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Meighan O'Toole

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meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
Can't say enough good stuff about @pamgarrison's @creativebug class Creative Sketchbook. Tonight I worked on her prompts watercolor backgrounds and responsive drawing. This was so fun. I loved how it pushed me to get really loose with my florals and leaves. Loved this class! #arttherapywithmeigs
arttherapywithmeigs -
katiekaapcke : This is gorgeous!!
shoshannahscribbles : This is such a great class! I watched this weekend and got super inspired!
artemianna : @meigsotoole Goodmorning from Athens Greece. It's already Monday here , it is propably still Sunday in your country.. Sunday night ? Anyway , are these lessons live on line ? Can i catch up later because of our time difference ?
nullsie : I love all of pam's classes!
mandybehrensart - lilwoodnymph - creationodyssey - inspirationgatherer -
meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
It's May! That means it's a new theme for #12monthsofpaint! It's floral!! Here's how it works: #12monthsofpaint is a community project. @ccerruti @erikaleesears @augustwren and myself post the theme on the 1st of each month. Anyone can join in. You can use the prompt everyday or just once a month. Or join in for one month and not the next. It's a no pressure project started by my cohosts and myself to encourage people to get creative, make community, and just have fun. I'm super looking forward to everyone's contributions this month! There are almost 7 thousand images in the pool!!! Yes! Let's get to it.
12monthsofpaint -
paperwerksart : love the blues:)
fuzzz_yy : Jolie
mandybehrensart : Love those leaves!
squiggleandswirl : Gosh thanks to @nullsie , I find myself here contemplating yet another project . 😊🎨
mandybehrensart - bksnacks - wakeforart - artist_malrang -
meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
meandblue : ❀️
estherdstanford : Yes!
aisforanika : Gorgeous! : Just so gorgeous Meighan!!
estherdstanford - nicolebarrosart - vvart_ - nancysalz -
meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
Waiting for paint to dry.
meigsotoole : @shop_pod thank you friend. ❀️
estherdstanford : #artjournalproblems 😁
zoya_art : Looks like you found your favourite colour. Love the brightness 😎
meandblue : Sometimes I use a credit card to scrape on color, it dries super fast.
ginatuzzi - emilyblistein - agoodplant - pinkbeatrice -
meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
I was going through my Flickr account looking at stencils I had done years ago, and found an album of drawings I'd done 10 years ago. I started drawing after years and years of not, during this time. I loved it. But then I fell in love, as this weird haiku denotes, and lost interest. πŸ˜‚ As you can see nothing's changed in the drawing department. #staygoldponyboy #arttherapywithmeigs
staygoldponyboy - arttherapywithmeigs -
virmar75 - verbihore - mmadhart - mogirard -
meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
Diving deeper into more art journaling! Tonight I watched @pamgarrison's class on @creativebug. This was so difficult for me. (I know it looks like simple shapes,marks, etc) But it was so hard to just let loose and not care about the final results or plan. Pam has you scribble in your journal while not looking then paint the shapes then draw on top of them. I got a lot more relaxed as I went on but oooph, very hard to keep going. What I loved so much about the class is Pam continually reminds you that this is all about getting loose, building your doodle vocabulary, learning about what colors work together, and just being inspired and creative. Period. Such good stuff! P. S I hate this lol. But I'm sharing to keep at it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #arttherapywithmeigs
arttherapywithmeigs -
patternobsession : I actually really like it!πŸ‘
kimtrichards : I love your color choices!
khescox : Agreed. Taking time and nurturing the creative soul inside us. Looking forward to watching the class 😊
meandblue : Love this. I want to take that class.
madelinejoyb - missbirdiemae - thecraftedlife - violagirl285 -
meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
"The artist loses himself in a futile effort if he wants to be realistic. The work can be beautiful even if it doesn't have a conventional likeness." πŸ’― Pablo Picasso's Seated Woman (Dora), 1938. An incredible painting of the poet Dora Maar at the @mfaboston. Being so close to tangible evidence of greatness makes me feel super emotional.
francesmarin : Wise words
wdyt_art : I know exactly what you mean!
mb.illustration : My feels along these lines have grown stronger during my years as a professional artist. Many people can do 'realistic' -and it's good training- but it's not necessarily you're unique vision as an artist. *Meigs, I didn't get your newsletter today… did I get bumped off the list somehow?
meigsotoole : @mb.illustration you're on my list, check your spam? Let me know!
nicolessystue - academyofhandmade - creativeshewrote - yarnivore -
meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
Choi Jeong Hwa’s “Breathing Flower” 😍😍😍 outside of the @mfaboston.
risafriedman : wow!
tibbyg : @lostsox so cool!
alexcolestudio : @tiffanieturner
caserafine : Love that place- used to spend slot of time there while I lived in JP student teaching
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meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
Journaled more watching @dawndsokol's @creativebug class. Finished the left page and added a bit more to the right. Used photocopied images of my grandparents when they were younger than me, and my nieces at the ICA in Boston (an Instagram pic I took) from 2013, gelly roll pens, micron pens, glitter tape, and acrylic paint. Loved doing this. Made me think about people I ❀️ and miss.
adriennevita : Love the look and feel of this! 😍
artemianna : @meigsotoole impressive ! I wish i could follow such a class too ..
meigsotoole : @artemianna you can! It's online. @Creativebug! Check it out. 😊
artemianna : @meigsotoole thanks a lot !!!
alyciapais - natalya_zahn - karina.racz - nahokokidani -
meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
iamthekatiemac : @meigsotoole Ooooh!! That sounds lovely!!
extrememaggie : Perfect one!
wesleyhammel : Awesome : Wow, I love love it!
marionandrose - ximiandraws - vendulienka01 - lizzy84 -
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