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Your ultimate guide to fitness, health, weight loss, nutrition, sex, style & guy wisdom | Snapchat: menshealth | #MetaShred home workout DVD 👇
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menshealthmag - Men's Health
Thanks so much to everyone who joined @bjgaddour for our first ever follow-along workout on #FacebookLive! If you missed it, you can now replay it anytime at (direct link in bio) or at the Men's Health Facebook page. Have a great weekend, #FitFam!
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manuelperales1 : .gym.-+-
garygrayjr : Fantastic
bjgaddour : @ozker_331 so glad you enjoyed it! More to come 💪
mr.albert_wesker : He was so hyper 😂😂 Moaning like ughh 😂😂😂
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menshealthmag - Men's Health
Join the MH Facebook page TODAY at noon E.T. for a LIVE follow-along 20-minute workout with @bjgaddour! All you need is a small space and your bodyweight. DOUBLE-TAP if you dig it and tag some #swolemates too! If you can't make it live, the video will be available for replay indefinitely at the MH FB page. #FlexFriday #FitnessFriday #MHFit #FacebookLive #MetaShred #BJGaddour
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spdgtkt87 : He don't play!!!💪🏾💪🏾
jcrmangubat : That is my idol @bjgaddour 👍👊
aereira_7 : Keep up the good work mann @bjgaddour
bjgaddour : @jcrmangubat @aereira_7 thanks for your support!! 💪
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menshealthmag - Men's Health
#TheMountain from #GOT squatting to perfect depth with 660-pounds at 6'9" tall! 💪 #FlexFriday #Repost @thorbjornsson
got - repost - flexfriday - themountain - : Бедные его колени, наверное у него дома еще запасные есть.
oliverpday : @joobsagram
betooww : Perfect???
shiyaanrajpoot : Beast....!!
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menshealthmag - Men's Health
Cancel your Friday lunch plans and head to our Facebook page tomorrow at noon E.T. for a LIVE follow-along workout with MH fitness director and MetaShred creator BJ Gaddour (@bjgaddour)! All you need is a small space and your bodyweight. DOUBLE-TAP if you dig it and tag some #swolemates too! #MHFit #FacebookLive #MetaShred #BJGaddour
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whittywhitster : Well I know what I'm doing at 11 tomorrow. Central time is where it's at!
menshealthmag : @whittywhitster pumped to have you join us!! 🤗🔥💪
whittywhitster : @menshealthmag I'm eating a good breakfast now. I'm ready to go!
whittywhitster : @menshealthmag How do I join the live workout. I went to men's health facebook page but I still haven't been able to access the workout
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menshealthmag - Men's Health
Watch a boxer’s feet during a fight, and you’ll notice they never stop moving. They’re ready to shuffle or pivot or lunge or cut or rush in the blink of an eye. Being quick and light on your feet can not only make you victor in the ring, but outside of it, too, says Men’s Health trainer and two-time Chicago Golden Gloves champion @getfitwithgiddy (Watch Canelo Alvarez battle it out with Amir Khan live on Pay-Per-View Saturday May 7 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.). That’s because speed and agility give you an edge in every sport. They help you stay on your feet when you should have fallen and win when you’re physically overmatched. So what’s one of the best ways to become Twinkle Toes? Speed ladder drills, says Akande, who demonstrates a handful in the video above. They’ll challenge your acceleration, deceleration, coordination, and stability, and improve your mind-muscle connection. Choose your favorite, and then try it for yourself. (If you don’t have a ladder, outline one in chalk on your driveway, or do it on a tiled floor.) Keep your elbows at 90 degrees, and stay on the balls of your feet. Make sure your hips are parallel to the floor the entire time, Akande says. As you get more comfortable with the movement pattern, increase your speed. Do the drill either forward-and-backward or side-to-side 5 times. Then rest 30 seconds. That’s 1 round. Do 3 to 5.
tomascsir : @zurdoavendano Mira esta página, la conocí en Australia, tiene ejercicio muy copados para que sigas perfeccionándote como profesional hermano!
j_marquez04 : Great.... If the boxer looks at his feet while he's in the ring. Try not looking down for some proprioception
ralphshamula : @lindashamula @sherishamula
lindashamula : @sherishamula @ralphshamula 😂😂twinkle toes
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menshealthmag - Men's Health
We're live at the pre #NFLDraft2016 events! Here's a peak at @jaredgoff and @__TylerDexter at the #NFLplay60. Follow us on Snapchat to see the rest: MensHealth #NFLDraft
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orglamix : Beautiful!
ankur.maheshwari.5648 : I think its only for US ...we cant get these dvds and packages in INDIA
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menshealthmag - Men's Health
Try this JUMP ROPE AND DUMBBELL EMOM workout from MH fitness director BJ Gaddour (@bjgaddour)! Sometimes you just want to pump up your arms and break a good sweat. Whether it’s date night or your mind and body need a break from heavy squats and deads, you’re gonna love this 30-minute workout that does just that. All you need is a jump rope and a pair of dumbbells for 2 tickets to the Cardio Gun Show! The jump rope offers a low-impact way to carve your calves, hike up your heart rate, and improve your rhythm and coordination. If you don’t have a jump rope, either fake it or hop, skip, or run in place. The curl to press is a combination exercise that works your entire upper body. Plus, anytime you extend your arms overhead, the core demands pick up big-time. To prevent boredom and to ensure a a complete arm workout, you’ll mix between 3 different gripping options. Every minute on the minute (EMOM) you will perform a task as outlined below. Rest the remainder of each minute after hitting the prescribed rep total: Minute 1- Jump Rope: 50 revolutions Minute 2- DB Overhand Curl to Press: 10 reps Minute 3- Jump Rope: 50 revolutions Minute 4- DB Hammer Curl to Press: 10 reps Minute 5- Jump Rope: 50 revolutions Minute 6- DB Rotational Curl to Press: 10 reps That’s 1 round. Do up to 5 total rounds for a 30-minute workout. For the jump rope work, progress by adding 5-10 revolutions per session. Once you can do 100 skips EMOM, progress to doing 50 revolutions on one leg or use a heavier rope. For the dumbbell work, start with a pair of 20 to 25-pound dumbbells and progressively build up from there. You may not be able to hit the 10-rep mark on every set as you fatigue but if you’re getting 5 reps or less then that means the weight is too heavy for you right now. #CocoaViaStayYou #JumpRope #EMOM #Dumbbells #Cardio #Arms #GunShow #Fitness #MHFit #BJGaddour #MetCon #WorkoutWednesday #💪
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lokoleland : @djbombshell_ky
mcaquilino : @mellowdayk today.
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menshealthmag - Men's Health
#Repost @menshealthstyle ・・・ Follow MensHealth on Snapchat to see some behind the scenes footage of the pre #nfldraft2016 activities! Featuring style advice from DJ Reader, @jack_conklin74, and @ReggieRagland #draftday #nfl
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ron_train : Two is the magic number ✌️, 👫
discodoobie11 : @djread I see you homie
vincent.wolter : ✌🏻️
tine_vogue : @djread everyone's just jealous of the sick sneakers
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menshealthmag - Men's Health
#TransformationTuesday with DIABOLICAL DUMBBELL DROP SETS from MH fitness director BJ Gaddour (@bjgaddour)! Pick a pair of dumbbells that challenges you for 8-12 reps on the Overhead Shoulder Press. Do 8-12 reps (or as many good reps as you can) then move to the Incline Chest Press for 8-12 more (or as many as you can). Finish with 8-12 more (or as many as you can) with the Flat Chest Press. Keep the rest and transition time to 20 seconds tops between each move. You're moving from the weakest to strongest pressing angle as you fatigue (a mechanical drop set) to allow you to accumulate more volume and extend the time under tension and metabolic stress on your muscles for #gainz all over the place. Do it once as a quick finisher on your next #chest or #shoulder day. Or perform this up to 5 times with 1-2 minutes rest between sets for a quick at home or gym workout. DOUBLE-TAP if you dig it and tag some #swolemates too! #Dumbbells #Bodybuilding #DropSets #Muscle #BenchPress #BJGaddour #MHFit #InstaFit #Fitness #💪
shoulder - transformationtuesday - dumbbells - benchpress - mhfit - 💪 - gainz - bodybuilding - chest - bjgaddour - fitness - swolemates - dropsets - muscle - instafit -
chudasma_the_great : @edvillegas25 🔥🔥🔥
thatwrxlife : @bigbooty.j holy hell this kicked my ass. Bomb ass shoulder workout
bigbooty.j : @thatwrxlife did you tag me in this to make me cry you know I can't work upper body lol
thatwrxlife : Lol no boo but to show you something for future workouts. It was too good to forget and not tag you in @bigbooty.j
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menshealthmag - Men's Health
You probably don’t head to your local gym and start throwing jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. But maybe you should. Men’s Health trainer and two-time Chicago Golden Gloves champion Gideon Akande (@getfitwithgiddy) uses shadowboxing as a cardio and fat-loss drill during his workouts. You can see him demonstrate it in the video above. Shadowboxing challenges your speed and power, while skyrocketing your heart rate and spurring fat loss. (Watch power and speed battle as fighters Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan battle it out live on Pay-Per-View Saturday May 7 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.)Plus, it allows you to rack up high reps without the resistance of a bag to slow you down, so you can go faster for longer. Mix jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts together in any pattern that you want for 2 to 3 minutes straight, and then rest 30 seconds. That’s 1 round. Do 6 to 10. Fair warning: If it’s your first time doing it, you might feel extremely uncoordinated. Follow Akande’s tips below to look like a pro while you spar. #Boxing #HBO #ShadowBoxing #Power #Speed #Cardio #MHFit #Fitness #TransformationTuesday
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toby__svne : @trippinonjuice get on this
sri.harshaa : @sainarayan u shuld learn this ull not flip again
coryrok : @hey.hay5 - you notice the belly button, but not the 12 pack!!!
saadalharbi10 : @mohammedalsaleh67
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