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Craftiness, calligraphy, family and fun. Let me teach you calligraphy at!
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Working on some snail mail today. Rad enormous pen holder is hand-turned by my co-calligrapher @erikanxpress. #istilllovecalligraphy
istilllovecalligraphy -
poppyandscooter : I need this! So beautiful.
persialou : Gorgeous!
sheenakayjewelry : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
lisstissbdiss : #flourishqueen
nataliemalanstudio : Lovely as always!
pamelalalasusan : ❀❀❀❀❀
_kellymcneill_ : That pen!! Where can one find something so amazing?😍
melissapher : @_kellymcneill_ message @erikanxpress. She made this one.
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
I love that I get to lunch with my man. He cooks the steak and eggs and I assemble the salad. My new favorite combo: spring greens, chopped mint, green onions, parmesan, green olives, tomatoes and vinaigrette. It's heaven. #foodie #yum #eatyourgreens
yum - eatyourgreens - foodie -
aeclearwater : Yum! @blueberryfiles this seems great!
openinkstand : Drooling!
moontears2 - tinoiseau - openinkstand - mbspurlock -
melissapher - Melissa Esplin
I made my little gnome an outfit. Raglan hoodie and pleated harem pants. Details on the blog. Link in profile. #sewing #isew #ootd
sewing - isew - ootd -
thebannerie : Sometimes I'm just confused as to how there's so much talent in one person. I'm talking about your gnome, obviously 😘
taipantrading : So adorable!!!
kristintree : Oh, she's so sweet with that wise baby gaze and perfect profile!
lilbitbeth : Where did you find the time?
clarasomers : That fabric is adorable! And so is Miss Juniper!
toricarlton - biancalennon - jenapendleton - bs_collective -
melissapher - Melissa Esplin
This girl is in OCD heaven. #nesting #incolororder
nesting - incolororder -
keen_bee : Holy bologna that's a lot of shoes!
sprinties : I still regret not getting those red @seychellesshoes!
melissapher : @keen_bee I just got rid of 9 pairs, too. Kinda ridiculous.
melissapher : @sprinties I saw off white ones @helloholiday this summer. Maybe they are still in stock?
queenmamabeecreates : Oh man. We're in the same boat. #nesting #38weeks
ariaskitchen : I wish my shoe collection looked this pretty πŸ‘ πŸ‘’πŸ‘‘
b.andrews05 : Doesn't everyone do this?!
kendalllw : 😍😍😍
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
I've been in a pretty sour mood most of the day today. There's nothing quite like a mostly unproductive day to put a cloud over things. I just need to pick myself up and change my attitude. Or sleep and start over with a new day. Sleep may win at this point. #istilllovecalligraphy
istilllovecalligraphy -
joanne_wes : True story.
tintenfuchs : I love the swell strokes in this one πŸ’œ
shadowflowerart : I like the quote and the lovely pen work!
nicnilla : Love the quote, love the writing, love the materials u used
o_itsalex : So elegant πŸ‘
rejoyce_today : The quote I always tell myself after particularly nonproductive days: "remember, you are a human being now a human doing." 😊
trixienation : @ume_7
openinkstand : Great quote!!!
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Chocolate fudge cake with Brigadeiro and raspberry filling. A late birthday treat for my favorite man. @epsilon #foodie #yum
yum - foodie -
sarahjlarsen : Cake orgasm! Brigadeiro is our Brazilian Christmas tradition.
stunningphotostbh : Nice picture! If you like Food you should check out @Delicioustbh
princesasylvia : Wow, im coming right over. :) HB to your hubby.
lisstissbdiss : Beautiful! That frosting job is moneyπŸ‘Œ
sweetiemma : πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
_family_look : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
westelmstlouis : Delicious!!
ahkahbeatrice : It was SOOO GOOOOD! #luckysisterinlaw
myyummycake - foodflowersandrainbows - cat.halter - snack_a_roni -
melissapher - Melissa Esplin
"Creativity is human nature. It can only be untaught." Came across this quote today on Facebook. It's so true. #istilllovecalligraphy
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teadrinkertrixie : <3
lillianwilkins : I LOVE this!
missmultee : Love Ai Weiwei.
ceciliaharvard : Geez woman😍 so talented!
fleurdeletters : Love this Melissa! Thanks for sharing!
coopercalli : So pretty!
isthisapainting : I just pressed ❀ like 3 times!
emvfitzpatrick : So so nice!!
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Saturday chest snuggles. Basically this is heaven. My favorite part of having a newborn. #juniperinês
juniperinês -
squirrellyminds : Oh my gosh your daughters name is Juniper? I've been obsessed with that name ever since I read the book Juniper when I was a kid. Good choice!
courtneysnowden : Precious!!!!
honeyimhomeblog : Congratulations!
klhpost : So true~enjoy it while u can. #theygrowuptoofast
borupkim : So sweet.
janetpaquette : @melissapher Congratulations! She is beautiful and this picture is precious. Btw, LOVING your online calligraphy class... so fun!!!
melissapher : @janetpaquette thank you so much! We're totally smitten by her. And I'm thrilled to hear you're enjoying the class!!
queenmamabeecreates : Awww congrats! :)
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Bacon-wrapped grilled chicken, spring greens, sunflower seeds and parmesan topped with a little ranch and A1 sauce. Steamed carrots and cottage cheese on the side. #dinnerofchampions #foodie #yum
foodie - dinnerofchampions - yum -
sugargrenade : are you instagramming from Heaven?
courtneysnowden : Beside the grody cottage cheese...this sounds divine πŸ’š
borupkim : Looks delicious.
anniekblake : I used to always mix A1 and ranch!
brandonandallyson : A1 and ranch? Gotta try it now…
melissapher : @brandonandallyson it's so good.
thehiddenroom : I'll be trying this soon- I drink a1 out of the bottle- sick but true. Can't get enough.
rebeccasinnen - brandonandallyson - prettypaperie - apynes -
melissapher - Melissa Esplin
The rainbow of hangers makes my heart happy. #ocdmuch #containsaltlakecity @thecontainerstore
ocdmuch - containsaltlakecity -
openinkstand : There's a container store here and it even has a pretty badass gift wrap center
beingspiffy : Some crazy driver in an orange Honda blew past me leaving IKEA. πŸ˜‰
melissapher : @beingspiffy you were at ikea too? So was @houselarsbuilt ! We could have had a second meet up.
melissapher : @openinkstand I was in love with the stuff they had. Apparently next week they'll have a giant station just devoted to wrap. I can't wait to see it!
melissapher : @jennathewife Saturday!
beingspiffy : Next time…
anniemcarter : Oh yes!
nbmirrors : Best. Store. Ever.
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