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missodessa - missodessa
Basketball shorts make me have the same expression B.
reellyjhebari : 😄😃😄
taydatottts : @sabrinabarb
marymaryjoe : @priscillaroses hahaha
miss_q98 : Yup, I be like 👀 😽 lol
fxckbria : 😂😂😂 haha @mojolalala @yowhiteskin
foodie1990 : Foulllllll
keely808 : 😩😩😩😂😂
mooreaudrey2 : Lmao
outkaast - rusticbutgolden - goldenlady__ - knimmz -
missodessa - missodessa
When you trying to fishtail your own hair without looking 😩
coopthetruth : FOCUSED!
missodessa : @coopthetruth definitely
alyssajusright : Lmao I've don't it this morning when I was going to work at 8 am ,half sleepy...ended up clipping it with black lil roses so no one ll notice
bryantdigital : You so flawless, its stressful..im stressed
faystar : I do it all the time haha but always to the side never the back
missodessa : @bryantdigital don't be so stressed Vsco be saving me 😂
producedbyomen : Ok now ;)
_millzyman : I would paint this pic
esinezercetin - salutedior_ - missjknight - crimdellacreme -
missodessa - missodessa
I been laughing at this since last night between the girls on the ends and the one having the nipple slip. 😂😭
__lanis : @riajessica they ALL look like they need to do a shit and it's touching cloth 😪
xo_sandie_xo : @jordytik
meek_mack : @kaybeedubya @mrgravesgq smh... Ugh... They need to sit it on down!
kellikris23 : @iammeloreal
ewicdavis : @rcook32
iambatcam : Lol @natilywatily this is not ok at all! @missieapolis why? 😩
missieapolis : @iambatcam who the fuck is this
celinep68 : lol
mrs_carron99 - lissyzo_ - _keeks02 - justme_alex88 -
missodessa - missodessa
The face I make when people try to come for me in my instagram comments and instead of getting the response they were hoping for they get this block🚫#byeashy
byeashy -
he4rtb2eak0ne : Beauty and the bokeh
missodessa : @joellahendriks_ clearly from the captions on your pictures you speak English so why the need to hold a conversation about me in another language? 😂
cruisebroker : Very beautiful!
mr_maxey : The people's eyebrow is strong with this one 😛
gyalreese : Brows just one hunnaaa
motovatingtalent : We love ur face ma! Come to NYC let's work . Hey @ me
sen2469 : #naturalbeauty .. #youstillhaveabighead tho 😜
smittyforhire : Lmao "we love ur face ma!" So classy.
thefr8yrd - myniggachico - hola.gorjess - duhhlissa -
missodessa - missodessa
My edges not laid yet but issokay! 😌
drehoward : obviously you never saw the meme with T.I.? Lol
blaqkmadxnna_ : I love your art work. You inspire me to keep making time for my art even though I have a two year old Godzilla for a son tunning around. How you balance it all amazes me.
blaqkmadxnna_ : @missodessa
mcargill28 : Run away with me
coopthetruth : Taw
dannydidon : *sings like Robert freeman* new look neeeew loo hoo hoooo ooook🎵 👌
asallhoney : Your skin 😻🙏
cruisebroker : Gorgeous!
tigerloveart - daisy3370 - _frankiegatdula - _in.jessed -
missodessa - missodessa
🗿 side note I straightened my hair so I could ✂️ 5 inches off
shesbeamingx : Mine is the same, the nape a little of the back half of my hair is the longest. It grows in layers idk why , since I've been natural for over a year it's been that way. I feel like many girls with curly hair have either stringy hair where the nape is or its really tight and wiry . Mine is just tight and different from the rest of my hair
the_coldest_wynter : Beautiful 😍😍
jerij : ugh you're perfect 😩😍
nsedgxo : Lol! I wouldn't mind dealing with that. Better more than less. All natural. You've been blessed by the eye brow gods. :)
chvzzercise : Phew!
queenofkong : Why in the world would you cut that much off???? I just cut 3 and I'm so mad but I had too. I had splits on top of splits 😖
missodessa : @queenofkong 😩 I had to as well im kinda upset but the hair by the nape of my neck grows OD fast and it already has a looser curl than the rest of my hair so when I wear my hair curly it looks like have these two long dead ass pieces of hair 😂 you can see it in my last pics with my hair curly it looked unhealthy even though it wasn't...to even it out I had to cut that much off but it was mainly that back section I cut...and now my hair doesn't look thin and stringy on the ends.
danynavarrog : @marielatellechea tienes un aire a ella, pero tu eres más bonita ♡
mercedes_tl - disneyf - callmechizaram - marieejaneeee -
missodessa - missodessa
Rainy nights with a good book... Or kidnap one of my followers and make him count stars with me...yall would never see me again 😌
maaarysauce : 😍😍💖✨
fezfreeman : @zamostax 😱
fridaot : @richardsafin en kveld her sammen 😍🙈
richardsafin : Dette burde være huset vårt! 😱 @fridaot
slink_ : @rusticbutgolden amazing
lovesidentity : #everything
sarafina_beck : @princedeng_jascrw 😍
princedeng_jascrw : @sarafina_beck weisch wie nice
slink_ - lovesidentity - _devona_ - supertramp62 -
missodessa - missodessa
Would never ever leave my room...not that I do now 😂
rico_watts : Thats dope af! Mess around and be lazy as hell
tanja210 : @aakomon
giorgiio : 😳👌👫
lost_sons_of_kings : Wow nice thanks for the ideas
joshofnorthtown : Likewise @missodessa
_millzyman : U would love this! @_robin_thom
_robin_thom : This is amazing.. Build a room like that for me Nuh @_millzyman
_millzyman : You kno I would :) @_robin_thom
__xpretty_pisces - _eva_lavi_ - nimo_rae - how.aboutt.no -
missodessa - missodessa
drebuzzworthy : The conversations about nothing that end up so much more.
leiathuglove : mannnnn 🙌🙏👏☝️
raulirosss : @missodessa but that's entirely subjective though. It's like when someone says the word " normal " . That word " real" is whatever value you assign to it. Words like " real " , "normal" " good " in the end are all just matter of opinion
missodessa : @raulirosss and I posted this so I guess this would fall under MY opinion and what I think is a "real" conversation...lol i think the general population here understood by real conversation it meant something mentally stimulating and way deeper than surface bs like "wyd, when ima see you, send me pic" etc...things that really don't tell you anything important about a person or allow you to get to know them outside of Id like to get to "physically" get to know you realm...you're missing the entire point of the post...its pushing ppl to actually have mentally stimulating dialog in a conversation.
_keengme : 👏👏👏👌
kevinclaiborne : Overlooked & underused skill. 🙏
fcky0ul1ghtenup : The lost craft of verbal engagement..truly the most stimulating thing two people can have. It carries with you long after it's over. Often times it's something you'll never forget. Especially in a generation that doesn't pride itself on face to face mental sparring. #Ashallowmindisawasteofabody
restoredprodigal : 🙌 Give me a convo that'll sink deep and have me thinking when it's done, that's the convo I'd want.
ohi_imsymone - boobie_bk - stephbee26 - kenyamona -
missodessa - missodessa
praise men that paint & look good while doing so @thejonmoody 🙌 whoever I marry better be open to shirtless painting lessons or no deal 😌
yourwelcome -
ash.leexo : Lawd have mercy... 😍😍😩
missray___ : Omg, another one @mercedes2685
faystar : hahaha. yall could paint together. #justsayin
jesuisjeniece : @wildsoulart
fxckbria : @mojolalala
carlingjacksonart : Amen girl lol
goldenlady__ : @forbiddenfruit_17_
reneechipsahoy : ❤️❤️❤️👏
___10k - mollymusevere - justme_al - callmechizaram -
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