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I like rocks, especially ones I can climb. See below for all the beta and a trailer for Force, a film by @DuctTapeThenBeer
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
I'm more use to putting people in the spotlight than having it focused on me but I guess I can only drag my feet for so long until it turns on me. Thanks to @DuctTapeThenBeer for the push to make it happen. I truly am really excited to finally share my story and relationship with one of greatest mountain ranges and climbing areas in the world, Patagonia. This place has had a profound impact on my life and I am thankful for all it has and continues to teach me. Starting next Tuesday I'm going on a world tour presenting Force, a 17 minute film produced by @DuctTapeThenBeer and presented by @Patagonia about the 8 year relationship and 7 Fitzroy massif first ascents I've done. Along with the film I will be sharing some of the most important images and lessons I've learnt while climbing down there. Click on my profile for a direct link to the Force trailer and more info. I hope some of you will be able to join me along the way. Below are some dates and locations. Feathered Friends, Seattle, WA SEP. 16th Patagonia Bend, Sept.17th Patagonia Portland, Sept 18th Patagonia San Francisco, Sept 19th Patagonia Boulder, Sept. 22nd Paragon Sport, NY Sept 23rd Patagonia Meatpacking Sept. 24th Patagonia Boston, Sept 25th Europe dates to come…
gret_huck : So sad it's on Monday in Boulder. We would come any other night. Would live to see it and meet you, Mikey. Josh ' s mom & dad
nickbecerra : Hope to see ya there tomorrow night!
zoestahl : @dorothy_gs @leahstahl @sashastahl @juliestahl3 @elizabethkurnetz
johngateswhiteley : Anything in Texas?
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savannaklimesh : @allyjar this looks so cool!!
mauimeck46 : @mickpur @tshea36 check the NY dates
charles_h_s : @realpetesmith @sesmit01
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
I don't really consider myself a skier and hadn't strapped skis on in years before Chamonix this spring. Let's just say I had a hard time keeping up with @Colinhaley1 who is as passionate about skiing as he is climbing. Thankfully I've never been one to shy away from getting my a$$ kicked and that is exactly what happened. @Patagonia #LeaveItOn #NanoAir
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dickeyphoto : Sounds familiar.
sambpiper : Yes! #instokewetrust
jason_kruk : Yay Mikey
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mikeylikesrocks : @clinter hi!
andrew_marshall : It's good for ya!
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
@Colinhaley1 and were lucky enough to have almost perfect weather during our 5 days of climbing while in Chamonix. It even got warm enough that we were able to checkout some of the fine granite on the south face of Aiguille du Midi. Most of the locals thought we were crazy for going rockclimbing in March but it was dreamy up there. We did a 5.11 route called La Contamine, which shouldn't be missed! @Patagonia #LeaveItOn #NanoAir
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michael_rowley : Crazy is when all the fun happens
akornylak : #acheval like the French do πŸ‘
the_next_step : Several years ago I soloed the Rebuffat route on the Midi - and found myself completely alone on the S face - it was unbelievable!!!
grampahans : Great spread in the new Patagonia catalogue.
tolasenoret : Buena loco!!
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
This is what it looks like inside a small spindrift avalanche.... @Patagonia #LeaveItOn #NanoAir #ExtremeSelfie
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karenbednorz : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜˜
ombeni_kiware : Wooow!!!! Wonderfully picture I like the way you did
ombeni_kiware : And also We are Wait for you are books to Tanzania- East Africa. We are Tour Company registered www.truttourstz.com here we welcome Tour guide and Travel agency to works together
ride69tav : Be careful
stephenbmx1 : always wanted to see
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aryabaim : Amazing !!
desertsolitude : @caradunn620
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Usually the Frendo Spur on the Aiguille du Midi is done in slightly drier conditions but that didn't stop @ColinHaley1 and I from taking quick lap on this ultra classic 1200m line on the North Face. Once you get use to climbing 5.10 cracks covered in snow with ice tools and crampons it actually becomes quite fun. @Patagonia #LeaveItOn #NanoAir
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nhmountainclimber : πŸ‘
saeidezati : Niceee
kferstl : Looks great! Congrats!
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noelhanlon : What's it like before you get used to it???? Just guessing !
jspitzer82 : @mikeylikesrocks are you in Cham now? If so let's meet up for a beer
vashonkitty : You're amazing! Hope all is well and you have plenty of chocolate back at base.
will_lewallen : Been there done that
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Early this spring @Patagonia sent me to Chamonix with the goal of testing out a prototype insulated jacket called the Nano-Air. I test clothing and equipment for them all the time but this mission was slightly different. We were asked to the put the jacket on and leave it on, for 5 days of running around the mountains doing everything from 3000+ foot alpine routes, to ice climbing, to skiing, to rock climbing. So along with @Colinhaley1 thats what we did. At first I was fairly dubious of the idea of wearing one jacket the whole time. No jacket I've ever worn or seen is that versatile. But I gotta say, after wearing the Nano-Air for 5 days of really diverse activities I was super impressed and convinced this jacket can function amazingly well in so many different environments. Though it did get pretty smelly... Over the next few day I finally get to share some of the images from the trip. #LeaveItOn #NanoAir
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gwhoove : @instabostian after you move??
instabostian : @gwhoove would be a bucket list for sure!
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ic_adventures : Great shot! Which mountain was this?
zubterfuge : The resulting ad I saw was really cool and original.
zeidalinares : Stunning shot. Congrats. 🌹🌹🌹
austinrblain : Seriously one day were doing this @bmwedlund
bmwedlund : Agreed. @austinrblain
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
"This sure is runout! Whoever put this route up should've put more bolts in!" Thats what I kept saying a couple days ago while re-climbing Border Country, a route on Middle Cathedral that I actually put up in '09 with @jercollins_com and Dana "Maddog" Drummond. I just don't remember it being so scary up there! Had a fun day shooting a couple days ago with @jercollins_com and @jamesqmartin for Jer's upcoming movie Drawn. Can't wait to see the film this fall. #drawnthemovie {photo by @jamesqmartin }
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mondo71 : @champagne_ray_ray
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elevationout : Great photo! You should enter some of your pictures into our #instagramcontest!
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mdre92 : Done that to myself too Mikey, classic!
maxybuschy21 : Awesome pic!
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
#yosemite #ElCapStagram #feelinglikeahumanpinball #TravelTravelTravel
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ryancappakelly : great perspective on El Cap
aidanhaley : Hashtags huh? @ducttapethenbeer
mikeylikesrocks : @aidanhaley does that view really need a caption? And shouldn't you be busy right now...
ditonto : @mattkline33 i miss it. Sorta.
oceangoingmonkey : #intheHouse!<(")
bravedave11 : Tutokanula!!!!! So if you're a pinball Mikey that means you've been in the super bonus round for years. Just saying
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j_shea24 : @georgekidd Yosemite
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And sometimes you just find yourself in New York in a gigantic half buried Wiffle ball looking up at the world... My life can be pretty random.
badnewsbecca : Is that #BuckminsterFuller?!?!
pilotcomposer : A Dahli Lama quote here seems most appropriate. πŸ˜„
josh_a_cohen : For P p?
jimmy_chin : And sometimes you find yourself at your second wedding in one year....!
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mikeylikesrocks - Mikey Schaefer
Somehow @colinhaley1 and I managed to climbed the wrong route on Mount Macdonald but our consolation route was still pretty fun. 7 pitches or so of decent 5.10 A0 followed by over 2k of perfect ridge climbing. #betterthanbeingstuckintheSaltPalace
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s1ach0r1 : @colinhaley1πŸ‘πŸ‘
nanmeng7 : cook
nanmeng7 : cool
sol_delsur : Awesome to see your traveling/climbing pictures Mikey, you're an inspiration! Hope you've been doing well and I miss all the cumbia dance parties in Patagonia
acforddd : @marissagkennedy @emilyabryan
shannbenntt : This is incredible
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