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Making up for lost time. My latest podcast:
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
Finished carving the 3 pieces I originally drew, then decided to use some of the scraps for extra bits. Printing tomorrow! 42/365 #YearOfMaking #DesignCarvePrint
designcarveprint - yearofmaking -
meigsotoole : @pollythurston I'm really looking forward to it. Although my back and hands are paying for it. ;) Still it was really fun to dedicate a whole day to making something.
mimsue52 : Renaissance woman!!
heysgay : Awesome! Can't wait to see the prints!
meigsotoole : @mimsue52 best compliment I've ever received. Coffee when you get back for sure!
meigsotoole : @heysgay me too! Haven't forgotten I owe you a coffee date. Was just thinking of you. Want to try again week after this one?
heysgay : @meigsotoole I would love that :) especially because I fell off the no-sugar wagon and strive to climb back on next week! Email me
marcydavy : yay printmaking!
mimsue52 : Oui Oui cafe a la Megs and Mim .. @meigsotoole
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
Today I'm spending the day taking @jenhewett's online block printing class. Just finished transfering my drawings, next up carving! #DesignCarvePrint #YearOfMaking
designcarveprint - yearofmaking -
leahttucker : Sounds like fun!
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
Such a happy being.
eggagogo : Dog Snow Joy is the BEST. ❤️
jahbreaker : Omg fuck awf
giantdwarfshop : On repeat!
selahbakes : @leahplack
leahplack : @selahbakes ARGH so cute
chuckandstan : So cute
hellojennyhart : Watched this about ten times
meigsotoole : @hellojennyhart she's such doofus, it's great. She keeps me aware of being happy.
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
Just a reminder, shit is still wack out there.
lisasolomon : that it is
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
40/365 #YearOfMaking: Coconut frosting for zucchini bread. #sugarfree #Glutenfree
glutenfree - sugarfree - yearofmaking -
meigsotoole : @nickyovitt follow @ashley_neese she's the one who got me to cut out sugar. I still have it, but not like I used to. I also pin a lot of sugar free desserts on Pinterest, because I have a real sweet tooth.
meigsotoole : @m24toots I just scooped the cream off the top of a can of coconut milk, added 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, and stirred. You may want to add a sweetener.
erinmriley : Omg!! Yum! I thought it had to do with the block printing workshop but the description made my jaw drop.
lisasolomon : mmmmm
meigsotoole : @erinmriley ha! nope, that's this weekend. I can't wait! I need to figure out how to make this a little thicker, but regardless so good!
nickyovitt : Thanks @meigsotoole ! I gotta stay off it completely but there's a nice coconut milk/"chocolate" popsicle I found.
meigsotoole : @nickyovitt you'll be amazed at how good you feel. My biggest weakness is baked goods. Is it just refined sugar? Or can you heave maple syrup, honey, and coconut sugar?
nickyovitt : I definitely do feel better! It's been around a month and a half. Helps with mood a LOT. Don't feel drastic or evil nearly as much as I was. Less cravings overall. Yes, I allow myself honey and syrup, fruit, never heard of coconut sugar. Thanks again!
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
Yesterday's #yearofmaking - I wanted to take a pic when the light was better. I'm making something tonight to add a little more to the area - something that hangs above. (I wish I had gotten a longer shelf.) I've been spending waaaaaay too much time on Pinterest lately. But my apt is looking wonderful because of it!
yearofmaking -
x03 : I wish looking at Pinterest made my apartment look better. It mostly just makes me depressed. 😟
meigsotoole : @x03 I used to feel that way all the time, and basically stayed off it for the past 3 years -- I just started hanging out there. It's helpful in the sense that I get inspired to make and create things. It's also been awesome for discovering food. Are you on there under x03? I need to follow you!
diannespanner : Whatever you do do NOT start to make the pom pom rug I am STILL MAKING ONE two years later.
meigsotoole : @Diannespanner LOL. I think @SchmancyToys might have something to say about that. I actually wanted to!
diannespanner : I had to stop with the pom poms because for every five I made my cat would destroy three! But I'm obsessed with it and I can't stop making it. Cat be damned!
schmancytoys : Hahahaha @diannespanner it took me a year but it was worth it!!!
diannespanner : @schmancytoys how many pom poms did you need to make? I gave up at around 100-ish and have switched to a different method which is CAT PROOF - rug making is the perfect winter sport right, so cosy.
schmancytoys : @diannespanner I actually did not count but u can see on my Instagram
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
Today on the podcast, I had the pleasure of talking with the incredible @jenhewett. We discuss her path to being the talented printmaker she is today, to being real about keeping a job to pay your bills and afford you time to make art, as well as making sure you're constantly pushing yourself to learn...and as always much more. Link in profile! (Above image: Jen Hewett) IMPORTANT: Jen is running an online workshop this weekend dedicated to block printing on fabric. Registration closes today at 3pm EST! I'm in the class come join us!
ehm_yeshevskee : @sfbuzzalino maybe you'd be into this?
kakarice : OMG, love this!!!
brienne_moody : Yay!!!
sfbuzzalino : Thanks for pointing this out @ehm_yeshevskee
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
And so it goes...that drift in front of me is about 4 1/2 feet high.
diannespanner : Good grief! Stay warm o'toole 💪💙⛄️
_the_kro_ : So awesome.
risafriedman : whoa!
l.o.r.i : Stay warm! Hope it settles down.
mimsue52 : ❤️the camerawork ..
lariwashburn : Will it ever stop?!
mr_quality : Omg I hope you're ok :(
meigsotoole : @mr_quality LOL. Oh how I've missed you.
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
Point of meow. #blizzardof2015
blizzardof2015 -
cheaptarts : So cute
motorcitykitty : You and your brood stay cozy and cute!!
meigsotoole : Thanks RZA! @motorcitykitty
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
I was a workaholic for years. Years! 99u's book changed all that for me. Read about how it changed my work routine, as well as other topics it covers. I highly recommend this book if any of this applies: you work for yourself, have a hard time staying focused, work online or get stuck in 4 hour Facebook k-holes. Link is in profile.
meigsotoole : @swoodie interested to hear what you think.
meigsotoole : @ismayozga I think you do too! ;)
meigsotoole : @trinadalziel best format, it has so many things to offer that you'll get a lot of listening to it.
jendelosreyes : Love that book!
allsewedup : Grrrl, I just bought that book on my vacation. Those fools have been reading my mail.
meigsotoole : @allsewedup it's pretty excellent. Did you have a good trip?
allsewedup : It was a perfect trip
meigsotoole : @allsewedup good, you deserve it. <3
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