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I do all sorts of creative things like sewing, cooking and painting but I LOVE calligraphy. Learn how at! βœ’οΈ Utah πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Anyone else super excited for back-to-school? 😍 πŸ™‹πŸ» @svenclogs @jetpens @luliewallace #totallyjumpingthegun #imasuckerforschoolsupplies
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avestyles : These are adorable
carissamiss : Totally πŸ™Œ
kristintree : Nope. Evie and I are at odds on her wardrobe these days. It gives me palpatations just thinking of going shopping with her. #glitterandsparklesandelsaohmy
livefreemiranda : Those clogs!😍😍
milonguera : @kristintree, Let her wear what she likes as long as it's not appropriate--too revealing. Then make sure you have lots of pictures for when she's 25 and you can say, "But it's what you wanted to wear!"
niciaesplin : You wouldn't be jumping the gun here! School starts August 4th!!!
snackaroni : Nope
kellyhandmadedesigns : Love the shoes!!! So cute!!
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Felix's favorite phrase to say. He says it so fast that it sounds like one word. "Doit! Doit!" As he walks down the stairs by himself. Or "Doit! Doit!" as he points to me when I ask him to put something away. I'm treasuring these milestones of his. #felimonster Using Pentel ColorBrush Pen from @jetpens
felimonster -
ellisonlane : Thank you! @melissapher
snapdragoninn : This is quite therapeutic to watch!
taipantrading : Yes!!!!!
chefb2you : What pretty script you have!
a7med5hawaga : @hiba_mousa look
hiba_mousa : Aywa da elly kan asdy 3leh @a7med5hawaga
evosphotos : 😍
zaixcx : @zaaaymn ani ra diay ni nga ballpen ang gamit.
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
I LOVE name meanings so much. Aubrey means "fair ruler of the little people". Serious. I checked it in multiple places. I think I need an Aubrey to rule my crazy little people. #calligraphynameoftheday Left-leaning slant inspired by @skylerchubak @crossroads_calligraphy and W. E. Dennis.
calligraphynameoftheday -
lindseydenning : @aubriline this seems fitting πŸ˜‚
abhouse : @avl1120 lol πŸ˜‰
aubreyeri : @emjeanknight thanks for tagging me! Love it. ❀️
aubreyfgana : Awwe you made my day! Thank you ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 @melissapher
aubreynelson_ : @biancafrances 😘😘 @melissapher this is THE prettiest I have ever seen my name written, ever! A little bird passed your name along to me for a something I'm working on, this is destiny getting your tag! ❀️
jencokab : @heterochromia
avl1120 : @abhouse hahahhahaa this is hilarious I am a ruler of little people :)
melissadespaingang : Ashlynne's birth mom's name is Aubrey. Love her. She's awesome in every way and a GREAT babysitter of my little ones. :-)
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
9 years ago today. We were just babies then, now we have 3 babies of our own?! I wouldn't want to do this crazy adventure with anyone else. @epsilon πŸ’—πŸ’˜πŸŽ‰πŸ’‹
karenskalligraphy : Happy anniversary & may I say you look as beautiful if not more now!
chrisandces : Congrats!!!
kristintree : Happy anniversary!
andweplay : Girl, you look exactly the same. Happy anniversary!!
renmadecalligraphy : Happy AnniversaryπŸ’•πŸ’—
melissapher : @jumbledupjoy happy anniversary to you, too!! Wow, 18 years is amazing!!!
piecescalligraphy : Happy Anniversary!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
elena_knapp : @melissapher happy anniversary! You have not changed a bit
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Hide and seek between tantrums at Grandma and Grandpa's. #felimonster
felimonster -
suzcunningham : Oh how funny!!
tintenfuchs : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Name of the day: Charlotte. It's the feminine of "free man", so I'm taking it a step further to "free spirit". Fitting for all the Charlottes I can think of. #calligraphynameoftheday I'm loving reading the meanings and origins of your names! See three posts back for a custom oblique holder giveaway. Giveaway goes through Sunday.
calligraphynameoftheday -
elizabethmckinleysmith : @courtneyanneball
aubreyfgana : Please write my name Aubrey 😍 Thanks in advance πŸ™ @melissapher
charlottenpratt : Thanks for sharing @cristiedear !
barneydesign : @jmbrailsford
jmbrailsford : Perfect for my little girl.
sujo7 : @polloconmantequilla thought of baby girl 😘
darbychastain : @e_bellamy ☺️
e_bellamy : @darbychastain thank you for tagging me in this! I love it! I so hope that she is her own free spirit!
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Chocolate cheeks! #juniperinês #ihavethecutestbabyintheworld
ihavethecutestbabyintheworld - juniperinês -
taymyster : @mrsem_young sooo cute!!
mrsem_young : @taymyster yes! She is so so cute
anacandidacaligrafia : OMG!!! So cute! I wanna hug!
marykatemoon : aw! so do I though. 😜 I can't wait to see Jules' face when I give her solids! πŸŒπŸŽπŸ‘
luckyblogs : She's so sweet!
sofialareau : Awww that sweet face πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
camberleywoods : That little tongue!
elena_knapp : )))
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Seeing my home with fresh eyes this week after coming back from vacation. I'm thoroughly enjoying the cooler, dry temperatures. #utahisrad
utahisrad -
jpthistlecreek : Ohhhhhh I luvs it. I'm into #Thistles. :-)
melissapher : @jpthistlecreek you'd love my backyard. Covered in thistles and morning glory! 😁
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melissapher - Melissa Esplin
I’m thrilled to collaborate on a giveaway with prior #istilllovecalligraphy student @ash_bush who is now making custom pen staffs! Now you have a chance to win a custom holder inspired my my name's meaning and my home state. ENTER TO WIN THIS HOLDER: 🐝 Follow @ash_bush, @bushworkshop and @melissapher on Instagram. 🐝 Leave a comment: What does your name mean? Or what is it's origin? Giveaway closes Sunday (7/26) at midnight EST. Share this photo for an extra entry!
istilllovecalligraphy -
pamelalalasusan : Gorgeous creation! My name Pamela means All Honey! I think the names Pamela and Melissa are meant to be together! 🐝❀️
hhagwell : My name doesn't have a meaning, I'm an Irish flower! Which is great since I'm 1/2 Irish.
cinrabin : Cynthia was an epithet of the Greek goddess of the moon, Artemis, who according to legend, was born on Mount Cynthus. Wishing on the moon I win this lovely giveaway!! πŸŒœβœ’οΈπŸŽ¨
shairyni : Kathryn Irish means pure rainbow. Origins English/Irish/French.
isabeau1870 : Michele is Hebrew and means Gift from God.
left.writer : Haydee is of greek origin and means modest or well-behaved
yoruichin : Chin is the sound of a chinese character ζ™Ά which means crystal.
mbspurlock : My name is Melissa - Greek, means honeybee. It's a pretty great name... - calligraphydame - thanhhuynhminh - cristalle.on.paper -
melissapher - Melissa Esplin
Hiked up to the A frame by our house and discovered it's the perfect spot for a hammock. 360 degree view of the mountains and valleys and the ideal spot for watching clouds roll by. Cuddling @epsilon in the hammock, eating sandwiches and chocolate-covered gummy bears was heaven. All of the busy-ness of the world around us just paused for a couple of hours. Today was very much a personal day, accomplishing very few tasks and responding to very few emails. I'll get on it tomorrow. #theresalwaystomorrow #datenight
datenight - theresalwaystomorrow -
klhansen : That is such a great idea! I love that hike.
tiddlewinks : Love the views from up there!
sweetwilliamfloralcreations : Magic!
whimsimobilia : Bonus! It was National Hammock Day!✨
rachelpullen : Sounds like the most perfect thing ever!!!
pennedbypalmer : Love this!
raayynuh : Wait, chocolate covered gummy bears?? I didn't know that was a thing! That view, though.
epsilon : @jweaver5 The A-Frame is some sort of geographical marker on the highest point near our house. Everyone just calls it the “A-Frame” because that's how it looks.
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