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Chicago's independent music venue since '82. Follow us for exclusive updates, show announcements, and the fantastic adventures of the #MetroGnome.
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metrochicago - Metro Chicago
@HerNameIsBanks embraces drama and noir in her haunting new video “Beggin For Thread.” Give it a watch and reserve your tickets to catch The Goddess Tour’s stop at Metro on October 7!
jakesteinle : @nikkiamoore
nikkiamoore : My favorite @jakesteinle thank you so much I can't wait
87aab - c0rtnieee - msqrd - conoraltier -
metrochicago - Metro Chicago
The #MetroGnome is hard at work hashing out his @lollapalooza schedule! How about you?
metrognome - lollapalooza -
metrochicago : #lollapalooza
ctracy182 : Just waiting for Riot Fest.
cosmico_intoxicado - 87aab - sarahvalker - mariargcortes -
metrochicago - Metro Chicago
In the most special of #fbf moments, it’s time to celebrate another year as a venue. Above is the original board tape from Metro’s first show (with R.E.M.). While the landscape of live music has changed plenty over the years, the sole focus at Metro has been—and always will be—the music. Huge thanks to our wonderful staff and patrons for becoming a part of our history. Here’s to many more years of unforgettable shows and good times!
fbf -
energycommission : That's what I love about playing the Metro. The staff treat the artists with more dignity and respect than any other venue I've played. Even if you're not a national / major lable act, they treat you like you are to accommodate your performance. Kudos to the Metro!
metrochicago : Aw shucks, @energycommission, you're makin us blush! Thanks so much for the kind words 😊
energycommission : Haha! #realtalk Much love to your entire crew!
jrillinois : Congrats - you are a real asset to the city.
oliviaakleinn : @francesdaugherty AW
francesdaugherty : @oliviaakleinn my daddy and mommy ☺️☺️
dizpicz : was blessed to play metro once..and fully agree w @energycommission !! metro staff is a class act. which is why yall are still goin strong.
lawonthedraw - lbmae - lov_christine - ctracy182 -
metrochicago - Metro Chicago
We’ve got a couple @jroddywalston prize packages lingering around the office, and we want you to have them! Comment below with the title of your favorite J. Roddy song for your chance to win a whole slew of prizes. *Entries welcomed until August 16
beesaxx : Tale it as it comes
lb_snider : USE YOUR LANGUAGE! @akmaze knows what I'm talking about
christopherbjoyce : Take it as it comes!
tyroneshoolaces : Brave Mans Death
moreau914 : Don't Break the Needle
oliviaakleinn : @williampanoutsos94 fake ID?
williampanoutsos94 : YEAH YEAH YEAH @oliviaakleinn
haleness : Tear jerk
henryisfun - yamandland - 87aab - nathandarnold -
metrochicago - Metro Chicago
Metro is pretty stoked on #Lolla weekend coming up, and we want to celebrate with all of you. So we just released tickets for each of our aftershows. Get 'em while you can through *photo by @lollapalooza
lolla -
ghsstrings : So many good shows coming up!
jlizak - papabearblaker - tyroneshoolaces - gypsynoize -
metrochicago - Metro Chicago
We’re working our way through the #MetroABCs, and this heatwave of a Tuesday is brought to you by the letter “C.” Let’s celebrate by gazing at this gloriously cheery Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! print by former Metro staffer @steefsleef.
silkscreen - coldwarkids - metroabcs - clapyourhandssayyeah -
metrochicago : #ClapYourHandsSayYeah #Silkscreen #ColdWarKids
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metrochicago - Metro Chicago
*JUST ANNOUNCED* Miss your chance to see @wearedumdumgirls at #P4KFest last weekend? Better yet, wanna see them again? Well, you’re in luck—they’re heading to Metro on October 24. Tickets go on sale Friday at noon! Photo by Stephanie Bassos for @Chicago_Reader
p4kfest -
vicariousvenues : @metrochicago great photo!
soy1983 : @airnaztnick
mychelle3 : Awesome photo @stephaniebassos! I knew they'd be playing somewhere big next. Wow! ❤️ @wearedumdumgirls
wttslaura : She looks like you @juliemuncy
stephaniebassos : @mychelle3 thanks girl 😘
realife428 : @donnabummer
donnabummer : @realife428 I got an email about this earlier haha
juliemuncy : @wttslaura 😘
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metrochicago - Metro Chicago
Change is good, and it’s great in this case. Red Scare 10th Anniversary Weekend is getting fleshed out with a handful of bands to be announced throughout the week. The first new addition? Elway! Snag your tickets for the celebration online or at the Metro Store!
sosjtb : @scavenger_savior We need to plan a road trip.
charlingtonheights : @jkmac27
rondicasmith - fatchancexo - kimbolikestoeat - rdrobnik -
metrochicago - Metro Chicago
If you call your weekend complete without our @soapmanwun (#EarlSweatshirt) show in the picture, we gotta beg to differ. Tickets are available at the door, show starts at 7:45PM!
earlsweatshirt -
getfighted89 - jennhallmusic - curtlocker - johnny.jpg -
metrochicago - Metro Chicago
Sometimes you wonder what dreams are made of and then our Art Director creates a poster like this. We can’t wait to welcome you back here, @iamlilbub!
lafera : @littlebear.elle
julzayy : @holland_82
joannabasile : @eljefe
blatt : +1 Chicago @sedodge @obatty @urbnexplorer @kefinch @mckelly85
staceymarq : ATTN!! @laurenader @_kywo
laurenader : Whawhaaaaaaaat?!?
_kywo : @staceymarq @laurenader YESSSSS!
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