love u must be crazy
nick_juckel : @_ncovert51 I don't think you understand... If Kevin isn't traded, he is a free agent. His contract ran out, and he doesn't want to resign. So... If they don't trade him away for someone, they don't get anyone.
__.monty.__ - quranjon - zrogers13 - golden_boy69 -
mntimberwolves - Minnesota Timberwolves
ICYMI: @zachlavine8 threw down an incredible between the legs slam before the Wolves took on the Washington Wizards! #WolvesInVegas
wolvesinvegas -
zp3_williams : ^^ yes trade love for Wiggins u guys have nothing to lose u suck ass all u have is lavine and he's a rookie
robbyparendo : Get wiggins
akricket34 : Get wiggins...make it happen.
gtemps3 : You are the greediest team in the NBA! If you get a ton from the @cavs I will hate you forever.
fishing_addictions : Get wiggins
jimmyu_ : Just get wiggins and trade love
youngxwildxfree23 : Funny thing is, the first 2 people that dunked ot was silent. But then Zach dunked and people got hyped 😂
will_h_33_80 : NOO they are smart cuz the warriors are adding more so that pressures clevland love is at the prime of his career and Minnesota wants a fair trade since we didn't get that with kevin Garnett @gtemps3
mtlions2000 - hanpua - kirkederk - cole_ellison_12 -
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