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Craftiness, calligraphy, family and fun. Let me teach you calligraphy at!
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Thanksgiving giveaway! Enter to win a subscription to #istilllovecalligraphy with all the tools needed to get started and then some! Prize includes over $230 of goodies! A subscription to, the basic kit (universal oblique holder, straight holder, nibs, ink, paper, @yokepencompany cleaner, materials packet) an assortment of vintage nibs, glitter glue, a hand-turned pen by @petsinguimendez, Clairefontaine paper and a set of 5 hand-calligraphed thank you cards and matching envelopes. To enter: ✒️follow @melissapher ✒️✒️comment on this post, tagging a friend who inspires you ✒️✒️✒️repost this image (or your own image of what you're thankful for) with a caption of what you're thankful for. Must tag @melissapher with #istilllovecalligraphy in the caption. International entries welcome. Winner will be announced 9am MST on Friday, November 28th. #madewithstudio
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brennacade : My lovely sister @sommert95 inspires me!
isabelsalonga : Idk why but it's @c.ff 😁
gnetteg : My bestfriend @aynwhatchamacallit inspires me!
zoeycavanaugh : My bestie @loveforthread inspires creativity in everyone including me! @duke849 this would be a fantastic gift from you to me!
jscrapalex : @ramandan inspires me! She's a supermom (proof they do exist) and her family is blessed to have her
jblair19 : @kristintrimble and her calligraphy posts!!! #istilllovecalligraphy 😍😍😍😍 #teachme ✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️✒️
marybchandler : @adairrr
pvmchugh : My inspiration is @pyro_mail. 😘
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
This girl slays me. #juniperinês
juniperinês -
bienfaitcalligraphy : awwww! bring her to vegas!
simplymodernmom : Such a beauty!
kristintree : Those eyes! 😍😍
zoe_niem15 : Awe so cute!
bykaraanne - honeyimhomeblog - jenapendleton - jkcathey -
melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Two of the zillions of things I'm thankful for on this chilly November day. #idontskipthanksgiving #istilllovecalligraphy
idontskipthanksgiving - pointedpen - lettering - moderncalligraphy - curiouscalligrapher - flourishforum - iampeth - istilllovecalligraphy - calligraphy -
ceciliaharvard : Geez lady your penmanship 👏 need to work on mine.
melissapher : #curiouscalligrapher #iampeth #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #flourishforum #pointedpen #lettering
beingspiffy : YOU'RE a hot-tea! (Dang, I'm punny.)
melissapher : @beingspiffy haha! Yes you are! 😂
katie_vintage : I don't skip it either. Favorite hashtag of the day. And calligraphy too. ❤️
lindsay_letters : 😘😘😘
plentyplace : Yay for the non-skippers! 👏
level_path : One of the best posts of the year. Love this!
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Working on a fun surprise for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. #istilllovecalligraphy Stay tuned!
istilllovecalligraphy -
princesasylvia : I can't get my noodlers pen to work.
marisatsuhako : Oooooh! I just ordered my noodler's pen this morning! Nice to see you using it too. ✨✒️✨
melissapher : @princesasylvia what kind of ink are you using?
princesasylvia : The black kind. :) the one from the kits we got from you.
melissapher : @princesasylvia that's the problem. You want a fountain pen ink. Manuscript, noodler's, pelikan or private reserve are the brands you want to look for. The pen may be ruined (I made that mistake and ruined my first fountain pen), but try to clean it out. It may still work.
princesasylvia : Drat, ok thanks!
princesasylvia : @kimball_allison @grandma_mila we may have put the wrong ink in.
kimball_allison : @princesasylvia - I got the noodler ink. That is what broke and splattered all over. 😜
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Tutorial for a space-saving blanket that's perfect for just about every kid emergency. Brought to you by @lilyjadeco. Link in profile.
sheila_m_80 : @mrsjah
lilyjadeco : Shut the front door. This is amazing! Can't WAIT to share!
melissapher : @lilyjadeco thank you!! The bag and the blanket have been life-savers on many occasions!
a_jillian_things : What is the yellow container? Is it for snacks? (I asked this on the @lilyjadeco image, but realized you were the original poster)
melissapher : @a_jillian_things I use it for storing formula. You can put up to 4 scoops of formula in each container and the lids can be swapped out so you always have a funnel for shaking the powder into the bottle. I got it at Daiso Japan (Japanese dollar store all over California). It's been a lifesaver with all three of my kids.
a_jillian_things : @melissapher thank you for the info! It's so cute and seems very functional. I love Daiso! I have a one in my city, actually! I will have to see if they stock them at my location :)
melissapher : @a_jillian_things it's been years, so I hope they still carry them. It's perfect for traveling!
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Not a bad view to wake up to. #midway #Utah #snowcappedmountainsarebasicallytheprettiestthingsever
snowcappedmountainsarebasicallytheprettiestthingsever - utah - midway -
reagenand : I'm planning my birthday in Deer Valley at my parent's mountain house. Do you have a great florist recommendation?
melissapher : @reagenand not sure of any in that area, but I would look into @soilandstem @floraldesignbyerin or @lizybowden. All three brilliant floral designers.
htheurer : @reagenand my sister @nkbernhisel is an awesome floral designer that does events in that area all the time. Get in touch with her.
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Just give me a couple pounds of brisket and ribs. 😋😋 #lunch #yum #meatistastytastymurder @bambamsbbq
meatistastytastymurder - lunch - yum -
paccidesigns : Yummmm!
vintagefern : That looks so good!
heyhildie : I'm glad they serve it on paper as it should be.
bambamsbbq : So great seeing you today thanks for coming in
klhansen : Best. BBQ. Ever.
lightlysaltednibs : Heck yeah!
amylholmes : You are speaking my language!
erikanxpress : My goat's name is Bam Bam. AAAAAAAAAHH!!!
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Some days it seems like the moment I sit, lay, eat, work, I get interrupted by cries, whines, alarms… I've had a hard time getting much done lately, and it's frustrating. Getting this sweet necklace was a great reminder that even though it may be frustrating, there's nothing in the world I wouldn't do for my little rascals. Thanks for the amazing surprise @pamelalalasusan!!
lovers__and__dreamers : um, yeah. (to all of it)
bienfaitcalligraphy : aint that the truth 🙌
vineyardcalligraphy : Yes, so true! 💕😊
lilbitbeth : Here, here.
pamelalalasusan : Beautiful words and I'm so happy you like your gift!! Thank you for constantly inspiring me. 💗💗💗
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Snail mail day. #istilllovecalligraphy
lettering - curiouscalligrapher - moderncalligraphy - flourishforum - iampeth2014 - flourishes - iampeth - ink - istilllovecalligraphy - calligraphy -
melissapher : #iampeth2014 #iampeth #ink #calligraphy #curiouscalligrapher #moderncalligraphy #flourishes #flourishforum #lettering
denise_plant : Gorgeous!!!
elanorchuah : Omg Schin Loong!!
syedshaabulhassanquadri : lovely
nicnilla : wonderful
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
I may or may not have scarfed nearly a pan of homemade caramels the last couple of days. Someone rescue me from such temptation!!! #foodie #yum #istilllovecalligraphy
foodie - curiouscalligrapher - moderncalligraphy - sweets - flourishforum - yum - iampeth - ink - istilllovecalligraphy - calligraphy -
skylerchubak : That paper looks rad!
pennedbypalmer : Love this!
twistmepretty : I need the recipe!!
ivylarsen : How do I make a pan for myself?
melissapher : @ivylarsen @twistmepretty recipe is on my blog ( Just search "no fail caramels".
beccaclason : Oh man, you should have seen me after I finished my "chewy" lettering piece made out of Kraft caramels.
melissapher : @beccaclason hahah!!
suzcunningham : I have just discovered you and you are amazing!!
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