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mini_logo - Militant MiniLogo
#fbf My boss rips!!!! 1989, backyard #DIY mini ramp, PVC coping, Kaua'i. EPIC. #militantcrew #militantminilogo #militantmovement
militantminilogo - militantcrew - fbf - diy - militantmovement -
opieskate : Sick!!!
___manny___ - jacksonpowers02 - liljay514 - taufffik -
mini_logo - Militant MiniLogo
#tbt to an @asklongbeach contest at the end of last summer when #officialmilitants @mikey_militant_1 @militant_23 and @micaiahjanbo welcomed new official militant @dyk_jonathan to the ranks! It was a good day for the #militantcrew!
militantcrew - tbt - officialmilitants -
mastershakejunt : One #militant lookin crew!
jayjenkins._ : Hell yea @dyk_jonathan
dyk_drew : @ @dyk_jonathan #squad keep it up bro
deshawnbrown_ : Hell yeah @dyk_jonathan
dr.jcr : I remember this day like if it was yesterday. @dyk_jonathan πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
micaiahjanbo : A good day, indeed! @dyk_jonathan @mini_logo
mikey_militant_1 : A very good day with the crew! @mini_logo @dyk_jonathan @micaiahjanbo @militant_23
tercero_ : @dyk_jonathan aye I see you πŸ‘
jacksonpowers02 - skaterboiipeyton - joshuagenito - liljay514 -
mini_logo - Militant MiniLogo
#giaw #giveitawaywednesday is back! #jerseymike has 3 sets of #Ccut #minilogowheels to give away! Today's question: if you could add a new color to the #minilogowheels line, what color would it be? Post ur answer in the comments...#jerseymike will be picking winners throughout the day!!
ccut - minilogowheels - jerseymike - giveitawaywednesday - giaw -
artbysmooney : Neon yellow would be sick
artbysmooney : I think that the clear formula was the only wheel that I never flat spotted Gershon Mosley hook me a set at skate street when I was a young kid
drumrobby94 : @mini_logo Yeah i feel you
jiachens_instagram : Colored a cut wheels
brandon_bonerface_ : A deep purple would be epic
jeremiya726 : Yelp would be amazing
artbysmooney : Turquoise A cuts would so sick
leonardovalentinorivera : Green white and red
gustavo_mcl - zijiantng - joe_621 - jswitz_ -
mini_logo - Militant MiniLogo
#minilogobearings are #skaterated and produced by skateboardings #1 bearing manufacturer in the world. Hmmm...I wonder who that is? #militantcrew #militantminilogo #militantmovement #militage #121314
minilogobearings - militantminilogo - militage - giaw - militantcrew - 1 - 121314 - skaterated - militantmovement -
billminton : Hey #jerseymike shoot me an email when you can we haven't talked in a while. I'm not an #officialmilitant but I'm officially Militant and have been on board since the start. Stay Militant kids...Skate or Conform !!
mini_logo : just hit you up @billminton
opieskate : Fast as hell man..
l.b.323 : Bones bearings duuuh😁
mini_logo : @l.b.323 yup yup!
l.b.323 : Is there a #giaw this week?
l.b.323 : I honestly just like to see products lol, I'm probably not gonna win it.
mini_logo : #giaw is happening...stay tuned @l.b.323
real_jonny_100 - murray_baseball_47 - rustyrobot13 - samuellm2 -
mini_logo - Militant MiniLogo
#officialmilitant @cody_clayton_ rides the #838 #minilogotrucks...what do u ride?!? Mean Crail at @skateparkofgreenville!
838 - minilogotrucks - officialmilitant -
mini_logo : @filip.kosic right on and thank you for the love, support and amazing words about #minilogotrucks!
opieskate : Been skating my pair for 6 months. Fell in love after a few days. Definitely picking up another pair when needed. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
mini_logo : YOU THE MAN @opieskate !!!
rjpolzin : How are the bushings? Whenever I buy Indy's I have to throw in Bones Bushings because the Indy standards are hard and squeaky.
mini_logo : @rjpolzin the bushing are a Medium 91a and are full urethane. they are lively, have great rebound and are super fun! Have to admit though, The BONES Bushings are hands down the BEST on the market. They are amazing and once you have had a set, you can never go back!
billminton : I thought the Bones bushings were just another "tech" gimmick like the carbon,Kevlar,and hollow core boards that are supposed to be stronger,more responsive,and longer lasting. Most aren't and some flat suck,but I tried the Bones bushings and they are the best bushings ever made. Every set of trucks I've bought for 3years has had Bones put in them,its hard to explain if you haven't tried them but you can have tight trucks that are super responsive like a set of really loose trucks without the wobble. I use the mediums on 8" boards and the hard for 8.5" boards. The soft are good for narrow boards or really light skaters like kids. The Mini-Logo trucks have a curved hanger that really helps lock into grinds.
rjpolzin : Yah, to date, when I buy trucks, I automatically buy additional bushings. I will check out the MLs. I have to confront some of the folks I ride with riding ACEs. So hope to turn some heads.
mini_logo : @rjpolzin ACE trucks are rad too...but Mini Logo's are just as rad! THNX!!
militant_23 - thisboyisthelimit - drobertson730 - schuermio -
mini_logo - Militant MiniLogo
What fun we will have! #militantcrew #militantminilogo #militantmovement
militantminilogo - militantmovement - militantcrew -
bear_mode : 😍
chad_the_bro : Oooooo πŸ‘Œ
jasonbergg : @mini_logo best place/skate spot ever πŸ‘
mckaden_burton - jamiie_steven - bsideboardshop - profile1.3 -
mini_logo - Militant MiniLogo
neverforget -
phillipfreegard : πŸ™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
_whitedust : I love yalls boards keep up the good work
mini_logo : @_whitedust THNX! Look out for new shapes, concave and sizes coming in 2015!
_whitedust : I'll make sure I get my hands on one! @mini_logo
alfredo_sk8 - estltmora - nigamiguel - koolhippieskate -
mini_logo - Militant MiniLogo
#giaw #giveitawaywednesday is back! #jerseymike has 2 decks and 2 custom pieces of #miltage #121314 #minilogogriptape to give away today! Today's Question: what is your favorite skate shoe company and why? Leave ur answer in the comments. #jerseymike will be picking 2 lucky winners later today!
miltage - jerseymike - giveitawaywednesday - 121314 - minilogogriptape - giaw -
jharris570 : @hufworldwide they have super durable shoes and they aren't completely flat like vans and other regular skate shoes
mini_logo : @pumpkinking74 YES! Someone finally brought up Half Cabs! Nice work @pumpkinking74 you are the second adn final winner! Look for a DM from #jerseymike so he can send you your winnings.
mini_logo : Today's #giveitawaywednesday #giaw is now closed! @zac_votruba and @pumpkinking74 are today's big winners! Stay tuned for next weeks #giaw
desolationjoncarr98 : @nikesb there amazing to skate and feel good on the board :D
opieskate : Damn, missed out. Thanks school. Lol
skating_for_apples : Emerica...skated them for four months and they are still going
nickyrattana : Probably would have to be Lakai or Emerica, because I feel like they actually care about skateboarding, unlike Nike SB and Addidas who are just in the skate industry for the money.
homeh_ca : Vans because they rule and grippy
koolhippieskate - urquizaalex_ - dyk_jonathan - profile1.3 -
mini_logo - Militant MiniLogo
New #militage montage dropping #121314...new montage needs a new stencil! Might have to give a deck or 2 away tomorrow for #giaw #giveitawaywednesday so #jerseymike can get some of the grip out there! Stay tuned...
121314 - jerseymike - militage - giaw - giveitawaywednesday -
jor_d3n : Fuuuuck @keven_mejia lets film my hitta
mini_logo : Yeah @stanky_toes get keven_mejia to get some clips! HAHHAHA!
keven_mejia : You know it @stanky_toes @mini_logo πŸ‘‹πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜Ž
sk8king1030 : So sick guys! I was thinking about making a Mini logo stencil! πŸ‘Œ
l.b.323 - ___manny___ - josevelizvalencia - opieskate -
mini_logo - Militant MiniLogo
#minilogowheels up next for a photo shoot thnx to #skateone photog and all around AWSOME person @dsherlock!!! Thnxgiving for making it all look so good! #militantcrew #militantminilogo #militantmovement
minilogowheels - skateone - militantminilogo - militantcrew - officialmilitant - militantmovement -
mini_logo : DO IT @lightsaberdick !
elshreddador : @mini_logo if I send some gnarley footage you down to toss me a pair of wheels?
lightsaberdick : Also thanks you for the box!! Really appreciate it!
mini_logo : what do you consider "gnarly footage" @elshreddador?
elshreddador : Handrails,stairs,gaps, anything that's footy worthy @mini_logo
mini_logo : dm some footage @elshreddador
paper_j : Sick!
dsherlock : Aw shucks, jerz! Thanks!
koolhippieskate - echono - _jordanfarmer_ - profile1.3 -
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