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I like rocks, especially ones I can climb.
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Another amazing day at Smith Rocks! Great to see @jensholsten back on the rock and sending one of the best 5.12's around.
swbike : @emerson_o111 @patrick_mahler @budbangle @tristan_nissen
kiraaarae : @taylaflava @shmckenz this is part of the Oregon trip
pulling_down : @jennypenear <3
coleyork : @nadhermisad
the_gunflint : Catalyst! Damn good, eh!
williamcweaver : @mikeylikesrocks I emailed you, if you can respond at your earliest that would be great.!
becausebri : Amazing and scary :)
dylanhaskin : Just watched your film on Vimeo - inspired man! So cool :)
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Come join @jercollins_com, @jamesqmartin and me at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon tonight for a screening of Drawn as well as the premier of @jercollins_com book. The movie and book are from Jer's travels to the four corners of the world where he's found adventure and inspiration. I happened to be along for the ride on one of those trips! Doors open at 6:30. Show at 7:30.
native_sun : @coopersanford
lisatwight : You should go see this @no_limitsfitness. This guy is amazing.
no_limitsfitness : @lisatwight thank you! We're heading@back from the beach and hoping to make this!
sgambin0 : @coloredtights
bigboiclimbs : Awesome show, great to meet you @mikeylikesrocks!
jshaith : @mm.lush hair-root inspiration
mm.lush : @jshaith :)
ideatika : @bidartean
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
After months of waiting and years of work FORCE is finally live online. Thanks to everyone that pitched in to make it happen. Without the amazing community of climbers down in Patagonia the story just wouldn't be the same. Huge thanks to @FitzCahall and @BeccaCahall for the pushing, prodding and having the vision to tell the story. And of course @AidanHaley, Jen and the rest of the crew at @DuctTapeThenBeer for actually making a movie people want to watch. And a final thanks to all the great people at @Patagonia that have provided support, encouragement and have helped me follow my dreams. Go check out the link in my profile to watch the full film on @Vimeo (which happens to be a staff pick!) or go to https://vimeo.com/121378956
dtshuey : Watched it a few times already and totally enjoyed the adventures each time. Congrats on your commitment to the project and due success!
blowfishh : Couple more days at rock spot, this is us. @readmckendree
ic_adventures : Just watched the film, well done ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Congratulations on your accomplishment โœŒ
adritemuerde : Loved it Mikey! Sometimes rappelling in the alpine makes me wish I'd stayed in La Choco ...
zekikoen : @stefanokaslowski
tamis0830 : Loved it! Very inspiring.
jeffreyjeffuhfaajeffyjefferson : Watched this the other day, thoroughly enjoyed it
brian_teague : @katelynnlaws this is gonna be me
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Fun mini vacation down to the Sierra east side with @shanjean. Though we didn't climb as many mountains as we'd hoped we did tick a few local classics. Like this one on Cardinal Pinnacle.
aidanhaley : Yar the mighty Prow!
paisleyanneyoga : Such great rock!
ryancappakelly : Awesome position. I wonder if you could shot an amazing photo of someone sending the Prow with your skills @mikeylikesrocks it would be fine art
jasonctak : @mikeylikesrocks awesome photos!!! What kind of cameras do you use?
alisonmc1000 : @j__lark Patagonia badass
deadcrowm : @sea_atche I think you know where this is :)
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Should the mustache stay? Or should it go?
j_kail : Don't touch it!
clmiller3 : @mikeylikesrocks spence says it needs to stay.
denemiles : Stay!
arturez_ : Stay
mattvanbiene : You look like a cop!
ericgeorgethompson : Gonna start a forest fire with that shit be careful bro @mikeylikesrocks
crisair_ : STAY, for sure
julezzbrown : I like it!
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
An endless supply of adventure! #vidapatagonia
vidapatagonia -
markbgriffith : PS. @mikeylikesrocks have you picked up SonyA7?
h.hsimages : Epic
barisonzi : Great pov
dreamscvpe : @98wanderer
michbaela : @bodybygerg
jeremiedupont : @mikeylikesrocks just watched force online, very inspiring, love your work! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘โœŒ๏ธ
_csimon_ : Your video, Force is incredible!!! Everyone truly does have a passion, and exploration runs through our blood! Well done! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ @mikeylikesrocks
patrickhbates : This is one of the best shots ever of this area and force is on par @mikeylikesrocks
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
"A shriek turned to stone" - Reinhold Messner @patagonia #vidapatagonia #mountains
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sparks_kyle : I saw the come across Jane's desk last week, great shot @mikeylikesrocks !
ursus_maritimus_ : Wow! Amazing shot @mikeylikesrocks
claralangbehn : Amazing
johnjmcmullen : Looks wonderful ... From my cozy office chair in Yosemite. ๐ŸŒฒ๐Ÿ˜œ๐ŸŒฒ
jareyn : @nreynold
cowboytearz : @mwoollard
mwoollard : @mrmeaugie oh man...Patagonia being beautiful is definitely a good reason to want to go.
ouropenroad : Wondered what it looked like on the other side! These photos are incredible!
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
I’ve got a lot of goals and dreams down here in Patagonia.  Some will get realized and some will just remain dreams.  But after a few years of talk and planning I managed to check off a huge dream and that was to fly around the Chaltén massif and take some pics.  Truly an incredible experience to see these mountains from the sky.  Big thanks to my good friend @rolo_garibotti for all the help with the logistics and accompanying me on the flight. @patagonia #vidapatagonia
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colinhaley1 : Nice picture, hombre! By the way, I'm pretty confident that this photo was taken from above 11,000 ft... @mikeylikesrocks
mikeylikesrocks : @colinhaley1 maybe the planes altimeter was wrong. I never saw us get above 10.2k
martincguevara : @angelesholmberg @calmlikeyou El pibe de hoy.-
twiggy8113 : @dybzpics & this day ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘
olivia.sarabia : Mira pa q lo sigas @bi_anc
adritemuerde : @mikeylikesrocks Is it even possible to fly over the massif in less than perfect conditions?
irenki : Wooow.. what a view!!! Absolutely fantastic!! โ™ก
morevegemoresexy : @morevegiemoresexy
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
A view from the best seat in the house. #vidapatagonia
vidapatagonia -
mattrunsvira : @danikaberman ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ™Œ
danikaberman : That's so cool @mattrunsvira
hydroflask : Epic! @mikeylikesrocks
cameratalk415 : Hey @mikeylikesrocks ! Shaun and I would love to come see you with @allen_leber if you are back soon !! I think he mentioned in march some time to shaun . :) keep us posted so we can finally make it out ! :)
sol_delsur : Yes! La chocolatería! I want an alfajor right now
michbaela : @bodybygerg
fiti14 : @mikeylikesrocks congratulations for your film Force, incredible!!
qtzmznt : Me encanta la chocolateria y Chalten!
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
@oceangoingmonkey riding the high seas of the Granite Ocean. #vidapatagonia
vidapatagonia -
willmasterman : You must feel very lucky to be able to climb thise mountains @mikeylikesrocks
ctriebels : So good man๐Ÿ™Œ @mikeylikesrocks
miahwatt : That's a beauty!
vuoriclothing : Love it
allen_leber : When are you coming back? Be safe little buddy!!!
jongleason : What a great view of the Fitz!
mskala23 : exhilirating feed @mikeylikesrocks
tessa8park : @ctlangston
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