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Melissa Esplin

I like sewing, cooking and painting but I LOVE calligraphy. Learn calligraphy at @calligraphyorg! ✒️ Utah 🇺🇸
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Mr. Felix Friend has a big day ahead, going in for surgery to get tubes in and tonsils and adenoids out. This will be a first for @epsilon and me, have any advice for his recovery? The fridge is fully loaded with ALL the soft foods. #felimonster Photo by @piersonphotocompany 📷
felimonster -
ruthumney : So try and keep him well hydrated, with regular pain relief around the clock...tends to get better first few days and then around day 3-5 might be a bit of a dip and then he'll get better again...
ruthumney : Also whilst soft things are good, and nice for him to eat...firm things like toast which are scratchy will actually help more as it will help slough away all the dead tissue in the back of his throat...I know it sounds mean, but actually helps prevent infections...
momheidi : @melissapher my three year old took off to play with the neighbors when we got home after. She was very resilient. Good to get it done now when young. I just had mine out at 39 and it sucked as an adult.
andreaeyre : Good luck Felix!!
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Meet me in Charlotte!! I'll be teaching a calligraphy workshop this Saturday (June 4th) from 1-4:30. There are a few spots left. Hope to see you there! See @calligraphyorg's link in profile to register. Tag a friend who lives in Charlotte! Image by @stephanielorrainephotography for @saltandhoneymarket
melissapher : @scratchmadejournal no! I need to get more organized about these things. 🙈 Bummer!
ingbehappy : @melissapher Virginia Beach, VA about 6 hrs from Charlotte due East ☀️til you hit the ocean. I would've came to Charlotte but didn't know 😢
livefreemiranda : Yes ma'am. I have lots of relationships for where we could host. Some fun ideas too! Let's chat!
miriamtribe : I'm so excited for you! Scope out all the goodies for me!
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
"Pretty words aren't always true, and true words aren't always pretty." -Sojourner Truth Just browsing around the inter webs and this one hit me like a load of bricks. Amen, sister. #calligraphyquoteoftheday
calligraphyquoteoftheday -
bethanyhalepearson : I love this quote. During Black History month, M.E. and I picked up a book about Sojourner At the library. I'm so glad we did, and I'm so glad it was there.
livefreemiranda : Seriously such a great quote.
andrewxchen : Nice!
sherriechretien : Very Nice!
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Inhaling frozen lemonade while simultaneously head-butting each other. #siblinglove #juniperinês #felimonster
felimonster - siblinglove - juniperinês -
kyliedunkley : Super cute!
epsilon : Do they love each other, or is it more a shared love of lemonade?
melissapher : @epsilon Both?
epsilon : Can man love two things at once?
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
This is new. Felix just sat down and started meditating, only to be interrupted by Sunny the neighborhood cat. 😂 #felimonster
felimonster -
cheznud : 😂😂
sunburstjewels : Om Om Om 🙏🏻
miriamtribe : Smiling so big, that sweet little guru!!💕
albrecht_mark : Sunny is a nemesis. The scourge of the neighborhood.
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
"But not Ferdinand, he liked to sit just quietly and smell the flowers." - Munro Leaf Submitted by @everydayreading, it's an excerpt from Ferdinand the Bull; a perfect reminder to "just do you" regardless of others' expectations. Back to work today and playing catch-up. #calligraphyquoteoftheday
calligraphyquoteoftheday -
melissapher : @ladyskelton thanks for the heads up! I'm having Chris look into it. 💕
ladyskelton : Awesome thank you!!
melissapher : @ladyskelton it's up now!! Thanks so much!
ladyskelton : No problem thank you-
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
@epsilon and I are spending our 12 hour layover in L.A. at 6 flags. 🎢 We got STUCK on a roller coaster that broke down! 😱 So naturally I killed the time by looking at pics of the kids. I miss them fiercely!! I fully plan on a big slumber party tonight with the babes. #juniperinês Also, I figure it's worth mentioning that today is the big day @freshlypicked where you can get 25% off site-wide! We love our moccs! #savedbythesale
savedbythesale - juniperinês -
suzcunningham : Oh what a cutie pie!!
miriamtribe : Yikes!!😳
livefreemiranda : I'd die! Roller coasters are a new friend for me, but that's my worst nightmare! Haha
melissapher : @livefreemiranda it could have been so much worse, though!!
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Epic poke nachos and the sweetest owners sat and hung out with us. @epsilon and I died and went to food heaven. Anyone want to teach me how to make poke at home? I'm going to miss this. #selfproclaimedfoodie #hawaii
selfproclaimedfoodie - hawaii -
hapagirl71 : @melissapher it's called @laidbackpokeshack and they bring in the fish daily from Hawaii-you do know that I am originally from Hawaii but live in Draper? I know all the Hawaiian food places in Utah
melissapher : @hapagirl71 you just made my day! We're always looking for good places. feel free to send more my way!
hapagirl71 : @melissapher we should go there for lunch one day. I used to live across the street from @amysagedemik they like @laidbackpokeshack too-I actually went to HS with the owner-there is also a new Hawaiian food truck opening this summer and have you tried the malasada food truck too
rosanasyang : @melissapher sent u a FB message on a diy poke bowl.....
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Snorkeling today on the north shore. We got to swim with a half a dozen of these lovely ladies! They're so graceful and friendly! 🐢 #Hawaii
hawaii -
melissapher : way too much fun! That's so cool you grew up there! It's magical!!
melissapher : @melissadespaingang this is Laniakea on Oahu. On the north shore. It's beautiful here.
melissapher : @pinnersconf I'll be back tomorrow night. Sorry I missed your call earlier! We've been going going going all day. Can we chat tomorrow night?
melissadespaingang : @melissapher gorgeous. Oh we went there just didn't swim. We only had an hour at the beach that day!
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Glad I have @epsilon around to share with me this mound of frozen sugar. #hawaii
hawaii -
livefreemiranda : YAS!! That looks amazing. I miss Hawaii (that one time I went...😂)
cammijphotography : That looks amazing!
miriamtribe : Get in my belly right now.
solespace_grand : 👌
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