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Merek Davis

Photographer in AZ Snapchat: merekdavis Mextures App Creator - In the App Store!
18/04/2016 00:26:15
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03/11/2015 00:40:17
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15/07/2015 23:22:32
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27/10/2014 23:14:23
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merekdavis - Merek Davis
On April 15th, I became a dad. Meet Felix Louis. Both @brittblackbird and baby are healthy and happy. My heart aches with so much love.
jsamples99 : Wonderful!! Congratulations Merke @merekdavis and @brittblackbird 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Such a sweet image
sicksithsteve : BIG congratulations, mate!!! Clearly, I've missed a lot while I've been away! I hope fatherhood has been treating you kindly and you and your family are all well?
ionsounds : Congrats and all the best for your family! 😊👍
dimitrisdotsikas : Congrats
norrakvarken - boivinsamuel - warestudios - aimdunford -
merekdavis - Merek Davis
Perspective | This past year has been a bit of a creative slump/rut for me. That’s hard to admit. REALLY hard to admit. So I sat down and listed 10 things that I’m going to do this coming year and outlined specifically how I’m going to do them. That alone sparked my brain to get back to creating. I’ve themed this coming year: Launch the Unknown. With the changes I want to see in myself personally/for Mextures and also for our little family welcoming a little baby version of me, that theme seemed fitting. Interested to hear what you’ve themed your 2016. This image was created using some images from @mexturescollective. It’s the last day to edit this round, so get on it! #mextures #DoPeopleStillHasthtag
mextures - dopeoplestillhasthtag -
horrorvixen101 : Beautiful
jg_316 : @foxsongs
padraicwood : Just downloaded the mextures app...excited to play with it and take my editing to the next level...thanks, man!
merekdavis : @padraicwood most excellent!!! Happy to hear that. Tag me when you post so I can see the edits and would love to hear your feedback as well!
harry_bhattt - soheil__ap - momenti_edi - sidstaring21 -
merekdavis - Merek Davis
Not ready for winter just yet…We teamed up with @transfer_visions for a Mextures themed contest #tv_mexturesnature . Check their page to see more details/prize info. Ends tomorrow! Almost 950 entries! And I recently did an interview with @hashtaggedpodcast about all things life, Mextures, and the ups and downs of launching an app. Surprised we didn’t just facetime and gently stare at each others beards all night, right @jrdnpwrs?
tv_mexturesnature -
_ah4__ : Omfgggg
manuscheffel : ❤️
veselova_alia : It's unbelievable! ! Wonderful 👏👏👏💞
bip3de : Stunning!!!
ellehsimmishelle - kcdougloyd - synaesthesea - monalisamonkey -
merekdavis - Merek Davis
Hey Instagram...... I'm going to become a dad in April! Any advice will be appreciated for the next 20 years.
keoniashley : @merekdavis baby soon?
west.meets.east : Congratulations! Just go with the flow🌊 @merekdavis
merekdavis : @keoniashley doctors said any day now! Patiently waiting......
ardiss_ : Congrats!
meerubajmal - gkousoulas - laurspri - dontbesyai -
merekdavis - Merek Davis
Been lost in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. #mextures
mextures -
cheekyb00tleg : Amazing
and_so_she_did : Beautiful place to be lost
focuscada : j adore ! merci for passing by 😉
chan_nikon : 😍😍
cursedheartbeats - smit_r5 - zehraozatik - pfiffus -
merekdavis - Merek Davis
Hanging out in Louisiana with some gators and a whole lot of mosquitos. Been shooting with the DXO One on this trip and been so surprised at what it can do. Anyone have some good food recommendations here in New Orleans? Less touristy the better! #mextures #dxoone
mextures - dxoone -
red_dirt_girl : Enjoy!
treloren : I miss seeing your work man!
hanibale : Lovely place
saritaalami : So pretty! Nice shot.
joywengren - eazie2003 - j.glutamate - fakinei -
merekdavis - Merek Davis
Been on a bit of a hiatus from posting on Instagram. 😕 Almost one month! That's awful. Let's change that, shall we? Been working on some new stuff. Taken at Greer, Arizona. #mextures #vscocam
mextures - vscocam - : Everyone needs a break. I bet you will have tons of new things to show us when you return.
millyshrilly : Wow 😍
ryancollective : Great colors!
ruffdraft_ - iyaznaseer - vision.grid - michalispsa -
merekdavis - Merek Davis
merekdavis : @sheescobar thank you!
kellansworld : Good edit Merek!
kurabiyeotel : Wowwww : Epic
fabio_plotnitskaia - mmnndz - mario_ariel_muz - premankan -
merekdavis - Merek Davis
Blausee, Switzerland. I have never in my life seen water more clear, or more blue than here. The fish are not afraid of humans, swam around our feet casually, and would allow you to touch them. Found this as a result of taking an accidental detour and recognizing the name from a postcard we had seen that morning. #visitswitzerland
visitswitzerland -
sheescobar : Incredible. Such a beautiful place.
salseye : wow!
nikitawxgner : Marvelous
rahuldhyani5 : Looking very beautiful
isken2005 - hatahar - mario_ariel_muz - cheekyb00tleg -
merekdavis - Merek Davis
Spent the day in the alps listening to The Sound of Music while wearing clothes made from the window curtains of our hotel. #visitswitzerland
visitswitzerland -
a_ni_ka_t : Loving it! 💕
sceenrymag : Can we repost this!? Love it!
ansichtssache_fotos : Great!!!! Really love it
ardiss_ : Wow
klynparis - premankan - innamitchel - a_lifecreative -
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