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I believe in community, & the power of the Internet. I consult, podcast, & write about social media & creative brands. Listen to my latest podcast:
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
Stella sits and looks out the window when it rains. She has two windows she uses. She's pretty delighted we've got a new couch in her 2nd window.
giantdwarfshop : So sweet!
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
My latest podcast is with the industrious and talented artist @sonyaphilip. If you've ever considered making your own clothes, thought about how you can make changes in the way you consume fashion, and are interested in keeping labor in the USA, then you'll get a lot out of our discussion. Let me know what you think!
risafriedman : Yay @sonyaphilip! ❀️
artnok_a : She is a student of mine this evening, super cool!
kakarice : I love that she matches your brand colors!
meigsotoole : @kakarice 😊
sproutgirl74 : that lady rules @sonyaphilip πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
nickyovitt : Goodie!!!!
amytropolis : @playingwithcolor Checking it out!
cheaptarts : @sonyaphilip πŸ†πŸŒŸ very cool
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
Did a little redecorating last night. I love this room, and now it finally feels right. Perfectly comfy for the fall and winter!
ashley_neese : Looks great!!!
giantdwarfshop : So cozy!
pollyannacowgirl : Inspired!
mimsue52 : ❀️this.. @meigsotoole
yeahokayok : I think our cats are twins
meigsotoole : @yeahokayok I have 2! Only I can tell the difference it seems. πŸ˜€
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
This is a post that if you're not near 40+ you may not fully jibe with. Feel free to keep scrolling. For the rest of my lady friends 38 and up, this is for you. You get it. On getting older & waking up: You guys, I really love my hair. I've basically been keeping my head down for 3 years. Turning 40 kinda does a number on you if you're not paying attention. I know I've taken a bunch of selfies in the past week. I know they can get old - but I'll tell you something, I've not been looking at myself too much, until recently and it feels really good to want to take photos of myself, and be in photos again. It feels really important to acknowledge that. I fully understand now how easy it is to slip slowly, to almost disappear, into your life and the chaos that can envelope you. Then one day, you catch a reflection of yourself in a moomoo, comfy shoe of choice, and a face you don't remember looking so tired. I'm not hating on being comfy. I'm just saying I'm not gonna disappear like our western culture so badly wants of older women. My Grama always said "It's hell to get old." I never understood what she meant by that. Until recently. Over the last few years I've gotten a glimpse of what she was referring to. But I'm not gonna live in that hell. I'll tell you a not-so-secret desire; I've always wanted to be that eccentric, stylish, bad ass old lady. I want to live this life to the fullest and feel and look as good as I want while doing it. So excuse me for all the selfies, I'm just documenting that path while it happens.
abeautifulparty : I love this. At 32 I can already feel the wild dresser and crazy hair wearer of my 20s slipping away. I feel motivated to take it back and keep it. Aging be damned! Thanks for the reminder.
mimsue52 : U look amaze!! ❀️the hair!! Still really want to β˜•οΈπŸ˜˜ @meigsotoole
meigsotoole : @mimsue52 we'll make it happen!
vaughnfender : 😊😊😊
meigsotoole : @mimsue52 are you home today? I'll be in your hood at Thinking Cup on Tremont doing work.
jane_mount : I need a little more of this myself, so thank you, and πŸ‘πŸ‘ on 5rb and 10bs
mimsue52 : Grrrrr. Just saw this but I was out all day.. Hit me in the AM.. If when possible!! β€οΈβ˜•οΈ @meigsotoole
mimsue52 : U look gorgeous!! Yes please.. @meigsotoole
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
"Who am I today?" Quilted, wooden wall at last night's event at the @ICABoston.
cheaptarts : Reminds me of this guy --> @dolangeiman πŸ†
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
Illustration by @vaughnfender, inspired by a quote my Grama always said to us growing up. I mentioned it in my latest podcast, when @abbyglassenberg and I were discussing the importance of setting goals - because those days move on by and before you know it another year has passed.
kiffaniestahle : So true. Love it! πŸ’•
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
Awesome group of ladies! From left clockwise @abbyglassenberg, @craftivista, me, @leanneprain, and @kpwerker (not seen @splityarn!). #selfie by Abby.
selfie -
molly_c_meng : @meigsotoole hair looks fab!!
meigsotoole : @elingeling 😊
meigsotoole : @8mm_ideas πŸ˜„
allsewedup : Baaah! Haaaair!
meigsotoole : @allsewedup πŸ’–
ron_licata : Like the new locks @meigsotoole Thought you might go Orange or Purple. 😜
mimsue52 : ❀️the blonde!! @meigsotoole
gracedobushtogo : LOVE IT
mimsue52 - k8gold - thimblewinder - tarsilakruse -
meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
Had a great night tonight at the Institute of Contemporary Art with the talented authors and makers @craftivista, @leanneprain, and @kpwerker moderating their book tour, Make Your Voice Heard. Such an awesome group of women! Yay for the craft, community, and the Internet! This wall says We Are All Thread.
kpwerker : ❀️❀️❀️
leanneprain : Thanks Meighan, you were a wonderful moderator! Looking forward to chatting more with you.
meigsotoole : @leanneprain Thank you for having me! It was wonderful!
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
Here goes nothin'!
jane_mount : which??
meigsotoole : @jane_mount 5rb and 10bs! πŸŽ€πŸ’…
soapygirl : Hhhhhmmmmm
meigsotoole : @soapygirl I'm doing my temples white. They're silver already.
soapygirl : Oh okay you answered my question! Can't wait to see! Xo
meigsotoole : @soapygirl it's gonna peek out. Not be super predominant. That way the silver can grow in. Glad you approve!
soapygirl : βœ”οΈπŸ’•πŸ‘ it's gunna be rad 😎
jane_mount : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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meigsotoole - Meighan L. O'Toole
"Quartz crystals are the manifestation of the Creator's finest hour of expression." "In the workplace, use as a filter against negativity and to transform critical words." "Crystals are professional support stones for artists, stylists, doctors and healers, inventors, musicians, and those who work in media." Oh yeah, I am out here. πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž
___spoly : Synchronicities! I'm weaving w Quartz crystals right now. πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«
mistermemories : I just bought a bitty fenster quartz the other day!
mistermemories : #psychic
meigsotoole : @___spoly Oh? I'd love to see!
meigsotoole : @mistermemories so into it.
___spoly : @meigsotoole take a peek
merxaus : @jeannebrooks
jeannebrooks : @merxaus yesssssss. already on this quartz tip and reminding me of how I should probs travel with them.
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