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I like rocks, especially big ones I can climb. Climber, Photographer and Contributor for @patagonia @patagonia_climb and @natgeoadventure
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
I finally managed to land my big fish out at Trout Creek. It took over 40 tries during a two and half year period to reel in. Really happy to have this one finished. It's called Shusháynsh (pronounced: shoe-shine-sh), which is the native Sahaptin word for Steelhead. Hard to say where the grade is gonna land but probably somewhere near 5.13+. Thanks to everyone that rallied out to Trout to give me catches! And thanks for the great day @shanjean. Photo: @ianyurdin
wfoxbluff : So psyched for you and to have such a rad line added to the crag!
hojat.molaei : @mahgolb_96
mahgolb_96 : @hojat.molaei che khube 😬😬👍👍👍
emily_climbs : @fulghamjeffrey
jamesqmartin : @mikeylikesrocks nice dude, huge congrats❗️
ad_van_ture_bum : @caveman_tuble
willstanhope : Wowzers that looks stellar @mikeylikesrocks , nice job dude!
pvintoniv : Nice work! @mikeylikesrocks Is it too cold there in Feb?
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Last week after topping out on El Cap I gotta show @shanjean one of the most amazing trees on the earth. I've hung out underneath this trees many times in my life and it always brings me happiness. But this time I was actually a bit sad. Underneath this amazing tree was some trash. And then underneath the boulders just a few meters away there was more trash. And pretty much everywhere I looked on top of el cap there was trash. Stashed gear, old water bottles, sleeping pads, fire rings and rock houses. And then on El Cap there is all the fixed rope, stashed haulbags and all the new convenience bolts. It looked awful up there and really quite sad. This trash wasn't left by "tourists" this trash was left by climbers. Yosemite was once home to strong ethics and good morals but in my opinion that is slowly eroding to a place where climbers think it is their right to climb on the walls and do whatever they want and however they want. The lack of respect for El Cap and all of Yosemite these days is astonishing. I think a serious discussion needs to happen about the future of El Cap and the responsibility that goes along with climbing it. We need to do better as a user group to police ourselves before that isn't even an option. El Cap is not some shitty sport climbing crag and shouldn't be treated like it anymore. #rantagram
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velodirt : @littlepackage
littlepackage : @velodirt I feel nauseous again.
jabegg : Hey hey @mikeylikesrocks! I'm coming down to Smith for the next week with Mr. Woodward joining as well. Any chance I could sleep in the van at your house? Monday & Tuesday.
vlad_sofiyev : Trash and rampant retrobolting is a big problem in Yosemite right now as it's getting more attention and getting more commercialized. Thanks for bringing it up!
jeantucky : Yep. Thanks for sharing this Mikey. The trash is really disturbing and just one month after facelift too. Climbing ethic has changed all around. There are tick marks on higher cathedral spire route that was the first big climbing route put up in 1934.. Disgusting to see someone put ticks on a 5.9 that was put up on nails, pitons, boots, bowline tied around the waist and just pure desire.
andrewbisharat : The state of climbing is getting worse and worse. Thanks for this post
ljsauter : Nice follow through! ;)
terra.incognita.magazine : I agree and thank you for sharing your thoughts. However, I think even shitty sport climbing crags deserve respect and care too.
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Happy to be back on the ground after spending 6 days toiling up on El Cap with @shanjean. We tried a 37 pitch 5.13a called Golden Gate. Really proud of @shanjean for climbing El cap for her first time and without having to use jumars or aiders! @patagonia_climb @metoliusclimbing @petzl_official
benjaminbditto : @mikeylikesrocks I'd like to see your beta for the move! 😀
katiebirdlambert : Me too!
sierrasnaps : Nice job Mikie & SJ!!!
tviv212 : @wilsonforealson @jordanherigstad @the_dirtyd_209
hippocindyo : Rad @shanjean !! That's my dream :)
jeantucky : Yeeehaw Mikey & SJ! Superstars!
mikeylikesrocks : @benjaminbditto @katiebirdlambert I only did the move once, the beta that worked better was to just grab the draw!
benjaminbditto : @mikeylikesrocks glad you figured it out!
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
From El Cap meadow a few nights ago.
vashonkitty : Beautiful photo Mikey - beautiful!
yoesassegaf : Jgn mikir duet lok @hendra_hadikusuma & @rahma.diah , niat-rencana-usaha-akhirnya bisa.
aressssss : 😮
sephiroth_zhang : 👣
jimmyiswright : I know you probably don't reply here often, but.. I'm having second carreer goal thoughts and I admire your lifestyle. How did you become what you are?
jeantucky : Thinkin of you up there on GG!
janetty.nh : We saw your movie at Mountainfilm in Portland tonight. Nice work!
away2be : Amazing picture and feed!!
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Sports climbing.
mplong.adventures : Yyiiihhoouuu !
furt24 : SPORTS!
thewrightestkid : Sports whippers
andrew_burr : Sports action
tarareynvaan : Snailhouse 🐌
alaskafunman : Go local sports team 👍🏾
chrisoliphant : gooooooo team
theadventurecraze : Wow great shot!
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Bivis don't get much better than this. @patagonia_climb #MotherEarth
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ch_breezy : @corey_wellik I know I died..
the_hoarding_marmot : Middle Mikey Rock!
alyssaholton : @mmenger2 there at the same time!
bryguy27007 : @bikelove
romulusxvi : @mrkbrnblm this weekend
james_lucas : I hope you did some top stepping!
uniqueworld : like it
best.mountain.artists : 😊👍
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
@alxlwthr is learning to embrace the funky alpine 5.9!
jabegg : Saw your van up there yesterday!
mikeylikesrocks : @jabegg I should be up there a lot in the next week. Are you around?
jabegg : @mikeylikesrocks I'm in Leavenworth but working all this next week. Later in September if you want some company on Liberty Bell let me know! ;)
l_meng_ : 💫:) @the_invincible_king_xuan__☕️nice!
themuirheadlife : man you guys how do I do this stuff? I'm stuck in my life here in Georgia, can I go on a trip with you all? I'm anxious to get out and discover my biggest dreams and fears
shangjiaji : 👍 @iimjoyceee_ 😀
shelmatic : Hi @mikeylikesrocks 👋🏼
soapwalla : @71books!
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Finally got to go shoot with my new @Sony A7rII. So impressed with this camera. Focus speeds are awesome as well as overall image quality. It's gonna be a great camera to drag into the mountains and up big walls! Thanks @shanjean and @alxlwthr for a fun day of cold weather climbing up on Liberty Bell. #A7RII @patagonia_climb
a7rii -
brettpurchase : What are the conditions like up there ? @mikeylikesrocks
mikeylikesrocks : @brettpurchase it's been a bit cold but the rest of the week should be perfect.
allen_leber : Nice!
sparks_kyle : @mikeylikesrocks really like this shot
ibexdude : Nice, how's the video on the A7RII?
starvationalley : Get it @shanjean! beauty and a beast!
thewebtrain : Nice work SJ! That shit is hard! This photo inspires for sure
lanabury : An amazing woman @shanjean is. I'm glad to have finally met you too @mikeylikesrocks!
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Just finished a few fun days of shooting with @dpreview and director @beckergram for an upcoming review video of the @canonusa 5DS R. The camera was a mega pixel beast! It was also great to be home for a few days and shoot in my backyard, Smith Rock. And thanks to my friends @grantortman @allimmmiles @vburdie and @matt_likes_sunsets for being great models.
hollyday91 : @a_kipp I think you're right! That's awesome thanks!
jamesqmartin : Nice one! @mikeylikesrocks
alchamyyy : @kpruet1 bucket list
paparoxxy : @tripleg_44
kelseyseeks : Nice! Climbing Trout today if you're around.
elizmaness : @willyermal I think this guy is your soulmate...bio and all
danielle.strinko : 👌
icetbag : @mikeylikesrocks pretty sure I saw you at the morning glory wall. Way to get after it!
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Bored on a Sunday afternoon? And want to know why I have two PBRs on my face? Go check out the interview I did with @enormocast to find out. http://enormocast.com/?p=2194 Link also in my profile.
lombardphoto : #enormodome
hammer_toe_ : Great episode!!
a_dici : Solid episode. It was nice to hear you give @enormocast a little shit, and props for the big wall shenanigans.
hayduke : One of the better enormocasts for sure... Thanks for sharing some amazing stories!
rhartegan : One of the top 5 @enormocast episodes! Great to hear you talk story!
whittakeroutdoors : 😂
patrickhbates : ' Just listened to the cast; very good! @mikeylikesrocks . My eyes would ache too if they had to be that close to PBRs!
jlsourbeer : @seanjosef #PBR #classic30shipster
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