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Helping artists, makers, & small shop owners build a solid online presence! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ My 🎨 project is painting watercolor everyday.
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meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
#🌿 38/366 #paintdrawdaily
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meigsotoole : #winsorandnewton #sketchbook #winsornewton #watercolor #paintingaday #mlopaintdaily #mlowatercolor #inspiring_watercolors #botanicalpainting #botanicaldrawing #botanicalillustration #🌱#watercolorsketch
beckytidswell : Beautiful @meigsotoole !
creativeshewrote : Lovely!
meigsotoole : @beckytidswell @creativeshewrote thanks ladies. 😘
heidi.parkes : Beautiful Meighan!
sharilindsay : So pretty : You are taking on a recognizable style. Yippee. Knew it was yours before I looked at your name!
meigsotoole : how neat. Thank you. That's so exciting. ❤️
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meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
2 tonight. 🌿 37/366 #mlopaintdaily #paintingaday #inspiring_watercolors #paintdrawdaily
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snapdoodlejot : Oh, yes! I think I became familiar with her work through following @lisacongdon. Gorgeous stuff. I used to do block printing and lately I've been wanting to get into playing around with it. Just cleaned off my work table in the garage this week so I can start getting messy again!
aisforanika : Beauties!
heyhooraydesign : The one in the back on the left 👌.
meigsotoole : @alexcolestudio @aisforanika @heyhooraydesign thanks ladies!!
lisasolomon : I love how the one on the right faded off at the bottom. also such good use of value to show different sides of the leaves !! skillz !!!
meigsotoole : @lisasolomon thanks mama! Trying really hard to utilize that watercolor look, it's what drew me to the medium initially. It's just so hard! ☺️
melanie_biehle : Love these! Especially the one on the left!
francesmarin : Oooh that color and b&w combo 🌿🌗
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meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
Hung out with these people tonight. 35/366 #12monthsofpaint #paintdrawdaily
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patternobsession : You're on a roll!
smallfriendly : Yes!!!!
risafriedman : the chins!!!
hey__judes : 🙌🏻
lisaatpaperbullet : neat!
augustwren : fun!!!
newtonmatthew : These are fantastic.
suzanne_marie_studio : Your portraits are my favorite! 👍🏻👊🏼
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meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
Loved what everyone had to say on last night's post. You guys inspire me. Tonight I did something totally different. Just to draw more and mess around. I had fun and wasn't full of fear. Plus it fits in with #12monthsofpaint's theme! Portraits. 👨🏽👴🏻👵🏾👩🏻 33/366 #mlopaintdaily #paintingaday #paintdrawdaily
mlopaintdaily - paintingaday - 12monthsofpaint - paintdrawdaily -
claremontroad : I'd buy this! 👍🏼
meigsotoole : @claremontroad 😘 not yet!
nickyovitt : Ahhhhhhhh! 💜
emdashpaperco : Love these!
fiakilbourn : So so fun! I love the rows of color.
oh_honestly_julie : Dude I second @claremontroad !! Would buy!
katahkoo : 🔥💥Love the expressions 💥🔥
tamaraarcilla : These are so fun!!!
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meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
I've been having a really tough time with painting lately. Ever since last week I've just kind of lost something. I think the excitement of learning and seeing progress has left me with expectations. And then you throw in weird superstitions, a big dab of impostor syndrome, and a little bit of Catholic guilt for good measure and there's all sorts of doubt whizzing around. ✨✨✨✨☄☄☄ Leaning on this saying right now: The only way out is through. What do you do when you're feeling blah with your art? 33/366 #mlopaintdaily #paintingaday #paintdrawdaily
mlopaintdaily - paintingaday - paintdrawdaily -
lisasolomon : 💕💕💕😘😘😘
ccerruti : This is the hard part... Keep painting and things will shift
elliefidlerart : Add some hot pink 💖‼️
dearhandmadelife : ❤️❤️
giantdwarfshop : My struggle every single day. Stay true, because you inspire us!
tingle : 🎤 Just keep painting. Just keep painting! 🎼
devonholzwarth : So much wonderful advice in these comments. I love how artists help each other!!! I feel you & hope today is a better one with fresh eyes & renewed creativity ❤️
melanie_biehle : I usually say, "Screw this, I'm just going to watch TV." Then I JUST watch TV, which is really challenging now because I've gotten used to drawing or painting while I watch TV at night. The next day I try it again, and again, ... until I eventually start liking what I make again. Rinse. Repeat. 😘
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meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
This month's theme for #12monthsofpaint is portrait! As with last month you can interpret the theme. I've never drawn people or animals before. I've always loved birds, so I'm going to challenge myself this month to birds and if I get crazy...maybe people? Remember you can add one painting or as many as 29 as long as they fit into the theme of portrait. Tag your work with #12monthsofpaint and have a blast. I'm excited for this month! The amazing @ccerruti, @augustwren, and @erikaleesears are the project co-creators along with me. My "portrait" painting is a Carmen Bee-eater painted from the @kings_birds_ account with @chrisbrayphotography's image. 😍😍😍😍 31/366 #mlopaintdaily #paintingaday #mlowatercolor #paintdrawdaily
paintdrawdaily - mlopaintdaily - mlowatercolor - 12monthsofpaint - paintingaday -
devonholzwarth : Yay! And also oh no! ;) I tried a few self-portraits recently and they were so bad (or not what I expected) that I shelved the idea. I'll try again. Looking forward to your birds 💕💕
meigsotoole : @devonholzwarth oh gurrrl. I hear you. Listen, I did not want to post the above image but it's all part of the process!
meigsotoole : @lisaeks thank you! I'm pretty excited!
cherylburgrusk : Bandit Bird! (Just teasing! Love following your impressive progress! And I love birds, too, so I'm excited to see your artwork!)
ashleyspirals : Thanks! For encouraging me to join in 🌟❤️love following your posts and art! 🐤🐦
meigsotoole : @ashleyspirals oh for sure! That drawing is beautiful! It belongs in the feed. 😍
meda.halmaciu : I think I'm going to love this although I don't paint people or animals either.
meigsotoole : @invitatiicouture that's the spirit! There are so many great images already. Take a look to get inspired.
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meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
#12monthsofpaint has over 2k photos after only 31 days! Tomorrow we announce February's theme! So excited to see what you all do with this next theme! The project "rules" are: Be inspired once or as many times by the month's theme. Tag your painting/drawing with #12monthsofpaint hashtag so we can see it (if your account is private only your followers will see it). Do it one month and not the next or as many times as you please - the point of the challenge is to encourage creativity, so there's no heavy commitment. It's totally up to you! Please don't use the tag to promote giveaways or products. Explore the hashtag and meet others! Tap on the image to check out the artist's accounts. Love these 4! I've met a bunch of people through this project. Have you? What's been an unexpected result of joining in on the challenge? There are 4 of us organizing the project. Be sure to follow these super talented women: @augustwren, @ccerruti, and @erikaleesears
12monthsofpaint -
meigsotoole : @velasquezstudio of course!
meigsotoole : @lisajpfeiffer that's so great!! Thanks for spreading the word. ☺️
heyhooraydesign : Thanks for the feature! Love this challenge, looking forward to the Feb theme!
van____van : @schmancytoys yes! Thank you for showing me this! Been looking for something to keep me going :D 😙
samantharmarks : @doodleenvy !
nullsie : Met tons of fun art minded people- and found so many great artists to follow- it's been a great first month thanks so much!!
nullsie : And woo woo @velasquezstudio and @aisforanika : Just learned about it! This is awesome! 🙌
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meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
Doodling and rose making techniques. I need to stop using really expensive paper to learn (screw up) on. 😂😫😩😭 30/366 #mlopaintdaily #paintingaday #paintdrawdaily
mlopaintdaily - paintingaday - paintdrawdaily -
magggi : There's a Strathmore pad of "practice" paper that I've been using, pretty inexpensive but a decent quality. I'll send you a pic of the pad cover.
meigsotoole : @magggi is it beige? If it is I think I have it. @lisasolomon told me about it.
magggi : Yep, that's it!
meigsotoole : @magggi ahh ok. I've had it for a while and @lisasolomon just said to me you should practice in that! 😂
lisasolomon : @magggi great minds think alike 😆😜 @meigsotoole you can usually use both sides if you are just practicing. also you can get an even cheaper strath more (or art store brand) watercolor sketchy pad in a smaller size. just don't practice on really cheap paper cause it will drive you crazy !!
susanbschwake : What Lisa said -boo om cheap paper! try target for KidMademodern (Todd Oldham) Watercolor pad! $3.99 for 20 sheet 8x10 #140 - I practice on it all the time and both sides work well and super cheap + good results. :)
meigsotoole : @lisasolomon 😝😚I'll be doing this tomorrow.
meigsotoole : @susanbschwake good to know, thank you!!
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meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
Being a beginner is really uncomfortable at times. Feeling this quote by Ira Glass so much: “Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. And your taste is why your work disappoints you. A lot of people never get past this phase, they quit. And the thing I would say to you with all my heart, most people I know who do interesting, creative work went through years of this. We know our work doesn’t have this special thing that we want it to have. We all go through this. And if you are just starting out or you are still in this phase, you gotta know its normal and the most important possible thing you can do is do a lot of work. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions. And I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal to take awhile. You’ve just gotta fight your way through.” 28/366 #mlopaintdaily #paintingaday #mlowatercolor #paintdrawdaily
paintdrawdaily - mlopaintdaily - mlowatercolor - paintingaday -
lindsaybrackeen : Oh I love this. I can totally relate!
meandblue : @adelaideblue
meigsotoole : @erikaleesears great point. I like looking at it as innocent. Very important distinction. : Hi, I've recently begun following you. I am amazed and impressed to see how far you have come in a short period of time. I have viewed your early pieces and can I say you are well on your artistic journey! Your hard work is paying off! I am at the beginning of my journey (have only just very recently joined Instagram (!), despite dabbling in various creative pursuits for years! I too have fallen in love with watercolour and I understand the frustration and temptation to just quit! It is artists like you that inspire me to keep going and work hard. The quote you have posted is very timely for me personally and I am so glad to have come across it! I am discovering the benefits of Instagram and other social media as a means of discovering so many talented artists across the globe that, just a few years ago would not have been possible. So now, I will take on board the wise words of Ira Glass and work hard. Thank you for sharing your journey, I am excited to see where yours takes you. Best wishes.
meigsotoole : so glad this helped you!!
devonholzwarth : I appreciate that quote so much and think on it often. No matter what, if you practice at something all the time you will get better at it. I'm a believer!
ccerruti : Well said
kaylaconyer : That quote is so perfect! I know those feelings well!
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meigsotoole - Meighan O'Toole
One of the most exciting things about learning how to paint is that now when I look at art there's just a little bit more for me to take away beyond just enjoying the art. @ccerruti posted an image of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's work, and I had never heard of him before. Just look at this gorgeous Christmas cactus of his. I'm floored and can't wait to spend this weekend researching more of his work. I love Instagram so much.
pilgrimwaters : This is a yummy leap
meigsotoole : @katemccgwire how cool!
meigsotoole : @pilgrimwaters agree! So excited to have found his work.
irwiniantheory : Gorgeous!
heymamayeah : One of my favorite painters
susanbschwake : His work is incredible and his buildings and furniture that I saw in Scotland were mindblowing.
maggiesayswhat : Big fan of Charles Rennie Mackintosh over here! I particularly like his lines and how ornamentation and geometry play so beautifully together.
jacky_wllms : His wife Mary MacDonald was a wonderful artist too ... Love Charles Rennie Macintosh. There is a great novel 'Mr Mac and Me' by Esther Freud if you are into reading.
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