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menshealthmag - Men's Health
Look, we know you're going to be doing some serious grubbing this long weekend. But just be sure to PRIORITIZE PROTEIN! This ensures that you get enough quality nutrition first and fills you up so that you can't overdo the other stuff as much. For example, MH Fitness Director @bjgaddour decided to end a long week with Skirt Steak, Black Beans, and Yucca Fries. He ate the steak and beans first before he dug into the fries. Simple strategies like this pay big dividends in the long run. And that's the MH lifestyle. Have a beautiful and restful weekend with the friends and fam! #Food #FoodPorn #SkirtSteak #MemorialDayWeekend #Protein #PrioritizeProtein #MensHealth #MH #MHFit
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jcalv0815 : @dcalv07
savalos171 : @maxitrillionaire now that's a meal πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
maxitrillionaire : @savalos171 I'm starving
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menshealthmag - Men's Health
Yum. Check out 'Protein: A Manual For Men’ in the June 2015 issue of Men’s Health magazine. Available on iPad NOW! (Photograph @samkaplanphoto ) #Food #FoodPorn #Meat #Protein #MensHealth
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budaibarna : Jo kálbászok πŸ˜‚ @polyakmatyas
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danielbentzen : Er ret sikker på det er den hvide lige i midten @niskring @anderslund
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menshealthmag - Men's Health
CLEAN UP YOUR LUNGES BY STARTING FROM THE BOTTOM! According to Men's Health Fitness Director @bjgaddour, most guys are missing the hip flexor mobility to go deep and reap the full muscle-building and fat-burning benefits that lunging can provide. The drill shown in the video will put you on the fast track to lunging with the ease that most people walk with. Do it for 1-2 straight minutes on each side pre-workout or anytime you want to loosen up your hips. Try to keep your front shin as vertical as possible to take pressure off of your knees and shift the work to your hips. #MensHealth #MHInstaFit #Lunges #Legs #Hips #YourBodyIsYourBarbell #StartedFromTheBottom
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menshealthmag : @clipperguy happy to help! MAKE A CHANGE, BABY! ✊
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maddiemee5 : @karadise_is yes very nice. should know I got complimented on my split squats last night
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menshealthmag - Men's Health
In your wildest hoop dreams, could you dribble like this? This is the dude that trains NBA greats like KD @easymoneysniper. Tag someone who's about that #HandleLife! #MH #MensHealth #NBA #Basketball #HeGotGame #MHFit #Repost @dribble2much with @repostapp. ・・・ Forget a vacation I feel better at work ! #HandleLife
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Give those triceps and abs a blast from the past with this #throwbackthursday exercise called Barbell Prone Triceps Extensions! Do 3-5 sets of 8-15 reps with a minute rest between sets for a hellacious pump or do a couple max rep sets to end your next arm workout. Special thanks to MH fitness expert and author of The Natural Bodybuilding Bible, @tylerenglishfitness, for sharing this move! #Triceps #Arms #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #MensHealth #MHFit #YourBodyIsYourBarbell
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When you sit at your desk all day, your chest muscles and hip flexors shorten, your glute muscles turn off, and your shoulders and spine round. It's a postural and performance nightmare! So what do you do? Use the 15/30 rule from MH Fitness Director @bjgaddour: Every 15 minutes, try to assume this chair bridge position for 30 seconds to offset some of these negative effects. Oh yeah- if a co-worker walks by, be sure to avoid making direct eye contact. Ha! And be sure to tag a fellow desk-jockey who complains of back and shoulder pain. #MensHealth #MH #MHFit #Fitness #InstaFit #Fitspo #Fitspiration #Mobility #Stretching #SittingIsTheNewSmoking
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acaguiar92 : @ivettelfuentes doing this tonight
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hashtagj0e : @bliss1009 look
bliss1009 : @hashtagj0e people would be like wtf is she doing lol
marcopaolo : @luket_90 hahaha yes!!
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menshealthmag - Men's Health
#ThrowdownThursday with one of the most spectacular dunks you'll ever see from professional dunker @jordankilganon! He's only 6'1" but the vertical force is strong in this one. Tag someone who digs a nasty throw-down! #Dunks #Dunking #Vertical #MensHealth #MH #Fitness #Instafit #Fitspo #Fitspiration ・・・ The Best Dunk I've EVER done. The "Lost and Found". I'm giving away free jump training at (LINK IN BIO)! Full @bouncekit program coming soon!
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bthelover : Sweet!, what's your overall game like?
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Looking for some #GAINZ for breakfast tomorrow? Try this #MH approved recipe from meal planning and prep guru @fitmencook! It's got the perfect mix of carbs and protein to jumpstart that muscle growth and recovery process. #MensHealth #Food #FoodPorn #Protein #Carbs #MuscleMattersMost #Repost @fitmencook with @repostapp. ・・・ My 15-minute #postworkout #brunch: banana & oats waffle with berries + scrambled eggs + green juice + water with lemon. I tossed the following ingredients in my @vitamix 5200 to make this quick & easy waffle batter = 1 egg, 1 egg white, 1 banana, 1/3 cup uncooked oats. Then I poured it onto my waffle iron. While that cooked, I scrambled some eggs with goat cheese, green onion, garlic, oregano, sea salt & pepper. Easy. Approximate macros for ONLY the waffle: 308 calories, 15g protein, 48g carbs, 7g fat, 6g fiber, 19g sugar. Boom. (traduccion abajo) Kicks/Los Tenis: Nike Internationalist blue #Almuerzo preparado en 15 minutos para comer después de entrenamiento: gofres de banana y avena con bayas + huevos revueltos + jugo verde + agua con limon. Yo coloqué estes ingredientes en mi licuadora @vitamix 5200: 1 huevo, 1 clara de huevo, 1 banana, 1/3 taza de avena cruda. Vertí la masa en el molde para hacer gofres. Luego, cociné huevos revueltos con queso de cabra, cebolla verde, ajo, oregano, sal marina y pimienta. Sencillo! Datos nutricionales sólo para el gofre: 308 calorias, proteina 15g, carbos 48g, grasa 7g, fibra 6g, azúcar 19g. Como iniciaste tu dia? BUM!
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And now for some fun... It's 5 o'clock somewhere. Celebrate with a MH approved margarita recipe from our May 2015 issue. (πŸ“· @samkaplanphoto 🍸 Brett Kurzweil/Art-Dept) #humpday #happyhour #mhlife
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Here's our MH WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY! This STRONG lady is gearing up to beat her previous best of a 402-lb. squat at a bodyweight of ONLY 114-lbs. If this doesn't give you motivation for squat or leg day, NOTHING will! #MensHealth #MH #WCW #strongisthenewsexy #fitness #Squats #LegDay #Repost @agentvalentine with @repostapp. ・・・ 365 & 385lb skwaats. Meet prep has begun. 7 weeks out, 114lb weight class.. Lez do dis. πŸ‘Š @apemanstrong @mbslingshot @wildirongym
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rorsmh : @lily_may_maguire can you do this yet?
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