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I like rocks, especially big ones I can climb. Climber, Photographer and Contributor for @patagonia @patagonia_climb and @natgeoadventure
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
We didn't get to climb much during our week long trip to the Adamants but what we did climb was some of the best I've ever seen. @shanjean @sprucelee01 @annegilbertchase @patagonia_climb
guidiary : Stunning!
ppdebalancan : Fantastic!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ“·
msonneby : @hopeboydd
tarebear22 : @j_wiggles_
nevadasilverdove : Hey Mikey, the jacket you left for at Smithrock Park, has been tuned up. Ready to send back so it can continue climbing rocks and stuff. Thanx for the sewing challenge. ☺️
aidanhaley : Too many steak dinners.
mikeylikesrocks : @aidanhaley so many steak dinners!!!
shanjean : And then there were the steak breakfasts πŸ–. @mikeylikesrocks @aidanhaley
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Back of the Lake.
eiacono5 : @jessilp_
jaredwood : @kenziemwood check it out.
christineswanner : @f3r3a3n3c3i3s
brittany_griffith : @mikeylikesrocks good choice!
kveds : @riruns
solsoleilsun : @sonielschaefer @nancinahir
willclimb4pants : This is gorgeous. Wow!
willclimb4pants : What climbs are these? I think I'll be there later this summer @mikeylikesrocks
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
I had no idea that limestone could look like this! Definitely some of the coolest rock I've ever climbed on and it's in the middle of nowhere Montana. Thanks @lornaki for the motivation and @sprucelee01 for the good company.
kephoto : One of the best kept secrets in the state.
nicole_meridiem : Whaaaaat that's dope !
jentronics : Roadtrip @mcchasem
kate_mke : @bigboiclimbs check out this rock!!
bigboiclimbs : @kate_mke I know!!!!! It's crazy!
codyalanadams : @adventurtleman @chrisdanco @where_is_goliath @hobospey
mcchasem : I want it now @jentronics
adventurtleman : Yeah!! @codyalanadams
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
I just managed to pull off what maybe the first 4 day linkup of Prusik Peak and the Grand Teton. Doubt anyone else has been stupid enough to drive and hike so far in 4 days. Thanks @lornaki the fun day up there! @patagonia_climb
etchd : Sick
schoolfoodtour : @mikeylikesrocks - Are you still in Jackson? Would love to catch up if you have time!
mikeylikesrocks : @schoolfoodtour unfortunately not. Off to Lander. Hope you are well!
kylushart : @jbewilkes
jaredgonewild : @jaredgonewild
zacandzac_explore : Truly Epic! Great capture sir.
brendonkahnphoto : Awesome Mikey @mikeylikesrocks
andshesdopetoo : May we feature some of your awesome captures? @mikeylikesrocks
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
I didn't get to see any real fireworks this weekend but the alpine solar flare high up on the south face of Prusik Peak sure made up for that. Another fun weekend up in the Cascades trying to beat the heat (which we failed to do) with @shanjean and @cbaileyspeed #alpinefireworks @patagonia_climb
alpinefireworks -
villekasper1 : Awesome looking climb!
fitzcahall : Did you have a look?
mikeylikesrocks : @fitzcahall it's hard to really get a good look at that thing. Be a long walk for a project!
fitzcahall : @mikeylikesrocks yes. So long.
sierrasnaps : Appears you had your own firework
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Fun times with @shanjean and @aidanhaley on the ultra classic North Ridge of Mt. Stuart this weekend. Legs are feeling tired this morning. @patagonia_climb
jryanwalker : @connorcargill let's go
cam_ostman : @_chabot_
jbenson45 : @watsonwilliamb when?
atdrew09 : @frank.velez
_chabot_ : @cam_ostman πŸ‘
oceangoingmonkey : Sweet
aidanhaley : I was channeling you @oceangoingmonkey up there! It was a dream come true, 15 years in the making! You should come up to PNW soon man!
maximejotterand : @kimibidoum
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
#traditional protection on Middle Cathedral.
traditional -
dannyamericuh : @cjpiechowski
shanjean : I like this one!!
pompey31 : I wouldn't pit on this to save a fall!!
creaturemachine : I've clipped worse.
maurice_brown : Bronze age
aaronharoldhenry : @jdemp90
hoppinh : Hey friend...long time! Saw you in my mail the other day! 😊 fun to see what you are doing these days! Little different from the work you and I use to do together. No more paper cuts but I'm sure your hands may still burn sometimes. πŸ˜‰ Amazing photos, too! You are quite talented! Next time you're in Colorado I want to climb with you!
damntorian : Was this with art?
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
It's been almost 3 years since I've really climbed in Yosemite. My last project took its toll on me. I'd given it my all up there and barely made it through. I wasn't sure how long it would take for the hunger and desire to come back for another big project. But now that I'm here I'm pretty sure my appetite is back. #stayhungry #supermegaproj
stayhungry - supermegaproj -
james_lucas : #newhashtag
lrandz : @erin.messi this will be your work place next week!
erin.messi : @lrandz I really can't believe it!
allen_leber : Get it!!!!!!
vlad_sofiyev : I hope you found some shoes for your proj. Good luck!
maurice_brown : Growl growl
jamesqmartin : Welcome home πŸŒ„
jenshultz : Yes!!!
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
The Needles were just meant to be climbed! @patagonia_climb
thetropicalviking : @afallden hittar din husbil hit?
loucerutti : @ramcamjam
ramcamjam : @loucerutti let's take a couple days off to do this soon
downclimb : So true man. So true...
ottley : @jameswymanterrell @dustinsmucker @ropeandsaw @cudavid9 could be good
afallden : @thetropicalviking haha, helt klart, men den vill inte åka över haven än! :-)
mpamer : @banjobrad look at this, dude
therealcandillo : @austinlorehn we need to go here stat
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
@sambpiper managed to keep his ankles and his cool on the notoriously tricky and thin 5.11+ Ankles Away. This maybe some of the best stone I've ever seen. #lookgoodclimbgood @patagonia_climb
lookgoodclimbgood -
clayusinger : Yeap pipe. Amazing pitch
fitzcahall : And Atlantis. Don Juan? Good trip guys.
mikeylikesrocks : @fitzcahall βœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
cedarwright : Pretty!
townsendb : Oh yeah. That one is awesome!
james_lucas : And almost pyromania
braiden.chadd : @thecanadianryan
n8myton : @samandree I need you to come climb at the Needles with me
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