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Making up for lost time. Currently doing a #YearOfMaking. My latest blog post, Me Made May '15 and #YearOfMaking:
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135/365 #YearOfMaking: more progress on my @mimikirchner Tiny World Make Do pin cushion pattern. With these flowers I may have to make new houses to compliment them. #agirlneedsoptions 😭😭😭😭🌷🌷🌷🌷
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elingeling : ❀❀❀❀❀ (so fun, right?)
schmancytoys : Love
meigsotoole : @elingeling so fun. I'm obsessed.
meigsotoole : @schmancytoys πŸ’•πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ’•
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Day 4 #memademay15 - not the best pic but it's all I have of what I wore today. I absolutely love my new Dress No 1. I can't wait to make more of @sonyaphilip's patterns...I have all 4! #mmm15 #memademay #designcarveprint #handmadewardrobe #100actsofsewing #handprinted
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raches : it is stunning!!!!! I have all 4 too.hanging out for the next release, @sonyaphillip is a pattern goddess ;)
meigsotoole : @raches love love love all your dresses. So inspiring!
sonyaphilip : Wear what you make and make what you wear - Heck YES Handmade Wardrobe!!
sonyaphilip : @raches you are a peach of a person ❀️
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awheeler5 : Nice!
makermaker : @meigsotoole photo for me made may!
meigsotoole : @makermaker definitely! Just need to get a good pic! ☺️
beckytidswell : I love it @meigsotoole !
sonyaphilip : @meigsotoole never never never!!
jenhewett : So good! I love the bias tape detail, too.
meigsotoole : @sonyaphilip πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
meigsotoole : @jenhewett good eye! and thank you, couldn't have happened with out you!
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134/365 #YearOfMaking: finally finishing this dress up. I think I'm going to make a detachable Peter Pan collar, and possibly add some darts to accentuate the boobage. I love this pattern (Dress No 1) from @sonyaphilip so versatile.
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craftyplanner : I feel like I need that pattern
meigsotoole : @craftyplanner I feel like you do too. πŸ˜‚
craftyplanner : #enabler
meigsotoole : @craftyplanner #connector πŸ˜„
craftivista : So for a detachable collar... by what means is it detachable?
meigsotoole : @craftivista snaps!
theartofskinner : A cute collar!!
meigsotoole : @theartofskinner you're a cute collar!
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Day 3 of #memademay - I'm wearing a necklace I made and my stitched jeans. I don't have any casual handmade clothes. Definitely a goal for this month. #MMMay15 #mmm15 #memademay15
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jenrenninger : Awesome!!
leanneprain : I love this colour combo! 😍
meigsotoole : @leanneprain thanks! There's something about sea foam green and that orange that just thrill me.
saracoulter : I love the necklace! Where did you find your beads?
meigsotoole : @saracoulter I made it from a tutorial on @thecraftedlife's site. She's got links to everything there. ☺️
saracoulter : Thanks! I have to make these. And what s great site!!
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133/365 #YearOfMaking: Next house for my @mimikirchner Tiny World Make Do pin cushion. Pro tip: Brooklyn Nine Nine is the best binge watching show to embroider to.
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meigsotoole : @mimikirchner I feel like I should volunteer to help you make these. So obsessed. πŸ˜‚
mimsue52 : Let's plan a coffee Kiki.. @meigsotoole
meigsotoole : @mimsue52 sounds good! Maybe the end of the week?
mimsue52 : Off to NYC thurs.. After the 11 th?? @meigsotoole
meigsotoole : @mimsue52 text me when you're back and we can make a plan. Have fun!
mimsue52 : Will do.. ❀️ @meigsotoole
swirlydesigns : It was so nice meeting you today and chatting with the group. @meigsotoole
mimsue52 : I will for sure. Till then. Keep making tiny houses.. 😘 @meigsotoole
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132/365 #YearOfMaking: the first house for my Tiny World Make Do pin cushion.
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sara_wolfie : So cute!
risafriedman : it's perfect.
mandybehrensart : Super, super adorable! You're such an inspiration.
mimikirchner : πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‘πŸŽ‰β­οΈβ­οΈβ­οΈ
meigsotoole : @mandybehrensart you're so sweet, thank you.
meigsotoole : @mimikirchner I'm obsessed. We need to discuss on Monday.
meigsotoole : @risafriedman thank you! It's a little wonky but it'll do! #🏑
meigsotoole : @sara_wolfie πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–
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I joined in with #memademay today and I'm really excited about it! I wrote a post about how my #YearOfMaking has made it easy for me to dive into #MMMay15, and reasons why I'm taking on this extra challenge. Link in profile.
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I'm taking part in #memademay - I'm committed to wearing at least one piece of handmade/handstitched clothing a day for the month of May. What I love about this challenge is its not about an #ootd photo, it's about finishing things you've started, and making sure you actually wear the things you make. I think one of my favorite reasons for doing this is getting out of a clothing rut. When you work from home it's really easy to forget what it's like to make an effort to get dressed. Sounds shallow, but this sort of stuff plays into self-care for me and feeling good. Looking forward to this challenge! Day 1! #MMMay15 #mmm15 #making #sashiko #visiblemending #stitching
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onelittlestar : What a great idea! My me made things are mostly sweaters but if I count jewelry and silk scarves then I am in!
meigsotoole : @onelittlestar it all counts!
onelittlestar : My dream is to have a whole outfit entirely made by me. I will need some sewing and cobbling help but someday.
heidi.parkes : I'm looking forward to your blog post then!! I made 5 bracelets last night & continued work on my knot tank top, so I'm with you in spirit for sure!!!!
heidi.parkes : *Knit
mujer.mutante : Awesome stitching and awesome perspective
meigsotoole : @mujer.mutante thank you!
ariane__k : Did someone say clothing rut? 😬
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131/365 #YearOfMaking: I'm making one of @mimikirchner's Tiny World Make Do pin cushions aaaaaaand watching Brooklyn Nine Nine. I'm in Connecticut til Sunday and I don't have everything I need to make my teense village! I will try and survive. #πŸ˜‚ #🏑🏠🏑🏠🌲🌲
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