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michellelorimer - Michelle
Still having trouble believing #imadethis lemon butter. Two whole jars of the most delicious stuff I've eaten in quite a while. Just followed the too easy recipe on @patchworkcactus blog. Mine isn't super yellow because I had to use dark muscavado sugar, I didn't plan ahead 😜 but the taste is divine. Lemon butter on buckwheat pikelets for lunch!
imadethis -
patchworkcactus : Oh yay! So glad it worked for you! The dark sugar would be delicious!
percivalroad : Looks good! Is it like lemon curd??
michellelorimer : @percivalroad yes! @patchworkcactus calls it lemon curd!
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michellelorimer - Michelle
Today's office. I've loved the change of scene this morning! Ticked off lots of to-dos, so time to grab lunch and relocate for the next shift πŸ˜‰ #graphicdesigner #workywork #gsd
graphicdesigner - workywork - gsd -
spincushions : Noice. I'll have an iced coffee with too much cream please while we chat. How cool would that be? Lol
michellelorimer : @spincushions you never know, one day!
pawsonpittwater : Looking forward to seeing you tapping away on your laptop more often!!!!
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michellelorimer - Michelle
An emotional morning, as I get a phone call saying Lee's tonsil op is now in May, not next Tuesday. We rearranged 4 weeks of family daycare, David's shifts for next week so he could be with Joe (resulting in only 2 shifts, not good) and were thankful it fell just before school hols. I'm pretty anxious about the whole thing, and not looking forward to waiting another 6 weeks. Hang in there little guy.
michellelorimer : @mybeardedpigeon oh ouch! Being stuffed about with a broken wrist must have been very annoying! And omg the juggle... Yeah I still have to work through it all as well. There'll be a lot of late nights.
michellelorimer : @spincushions thx Shelley, I hope so too.
michellelorimer : @charmainebermingham he's pretty tough, so when he finally has to rest i know its bad.
planettreasures : Oh what a gigantic pain! Hope it all goes well in May. In the meantime. .....
michellegubler1 : Oh no that sucks......poor little man. What a pain for you. Ps loving the hair xx
michellelorimer : @michellegubler1 yes crazy hair! I should do something about it but can't bring myself to!
pawsonpittwater : I just don't believe it!!!! 😞
michellelorimer : @pawsonpittwater yeah I know 😒
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michellelorimer - Michelle
Tick tick tick... Not long until school pick up... #whatsthetimemrwolf
whatsthetimemrwolf -
mardibarnes : That evil hour where you go into panic mode
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michellelorimer - Michelle
I'm not giving up my stripes or drinking jar, m'kay? #avalonnow
avalonnow -
emilyreds : Snap!
michellelorimer : @emilyreds stripes are the new black. Except black is ALWAYS the new black 😜
urban_rustic : I don't get the jar! I hate how chunky it is in your lips. But that's just me. stripes are so Avalon Now
michellelorimer : Where did your photo go?! @emilyreds
michellelorimer : @urban_rustic ha, I have those chunky faceted glasses, so there's not much diff!
palimpsest70 : @creativecreaturesfilmfestival
urban_rustic : @michellelorimer #ha #misedyourhashtag
michellelorimer : @urban_rustic ha!
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michellelorimer - Michelle
It's gonna take another to move this mother. #justkeepthemcoming #caffeineontap #iwishmyhomemadecoffeetastedthisgood
justkeepthemcoming - iwishmyhomemadecoffeetastedthisgood - caffeineontap -
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michellelorimer - Michelle
Those precious moments where your heart bursts and they aren't trying to beat each other up. #brothers #tothesamemother
tothesamemother - brothers -
palimpsest70 - alisapayneripoll - queenofthrift - emilyreds -
michellelorimer - Michelle
Sunday morning πŸ’› fresh bread πŸ’› tea
thesmallesttribe : Yuuuuummmmmmmm!!!!
percivalroad : Did you make it?? Can you send me the recipe??
michellelorimer : @percivalroad yes! Trying out the new oven, worked well πŸ˜‰ for recipe go to http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/2014/01/artisan-bread.html
percivalroad : Thanks girl!! Looks amazing
michellelorimer : @percivalroad it's so easy & awesome!
michellelorimer : @percivalroad you can experiment with it, spelt flour, wholemeal, herbs, dried fruit etc.
percivalroad - bec_motif - laughinthesun - planettreasures -
michellelorimer - Michelle
Another Saturday night! After such a massive week this is just about all I can manage tonight. #hanginwithmyhomeies #homealone #icecream #cuppatea #partyon
hanginwithmyhomeies - icecream - partyon - cuppatea - homealone -
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michellelorimer - Michelle
Obligatory party-with-amazeballs-view-selfie πŸ˜‰ celebrating a great friends 40th! Lovely people, delicious food, great evening thank you and Happy Birthday Sam! Xxx 😘 @pawsonpittwater @mardibarnes #avalonsurfclub #naughtyforty
naughtyforty - avalonsurfclub -
iruthfrost : Happy birthday @pawsonpittwater πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ hope it's a great night
charmainebermingham : Happy birthday Sam! @pawsonpittwater
pawsonpittwater : Thanks guys it was very special xx
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