Mikey Schaefer

I like rocks, especially ones I can climb.
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
"This sure is runout! Whoever put this route up should've put more bolts in!" Thats what I kept saying a couple days ago while re-climbing Border Country, a route on Middle Cathedral that I actually put up in '09 with @jercollins_com and Dana "Maddog" Drummond. I just don't remember it being so scary up there! Had a fun day shooting a couple days ago with @jercollins_com and @jamesqmartin for Jer's upcoming movie Drawn. Can't wait to see the film this fall. #drawnthemovie {photo by @jamesqmartin }
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mondo71 : @champagne_ray_ray
therealwilsont : So Good!
elevationout : Great photo! You should enter some of your pictures into our #instagramcontest!
jakemartin : Yeah mikey, you're #stillabigdeal
kellyeaevans : @brooksbrando I wanna go back
jakesmade : @mas_boos @wilson_seeds
mdre92 : Done that to myself too Mikey, classic!
maxybuschy21 : Awesome pic!
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
#yosemite #ElCapStagram #feelinglikeahumanpinball #TravelTravelTravel
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ryancappakelly : great perspective on El Cap
aidanhaley : Hashtags huh? @ducttapethenbeer
mikeylikesrocks : @aidanhaley does that view really need a caption? And shouldn't you be busy right now...
ditonto : @mattkline33 i miss it. Sorta.
oceangoingmonkey : #intheHouse!<(")
bravedave11 : Tutokanula!!!!! So if you're a pinball Mikey that means you've been in the super bonus round for years. Just saying
kt_campbell_ : @dmlovinger
j_shea24 : @georgekidd Yosemite
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
And sometimes you just find yourself in New York in a gigantic half buried Wiffle ball looking up at the world... My life can be pretty random.
badnewsbecca : Is that #BuckminsterFuller?!?!
pilotcomposer : A Dahli Lama quote here seems most appropriate. πŸ˜„
josh_a_cohen : For P p?
jimmy_chin : And sometimes you find yourself at your second wedding in one year....!
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Somehow @colinhaley1 and I managed to climbed the wrong route on Mount Macdonald but our consolation route was still pretty fun. 7 pitches or so of decent 5.10 A0 followed by over 2k of perfect ridge climbing. #betterthanbeingstuckintheSaltPalace
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princess_makiko : So cool!!
bpteamwork : Wow!
s1ach0r1 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
s1ach0r1 : @colinhaley1πŸ‘πŸ‘
nanmeng7 : cook
nanmeng7 : cool
sol_delsur : Awesome to see your traveling/climbing pictures Mikey, you're an inspiration! Hope you've been doing well and I miss all the cumbia dance parties in Patagonia
acforddd : @marissagkennedy @emilyabryan
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
"The lower pitches of the headwall provide some spooky, unprotected and exposed climbing that provides a substantial cerebral exercise... These three pitches offer largely unprotected 5.10 on delicate loose ground. Furthermore, belays are poor to non-existent, all-in-all making this section a true test of nerve and ability..." A quote from the route description for the North East ridge of Mt. Alberta. I'm not sure it was bad as the description made it sound but my brain is certainly a bit tired after climbing nearly 3,000 ft of loose limestone choss. Summiting Mt Alberta and getting such an incredible view of the North Twin and Mt Columbia certainly made it all worth it. Thanks for the good day @Colinhaley1 and for not dropping any rocks on me.
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chookahen : @geoffrey_bowden
gav_smith01 : @chookahen πŸ‘
jlotz : @cjunrun #realdeal
cjunrun : @jlotz been to Banff and Jasper as a kid. Went up to Alberta recently for work but didn't make it into the mountains. Those Canadian Rockies get real cold...
koshelev_v : @go_hiyama
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Pretty excited that I got to share a day on the rock with @arnaudpetit_climb. He is a true #legend of climbing. From World Cup championships, to big walls all over the world and to his local crag of Ceuse this guy has done so much for the sport. Hope I get to rope up with Arnaud more times in the future. @Patagonia
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smithmier : @naygul
naygul : @smithmier is this u @ the cave?
adventurefilmschool : Hawt!
mike_cassell : Let's do this em @emineocak_
emineocak_ : You want to do this ?? @mike_cassell
mike_cassell : Um yes I can @emineocak_
beargryllsfans : @BearGryllls
beargryllsfans : Wow
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Boom!... is pretty much all Alex Megos said after sending Biographie (5.15a). And nothing more really needed to be said. #Boom #AlexMegos @Patagonia
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_ha_vee_air_ : How much for a print???? @mikeylikesrocks
danimal81892 : @mlloyd8
globalyodel : Amazing
vashonkitty : Holy F-ing cow! Wow.
swonkadonk : @codybello_ like no.
codybello_ : @swonkadonk why
jjluna_ : @aaronharoldhenry
tamis0830 : Wow
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
There is just something so subtle and yet so sublime about the French countryside. I can see spending a lot more time here.
globalyodel : Looks amazing
ianburtoncamera : If you like France, you'll love Yorkshire, we've just gone all Oh La La this weekend for the Grand Depart of the le tour du France. We are all French here now :)
hannahvana : @coolcatpete
me_fernweh16 : So much of Europe looks like this. I'm in Germany and this is what I see outside my window. Except for missing my family, there's absolutely no reason to want to leave. β€οΈπŸŒ³πŸŒ²πŸƒπŸŒΏ
tobybutterfield : You run into @eschnep yet? @mikeylikesrocks
theleogeo : @polly_magoo11
freddiewilkinson : Indeed!
bravedave11 : Very jealous Mikey!! You're so popular with your pics too. Miss you buddy
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
I've heard about the Grand Capucin for a long time. Fun to finally go check it out with @tommycaldwell and Sonnie Trotter. Tommy managed to send the hard pitches of the Voie Petit (5.13+) but unfortunately we ran out of sunlight before we reached the top. Great route by @arnaudpetit_climb
crookedelbow : Your shots with @tommycaldwell recently have been incredible! Keep killing it! @mikeylikesrocks
johnjmcmullen : Groovy! ;-)
dickeyphoto : Rad!
arnaudpetit_climb : Thanks @mikeylikesrocks ! Looks like you had a great day !
maxhasson : Loving the #europeanvacation @mikeylikesrocks
maurice_brown : Calf's hurt just looking at it.
mikeylikesrocks : @maurice_brown it's not harder then sunshine dihedral
aziakou : @yo.han
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Had another absolutely magical day up at the Wendenstöcke with @tommycaldwell and crew. Words can't describe this pitch.
joeriis : Incredible
joey_kinder : Cooooool!!!!
joey_kinder : Hey Mikey this is such a great shot. Is there anyway I could buy this in a print from you?
loganallred22 : @tobyallred
masteroliverclegg : @natchamb
archimisio : Wow. @camilaluana13 @pepoune77
natchamb : @masteroliverclegg holycrap
donofhern : One of the best climbing shots of the year.
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