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I do all sorts of creative things like sewing, cooking and painting but I LOVE calligraphy. Learn how at! βœ’οΈ Utah πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Something I tell my #istilllovecalligraphy students when the going gets rough. Everyone has different hurdles when it comes to calligraphy. For some it's positioning, for others it's ink, capitals, kerning or leading. The thing is, we were all awful once. And it wasn't some magic pen that made us amazing overnight. It takes patience and practice. The two key ingredients for learning anything. So if you're in learning mode, whether it's calligraphy or math; don't get discouraged. You'll get better. Give yourself time. And maybe find a cheerleader or two to keep you motivated.
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alderandtweed : Your the best!!
mccombs_c : @alexadorsey09 @tkskristine8
0n__nn : great 🌹
kyliewriteshere : Oh, @busybeeseattle! Love you!
punkyx : @agnestherese 😊❀
erinerinerin91 : Yes! πŸ™ŒπŸ» Thank you for this! ❀️
diana_kynard : @lauren_kynard
dianarose919 : @cjnectow
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Ashley means: ash tree meadow. A symbol for a sunny disposition and light-hearted. #calligraphynameoftheday
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ashleyhorton75 : Thanks @sashafarina! πŸ˜‰
steph___martin : @ashleysellars 😍😍
jmrebello : @ashleyd173
newlywedlefebvres : @ashleytannersillay
ashleysellars : She totally tagged me @steph___martin I was so happy #celeb status @thescriptshop
ashleytannersillay : @newlywedlefebvres love you!
misssashleyxo : This is awesome! @rachel_maybenavy
r.schumaker : @anschumaker
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Back in April @designroots and I bonded over pretty letters and all things Brazil. Last week She surprised me with a beautifully written paõ de queijo recipe. I should have doubled (or tripled) the recipe. These heavenly nuggets disappeared so fast! Thanks, Heather! @epsilon thanks you, too. #selfproclaimedfoodie #foodie
selfproclaimedfoodie - foodie -
nanoink1 : Harmon's sells frozen ones to bake at home made by a local Brasileira! Gostoso πŸ˜‹
melissapher : @nanoink1 really?! That's good to know!
raegunramblings : Hasn't chance we can get the recipe somewhere? That's 95% of why I go to rodizio!
melissapher : @raegunramblings I wish it were mine to give out. If you beg @designroots, she might give it to you. πŸ˜‰
crazyoldeirene : Uhhhhh huuuuuhhhh.... (drooling on my thumbs)
ratotinha : Hmmm love Pão de Queijo !!
raegunramblings : Oh I was just wondering if you knew if she had it anywhere publicly but @designroots if the recipe is shareable I would loooove it πŸ˜€
sherriechretien : Perfectemente! 😊
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
I've teamed up with @mymindseyeinc to bring you my hands-down favorite cardstock for calligraphy in two color ways: tropical and wildberry. See link in profile. #mymindseye #istilllovecalligraphy
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allessokuntb_annakalligraphie : 😍 do they sell to germany?
simplystephko : I LOVE those paperclips!
melissapher : @allessokuntb_annakalligraphie let me see. @mymindseyeinc - do you ship internationally?
grandprintco : Those scissors 😍
alicedang : Love the colors!
mymindseyeinc : @melissapher @allessokuntb_annakalligraphie yes we can ship internationally.
laurielanno : πŸ’•
lipstick_trilogy : This looks like a must have for absolutely everyone!!!! 😘
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
What does your pet peeve say about you? It drives me nuts when people misuse the left (a.k.a passing) lane. You might think I'm a bit of a speed demon. And you would be right. Tagging @piecescalligraphy @dearondine and @openinkstand - what's your #petpeeve?
petpeeve -
kjborja : Ditto @kaorumarie on the escalators, and add drivers not using their turn signals to my list! Drives me nuts!
cristiedear : @candykirbydesigns πŸš”β€ΌοΈ
heidi_aiti : Definitely shopping carts not put away, especially if the parking lot is busy. So inconsiderate!
mgeyo : @jcnmendoza sounds like you!
jcnmendoza : @mgeyo Definitely!
faithartandletters : @kaorumarie Except when you're in Singapore. They stand on the left and you're supposed to pass on the right. 😊
canary_jane : Cute
kaorumarie : @faithartandletters omg, I was recently in Hong Kong and I had no idea which side to stand on! I felt like such a rude tourist.
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Open-faced chicken salad sandwich with yellow tomatoes and avocado. … and a generous helping of peanut butter m&ms. πŸ˜‹
charmingdetails : Mmmmmmm
alicedang : Yum!
brandonandallyson : Yum!!!
howaboutorange : The m&ms are under the chicken?
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
I made a swimsuit! πŸ‘™ Why I sew my own swimsuits and links to my favorite swim styles from @pleatedempire @kingdomandstate @neonwetsuits and more on the blog. Link in profile. #isew πŸ“· @samanthapierson
isew -
kristintree : Love you and that suit!
courtneysnowden : 🎢the glamorous glamorous
lpatri11 : So talented
belleandwhistle : @melissapher I did! I ran around my house feeling so empowered and really sexy πŸ™ˆ that's a first for me in a swimsuit!
chankklas : You're awesome!!!
golfanytime : πŸ˜€
jacquelinnealtom : You're amazing!
elena_knapp : You are gorgeous
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Sandy means "protector of mankind". #calligraphynameoftheday #istilllovecalligraphy
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sashafarina : @sandydavis2 ! πŸ’•
sandydavis2 : Thanks @sashafarina
nyamburakinyori : @munotyizei
munotyizei : Awww thanks dear 😘😘 @nyamburakinyori
munotyizei : @ms_sandy_baby
ms_sandy_baby : @munotyizei tisu!!!
ms_sandy_baby : @sandico
sandico : @ms_sandy_baby love it!!!
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My people. Some days, actually most days, I end up scratching my head and wondering how this happened so fast. It's like it was just yesterday @epsilon buzzed my head and we were backpacking through Brazil. But in reality that was over 8 years ago. #timeflieswhenyouremakingbabies #penelopefanclub #felimonster #juniperinês
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handlettereddesign : Backpacking through Brazil? Awesome. Served my mission there and then went back to travel through with my husband. Still so much to see!
melissapher : @botcomm oh yes! It was about 3/8" long. Amazing, but I looked like a 12 year old boy.
melissapher : @handlettereddesign really?! Where did you serve? Chris served in Lisbon, but our friend who we traveled with served in Campo Grande.
handlettereddesign : I served in São Paulo South. When we went back we traveled through Salvador, Itacare, Río, Porto Alegre, Iguassu Falls and São Paulo. Love it there so much!
melissapher : @handlettereddesign rad!! We did a session at the São Paulo temple and went to Río, Camp Grande, Rio Quente and Iguaçu. I loved it so much, it's sad we haven't been back since.
handlettereddesign : That temple has my heart. I got to stay at the temple apartments and do the Open House tours as a missionary and then be a part of the cultural celebration and dedication. All of those places are AMAZING. I had been to Iguassu on another trip to Argentina and had to go back again. So incredible. And can't even get started on Río! 😍
luckyblogs : #iwishtimeflewwhenwemadebabies #twominutesinheavenisbetterthanoneminuteinheaven
thefozzybook : That hashtag omg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
I'm insanely fortunate to have a front row seat to witness prime examples of fatherhood from my dad, grandfathers, father-in-law and husband. I love you @epsilon. You're an amazing dad to our little ragamuffins.
nu_rident : @foreverbutter
majestic_olive : Bro this thing looks insanely difficult to write with πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @sublimecalligraphy
roxstar5 : @st3v3_23 abe and angie - goals!! ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻
pfalk6 : @lthygeson have you ever seen a calligraphy pen like this? #SuperCool
lthygeson : I have @pfalk6 ! We used to get Christmas cards from one of M&D's friends who used one. The lettering was gorgeous
olasimxa : @annabashmakova Ρ‚Π΅Π±Π΅ Π·Π°Π²ΠΈΡ‚ΠΊΠΎΠ² Π½ΡƒΠΆΠ½ΠΎ? Π’ΡƒΡ‚ ΠΌΠ½ΠΎΠ³ΠΎ )
caroletastic : @armcdavid her calligraphy is so pretty!
akifkichloo : Beautiful ❀️
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