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michellelorimer - Michelle
A snapshot from dropping the kids off to school this morning. #fromatob
fromatob -
alisapayneripoll : @michellelorimer wow that's beautiful 😍🌲🌳
emilyreds : Pr-etty tough.
jamiewharemate : How wonderful is it down there @michellelorimer
michellelorimer : @jamiewharemate I have to remember to stop and take it in. Otherwise it can get lost in the hustle.
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michellelorimer - Michelle
Flowers for a good cause picked up outside the supermarket today. Also the only tidy and presentable spot in the house. Off to catch up on a week of being unable to dry washing β˜”οΈ
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michellelorimer - Michelle
Off for a stroll. Have been for more walks in the last 5 days than in the last 5 months. This is a good thing! πŸ˜‰πŸšΆβ˜€οΈ #fromatob
fromatob -
sewwellmaide : How very lovely πŸ˜„
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michellelorimer - Michelle
One of my locals. #fromatob #seaswap
fromatob - seaswap -
xpeacex : Lovely!
jamiewharemate - spincushions - emmagracer - leahbridgeau -
michellelorimer - Michelle
Making a truly huge pot of my cold-buster soup. Three quarters of us are at least a bit sick, and hopefully it'll stretch a couple of meals so I get the night off tomorrow!
emilyreds : Feel better 3/4.
michellelorimer : @emilyreds thx I need a miracle so B2 can go to daycare tomorrow. He's so stuffed up poor thing.
xpeacex : I hope you're feeling better by now?
michellelorimer : @xpeacex yes thanks, I think we are mostly better. Now just trying to sort things out after the move. Assessing the damage at the moment πŸ˜•
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michellelorimer - Michelle
I'm finding this hard to believe, even as the packing boxes start to multiply around me. Which reminds me, the studio will be closed the week of the 17th of August, due to moving house!
tessmydesignstyle : Oh no! Not another peep moving house...good luck! @michellelorimer @palimpsest70
michellelorimer : @patchworkcactus The south coast! Near Milton. We thought about the Central coast, but we have family connections down here. Big change. Think happy thoughts for me 😜
patchworkcactus : @michellelorimer HUGE CHANGE! How fun though. Xoxo
michellelorimer : @palimpsest70 I'm looking forward to visiting your beach hideaway! 🌺🌴🐬
alipink : You can do it!
michellelorimer : @tessmydesignstyle thx will need it!
michellelorimer : @alipink I guess so! It seems rather daunting from this viewpoint. Being an airforce baby it should be in my blood.
alisapayneripoll : Good luck darling πŸ™
patchworkcactus - bobishi - needlevsthread - shesasheep -
michellelorimer - Michelle
First of many. The packing begins! I always find it a little disheartening how little actually fits in a box. #thecountdownbegins
thecountdownbegins -
palimpsest70 : @michellelorimer like/not like. See you laters alligator
michellelorimer : @palimpsest70 in a while crocodile 🍷
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michellelorimer - Michelle
That's right. Computer says no. Maybe it just needs a nap? Perhaps it was feeling a little overwhelmed and is having a Bex and a good lie down? We can only hope so! #pleasework #igotbillsigottopay
pleasework - igotbillsigottopay -
thegoldengooseau : Everything is crossed for you!
thesmallesttribe : I had to get a new one yesterday. Spinning wheel of death would not quit!!
michellelorimer : @thegoldengooseau thank you lovely!!!
michellelorimer : @thesmallesttribe I swear it's an epidemic!
spincushions : Ooh noes! Fingers crossed it feels better in the morning
bobamama : Oooof. Good luck!
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michellelorimer - Michelle
There's a lot of this happening. Working, waiting for files to save, tea. Thinking. When things get hectic I forget to visit IG land, which is a bit sad, so I made sure to pop in and say hello tonight. HELLO. πŸ‘‹
howaboutbrian : πŸ‘‹πŸ»
zippyzippy : Hello
michellelorimer : @zippyzippy see I had no idea you were making Santa sacks! That's cool!
michellelorimer : @howaboutbrian is all the snow gone?
dannielle : Hello!
howaboutbrian : @howaboutbrian Yes, all gone - was 48hours of shenanigans and now back to real life
michellelorimer : @howaboutbrian looked like so much fun on the boogy boards
michellelorimer : @dannielle hey there!
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michellelorimer - Michelle
Maybe I should take up SUP? #narrawallee #mollymook #southcoast
southcoast - mollymook - narrawallee -
xpeacex : Looks beautiful there.
michellelorimer : @xpeacex it was hard coming home, and now I feel torn, neither really here nor there.
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