Mike Dirnt

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mike_dosxx - Mike Dirnt
RedTide! #PhotoTweak #thelastsunsetonearth! @batmansmom @homewithmyinstagram!
phototweak - thelastsunsetonearth -
mariaausilia_ : Wow
melissa_fosho : Can i get a high five mike? βœ‹
mari_greenday : HEY GREEN DAY FANS !! GROUP OF FANS OF GREEN DAY ON WHATSAPP!!! DO U WANT TO ENTER?? MY NUMBER >> +55 11991142423 πŸ’šπŸ‘¬πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬
lanceevann : #NEXTALBUMCOVER
21st_nimrod_of_idiot_boulevard : Awesome! β€πŸ’›β€πŸ’›β€πŸ’›β€πŸ’›
rayrocca : How did u do that?
norcalpunkman : Red tide great song @mike_dosxx
greendaypictures : I heard the song is about periods. That true?
krajewska_angelika - banderized - drippprincess - roarin.lauren -
mike_dosxx - Mike Dirnt
He save a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Gekko!!! Hahahaha #LizardsVsWizards! @batmansmom
lizardsvswizards -
1997nimrod : @mike_dosxx best pun ever
wylde_chyld : Brix looks so much like you Mike. And yet so much like Brittney too πŸ˜‰
krookh_123 : Patrick's hand gently stroked the grey arabs shiny neck as he prepared him for a nice bath. he turned the knob of the hose and a gentle stream of crystal clear water came spurting through the opening of the hose. he went to drench intrigue's face with the cool stream when intrigue threw his dishey face in the air in an attempt to dodge the scary clear liquid approaching his delicate face. "Woah intrigue" Patrick said sternly, his bright blue eyes looking intrigue straight in the eye while stroking the geldings face from his forehead to his soft nose. "I would turn the water down but a bigger stream is better." He said gently caressing Intrigue's cheekbone with his hand, blistered & damaged from years of work. "Remember intrigue," he said looking into the horse's big chocolate brown eyes, "bigger, better, wetter." He then proceeded to wink at the horse and drench him in the clear liquid, and the horse obliged, not being fussy, showing Patrick he was in complete dominance and that the horse had learned the lesson. something everyone should know, no matter animal or human: bigger, better, wetter. Patrick happily continued to wash intrigue's dapple grey coat. when he was finished, he kissed intrigue's left ear, right by his poll. when he pulled away from the kiss his mouth hovered in front of the gelding's ear for a few moments and then he whispered those three words everyone wants to hear. "bigger, better, wetter" Patrick cooed in intrigue's ear. the horse nodded, as if understanding Patrick's exact words. Intrigue was now a man. Intrigue knew the most important lesson a horse could ever learn, one Patrick rarely shared with horses. intrigue felt a new sense of self. that he was important. he felt bigger, better, and most of all... Wetter.
imnotmikeywaytrash : @krookh_123 dude what the fu ck
isabella.bvb : @gemma.sws lmaooo ^^
gemma.sws : lmayo k @isabella.bvb
isabellapetta_trexx : Cuteeeeee
emme_unoxx : Mike no
ktwil20 - donaldcedhar - anna_balance - kaori_amane -
mike_dosxx - Mike Dirnt
Fake pencil drawing by #MikeDirnt! #instaTweak! @batmansmom
mikedirnt - instatweak -
elira_mavraj : Mike next time you go on tour can you please please play Letterbomb at every concert
elira_mavraj : Like I'm not even joking that's my favorite and I wanna hear it live so badly
elira_mavraj : Oh hey by the way I had a dream that I met you and Billie and got the new guitar I wanted and it was really cool
__masshysteria : Five years ago, i think it was in August, my older sister introduced me to your music. Without her i wouldn't know Green Day and so i wouldn't love music as much as i do. Actually, i think that i wouldn't be me. When i first listened to Green Day i was a 11-year-old girl who didn't know anything about music. I didn't know that you'd have changed the little world i lived in. It's almost 5 years that one of my biggest dreams is to tell you face to face how, for instance, you made me know like no one else that it's okay to be myself. And i will, that's a promise haha. I will never thank you enough. I will never thank enough my sister too; today is her 19th birthday and she still loves Green Day, even if she says she doesn't have much time for it right know. Ok, i'm happy to say that my sister ROCKS! Can't wait to see you again, it's been two years since i last saw you T.T (Actually, that was the first time i saw a Green Day show)
that_american_idiot : Hey Mike, I just want to say that Green Day has helped me in so many ways. Whenever I feel lonely the band has always been there for me and I really fucking love your Bass playing.
bones_bruh_ : You drew that?! That's awesome bro!
gaia_bj : Uuuuh i love unicorns β™‘β™‘
rubybrix : Live this!
ktwil20 - my_chemical_paramore_182 - drippprincess - edi13koala -
mike_dosxx - Mike Dirnt
Here comes the sun ! @batmansmom #justAddCoffee! #itsAlright!
itsalright - justaddcoffee -
gone_angel_darina : @thatssosofie No actually I'm 14 but I look like a 17 y.o
billiejoelegend : @bj_unnoxx WHAT THE FUCK
ana99____ : ^what the hell happened there? Pff..., incredible...this is not normal...Mike so sorry from The GD family for this kind...of people :_
disappearing_girlxx : Great!!!!!!!
trxvxrsxr01 : It's like "The Lyon King"'s intro
billiejoevideos : Wow 😍
billiejoe__unoxx : Beatles r
saint_danny98 : you're in my home @mike_dosxx hahaha
shadownexttome - ktwil20 - myriamwarab - _a_perfect_weapon_ -
mike_dosxx - Mike Dirnt
What came first my feet or my shadow? #whiteshadow! #😳 @batmansmom @
whiteshadow - 😳 -
_mirrenlatimer_ : Shitot nation πŸ’©πŸ’©
smattyy : love you Mike πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©
_vinnie.e_ : πŸ’©
krischobert : Your feet! Assuming your calf/foot is about 0.25 meters from the ground and light travels at 300000000 meters per second, then the shadow comes 0.000000000833 seconds later! 😜
isabellapetta_trexx : Que pé bonito, puta merda
exstraordinary_girl : @krischobert you are awesomeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’
charlottecampbell11 : This is awesome❀️
someonesgirlfriend : Nice pic)))
shadownexttome - jtremblayphotos - yogisimamora - edi13koala -
mike_dosxx - Mike Dirnt
Foot race!!! You decide who won!!! #ipeedLaughing!!! @batmansmom
ipeedlaughing -
elena1039 : What exactly? πŸ˜‚
luke_lauder12 : He got sniped!!!! @mike_dosxx
tea_bird_girl : OMG πŸ˜‚
oschoenherr : I won
hxmophobiaisgay : @mike_dosxx i love youu
swimmersaf : "#ipeedLaughing"
racingtowardsjesus : Why is that guy going the wrong direction? And why is that guy face first on the sand? So many questions @mike_dosxx
jukyislamcavallo : Bwuahahahhaha! Yup! Whos that? The happy man on the sand? @mike_dosxx
krajewska_angelika - roarin.lauren - maddie.jarvis - racheleatswaffles -
mike_dosxx - Mike Dirnt
Cave Men!!! @batmansmom @intoTheUnknown!
jtubis : Is this Channel Islands?! I've been through a cave exactly like this before
martinaspanalatte : Ohw, you're probably in Italy.
elisabellonii : Ow Mike are you in Italy??? I'm on holiday in Croatia right now and I wanna see you and hug youπŸ’ŽπŸ˜
miri_2o14 : Capri ?
frenchcatblues : IncredibleπŸ’¦πŸ’™
duncancervera : Whats's that placer??
ktwil20 - jtremblayphotos - myriamwarab - neda_nnb -
mike_dosxx - Mike Dirnt
Sidewalk Surfing with Brixton! #RideToLeaveLeaveToRide! @batmansmom @mikedirntshomies @brixtondirntshomies
ridetoleaveleavetoride -
whoisjsam : F4f anyone ?? πŸ‘―πŸ‘―
rachel.worthington2 : Hey just put my SLF dvd on (first time in ages) & in the beginning credits the opening quote is "in an ideal world Greenday would be paying royalties until doomsday" thoughts? X
idiotgirl___ : Que hermosos ^~^ <3
erikamarie344 : #cooldadsofAmerica @nurseratch
o2698 : @mike_dosxx are you sure this is your kid? He's so ugly, he can't be yours
_miaptv : @lucy_pilkington and they say punk rock is dead
tanabriant : Brix Cutie pie
the_colour_red_band : @mike_dosxx if u could please check out my band we're trying to get out there and it would be a huge help I f u could maybe check it out pleeeease
shadownexttome - jtremblayphotos - my_chemical_paramore_182 - ktwil20 -
mike_dosxx - Mike Dirnt
300K OF US!!! Together we shall continue the Instagram fight for group individuality??? #TonightWeDineInHellYeah!!! #Iremembermikesfirstpost @batmansbeard @batmansmom @mikedirntshomies @batmansbeets @greendayig @HomeBored!
iremembermikesfirstpost - tonightwedineinhellyeah -
uponaburningblaise : @all._.she._.wrote
_mokimi_ : πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
409inyourcoffemaker : mike πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
fradamn : I miss you babyyyy @mike_dosxx
danieledosx.x : This is Spartaaaa!
callmedimaano : @tiffonaay this pic doe XD
jukyislamcavallo : @mike_dosxx BWUAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH! Awesome!
saint_danny98 : what? you are very funny mike :D
ktwil20 - my_chemical_paramore_182 - myriamwarab - thomasuuppp -
mike_dosxx - Mike Dirnt
That day that didn't suck! #TBT #ThrowbackThursday! Me and Paul 4 Y'all!
tbt - throwbackthursday -
johnnie_rocket90 : I love you! @mike_dosxx
kailaleighx : Paul and Mike !!! @kirstymacdonaldxo
kirstymacdonaldxo : Cute @kailaleighx
courtneyevonn : I was there. Fucking AMAZING weekend. Met some lifelong Idiot family members that weekend. <3
kira_knew_it : Jhaha awesome
johnnie_rocket90 : 😍
409inyourcoffemaker : Yee
oxygen_11.18 : @mike_dosxx Why don't you speak in Russia? Russia loves Green Day!
christy_monkeys3 - fashion._.loves - the_lastbest - myriamwarab -
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