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#Repost @guygourmet with @repostapp. ・・・ Grilled BALT with pesto mayo!! Cook 1/2 lb bacon till crispy. Brush 4 slices good whole wheat with bacon fat. Grill bread and 1/2 avocado over high till dark grill marks appear. Stack iceberg, thick tomato slice, bacon, sliced grilled avocado, and equal parts pesto and mayo. Makes 2 incredible summertime sandwiches. #bacon #BLT #sammiches #food #foodporn #foodie
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willcall82 : @buffalochickenwings
goicolea11 : @wicked_agm ya me comi un club sandwich muy parecido!!
_cammy.g_ : @caleb99999999
laur_05 : @jessdelves
misskathynkay : mmm
quiquedkv : @andresanzivino toma ya!
antonia_dsr : @sebastian_schlk
sg_rabby : Wow
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#Repost @bjgaddour with @repostapp. ・・・ #SneakPeak at a @menshealthmag @fitmencook #CookAndChisel cardio workout (launches for free August 1st)! Do 5 pushups, 10 squats, and 15 jumping jacks. That's 1 round. Do max rounds for time in 2 minutes. Then rest a minute. That's 1 cycle. Do up to 10 total cycles. CLASSIC BODYWEIGHT CARDIO BURNER, BABY! #Cardio #FatLoss #GetPeeled #Bodyweight #Fitness #MotivationMonday #BJGaddour #💪
sneakpeak - getpeeled - bjgaddour - cookandchisel - 💪 - fitness - motivationmonday - repost - cardio - bodyweight - fatloss -
olshkol : @michiep the only thing that works !
gkerr9 : Looks like tmt @lorikirwan
jagrago : @rrenteriap omg soy yo!!!!!!
rynmcflnd : @danielacocks that asian man under the tree at Nth Bondi
alson_honkit : @calvin_mk08 practise this!
olofa13 : @erikfall kör du detta konstant i veckan? :)
arny818 : @ashvrod
wiggs7783 : @reereew83
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#TransformationTuesday Looking for a simple and classic Upper Body workout? Try this from @bjgaddour: pair a push and a pull and use a load you can do at least 10 reps of each with. Then do sets of 5 reps until you get 50 total reps of each move. No barbell? Modify with Dumbbells or Kettlebells. GET IT DONE! #MHFit #TheBetterManProject *** #Repost @bjgaddour with @repostapp. ・・・ Second part of my workout today was sets of 5 reps of Military Presses and Bent-Over Rows until I got 50 reps of each. Classic density scheme with more quality reps than you'd get for 5 sets of 10. Train hard AND smart! #Density #Bodybuilding #FatLoss #Muscle #💪 #UpperBody #Fitness #InstaFit #BJGaddour
transformationtuesday - bjgaddour - density - mhfit - 💪 - thebettermanproject - upperbody - muscle - fitness - bodybuilding - fatloss - instafit - repost -
williansssantos : @luisscosta @paulakobayashii sexta-feira?
luisscosta : @paulakobayashii @williansssantos .... Topo ... Vou deixar pra fazer supino na sexta... Pra eu colocar uns 500kg de cada lado ... Pra vc me ajudar na ultima ... Soh na ultima
azamatjumagaliyev : Мое любимое упражнение Армейский жим стоя!!
gymproz_ : Wow
alishauppal : @dalbir1996
gillyontherocks : @nativehellraisr watch his form
shredthenation : Fantasic work ethic.
josiahverhagen : @kyle_bower
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#MCM Shout out to Ben Smith, the 2015 Fittest Man on Earth! It took him 7 years to do it, but superhuman consistency tends to lead to superhuman results. #ManCrushMonday #BenSmith #FittestManOnEarth #Fitness *** #Repost @crossfit with @repostapp. ・・・ 2009: 64th 2010: 8th 2011: 3rd 2012: 11th 2013: 3rd 2014: 7th It's been a long journey for @bsmit13 but the 2015 Reebok @crossfitgames champ has finally proven he is the Fittest on Earth. Photo: @tairandall
mcm - fitness - bensmith - mancrushmonday - fittestmanonearth - repost -
rashid_instagram : @ibby_wibb
matt_johnson05 : You can be the fittest in the world at a certain thing, in this case crossfit, but there's no way you can call someone "fittest in the world"
truhealthtoday : awesome!!!
d3mm3r : Fittest man in crossfit. Fit for purpose.
brentlelond : 3
palubiakak : Nobody who does crossfit is fit. Wait 10 years and watch as their body crumbles. @wesrocks360
wesrocks360 : Is this the lets see how bad of form I can do Olympics?
john_purslow : #crossfitwanker
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DO YOU HAVE TROUBLE GETTING YOUR ARMS OVERHEAD? Then try this mobilization from our fitness director @bjgaddour. You spend most of the day with your arms at your sides which shortens and stiffens your lat muscles. This makes it difficult to extend your arms overhead without compensating by over-extending at your lower back or shrugging your shoulders. Do this drill for 2-5 minutes pre/post-workout being sure to keep your ribs and shoulders down, abs crunched, glutes tight, and breathe through your belly. It will make a big difference! DOUBLE-TAP if you're down and tag someone who needs this tip! #MobilityMonday #Mobility #Stretching #Back #Shoulders #Fitness #MHFit #TheBetterManProject #GetBetterToday #💪
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trevoraharvey : @paigeruss22
patrickomahony10 : @nico.rodriguezaris 👌🏼👌🏼
sanny_nl : @martijnvandommele @sandejong85
agraphy : @aabramsson
impololumanog : Nice bro.
rickygd12 : Ufff lo voy a probar @ljalam
khatanasubhanali : This is very helpful.
sjenks3 : @mitchkennedy_
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#MotivationMonday If you're a drug-free lifter trying to get shredded without losing too much size and strength, you can't just switch exclusively to high-rep training with light weights. You'll lose a lot of that muscle tone and thickness that's there without needing to flex. A better strategy is to start your workout with a high volume of heavy strength work before moving on to more direct conditioning work. See below for an example of how to structure such a workout from our fitness director @bjgaddour who is preparing himself for our next MH DVD program. It's a form of density training where the goal is to complete the same amount of work or more in the same amount of time or less and it's deadly to your body fat stores. Select a weight you can get at least 5 reps with and do singles focusing on form and bar speed with shorter rest periods between sets. If you're new to this, start with 2-minute rest periods and then each week bump the rest periods down 10-15 seconds while gradually increasing the total number of sets. The goal is to be able to do singles EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 10-30 minutes based on your fitness level and training schedule. Getting 25 perfect singles with a faster bar speed will provide a more quality training effect than 5 sets of 5 grinders where it gets ugly towards the end of the set, especially on a lower-calorie diet when energy is low. Though this strategy is being applied to deadlifts, you can also apply it to other core lifts like the squat or bench press. #MHFit #TheBetterManProject #GetPeeled #Shredded #FatLoss *** #Repost @bjgaddour with @repostapp. ・・・ #SundayFunday with 25 #Deadlift singles at 455lbs (1 rep/minute for 25 minutes). Last single shown in video. These were a friggin' grind today but I got it done. @rootsoffight #Back #Deads #Fitness #InstaFit #Grinding #GetBetterToday #BJGaddour #💪
getbettertoday - mhfit - sundayfunday - back - shredded - motivationmonday - 💪 - getpeeled - repost - bjgaddour - deads - deadlift - grinding - fitness - thebettermanproject - instafit - fatloss -
corduroyp : Once school starts lets get this going @jitthetit
__almightyanthony__ : 😎😈👀💦💪💪👍#powerhouse
kai_w_fit : @functionalcoach like this... but u know what i mean...
sebasrf : @gabriel_castro_p pilas
goodridgestrength : @gwilson1274 read
cjsea30 : @om_green1 did this yesterday with chest, prob shoulda went heavier but you definitely feel it.
bjgaddour : @cjsea30 great work 💪
kelia242 : @1mdingo I was dead wrong
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CONGRATS to 4-time fittest man on Earth @richfroning for adding a team championship to his illustrious fitness career! Say what you want about CrossFit but you can't deny what Rich Froning has accomplished is legendary! #Fitness #FittestOnEarth #CrossFit #💪 #RichFroning #TheBetterManProject *** #Repost @crossfit with @repostapp. ・・・ @crossfitmayhemfreedom endured a slow start early in the competition and battled back on Sunday to hoist the Affiliate Cup. ‪#‎CrossFitGames‬ ‪#‎FittestonEarth‬ @crossfitgames @thecrossfitmayhem Photo: @supercleary
fittestonearth - crossfit - fitness - richfroning - repost - 💪 - thebettermanproject -
jakeyalsford : Well @lucas_j3 when you're the apparent fittest athlete in the world (which apparently they are gimps are watching it here) I guess you should be honoured with it, just like winning a gold medal following disqualification of the winner...they've earnt it
lateralus_eye29 : Rich is on roids
mreverett02 : @hewettmatt5
joseluismrivas : @andre_sq02
andre_sq02 : Los mejores jejeje.... @joseluismrivas
heinewilliam : @anettekao jeg tror ikke jeg var langt unna!
johnswartz9 : @artamus44 @leslieann185 @mmoniot this is who I was thinking of.
nangsan_thabah : :D
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ISLAND BRUNCH from the plate of our fitness director @bjgaddour! The leftover tilapia and flank steak from last night's tacos made for great sides to a scrambled eggs dish. Plus the avocado, Pico, and bacon take it to the next level with a cup of Joseph and Cholula hot sauce. Feel free to add some rice or fruit if your diet allows for it. Have a great Sunday! #Island #💪 #Protein #Muscle #Brunch #FatLoss #Foodie #Food #FoodPorn #MHFit #TheBetterManProject #Gainz #LowCarb
foodie - foodporn - food - island - gainz - 💪 - thebettermanproject - mhfit - lowcarb - protein - muscle - brunch - fatloss -
optikzulage_ : @chucksmania 🙈😍
nancyroyauthor : Perfect.
bonitoraquel : @wagnelucio
juniorjb : Cholula @danah_darosa
danah_darosa : Cholulinhaaaa hahahah❤️ @juniorjb
witzlibtraining : @trxderek
azamatjumagaliyev : Bacon not looks like healthy..
kochisse_rg : Si estaria muy bueno!! @claw_garcia
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The MUSCLE TACO TRIO from the plate of our fitness director @bjgaddour! There's something for everyone here. From left to right: Portobello Mushrooms topped with Pico De Gallo (vegan/vegetarian option), Tilapia topped with Greek Yogurt, and Flank Steak topped with homemade red chili guacamole. The romaine lettuce wraps make for a great low carb alternative if you're trying to burn fat fast. But feel free to go with a high-fiber wrap if your diet allows for it. Bon appetit! #LowCarb #Protein #Vegan #FatLoss #Fitness #MHFit #TheBetterManProject #Food #FoodPorn #Foodie #Muscle #💪
muscle - foodie - foodporn - food - mhfit - vegan - 💪 - fitness - lowcarb - protein - thebettermanproject - fatloss -
kahlograce : @gracefitnesz
med.z.6 : @seeking_lite
med.z.6 : @seeking_lite we gotta have these
mr_richard_mason_jr : Love these @menshealthmag #fitfam #totallyfun #coach #excited #igfitfam #weights #stronger #strength #guyswholift
trbr89 : @mcurvelo83 nice example of what I told u
matt.wolfe7 : @lyndsayloba @crystalanders0n
raul_zr : @lc_lidian @lazarsergiu mai degraba din astea as manca 😂
lc_lidian : @raul_zr ma bag si eu :))
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#SweatySaturday The countdown to a flatter stomach begins right now with THE CALORIE-KILLING COUNTDOWN from our fitness director @bjgaddour! You'll pair a couple key moves that work your whole body. Start with 20 reps of each, then 18, then 16, all the way down to 2 reps of each taking as little rest as needed between moves. Choose the right pairing below based on your fitness level. Beginner Pairing: Blast-Off Planks/Lateral Lunges Advanced Pairing: Blast-Off Pushups/Lateral Lunge Jumps DOUBLE-TAP if you're in and tag a friend who's down for a #WeekendChallenge! #Fitness #Cardio #FatLoss #YourBodyIsYourBarbell #Bodyweight #TheBetterManProject #MHFit
weekendchallenge - mhfit - yourbodyisyourbarbell - fitness - sweatysaturday - thebettermanproject - cardio - bodyweight - fatloss -
medina_luise :
nick_string : @chance00_
simon_trx : @monica_trx el push up
chai_biscuit88 : @abs071 check these out, I've never seen them before.
yaima1986 : @adrianaa_xo27 can you imagine us at the gym for g this LOL
abs071 : @chai_biscuit88 nice!!!
alex_antonio2 : @kjmitts
kar7lcix : @adzacz on sra
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